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NBA rookie Royce White recently made headlines when he was suspended by the Houston Rockets for “refusing to provide services as required by his Uniform Player Contract," after he failed to report to his D-league assignment. Royce, who has an anxiety disorder and a fear of flying, says he wanted a mental health clause added to his contract -- and he wouldn’t play until that happened. Royce, who has since been reinstated, takes a two-day road trip to Los Angeles to sit down with Dr. Phil and provide a glimpse into his struggles. How does he feel about the way the team and the league have handled the challenges that his mental illness presents? And, what message does he have for his critics who say he shouldn’t have signed with the Rockets? Then, Jodi says her extreme fears of heights and flying and are taking over her life -- and cheating her 8-year-old daughter, Charlee, out of opportunities. Jodi admits that she’s turned down jobs that may require her to get on a plane, encourages her daughter to focus on local activities and dissuades her from following her dreams of joining a competitive dance group, because they travel. Watch as Jodi faces her two biggest fears: flying on an airplane and driving over a bridge. Can she learn to calm her anxiety and start living a life without fear? Plus, get an update on Caroline, who was so terrified of being harmed by intruders that she even showered with a handgun and stun gun. How is she doing now?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: keith_porterns on Feb 28, 2013, 1:03PM
I would like to thank everyone, including Dr Phil for the topic of today's (Feb 28) show! I, too, have an anxiety disorder. So few people know anything about it. I still meet people who do not take this seriously at all. I happen to be off work this week due to anxiety. I am a professional person with a college education. Thank you again Dr. Phil!!!!!
Replied By: lori_43 on Feb 28, 2013, 12:40PM
I to feel like the lady on the phone and on the show.. I would love to travel but can't. I have a hard time even going into stores. You ask why she is smileing. Well, I can't speak for her but I will tell you a lot of my smiles are fake smiles. Just to let people "THINK" everything is okay.. So many people tell me it's all in my head and get over it. I then wish that just for one day they could live my life...
Replied By: chrk303 on Feb 28, 2013, 12:39PM
I am an epileptic who was free of seizures for 11yrs, since the seizures started again all of the above have been so exhausting. I am an RN and the anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia has impacted my practice as a nurse, I can no longer work for fear of hurting a patient or having a seizure but what stops me most is the panic attacks, I feel like I'm going to have a seizure which intellectually I know I'm not, I know that this is a fight or flight response and practice the breathing and trying to do small tasks but it still plays over and over in my mind that something will happen. I am so tired of people telling me that you can do it, stop giving in to it , etc
Replied By: fenwaypark9 on Feb 28, 2013, 12:18PM
I'm not going to pretend I know anything about these type of disorders. What I don't get. Is, why is she smiling as if she's proud of how her disorder cripples her? I don't get it.
Replied By: donnabcheek on Feb 28, 2013, 12:13PM
I am sitting here in tears.......she just described my life --exactly--I have lived in fear and agoraphobia since I was 18.  Some better times than others....

I am hopeless....it makes me not want to exist at times...
Replied By: powanaha on Feb 28, 2013, 11:40AM - In reply to cupcake1613
Cupcake, I suffered from the above for over 7 years.  I could barely leave my home and when I did I suffered acute anxiety attacks.  I had children in school and a completely uncaring husband so there were times I doped myself up and went when I had to take a child to the doctor.  I have walked out of the grocery store with my groceries on the runner more times than I can count because I just could not stand there long enough for them to be checked out. BUT, with the help of a good therapist (my 4th) I managed to overcome it to the point where I have been able to fly across the country and across the ocean.  I am now 70 years old and I have been over this since approximately 1973.  It can be done.  I do what I want to do and go where I want to go.  I no longer take medication for my nerves.  In my late 20's I would never have thought I could do and go as much as I have.  I will be praying for you to find your way.
Replied By: upsydasy on Feb 28, 2013, 9:20AM - In reply to grammas2
That’s just the kind of misguided judgment that limits people and prevents them from disclosing that they have a disorder.  It stigmatizes them to the point of not even trying for fear of being discovered.  This man not only had a dream but was a first round draft choice, which means that he had a lot of talent.  Mental disorders can be extremely debilitating both psychologically and physically.  But when faced with narrow minded bigotry instead of understanding and support, they can even turn deadly.
Replied By: junk4joann on Feb 28, 2013, 9:04AM
I'm looking forward to seeing this episode today.
Replied By: badsgma on Feb 28, 2013, 8:57AM
My 6yr old grandson developed terrible fear of heights and other fears as well as anxiety after his parents divorce and his mom's leaving then dad leaving within a few days afterwards and then his father's girlfriend abusing him mentally and physically.  It was one thing after another and now he just fears every little thing it seems.  He was diagnoised with PDS disorder.  He sees a therapist every other week.  We have tried to help him conquer his fears but it seems we take a few steps forward and then 4 steps back.  I saw today the way the Dr. had helped the lady with the fear of the bridge and everything.  Is there any type of programs for a young child?
Replied By: healingangel75 on Feb 28, 2013, 8:51AM
I can empathize with all the people on the show today. i suffer with anxiety everyday, and it does interfear with my life and dreams. my anxiety deals with the fear of new situations and people. I fear being critisized or being yelled at.  I also can't handle alot of attion being paid to me. those people on the show were brave, i could never go on national television and talk about my issues. I am barley able to bring my self to write a commet. i know my fears are irrattional but when i try to over come them I can here the overwhelming thoughts in my head telling me alot of negitive stuff.  It seems like everytime i start to feel better there's a hammer that slamms me back down .  i know i need to deal with it but i have no insurance to see someone and i havent been able to find a good theripist and i have been to many. 

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