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(Original AIr Date: 02/20/13) Angie says she’s madly in love with her attractive, dashing, overseas boyfriend, Danny, whom she’s been dating for more than a year but has never met. Angie confesses that she’s sent Danny at least $175,000 — some of which she admittedly stole from family members. She says she would like to not only prove to Dr. Phil and his viewers that Danny is a real person, she would also like Dr. Phil's help in getting $6 million that Danny sent her from an offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands. Angie admits to sending $1,000 to Danny so he could buy a plane ticket to the United States and appear on the show with her. Where is Danny, and why wasn't he sitting next to Angie in-studio? Angie's 20-year-old son, Brandon, says his mother is in deep denial and can’t even see that she’s being scammed. Is Danny who he says he is, or is Angie being duped by an online imposter or catfish? Dr. Phil does some digging and finds answers. Is Angie ready to accept the truth? Then, when Craig last spoke with Dr. Phil, he thought he might finally meet his former fiancée, “Jen,” in person -- until she backed out at the last minute. After some investigative work, the real “Jen” is exposed. Don’t miss this shocking conclusion!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: kristiem1969 on Feb 2, 2015, 1:38PM - In reply to mswebb
What kind of minister kicks out a parishioner?? This minister needs to be reported to the whoever he reports to. What did your ex tell him, promise him, donate to him. This sounds so hinky that your minister did this to you. Very wrong as all are welcome in God's house.
Replied By: kristiem1969 on Feb 2, 2015, 1:22PM
I just watched this episode online last night. This lady is crazy to still believe this guy is not scamming her! I was messaged on Facebook by a guy with the same name, Daniel Williams. He immediately wanted to move the conversation to Yahoo IM and immediately started saying he loved me, then wanted me to send him an expensive phone to his "commandant" in Nigeria (he said he was an American in the military as an engineer doing a project in Afghanistan). I immediately lit into him that he was a scam artist. The other clue he was not American was he didn't type phrases that were American like "I am so love you" and "why you say these things" instead of "I love you so much" and "why are you saying that". I looked on a website about scamming and Daniel Williams is on that list as a common name used by scam artists. I hope this woman woke up and realized she was taken for almost $200,000 and cut off communications with this guy.
Replied By: freelandsm on Jan 9, 2015, 3:15PM

SEEN THIS KIND OF DENIAL.  IS THERE A PSYCHOLOGICAL NAME FOR IT???  What happens to the brain?  Is she on drugs or alcohol?  
Replied By: jenamarie686 on Jul 2, 2014, 11:39AM
I feel bad for this lady, it's horrible what happened but that's no excuse to be rude!! And she was plain rude!! But if I lost that much $$ maybe i'd be delusional as well!!
Replied By: marijke59 on Nov 4, 2013, 7:29AM

I just saw your show about scamming, i have been also involved with someone who is samming. The picture i recieved , i realy don't think he is the one i have wrtie and talk with.
Lucky for me i don't loose so much money because i listen to my intuition which said this isn't real.
I have 58 e-mails with the name of Alexis Vettias, but i founf out he has much more names just by google the picture.
These are the names i found till now;
David Woods
Nickolas Pankas
Morris Gisbone,
Wilhelm Morris,
Lex Vict
He is operating from the UK his tel.numbers all begin with 0044

I hope there is someone who can stop these people who are only conned for living.
Replied By: twenty4hours on Oct 8, 2013, 8:03PM
Okay so you can be skeptical when people are giving you the cold hard facts but this lady is just plain crazy... Dr Phil gave her the harshest evidence ever and she still did not believe him, he even showed her that his fake name was on a scammer list. Its so obvious he isn't real. If you gave someone that much money they would have met you by now because that is a lot of cash....
Replied By: mwyld40 on Sep 11, 2013, 9:33PM
Dr. Phil,


The lady who was featured on your show today is not alone.  I too was scammed by a dishonest professional criminal in almost the same way she was.  Although i didn't send this person 30 some thousand dollars, in my case it was only about $5,000 plus paying for telephone calls to England and Nigeria, I was on the fast track with this man.  And he was good at what he did.  He stole the identity of a man who lived in the same state I do and lived in a upscale suburb that was not far from my home.  I Googled the name he gave me and he was there.  Most of the facts he gave me about "himself" were true to the victim.  He was wealthy, an art collector, esteemed by the town he lived in and volunteered his time to the community.  An upstanding gentleman or so I thought.  I met this man on a dating site on line and he professed his love almost immediately.  He had me believing he owned his own construction company and had overseas contracts.  He showed me a bank account in England and introduced me to his personal banker whom I traded emails with.  I was also introduced to his daughter who lived in one of his mansions in England and we exchaned emails.  When he first asked me for money I had no quams about loaning it to him and even though I was warned about sending money to Nigeria I paid no heed.  I was in love and he was wonderful!!  What a find!! Yeah right!!  After a while, and after sending him more money I started to wonder if he was for real.  I never met him, although I talked to him on the phone many times, he never would commit to a date when he would be home, something always happened to keep him where he was.  Way out of my reach.  

I finally called the man I thought he was and it turned out that the gentleman who had his identity stolen was in his mid 80's, had never been to Africa and was not overseas.  He was home and I was talking to him.  I don't know if he ever followed up on my call as I never heard back from him but I did report the incident to the dating service with poor results.  They were aware of him and said they had sent me a warning email that I never saw.  And then I contacted the FBI via the internet.  I never heard back from them either.  That is as far as I went because I was so ashamed of my stupidity and vulnerability I didn't want my family to know how I had been taken in.  So, Dr. Phil, the lady on your show is not alone, there are lots of lonely widows out there and I am sure there are many more who have been taken to the cleaners just as we had.

I finally did tell my daughter and a niece of mine and they still love me, but I have never told my sons and never will.  For some reason that I don't understand, this criminal did return $100.00 dollars to me.  Why I don't know and never will know.

Replied By: 1973_marl on Sep 11, 2013, 6:45PM
When i was listen to the show today, it remind of what happen with several guy's that I had chatted with on line, had one guy form Nergria take people credit cards and use them to get money and I fell for the scam open a credit card so they could have me get the money out of the credit card thatn go and send the money threw Western Untion only did that 2 times and found out what they where doing, the guy was using some one else picture to find out he was a black guy, One other guy he used my mailing address to have thinks send to my place and he was trying to use my name on credit cards and charge stuff  when I got the bills call the company's  and told them what happen and they said they would take care of it, and the treatent me was going to call the FBI and some other company and I told him bring it on and not thing happen, one other none miltary guy what to send money to him so he could send money to me and it would have cost alot of money and I told him right out that I had no money and he got pissed off at me and I deleted him off my yahoo list, I knew what was going on and I just played him up. and the same way with the other guy's I have chatted with, played dumb, Never sent any of my own money
Replied By: princessbell3 on Sep 9, 2013, 9:18AM
I am amazed at the stupidity of these people.  For the life of me why would anyone in their right mind send money ongoing to someone they have never met.  Total disbelief.
Replied By: mrmillion on Aug 15, 2013, 1:31AM
why do these ladies send their so called online boyfriend money when they have yet to meet them in person? I can never understand that. When i use online dating, i would have to meet them in person first to even for anything. And i would never give them money. Go to http://www.freedatinghelper.com/reviews/asiandating-com/ for the best info you can get.
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