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Heroin use among America's youth is no longer just a big city problem; it's plaguing some of the most prestigious and safest suburban towns in the country. Dr. Phil sheds light on Simi Valley, California -- a community once known as the safest city in America -- where residents are now fighting a heroin epidemic that they say is crippling the town’s youth. Dr. Phil talks to teens and meets with Mayor Bob Huber to discuss his community plan. How can this drug problem be stopped? Then, Simi Valley families with heroin-addicted sons reach out to Dr. Phil for help. Greg and Mary say their 20-year-old son, Nik, has been using drugs since he was 13 and is so out control, he's been kicked out of seven schools, arrested more than 30 times and even labeled a “terrorist” by the Department of Homeland Security. Now living on the streets, Nik says heroin has taken over his life, and he knows that his future is either jail, death -- or Dr. Phil. Then, Linda and Richard admit they buried their heads in the sand when they first saw signs of their 24-year-old son, Steven’s, drug use, but they say they still can’t stop enabling him. Are they ready to toughen up to give their son a chance at a healthy future? Then, Monet was a promising young talent before she says she turned to drugs to deal with the death of her father. Ten months have passed since she accepted Dr. Phil’s offer of help. How is she now?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: recovery72 on Feb 22, 2013, 6:55AM
Hello Dr. Phil,  I am an addict in recovery.  I've experienced the pain of a self-destructive behavior that cost me the family I longed for all my life, the one I love and distanced me from reality.  Despite knowing that this behavior and its cunning ways I'm glad to inform the statistics on Methamphetamine Addicts recovery has become a way of life for me.  I now am watching this show and when the needles are shown i still have a rush within me although it has been quite a while since last used(terms to deal with and not sugar coat).  The reality is my recovery is as, if not more,  personalization of meth, important thing life.  This had to be found within myself and through all the pain and pursuit I am Hopeful to stay within the 7% of meth users to stay inside the blessings of Recovery.  To all who pursue a better way let me warn you:   expect pain that you have yet to experience but with persistance and preserverance will pay back more than you can imagine!!!!
Replied By: rosereddeb on Feb 22, 2013, 6:17AM
When I heard the voice of the man that she was talking too, I knew immediately that this was the same man that I spoke with on several different occasions ! He used the name of Andy Godwin, and he lived or supposedly lived in California up near San Francisco, he told me he worked for Exxon Oil, and his daughter was away in Boarding School in the United Kingdom. His wife passed away many years ago in a car accident, but I also found out after talking to other woman that he spoke with, he gave everyone a different story about what happened to his wife, from being divorced, to her dying of cancer, suicide, and drugs he gave everyone a different story ! Our conversations went on for about 3 weeks via emails and phone calls and yahoo IM. SInce it was close to Christmas he said that him and his daughter were going to come and visit me where I lived. When I did not answer his emails he was bombing my mail box and my phone with messages, caling every few seconds. He too told me everything I wanted to hear, his words were so perfect that after reading his letters over and over again, i did figure out they were excerpts from books ! He called me baby all the time, and told me he loved me, after a while I knew he was whacked out ! He manged to hack into my FB account and he started sending friends requests to my female friends, I had to keep changing my password, cause I knew what he was doing ! He gave me access into his yahoo email account after I started doubting what he was telling me, this is how I found out that he was asking other woman for money. There was this one woman who told him she was poor and only had enough money to buy a loaf of bread, he told her had to go to England to monitor the oil wells over there and that until his money from his work account was transferred into his account over there he mainly had nowhere to stay cause he had no money for a hotel room, what a line of bs that was, she kept telling him that she had no money, I could not believe what he was saying to her ! Another woman he just kept calling her all night long cause she would not answer her phone, she begged him to please stop bothering her !
I have many pics of him, and saved conversations that we had .... I reported him to FB, had him knocked off of there, but I am sure he has come back under a different identity. I also reported him to Yahoo !!
Please beware of Andy Godwin .... like I said i was totally shocked when I heard that voice on Dr. Phil ! I even said to him, you have a accent where are you really from, and he just laughed it off !!!
Replied By: debpederson on Feb 21, 2013, 10:53PM
Just grateful Dr. Phil is bringing attention to this awful epidemic. It's tragic and killing our youth.  The Chicago suburbs have lost so many beautiful young people. My 23 year old daughter included.  Kudos to you Dr. Phil. The feelings of loss and shame are overwhelming.
Replied By: notonemore on Feb 21, 2013, 2:04PM - In reply to ryanverd
Nik has been a challenge since I have met him.  He truly has not been comfortable in his own skin so to speak.   He has been using for so long, how could he be ? Yet, he is brilliant and very charming.  He does have many good qualities.  I cannot tell you his story here, yet, but so far so good.   I love both these young men.  They are treasures worth saving and their families deserve to have their boys back.  Thank you to Dr. Phil and his staff for his time and help with awareness of the horrible drug that is snatching our youth away.
Replied By: valeriexo on Feb 21, 2013, 8:31AM
Hi Dr. Phil and to everyone who is reading this, addiction is a very serious and out-of-control problem that seems to only be getting worse. I know first hand how hard it is to overcome drug abuse, I am 25 years old and I was addicted to opiates. I have never tried heroin, but I'm sure that if I kept using opiates, I would have ended up trying heroin. Addiction is a disease, and a very serious disease at that! I started out using opiates when I was 16 years old, I suffered from back issues from a car accident, I also had kidney stones, etc, and I was living life in pain 24/7- my Dr. Started prescribing me pain meds like vicodin, and from the first day that I took it, I just loved the feeling it gave me, and it took all my pain away- then of course, my tolerance level went up, so the miligrams were going up! Well, it got progressively worse, I started getting prescribed percocet, and that was it. Well, I started finding myself needing more and more meds to get the same feeling, and I moved up to buying on the street -a oxycontin, etc. Well to make a long story short, I finally decided I couldn't live like I was, and I got help- I've been clean for almost 2 years, it will actually be 2 years in march- the thing with overcoming drug addiction is that the addict must WANT to get clean! People have to prepare themselves for the up and down dollar coaster that they will endure during their recovery, but in the end, it will all be worth it- Dr. Phil, there is no one better to help this man get clean- you save lives and help not only the individual, but their families as well. I love your show, I watch you every day, and I have ALL your books! And by the way, I LOVE your new book "Life Code", I ordered your book the first day you aired it on your show through your son's website! I am in the middle of reading it, and I just love it, I just wanted to share that! Everyone, go out and buy it, its a great book!
Replied By: simiksmith on Feb 20, 2013, 11:39AM
There's another side to the NOM group that seems to be ignored. From a Simi Valley Facebook Community page from someone who was part of this group:

