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Tracy says her daughter, Ashley, 22, and Ashley’s boyfriend, Andrew, 23, are freeloaders who are living rent-free in her home, while she pays all of their expenses. She says they sleep all day and have let her beautiful suburban home turn to filth. Tracy says she accepts blame for allowing the situation to spiral out of control -- learn the one mistake she says she regrets the most. Ashley and Andrew deny the accusations and say they work part-time for Tracy’s business, and they’ve earned everything she's given them. See what happens when Dr. Phil cameras enter the home. Dr. Phil gets real with Ashley and Andrew -- and Tracy. Can he get through to them? Then, Lorrie and Todd say that their 13-year-old-daughter controls their home. The parents admit that they just can't seem to say no to the teen, who they say throws tantrums and manipulates them until she gets her way. Lorrie and Todd say they prepare special meals for her and cut her food -- and it’s putting a strain on their marriage. Dr. Phil shares his insight and devises a plan to get this family back on track. Plus, tune in to find out the three tips you must know to ensure you're not spoiling your child.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: singledad21 on Mar 4, 2013, 5:02PM
i am a single dad and have done very similar caring for my 17yr old son...with buying & paying for his suv (along w/gas & oil chgs)...since he is still a minor, everything in my name...same goes w/clothes buying, etc...i know for tracy it is hard not to care for your only child...i do it w/my son...of course, he is still a minor, he does have a PT job, which now helps him w/gas and misc. food & purchases...i also will be moving out of my home and going into an apt. soon..

Good luck Tracy :)   btw you are so beautiful,  harry

Replied By: suziq69 on Mar 4, 2013, 9:23AM - In reply to bgm1967
I agree with bqm1967!  Why didn't Dr. Phil ask who raised the 18 year old in the audience?  There is no way it was the parents!  I was yelling at the screen, too!  I can't believe any parents would go on tv, for all America to see and show how irresponsible they are in parenting!  And, laugh about it, too!  I know this makes for good tv and we all watch it; but, wow!  I hope Dr. Phil has another show in a couple of months (or, year), to see how the "spoiled brat" and her parents are doing!  I still can't believe it!  I have four grandchildren and the oldest is also 13!  Even he would find this ridiculous!
Replied By: bgm1967 on Mar 3, 2013, 11:31AM
The oldest daughter in the audience didn't seem to have the same problem, infact She wrote into the show. I would have liked to know WHY the oldest daughter isn't as "endulged" as the younger and Why didn't Phil ask That question, it seems like an obvious question to ask.
Replied By: roxanneblog on Mar 2, 2013, 2:35PM
Why do parents allow this. Seems to me to be a recipe for co-dependent relationships or a way to play two sets of parents off each other. The one with the least boundaries wins.
Replied By: upsydasy on Mar 2, 2013, 10:12AM - In reply to karaokequeen
You know I’m having a bit of trouble understanding the influence your boyfriend thinks he has over you and how you should be disciplining your grown son.  After all, you’ve done pretty well without his advice so far (although I was sorry to read about the loss of one of your children).  If your other son is old enough to pay the rent and half the bills, then he’s too old to discipline anymore.   However, if the dwelling is in your name and considering that you are still a parent entitled to respect then your rules about picking up clothes and eating with the family should still be respected.  He may just not like your boyfriend.  Furthermore, I think that a distinction should be made about Dr. Phil’s comment concerning school attendance.  He didn’t exactly confirm that it WAS child abuse if a child didn’t attend classes per se;  he said that the school must report truancy and the law will hold parents responsible for neglecting their responsibilities of ensuring that their kids go to school.  However, like you said making sure your child not only goes to school but stays there, is easier said than done.  I marveled at your patience to follow your son around school all day long, especially if you know that if you didn't he'd pull a runner.  It just sounds to me like you did the best you possibly could as a single mother of two special needs children.  Considering all you've been through, I’d listen to an expert any day of the week, before bowing down to neighbor’s gossip or complaining boyfriends.
Replied By: upsydasy on Mar 2, 2013, 8:03AM - In reply to keikoabird
I think that what Andrew was really asking Dr. Phil is can’t we keep things the way they are?  Continue freeloading, doing odd jobs whenever they come around and complain about the money we’re not getting?  So, of course Dr. Phil didn’t engage in this type of pointless and immature argument.  He just said no, no and no.  There are many successful family businesses out there, but this isn’t one of them. This young couple are acting like overindulged 12 year olds with benefits and I think that Andrew is a horrible influence on Ashley.  Where are his parents.  Why did he feel the need to leave them or his own apartment and go live with his girlfriend's family.  Because if was free of course.

