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NBA rookie Royce White recently made headlines when he was suspended by the Houston Rockets for “refusing to provide services as required by his Uniform Player Contract," after he failed to report to his D-league assignment. Royce, who has an anxiety disorder and a fear of flying, says he wanted a mental health clause added to his contract -- and he wouldn’t play until that happened. Royce, who has since been reinstated, takes a two-day road trip to Los Angeles to sit down with Dr. Phil and provide a glimpse into his struggles. How does he feel about the way the team and the league have handled the challenges that his mental illness presents? And, what message does he have for his critics who say he shouldn’t have signed with the Rockets? Then, Jodi says her extreme fears of heights and flying and are taking over her life -- and cheating her 8-year-old daughter, Charlee, out of opportunities. Jodi admits that she’s turned down jobs that may require her to get on a plane, encourages her daughter to focus on local activities and dissuades her from following her dreams of joining a competitive dance group, because they travel. Watch as Jodi faces her two biggest fears: flying on an airplane and driving over a bridge. Can she learn to calm her anxiety and start living a life without fear? Plus, get an update on Caroline, who was so terrified of being harmed by intruders that she even showered with a handgun and stun gun. How is she doing now?

Find out what happened on the show.
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I have just finished watching the show about phobias and I want to know if one can haVE A PHOBIA ABOUT THEIR LIFE SITUATION THAT MAkes it impossible to function.  My life has been so turned upside down by divorce court events and ex husband inflluence that I am having difficulty living.  I have a way to support myself but I can't get myself to do it.  I put off dressing, going out, trying to go to work or even being able to work from home.   I watch television so I do not have to cope with anyone or anything.

Today on the show they said phobias can be dealt with and there are way to allow me and my mind to engage in life and living it.  I gave mkyself until the end of Feburary to feel sorry for myself...... put my head in the sand.......... not function.   TFeburary and I am not sure I can re-group and "START ALL OVER AGAIN"  Drinking more thaan I should, smoking, eating, not working or trying to work, not cleaning, not getting car fixed, not doing anything because I then have control over something.

Not sure this makes any sense but wanted to see if this is a phobia of life and is there something I can do?

Thank you for your time.


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Dear Dr. Phil & Staff,

I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for today's show about anxiety.  For the past 8 years, my husband of almost 10 years has suffered from GAD/Panic Disorder.  He has a constant fear of having a panic attack because he is affraid if he has one, he will have a heart attack and die. I am from Pennsylvania and he is from Georgia and due to his anxiety, he hasn't been to visit my family in PA in 8 years.  With my family, he has missed out on all family functions, holidays, and worst of all funerals.  My grandmother died in April of 2010 and the hardest was this past May, my mom passed away from her 3rd battle of breast cancer. This was the hardest time for me not having my husband there. Thankfully we don't have kids, but having to go on vacations with my friends/family and travel without my husband is hard.  And when I travel, he can't even stay by himself.  He always stays at his mom's house.  We live in a town just outside of Altanta and the furthest he has been able to go in the past several years is about 20 miles outside of there and sometimes that is even a challange. 

My husband works in sales for car dealerhsip.  In December he was awarded Salesman of the Year at his dealership.  He was # 1 in the nation for certified pre own sales and # 19 in the nation for overall sales.  Two weeks later, this past Christmas while I was in Pennsylvania with my family, he hit rock bottom with his anxiety.  He once again stayed with his mom, but this time couldn't even go down the road or even go to work. 

Over the years, we have seen 8 or 9 different therapist/psychiatrists off and on due to costs.  The majority of them don't take insurance and going once a week for months on end gets really expensive.  When my husband hit rock bottom, we found a place here in GA.  He did thier day program everyday for 3 weeks.  Sadly though he had to quit his job (but has since started a new one for a fresh start) and it took a hard financial toll on us.  We have been greatful for my dad helping us out as we get back on our feet.  Over the years we had kept it a secret and made excuses to other family and friends.  He never wanted anyone to know because people don't understand.  Many people have told me that they "can't believe I have dealt with it for so long".  I believe marriage is good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.  Work on it and deal with it! 

Going to rehab place has helped him be able to live.  What helped him most was to meet people who have the same fears that he does and that he is not alone.  We haven't made a trip to PA yet (that is coming soon), but it is the first time I have felt that it might actually happen.  We have a long way to go still, but the past month we have done more together (outside of our town) than we have done in the past 8 years.  We even took a trip to the zoo downtown for my birthday and had tears of joy when we got there.  I hope this gets the word out and more people will learn this is a real thing and not just some made up excuse! So anyone who is a spouse dealing with a spouse with anxiety, I totally understand.  Sadly, there aren't really any support groups for us.  It has been extremely rough for our marriage, but we are getting through. 


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Hi. This show was really inspiring to me. I am 33 years old, and I've had varying degrees of social anxiety and panic disorders my entire life. I have irrational fears of going to the doctor, I always think I'm going to die of a horrible disease (The big "C"), and I've had such bad anxiety in the past that I have avoided leaving the house.
Several years back, I could barely go to the store without getting anxiety about it. I've learned to deal with that now. But, I still get red and embarassed when I'm talking to others, and even when I'm not the one actually doing the talking!  It has definitely effected my ability to get jobs and interviews that would have otherwise been great opportunities. 

Sometimes I feel like I can control it, and other times, it just kind of takes over. I've never been officially diagnosed with the disorder and I haven't taken any meds for it- As that would require a doctor's visit.  I have felt comfortable enough to see a mental health counselor for it, and that seems to have helped at least a little bit.
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I would like to see Royce explain why he is refusing to play in the NBA developmental league, they travel to all their games by bus
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Has anyone ever heard of anyone being afraid to enter a store or restaurant for the first time alone? I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder and clinical depression and have some irrational fears such as height, spiders, dolls, going downstairs ( I have no problem going up), standing on the edge of a drop off. I just recently noticed I cannot enter a new establishment alone...After I go into it with someone I can always go back by myself, but I have discovered when I try to go in alone for the first time I will sit in the car at a safe distance with a progressively building panic. I end up giving up and going home.
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I can not drive over big bridges or on busy freeways.  I used to take my husband to Houston to the doctor and I had to find a way to the VA on back roads , he used to think it was all in my head till one day he was very ill so I tried to drive over the bridge and as we went up the ramp I kept the wheel turned if he had not grabbed my hand and the wheel we would have had an accident.  When I first starting having the a attacks the doctord gave me zanax and I took them for about 15 years (stupid medicine) I do not take them any more and do not drive over bridges if I am riding in the car I close my eyes everyone thinks I am silly.  I would love to have a copy of the tape to help me.  I shed tears today knowing I am not nuts.
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