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(Original Air Date: 02/19/13) John says that when his ex-wife, Laurie, moved 1,500 miles away to be with her boyfriend, Joe, she abandoned her children, and he was left to raise the couple’s three boys -- Johnny, 14, and twins Christopher and Alexander, 12 -- on his own. The single dad proudly proclaims that being a committed father makes him “one in a million” -- but is John really in over his head? John admits the boys disrespect his authority and recently, he says Alexander punched him in the face and gave him a black eye. Laurie says her children tell her that they aren’t happy living with their father, and she denies deserting her kids -- but is she willing to step up and take Dr. Phil’s advice? Then, hear from the three boys. What do they reveal about their home life? And, is this a case of clueless parenting -- or unruly kids? No parent can afford to miss this show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: labrat70 on Jun 28, 2013, 10:10PM - In reply to misty33
Thank you for pointing out "deadbeat mothers". Your words hit home.
Replied By: labrat70 on Jun 28, 2013, 9:50PM - In reply to kmedina238
I also came from a home where mom hauled ass and left dad to raise the kids. Men are somewhat like fish out of water when it comes to raising kids, now don't get me wrong, my father did a hell of a job raising us alone and we were evil children. I do feel sympathetic towards John, he is in a tough situation. And while he comes across as a pompous ass and obviously very full of himself, you have to give him credit for standing up and taking care of his kids. so many fathers are absent in their kids lives but he is there. The mother I have no respect for. What mother walks out on her kids?
Replied By: auntiebeasley on Jun 26, 2013, 7:51PM
I usually feel bad for the child but in the case of Tiffany, I think it is Dr. Phil who was not listening. This kid is spoiled because of her parents but now her parents are begging for help. They sound like they have listened to your past shows about stripping the kids room. She is just a spoiled rotten, manipulative brat and she is also manipulating Dr. Phil. This is the ONLY show where I felt that Dr. Phil was being over dramatic and mean to the guests. The father was admitting his imperfections and asking for help. This kids needs to be scared staight. Beating her mother as she did, she should be in prison. So angry at Dr. Phil right now.
Replied By: janeee on Jun 26, 2013, 5:01PM
After watching this show & reading the comments here I have to say that it's not always cut & dry as Dr Phil states.  I am a fan of Dr Phil but if you've never been divorced & never put into the middle of a custody battle - you can not judge - you do not know the circumstances behind the scenes. I wasn't a dead beat mom, I was an abused mom who was forced to give up her children for what I thought was their safety & well being & I regret it every day of my life even though in my case the story turns out good.

After my divorce in 1985, from a physical & emotionally abusive relationship,  I was awarded custody of our children (ages 5,6,7).  The turmoil & threats made toward me were enough to make me live in fear every day.  As ordered by the court he got visitation every other week and he would shower the kids with presents, food, and trips, while I was barely able to put food on the table.  He played mind games telling the kids what a horrible person I was & that it would be so much fun to live at his house. The turmoil became so bad that my pyscologist suggested giving the kids back to him for the safety of everyone & that it would be a matter of weeks before he gave them back... Well, (out of spite to me) - 6 yrs later, thousands of $ to attorneys & court costs to prove the mental abuse the kids were living with, and one failed marriage for him, the courts, school & child services finally stepped in & the kids were pulled out of his house & were awarded back to me.  The school finally listened to the kids when my daughter came to school every day with red eyes from crying all night.  Back then it was hard to prove mental abuse & no one listened to the kids.  We even had the police involved several times when it was my week end to pick up the kids.  Thank goodness for my loving wonderful current husband that took on the challenge of raising 3 mentally abused children to be great well educated adults.  You don't always know the whole story - you only hear 1 side of the story from the person your friends with. 
Replied By: kmedina238 on Jun 26, 2013, 4:23PM
This poor man is clueless. My Mom left my family to be with another man when I was seven years old. She left the seven kids she shared with my Dad, and he raised us all by himself. We ranged in age from seven months to twelve years. Dads raising their kids alone is not that uncommon.  Both my husband and I were raised by our Dads. Luckily, my husband's Dad remarried and got a little help. My Dad had a hard time meeting someone willing to accept seven kids from another woman and is still alone to this day. He worked very hard in a different city than we lived in (since he could not afford a place anywhere near where he worked). Since my Mom never provided any assistance financially or emotionally, we never really got to know her at all. Along with my amazing husband, my Dad tops my list of the best Dads there are. There is nothing he would not do for us.  He is truly a great man, and an amazing Dad. It makes up for my absentee Mom.
Replied By: sugrmag58 on Jun 26, 2013, 3:51PM
This guy is a comlete jerk...BON JOVI ? JENNIFER ANISTON drooling over him...am assuming she has better taste than what this dude has to offer. He needs to get rid of the arrogance and come back to this planet where he isn't quite the wonder he wants to believe he is. My heart goes out to these boys.
Replied By: elmer117 on Jun 26, 2013, 2:24PM
Wake up, Dr. Phil!  "Enterpreneur" Dad can't find a job because he owes RESTITUTION from his tax evasion case.  If he went to Federal prison, when he came out, he was on a term of supervised release, under the supervision of a probation officer.  He is supposed to get a verifiable job, but when offenders owe restitution, they frequently avoid actually finding a job, so they can avoid paying anything.  In Federal criminal cases with restitution, offenders are civally liable for their restitution ordered by the Court for 20 years!  That's why he wanted his wife to pay his electric bill--he is claiming to authorities that he has NO means to pay his restitution.  Can't believe you fell for his "felons can't get a job due to their criminal record" excuse!!!  Offenders are given every opportunity/a lot of help to find employment.  Unskilled male laborers in our area earn $22 per hour,and they are hired no matter their criminal record.
Replied By: iad2px on Jun 26, 2013, 2:08PM
I did not see the very begining of the show but, what I saw was two very angry adults with 3 innocent kids in the middle. It sounds like dad was pretty successful with his RE magazine. When the stuff hit the fan, mom hit the road. I thnk she is mad and resentful  at dad about going to jail and she had to be the bread winner and raise the kiddos.  p to that point, it sounds like there was lots of money and no problems. GET OVER IT. STUFF HAPPENS and you have to deal with it. It was much easier for her to walk away.
Replied By: jackpine25 on Jun 26, 2013, 12:42PM
I really wish the mother would do the right thing so that both the boys and the father can have reprieve.
Replied By: kashi12 on Jun 26, 2013, 12:25PM
Hey, they had the kids...so deal with it!!  I agree the mother did run away and is not involved with the kids..how could you if you live that far away.  ...but gee, maybe I would too in this situation! involved.  But this family needs both parents involved!
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