Soon we will be known as the community that bans together, we will be heralded as the city that does not sweep issues under the rug, but addresses them head on and we should all be proud.  Sorry to say but things are not what they seem in NOM land.  Bashing of newly bereaved mother's, lying, stealing, bullying without a care for the integrity of the cause. A woman so bent on doing as she pleases that she goes carelessly about doing her business improperly stating that if anyone should find out, she will plead ignorance and the city will not judge her because she is a grieving mother.  Taking the ideas of others and using them and when they stand up for the integrity of the cause, they are told the keep their mouths shut.  This child predator, this drug called heroin, is not new to this city.  From speaking with other families, it has been here and I wonder why now we are addressing the issue?  Surely if there were a predator snatching children o...ff of the street in their mini-van and luring them away, we would hear of it right away, in every newspaper, on every channel....but we did not hear about these child predators known as drug dealers and the drug of choice that they were dealing,....heroin.  It took lives being lost, although others tried to raise awareness and bring a light much earlier on, they were ignored.  Now the papers scream of an arrest or a seize of the deadly drug, but where were those reports before, why so much collateral damage before this issue was addressed? Congratulations on going National, on bashing grieving mother's, on deceptive business practices, congratulations on getting away with it all, I applaud you, really I do, but I do not respect you.  What is your plan to save our city and what is your plan to bring our dead children back.......I really hope you have an answer to that one.
Replied By: ryanverd on Feb 18, 2013, 7:10PM
For the kid who threatened dr. phils staff and his/her family, there's no help for that kid.  I could look into his eyes for 5 seconds and tell you he has a death wish.  You wasted 20 minutes of your time dr. phil
Replied By: rickyzak on Feb 18, 2013, 6:45PM
Dr. Phil,

