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(Original Air Date: 02/11/13) Traci says her former friend, Jinda, is obsessed and infatuated with her. Traci says Jinda began texting her about 50 times a day after they first met -- texts that soon became over-the-top proclamations such as, “I can’t get you out of my mind," and “I swear I will love you the right way.” Traci says she thought Jinda just needed a friend but then grew more uncomfortable as, she claims, Jinda was also inappropriately affectionate with her children, began texting her friends, whom she had never met, and even tried to touch and kiss her. Traci claims Jinda crossed the line when she tried to sabotage her marriage, so she cut off communication with her. But is Jinda getting the message? Jinda admits to being "needy and clingy" -- but does she see that she's overstepped her boundaries? Can Dr. Phil help her rein in her behavior? Then, Kari says her sister, Holly, stabbed her in the back when she took Kari’s ex-husband’s side during their divorce -- and, after not speaking for three years, she wants an apology. Holly says she’s not sorry and that Kari is the one who needs to apologize. Can Dr. Phil end the silence between these sisters?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: karisnelson on Feb 24, 2015, 9:12AM - In reply to skbruning
thank you for that comment. walking into court and seeing your own flesh and blood sitting their defending my ex just about broke my heart! the anger and betrayal i felt was something i cant even describe. im sorry, but even though we do speak now, i dont think i can ever forgive her for that, and the fact that she still speaks to him and invites him to family functions!!!
Replied By: karisnelson on Feb 24, 2015, 9:07AM - In reply to lanna89
I really appreciate the support. It was a hard decision to make, but it had to be done. Like i said, i totally went about things the wrong way, but it is what it is. I never thought i would be facing my own family in court, fighting against me, but thats what happened. After my parents finally realizing what i actually was dealing with for several years,they are very apologetic for the way they treated me, but my sister still has frequent communications with my ex and we just agree to not bring him up in any conversation because she still considers him family, which i totally do not understand. I really wish the Dr. Phil show would have let us have a little more time to explain the whole situation instead of the terrible little "bits" that came out. I know people thought that i came off as snobby, but in all honesty, it was just a defense mechanism so i wouldnt break down and cry.
Replied By: karisnelson on Feb 24, 2015, 8:59AM - In reply to strine
Im sorry the show did not allow me to tell my whole story. I did choose to cheat on my husband, but after 16 years of supporting the whole family, dealing with his mental issues, him job hopping and then eventually purposely getting fired from his job, i grew tired of living that way and gave him several chances to make things better, which never happened! i refuse to support a man, and after him sitting on the couch for over a year while i worked full time and went to school at night, i finally woke up and didnt want to live that way anymore. i deserved more and so did my boys! i have never denied that the way i went about things was wrong, and the reason my family knew nothing of my problems is because i chose to keep them to myself. So, after revealing to my family all my struggles over the years, they were shocked, and my parents now realize what a user my ex is, but my sister chose to stick by him because she had been cheated on herself. She is about the only one that he had not screwed over yet, so she defended him. Sorry if you think i need to apologize, but i have apologized to the people that deserved it, but i will always stick by my decision to move on, and i would do it again if i had to!!
Replied By: isaac18 on Jun 15, 2013, 8:35PM - In reply to skbruning
My sister is in a abusive relationship and until you have been on the other end don't judge. Just remember at the end of the day you picked him.
Replied By: shelleygirl311 on Jun 13, 2013, 1:28PM
I think Jinda understood that she was crossing a serious line once you put it into perspective for her. I'm hopeful she will receive the help and insight she needs in treatment to turn her relationships into mutually fulfilling ones.  GOOD LUCK JINDA!!!
Replied By: whoszat on Jun 12, 2013, 9:22AM
Dr Phil, I was super proud of how you handled the first two ladies but confused ont he 2nd set. I dint see any resolution or really any helping them. I am really hoping that lots moer got done back stage after the show. I have a horrible relationship with one of my sisters even worse than theirs and I so know that if I had traveled to see you I would hope for more than that. Sometimes with years of lies and deeciept it takes more than talking it out on stage for 15 minutes to resolve the issues. I see where you were at that they need to love eachother but how can they have a relationship if they dont "LIKE" eachother?
Replied By: whoszat on Jun 12, 2013, 9:15AM
Wow this lady 100% creeped me out last night. I looked into her eyes and was scared. I am so proud of how Dr Phil handles her and didnt allow her to see her "friend" that she had been stalking. Well done Dr Phil! I dont always agree with you but man you were right on with this one. I also saw how your body language was with this lady. You saw that she was dangerous and talked to her accordingly. Im wondering if there really is help for peole like this? Can a sociopath change their ways?
Replied By: aathanas on Jun 12, 2013, 1:28AM
The tipoff was when Holly said that Kari spent money she borrowed for her parents "on her hair."  Kari is a blonde and Holly is a brunette.  (They are probably both brunettes, but Kari chose to go blonde.)  For some reason, this really bothers Holly.  Holly is probably jealous of Kari for other reasons dating waaaay back too.  If Holly is that jealous of her blonde sister Kari, why doesn't SHE get her hair bleached too?!  Probably because Holly knows deep down that her jealousy of her sister Kari goes even deeper than hair color and started long before the issue over Kari's divorce from her abusive ex-husband. 

