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On November 19, 2012, then 13-year-old Dylan Redwine vanished without a trace while on a court-ordered visitation at his father, Mark’s, house outside Durango, Colorado. Mark and his ex-wife, Elaine, who haven’t seen or spoken to each other in three years, come face to face on Dr. Phil’s stage. What happened to Dylan? Why are his parents pointing the finger at each other? And, what does Mark have to say about the last time he saw his son?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: tvphan on Feb 16, 2015, 6:07AM
Dylan’s father is suspected because he was the last person to see Dylan alive, and he didn’t immediately become alarmed when he returned home after running errands and realized that Dylan was gone.

Those are weak reasons.  When 7-year-old Danielle van Dam went missing one night from her San Diego home in 2002, her father was the last person to see her alive, and he didn’t check on her when he awoke during the night and saw that their burglar alarm was indicating that there had been a security breach.  And he lied to the police about his activities.  But he was never considered a suspect.
Replied By: justamommie on Sep 19, 2013, 2:06AM
I watched both shows this week in the Netherlands, and one thing struck me, the hatred between the parents, it was horrible to see, the painfull responses to his dad of the oldest son gave me the feeling he was litterally brainwashed by his mum. Understandable there is pain and questions but there are some borders and respect to keep, since nothing has been prooved everybody on that podium had the right to deserve respect, including dad.

A couple of years ago a young boy here disapeared under the same circumstances and found a week later in the woods. The police concluded he comitted suicide. The poor kid ended his life because his parents were divorced, dad lived with a new woman and the boy felt very unhappy living in this new family he got. Horrible

What i missed in your show was this option, yes perhaps dad knew son ran away and yes dad perhaps felt guilty about something he said to make him and perhaps he hoped deep down inside that all would disapear when his son would be found. I saw a man there sitting like a dog that has been slapped with words over and over, i also saw the pain in his eyes when his oldest said he hated him. I am not saying he is innocent  but when two parents divorce, two people made mistakes and too many times fightingdivorces are fought over the back over their kids. They dont oversee the consequences and the impact of all of this on their poor kids. Deep down inside i hope it wasnt the case here.........

I pray for both parents they can find peace soon
Replied By: charlettw on Jul 1, 2013, 2:57PM - In reply to jojoc1
Hi, I'm from Durango, co about 20 miles from the area where Dylan went missing and where his remains sere found. According to local law enforcement, there are still no suspects and no cause of death has been determined because his body was ravaged by wildlife. We all feel heartbroken for this family and hope for justice for Dylan. 
Replied By: jojoc1 on Jun 28, 2013, 12:10PM
Since this story aired, I have googled Dylan's name periodically to see any updates - always hoping I would read he had been found.  My last google was just a few days ago.

Today, scrolling through yahoo's headlines, I saw, "remains of missing boy found in Colorado".  I couldn't have told you from where Dylan disappeared, but I knew immediately this story was about him.

Authorities have confirmed that Dylan's remains have been found about 10 miles from his father's house after a 5 day search of the near by woods.

I know his family is devastated.  But, at least now they know.  Now, the authorities can focus on finding out what happened to Dylan. 

My prayers to his family and friends.
Replied By: sbrenna99 on Mar 11, 2013, 1:03PM
In watching the media footage at the VERY beginning of the two part show on Dylan's I the only one that noticed Dylan's FATHER is the ONLY one that refers to Dylan in the PAST tense.  Check it.  He does.
Replied By: tinkerbell9287 on Mar 5, 2013, 6:19AM
I noticed in the interview it showed the dad giving on the news he referred to his son in the past tense. He said "I loved him" and was "Dylan was" instead of Dylan is.
Replied By: philfan126 on Mar 4, 2013, 8:24PM
I watched both shows twice, and I was struck by something the second time I watched. There was a clip, I think from a TV interview. Mark said something like "I want people to know how much I cared about Dylan..." I may not have the quote right, but the past-tense caught my attention. It made me wonder if he knew Dylan is dead.
Replied By: carold1123 on Mar 3, 2013, 8:43PM - In reply to mrsmelodie
The first thing I noticed was that in one of the first 'opening' tapes was of his father repeatedly refering to him in past way someone starts out talking about their missing child in past tense unless they know something...he obviously knows a lot more than he is saying!!!
Replied By: comment4u on Mar 2, 2013, 9:42PM - In reply to aspin7
I even posted on Dylan's Missing Facebook page the very same sentiment.  Also, the thing I find VERY odd is the way his clothes and belongings were missing as well.  If dad wanted to harm him or hide him, he would have wanted everything left behind exactly the way it was so it appeared that Dylan simplty vanished into thin air.

I also wanted to know about the mail person and whether Dylan had a backpack or any items on his person.  I believe he could have ran away simply because he was fed up w/both parents.  I just hope and pray he is not afraid to contact someone due to the publicity.,


Replied By: aspin7 on Mar 2, 2013, 9:14AM
Dr Phil these two shoes were difficult to watch. Really using x wives as character references?. Why didn't you locate the mailman the father spoke about? Why didn't you ask the mother to take lie decteter test also? Is anyone looking else where besides at the father? Did Dylan run away? The only good thing about the show was that it increased awareness that Dylan is missing.
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