Something else occurred to me as I was writing this.  Many years ago I tried to help an old boyfriend start his business.  I made pamphlets and business cards and placed them on windshields or distributed them in mailboxes.  Many businesses such as grocery stores have community bulletin boards and others allow you to place a stack of business cards next to their cash registers.  I know Ashley and Andrew don’t have a computer but someone in the family must.  How else could they book appointments and jobs, keep track of schedules, etc?  Instead of just sitting around, they could be proactive and help find work for themselves and Tracy.    That’s how you run a successful family business.  Everybody’s got their assigned tasks and everybody contributes in their own special and significant way instead of just sitting around waiting for a handout like these two are.
Replied By: coralouise on Mar 2, 2013, 6:33AM
The spoiled 13yr old was unhappy with the $150 gift?  Easily resolved ... take the "horrible" gift back.  Then she's got NOTHING to be upset about.
Replied By: lau121710 on Mar 1, 2013, 9:49PM
Now, the 13 year old on the show is an extreme example, but more often than not, I find myself surrounded by screaming children in stores, restaurants, heck in all my friends homes..  In a store one day, I actually witnessed a mother "soothing" her child who was having a meltdown because he wanted two toys, not one... The mother pick up her child and said, " I see that you are upset now, can use your "feeling" words to describe how you feel inside?" I wanted to officially give up all hope that kids today had a chance..  That kid needed a some of my "old school" discipline. My mom would have snatched me up, smacked me, and taken me OUT of the store, so not to disturb everyone else in the store! After the, " wait til I tell your father statement", I knew instantly that screaming in a store, is something never to repeat. Forget the fact, that I always knew never to ask for toys if I was in any store, unless my mom offered first!  So, to the parents of the 13 year old... My dad may be 80 now, but he is still in great shape, is sharp as tack, and would still be able to put the fear of God into your daughter. If she spent one week with him, your daughter would return home a respectful, hard working, appreciative young lady!  
Replied By: lau121710 on Mar 1, 2013, 9:25PM
I'm 34 years old, and appreciate every single day of my life the " old school" discipline I received as a child.  My father is from England, and I was born in 1933. Now, I know Dr. Phil is against spanking children, but I believe it is what kids are lacking today. Spanking didn't really hurt me physically, but it was the psychological factor more than anything. If I heard my mom say, "Wait until your father gets home.." I knew I was in for big problems.  The fear of making my dad angry, along with the "ritual"of the spanking, is what really upset me. This fear of disappointing my parents translated into a life-long respect for others.  And because I was disciplined from the time of birth, by 1st grade I knew exactly how to behave, and the spankings really became non-existent.  All I needed was one look from my parents to quickly remind me how not to behave.     

I 100% believe that the reason why kids are way more out of control in 2013, is simply because they lack real discipline. Society today has given total control to the children, instead of their parents. As soon as kids were told about " reporting their parents to DSS/ child welfare" if their parents touched them, total chaos began.


Replied By: karaokequeen on Mar 1, 2013, 8:11PM
I raised 2 special needs children. I never believed in spanking and for years I was criticized for my kids behavior because I didn't dissaplin them. No one would understand that disapline involves more than hurting your child. I've used many forms of disappline with my children, even creative ways such as if not home by the time we finish eating, food gets put away and my teenager can make himself a sandwich.

My oldest child was really hard as a teenager and my youngest child was a terrer when he was young. But he is 23 now, has moderate retardation and is the best kid a mother could ever ask for. His dad died when he was 16 and I'm dating now. My boyfriend believes in spankings and couldn't understand why I didn't resort to that. So now he even thinks I don't disapline. His view is unless your kid is in fear of you when being disaplined, it isn't disapline. But the way I look at it, everything turned out right with my second one. He's well adjusted and loves his life even with his challenges.

Unfornately, My oldest oone didn't fair so well. He didn't want to live by my rules at 17 so lived away from home until 19, then was out on his own.  At 22, he died, cause unknown. But it bbothers me when I here Dr. Phil says it's abuse if a parent can't get their teen to school. My oldest refused to go to school in grade 9 and on. I went to his school and escorted him to every class hoping if he didn't want to be embarrassed he would go on his own. I would wait in the library between classes and walk him to every class all day long.  But as soon as I would leave during his last period, he would take off. Parents can't control that and boy did I get criticized by the neighbor parents for embarrassing him like that. So I  feel I did the best I could and I diid use consequences without spanking. Both my kids have tremendous respeck for me until my oldest passed and my youngest one still does.

But now I try to guide him without parenting him anymore. He pays rent and half the bills so he should have rights like any adult. But my boyfriend still feels he needs to be parented. He knows the rule is not to eat in his bedroom and not to throw clothes on the floor. That's about the only problems we have with him. My boyfriend gets upset over him disobeying but I just remind him of the rules but don't make too much of a deal over it. My boyfriend says he disobeys because I allow it where I say he's a person too and we all will do what we shouldn't do when no one is around. I feel I have to choose my battles and parenting was so much work so whether he is sppecial needs or not, I want to reap the rewards now and not sweat the small stuff.

Am I on the right tract or does my boyfriend have a point?
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