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Carol and Tab’s 20-year-old son, Alex, was killed by a hit and run driver. They believe that Alex’s death was no accident and they accuse Rob, 24, of being responsible. Rob, joined by his mother, Linda, and sister, Lenora, 21, says he’s being falsely accused and placed in the middle of an “unrelenting witch hunt,” and he just wants everyone to move on. See what happens when he comes face to face with Alex’s family on Dr. Phil’s stage. Why wasn’t Rob tried on vehicular homicide charges? Hear from a crime scene reconstruction expert hired by the family. Has he uncovered new evidence? Don’t miss this riveting Dr. Phil mystery as the victim’s family confronts the young man they believe deliberately killed their son.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: ormama on Feb 18, 2013, 5:15PM
This Rob is sure looking guilty!  I don't hear enough facts, but why would they drop the charges just because witnesses don't show up...can't they subpoena them and just put the trial off till they find them?
Replied By: lakerswife on Feb 18, 2013, 5:13PM
According to the accident reconstructurist, the young man was beaten so severely about the head that it left indents over most of his skull BEFORE he was hit by the car. If that was the case, how was he able to stand up for the car to have hit him AFTER the beating?
Replied By: sthorn1984 on Feb 18, 2013, 4:54PM
Doesn't the sister of the suspect seem a little suspicious here?  Every time one of the witnesses was brought up she reacted to it.  Is the family hiding something not about the son but the guy they are actively hiding?  What is the connection with the sister and this missing witness?
Replied By: misty3166 on Feb 18, 2013, 4:51PM
First of all obviuosly  they dont want the kidt that can prove there son did it on Dr Phil. The fact he wouldnt take a lie detector says enough for me. If your not guilty you would take the test
Replied By: stevo2459 on Feb 18, 2013, 4:50PM - In reply to mayan1212
Most false detector tests involve guilty people. The majority of tests (if conducted by a qualified person) will yield honest results. A person trying to convince of other people of his innosense would certainly want to take the test.
Replied By: victoriansuzy on Feb 18, 2013, 4:42PM - In reply to leigh1009
Very well said!!
Replied By: jaycan on Feb 18, 2013, 4:30PM
Thanks to doctor Phil this case is receiving the attention it deserves. Roberts mother should be charged with multiple crimes herself and his sister seemed to have a personal interest in the other witness to this crime and maybe a personal relationship with that witness. When a death occurs while the process of another crime is being commited / A felony. That would make all partys guilty in the murder of that person. If robert was taking his friend who left the death threats to sell xtacy to the victim he was committing a felony which in my state whether or not he was driving or not the both of them could be charged with capital murder. I do not understand why the district attorney did not send subpeona's to these witnesses and then a warrant for not adhering to the subpeona's. I hope that Alex's family or the doctor phil show sent an investigater back with Robert and his family to there house and track's down atleast that witness. And as far as the other witness which is related to the law enforcement officer in the town that this happened in, Police stick together no matter what and I hope that if the court system was derailed in anyway from that department that all peoples involved will be brought to justice in this case. Seems to me that alot of other crimes have been commited after the fact by multiple party's and I truly hope that EVERYONE is brought to justice. EVEN though I think doctor Phil misses alot thats going on and I disagree with him alot. He is a great man for bringing attention to this case and for that GOD bless you Doctor Phil.True justice will always come in the end when they meet there maker.
Replied By: ztasandra on Feb 18, 2013, 4:27PM - In reply to susan305
I will pray every night that Dr. Phil looks for these boys and that the police department starts to investigate tempering with witnesses. I do have a question on why Rob cannot be charged every again though???
Replied By: jubjub22 on Feb 18, 2013, 4:27PM
I am thinking that the Sylvester kid they are hiding is the sisters boyfriend. The sister got all defensive when they mentioned his name. Why??   This also explains how and why they would hide him.  This seemed so obvious to me and I was praying dr phil was gonna ask the sister why she was so defensive of the other kid.
Replied By: victoriansuzy on Feb 18, 2013, 4:23PM
That boy is guilty as sin.  The Mom is lying and badly at that.  The sister is just an angry little girl trying to keep her Mom from saying anything.  But....the truth always comes out.  Those boys will get tired of hiding and and they will show back up and go to the police.  The whole family will end up in jail and lose everything they own all because their drug dealing son is a murderer.  The truth was so obvious.  I feel so bad for the family that lost their son.  God Bless you all.
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