Dr. Phil was correct that it is not Holly's place to pass judgment and withhold sisterly affection from her sister Kari simply because she disagreed with her divorcing her husband for alleged abuse.  Holly claimed that Kari's abuse by her husband was a fabrication, and Holly testified on Kari's ex-husband's behalf in court, AND testified on behalf of Kari's new boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's behalf in court as well. 

Holly has done everything she can to throw Kari under the bus:  side with her abuser, side with her new boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, deny Kari experienced abuse at the hand of her ex-husband, sent her several horrible texts calling her names while she was in Las Vegas with her new boyfriend, and refused to speak to her for the past three years.  Kari had a perfect right to seek a divorce from an abusive man.  The second most abusive person Kari knows is evidently her jealous sister, Holly.  Holly refuses to acknowledge what was wrong with her behavior toward her sister Kari, even though Dr. Phil said it was not Holly's place (nor anyone's place) to do all these things to Kari. 

Kari was the one who came to the show asking to see her sister and desiring normalcy in their family relations, as Holly's destructive, jealous rants and plottings have caused trouble in their extended family.  Usually the one seeking help and restoration in a damaged family is NOT the one responsible for the problems -- and it holds true here for Kari.  Kari is suffering emotionally due to her sister Holly's "punishment" of her by refusing to have a relationship with her and by backstabbing her in all of her court proceedings.  The show did not reveal whether or not Holly's opposing testimony had any negative effect on Kari's divorce or custody proceedings -- I imagine they didn't since the judge probably saw right through Holly and was probably appalled at Holly's backstabbing of her sister Kari.  

Dr. Phil didn't see why they couldn't call a truce and start communicating again.  However, he should have dug deeper into their pasts and childhoods together to find the original source of Holly's apparent toxic jealousy of Kari, which probably started long before Kari ever divorced her abusive husband.  It would also be helpful for both of them to take a professional polygraph test to see if:  Kari really experienced abuse (I'm sure she did), and if Holly only backstabbed her sister during her time of need in fleeing an abusive husband and starting a new life with a nice man due to her longstanding jealousy of Kari.

Holly also has jealousy toward Kari because Kari evidently borrowed more money from their parents than she did in the past and hasn't paid it back yet.  But Kari was in more need and was fleeing an abusive husband and had kids.  I don't know if Holly is married or has kids.  However, Kari pointed out that Holly was calling the kettle black since in fact Holly ONLY contacts her parents when she wants money from them historically, and evidently Kari has a closer relationship with the parents that is not based on greed.  Although Kari has borrowed more money, it was happily given by the parents because Kari evidently has a closer emotional relationship with the parents and was in need and their grandchildren were involved.  If the parents had an issue with how fast Kari is paying them back, it is up to THEM to talk to Kari -- not Holly.  Also, Holly is probably only po'd about it because it puts her parents in a position where they are less able to loan money to HOLLY now...  Also, if Holly REALLY wanted to help Kari pay her parents back -- she wouldn't have submitted lying declarations and testimony to the court AGAINST her sister, the victim of domestic violence.  If Holly REALLY cared about her nieces and nephews, she wouldn't have made life difficult for their mom who was rightfully divorcing an abusive man. 

Kari admits she had an affair and that was wrong and she has never said otherwise, but if Holly was being fair-minded toward her sister, she might realize that Kari sought a new man because her husband was abusive.  It wasn't as though Kari was going out having one night stands with several men while married -- she is serious about the one man she cheated on her (now ex) husband with and they will likely be getting married.  I don't condone cheating while married, even if one's husband is abusive, but Holly acted like Kari was just "being a wild woman."

Dr. Phil should have advised Kari that her sister Holly is the worst kind of sister and is toxic and chronically jealous and probably has several personality disorders and that she should count her blessings that Holly won't speak to her and just decide to "love her from afar" and not allow Holly into her life in any way that she can have an effect on it from now on regardless of whether Holly decides to start speaking to her again.
Replied By: loyalalways on Jun 11, 2013, 11:55PM
Why are people so judgmental today? People always seem to look for the negative in a person. Nobody is all bad. Why not look for the good and if there's something really shady about that person, see it as it comes? Why make assumptions when you don't know person? These people were on the show for about 40 minutes. That does not give you expert knowledge of these people.

This woman is sick. She's also a very lonely person. I don't know what happened to make her have such little confidence in herself. I feel very sorry for her. What she did was wrong, but, she's now well. She desperately needs help. Dr. Phil is the perfect person to get her that help. I think she deserves that help.  Judging and criticizing her serves no purpose. She's willing to get that help and I think she deserves credit for that. Give her a chance.
Replied By: vlwells15 on Jun 11, 2013, 8:08PM
Scary! People like this should be sending up red flags all over the place. Don't ignore the flags!!!
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