              You are going to have your hands full with this one. I will Pray for you.

Replied By: honeybear8645 on Feb 18, 2013, 12:41PM
I have lived the nightmare of a child on heroin. It changed my life and my child's. I learned a lot getting my child off of it.  I breaks my heart that the substance that does get a person off with NO CRAVING, is illegal in the United States.  That's the number one issue for me. Big pharma blocks it's legality.  They research how to DUMB in down and change it enough so they can come up with a "new drug" that a person will have to take daily for the rest of their lives, so they can profit from it.  But the truth is, ONE dose of this, and a person is OFF with NO CRAVING.  Then you just have to find a way to keep the creeps that sell the stuff to leave your child alone, and get the child help dealing with whatever "demons" allowed the child to strat using to start with.  My child's case was an undiagnosed brain injury in an automobile accident that affected the area of the brain affecting impulse control.  When approached by the predator, she couldn't say no as she normally would have.  Thus started a two year descent into hell, an but for my child's strong sense of right and wrong, would have probably have killed her.

People on heroin, that sell it, are looking for others to use.  In this case, the man told my child that he had something that would kill the pain from her leg injury, she had no idea it was heroin.  Get one thing straight, ONE dose of heroin and you're hooked, the craving is terribly intense.  My daughter was taken against her will, each time she tried to get away, and she called me to come get her, the man would find her, throw her into his car, and drive away.  When I'd arrive at the meeting point, I'd be told stories about how the man hit her, threw her into the car and drove away before I got there.  I'm saying this because there is the chance that this situation if different because my daughter did not want to be in it or use drugs, so, perhaps the recovery is different.

IBOGAINE is outlawed in the USA.  It is available in many other countries.  It is available in "herb" stores in Canada and costs less than $160, last time I checked.  There are many people in the USA who can advise the dose. A person has to checkout that they have a good heart, i.e. EKG.  They have to take NOTHING in the way of a drug during the time period the ibogaine is in their system.  A person sneaking a patch of  a drug on their back while undergoing this treatment will probably die.  Than said, it's pretty simple.  A small dose given, than no adverse reation seen, and the dose administered.  A person goes through about 4-6 hours of feeling uncomfortable, or not.  Some people have hallucinations (The reason it's banned), some have the runs, some are nauseated, some just sleep through it.  BUT, after that time period, the person has no craving for opiates, smoking, etc.  This lasts for different time periods for different people.  Some people forever, some for months. But the main point is this time period gives hou a chance to get the person redirected.  Since my daughter never wanted to be on drugs, and just wanted to get on with her life, she enrolled in college and just graduated top in her class.

Heroin is terribly addictive.  I researched every clinic, every method of rehab and found there just isn't a very good success rate for the majority of them.  Thus, rather than have my daughter die in an alley somewhere, we took the chance of the IBOGAINE.  It saved my daughter's life.

My moved to another state, as the man wouldn't leave us alone.  He broke into our house and dragged my daughter out on more than one occasion, neighbors witnessed this and reported it to me, and that was when I realized she wasn't a willing person in the mess and I determined I'd fight back for her, not let her "hit bottom" as police, family and others had advised.  So we had to move away.  Now my daughter has been diagnosed through SPECT scanning.  Dr. Hipskind, who has been on the Dr. Phil show read the scans and treated my daughter for the impulse control injury to her brain.  After a year, she was able to stop the medication and handle her life without it.  I sent her to "empowerment training" so she would take control of herself and have tools to resist if she were kidnapped by him again

Heroin treatments such as methadone are dark ages treatment.  Suboxone works, but the laws restrict a Dr. to a limited number of patiients on it, and so there is a real problem with the availibility of it, finding a Dr. who can RX it.

