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In Part 2 of this Dr. Phil mystery, the family of 14-year-old Dylan Redwine, who has been missing for three months, continues to search for answers. Dr. Phil sits down one-on-one with Dylan's father, Mark, in an effort to help find Dylan. Was he the last person to see the teen? And, what does Mark think happened to his son? Mark says he’s tired of having the finger pointed at him, and he’s willing to take a polygraph test to help clear his name. When the time comes, will he take the test?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: transparence on Oct 10, 2014, 8:52AM - In reply to tessajane
The simple answer is there and a bitter mother who's only only demand for conformaty was to have the kids repeat every chance of saying how much they always and in every odd way hated Mark. Well the mother succeded. To force a child in to that horrible game is outragious for a kid and for us who have seen it before. My other comment got loston the mothers obvious smile in the action of accusing Mark. What an odd way, but revealing manner of the bitterness and hate she has poured down the kids souls under their whole life.. For the smallest one the toughest position.

Mark is not guilty, but being a victim of a blamegame... The kids are to but the master of that play does not mind. Look at the smile.....!

The biggest surprice was that Phil although have broadcasted atleast one show about PAS and all the effort these hateful persons engage in getting the children to sing along even walking in to hell.

Sorry for my bad english..  :)
Replied By: eefje7 on Jun 28, 2014, 3:54AM
This man know exactly where Dylan is! Look at his body language when he's talking with Dr. Phil and Jack Trimarco! A little example is when they ask if he knows where Dylan is, his anwer is ''no'' but he shakes clearly yes with his head (1:58 on the video). Or when they say that he was the last one to see Dylan he looks down and plays with his tie (because he knows it is not true...). According to me there is no doubt, he knows what happened with his son!
Replied By: tt06tylercat on Mar 18, 2014, 6:40PM - In reply to tessajane
This is terrible. I was just looking over old stories that moved me and I was so saddened to read that Dylan is dead? I'm going to google the story... never saw a thing come across the news. So, so sad
Replied By: hettas on Feb 10, 2014, 4:13PM

Any update on Dylan Redwine?
Replied By: blueyedangel80 on Oct 10, 2013, 11:17AM - In reply to strine
Actually, polygraphs are allowed in federal courts...
Replied By: ocea66 on Sep 20, 2013, 3:31AM
Ik heb deze dr Phil show vandaag op de hollandse tv gezien en vroeg me af of Dylan al gevonden is. Wat een drama voor de familie, gelukkig heeft de familie nu wel zekerheid. Mijn hart gaat uit naar de familie.
Replied By: pcmiller25 on Jun 29, 2013, 2:30PM
I think the court needs to take some responsibility in ordering visitation with an unfit father. Actions speak louder than words,especially after the fact,as far as the father is concerned. After listening to him it makes me want to go and hold my kids tight and tell them how much I love them. I wouldn't be surprised if the father's motive was to hurt the mother. To the mother, ask God to help you and He will.My prayers are with you.
Replied By: corrinadiane on Jun 27, 2013, 6:54PM
Dr. Phil,
 Now that they have  found the remains of Dylan Redwine i was just curious if you are  going to do a follow up on his story if so when  please keep me updated on this  so i can watch for it

thank You 
 I have followed his search since i first  saw it aired on your  show
Replied By: tessajane on Jun 27, 2013, 6:30PM
Local news at durangoheralreport and other sourcare have reported that Dylan's remains have been identified and confirmed by DNA. 

He was found about 8-10 miles from his fathers home, high in the mountains, off Middle Mountain Road.

Replied By: jendin79 on Jun 25, 2013, 10:37PM
It is true that this man is weird- I mean who eats poo? Not me. It is true that he is a drunk- lots of other people are. It is also very true that all efforts were made to make him look guilty. Is he? I have no clue. He freaks me out and I lean toward that but here are MY questions:

Why is everyone railing on him for referring to Dylan in past tense when Cory did also? Why is everyone talking about his behavior when ALL that the mom did was bash him on the Dr Phil show? If you had been bashed and accused of doing something to your child for months and yelled at every time you opened your mouth your demeanor would change also. People make fasle confessions all the time under pressure. AND if you were having a hard time shutting up your # 1 accuser on Dr Phil would you really want to take a lie detector that MIGHT just give you a false positive? I wouldn't. And she railed at him for texting her and not ever calling her- the dr phil show was their FIRST communication since he disappeared- I can tell you if my kid disappeared I would repeatedly ask questions about everything they did right up until the moment they went missing. It is not unusual to run errands on a saturday morning. She barked at him every time he opened his mouth. He had no chance. Did he do it? Time will tell. All these people keep predicting all this stuff that is supposed to have already happened and it hasn't yet. Oh and I saw the "pictures" and they don't show anything. Really seriously there are some colors ina pic but who knows of what on who etc. This Cory kid hated his dad and they hated that he was there who is to say she didn't go get him and is hiding him? Doubtful but ..................The Dr Phil show was just a heated argument about how awful of a person Mark is- not at all a resolution to help find Dylan.
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