I hope my comments can help someone.  As a parent, realize your child made one mistake, taking the first dose.  You are not dealing with your child after that first dose, you are dealing with the drug, which has taken control of your child, AND you are up against those who would profit by keeping your child on it.  It is a very real consideration to move away, or move your child away to break the contact with those who are the suppliers and enablers.  If there are emotional problems, they have to be treated so the child doesn't seek escape in drugs, again.

I pray for the day that IBOGAINE is legal in the USA.  My dream is a clinic where the treatment can be given and then a program, modeled after e-harmoney, except for the goal being finding friends in your area with common interests, not the dating model.  One of the hardest problems once a person is off the drugs is finding outlets for recreation that don't involve those who use drugs.  Thus, my thought of the matching service, matching those who want to go see a movie, or go bowling, whatever, those who want to have fun without drugs.  You see, your child will be shunned be the people who know their history, and tempted by those who want them back into the hell they are still in.  It's a hard ride for parents, not just the child.  You become a grizzly bear protecting your child until they are "back" and can protect themselves.  One last thought, don't blame yourselves, you don't have time for that.  Educate yourselves.  I sat at my computer 12 hours a day for two weeks, reading about every drug that could be involved, reading about every treatment, consulting with the police, doctor, and theraptists.  My decision that mainstream treatment wasn't the avenue for my daughter, due to expense, effectiveness, and rate of recitivism lead me to the avenue I presented to my daughter.  I'll never forget the morning she was brought back from the treatment, she came into my hotel room and opened the blinds, and said, "Mom, I don't know is the treatment worked, I didn't have hallucinations, or nausea, or the runs,", but what I was looking at was a daughter, four days from her last dose of heroin, standing there in front of me talking to me and acting like her old self, no sweats, no "kicking the habit", which is the involuntary kicking and flailing that comes with withdrawal, just my daughter looking normal, I said that to her, " It's your fourth day, think how you'd normally feel the fourth day withouth the heroin, she looked and me and came and hugged me and we both cried, it DID work!  She went to a therapist, whose opinion was she should enroll in school and get back on with her life, which was what she wanted to do.  She now has a good life.  

I wish Dr Phil could advocate for legalization of IBOGAINE in the USA.  He has had Dr. Hipskind on his show for ADHD shows.  In my daughter's case, the SPECT scanning discovered the brain injury that allowed this mess to start.  SPECT scanning is cutting edge, and my family doctor wouldn't refer my daughtrer for it, he didn't believe in it.  This caused it to take almost six months more before I could find a Dr. to refer my daughter, and I cound FIND her to get her to the appointment.  Such a waste of my child's life.  SPECT scanning should become mainstream whenever there is a brain injury or just diagnosing mental illnesses.

I hope my comments help someone and have Dr. Phil consider a show on treatments that work.  Or a show on brain injuries and what undiagnosed ones can cause in a person's ilfe.  Rancho Los Amigos hospital in California tells parents of children with brain injuries to watch for acting out, doing things the child doesn't normally do, and getting the child help because there can be problems come up in the ensuing months.  I wish I'd known that  my daughter had a brain injury right away.  I'm grateful it was finally diagnosed.

Replied By: ginnykeen on Feb 17, 2013, 10:16AM
They use it cause it's the cheapest drug out there. This generation thinks there are no consequences to their actions, Just ask my son who's going thru surgery right now to remove part of his leg due to fire and he couldn't wake up till the fire burned his leg off. It actually saved his life but it's going to be a hard life cause he has lost it all. People there are consequences to your actions.
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