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(Original Air Date: 02/07/13) Donna says her daughter-in-law, Jen, is “spoiled, ungrateful and disrespectful” and that she dislikes her so much, she can’t sleep at night because of the stress. She says she’s resentful that Jen didn't include her in the planning of her son, Brad’s, wedding or in the couple’s baby shower -- and Jen won’t trust her to care for her granddaughter. Brad and Jen say Donna is the problem and that she has a temper and lashes out with nasty voicemails and mean Facebook comments that frighten them. They say Donna has been so disruptive to their lives, they cut the cord with her four months ago, changed the locks to their home and now sleep with a gun for protection. Donna has written to Dr. Phil for help five times, but is she ready to get real? If you clash with your in-laws, don’t miss this show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: maurboo on Aug 20, 2013, 4:28PM - In reply to mcrn96
Like I said and I hope you heard. I lost my mother years ago. How dare you think I have not had that pain. Thank God my darling mother was nothing like this MIL, my mother was kind , accepting, forgiving and so many other things this mother isn't. Thank God I had her and not this mother. SHE is a nightmare.
Replied By: maurboo on Aug 19, 2013, 8:01PM - In reply to mcrn96

"Losing your mother is the most painful thing anyone can experience. If you haven't felt  the pain of it, you don't understand. I hope you have many great years to enjoy your mother before you must learn this lesson. This man needs to hurry up and make amends to her before it is too late. There are plenty of women he could choose to be with, his mother is irreplaceable, no matter how she chooses to behave."

I lost my mother years ago. I mourn her every day. Thank God she was nothing like this mother. Some mothers are meant to be mourned even before they die. Some are toxic, like this woman.
Replied By: gpippind on Aug 6, 2013, 2:00PM - In reply to colorado80015
I just saw this show today and am in complete agreement with you. Dr. Phil was too easy on her, didn't take any of it seriously, got a kick out of her, and all this when her son was worried enough to buy handguns to protect him and his wife. Dr. Phil wrote "Lifecode" to help readers with dysfunctional people, and didn't take his own advice when dealing with this situation. I hope they don't get rid of their guns-I think she's scary and they should watch their backs!
Replied By: gbsooze on Aug 2, 2013, 2:27PM - In reply to julieah3
Why assume anything negative about this young couple?  Because only 5 minutes was devoted to them in the episode.  I am quite sure that they have contributed to this issue, but this was never talked about.  

Replied By: gbsooze on Aug 2, 2013, 2:22PM - In reply to julieah3
I'm truly sorry that you and your mother don't get along.  We don't know the curcumstances of this family either.  All I know is that Dr. Phil only showed the negative part of the MIL.  Nothing about the son and DIL and what they may have done to contribute to this situation.  It was a mostly one-sided episode that trashed the MIL.  Did she do wrong.  Absolutely.  But what did the son and DIL do to contribute to this situataion?
Replied By: gbsooze on Aug 2, 2013, 2:02PM - In reply to fannneee
Your comment about the episode with the "negative MIL and perfect son and DIL" was SPOT ON!  That is exactly what I am experiencing, also.  I'm really trying to deal with my similar situation (what you discribed-not was portrayed in this episode).  I reached a very dark place and, with help, I am trying to deal with the situation.  Your "class syllabus" was right on.  Isn't it a shame.  We should talk off line.

My question is why doesn't Dr. Phil have an episode regarding negative DIL's?  EVERYTHING you read on this conversation, the internet, and even comedians ALWAYS show the MIL in a negative light.  We are not always at fault.

Please, Dr. Phil be different than standard opinion and do an episode on this subject.  MIL's are not always at fault!!!
Replied By: gbsooze on Aug 2, 2013, 1:46PM - In reply to colorado80015
....because you see only one side of the story.  Did the MIL behave badly?  Absolutely.  Did the son and DIL behave badly?  We don't know because the episode didn't show this.

Replied By: gbsooze on Aug 2, 2013, 1:44PM - In reply to gbsooze
Gracebell2  you still don't get my comment.  I fully respect two sides of every story.  This show focused mostly on negativity toward the MIL.  Don't you think that the son and/or DIL have contributed to this family dynamic?  Either way, this was only discussed for ~5 min of the program.  I'm not defending the MIL actions.  However, the "other side" was rarely discussed.  I am quite certain that those two have contributed to her attitude.  No doubt in my mind.  All I'm concerned about is that there is a quality program showing both sides of the issue.  In this episode, this was NOT done.
Replied By: colorado80015 on Jul 29, 2013, 7:26PM - In reply to fannneee
This is ridiculous.  Your son is married, has a beautiful child and shame on you.  You do need to find a life and leave your children alone.  They are married, you need to learn respect.  You won't get any respect and if I were your child I would disown you.  You are not worth the time nor the effort.

Seek psychological help, you are a mean, mean woman.  Dr. Phil was way to easy on you.  Stop making excuses...move on.
Replied By: fannneee on Jul 29, 2013, 2:45PM - In reply to julieah3
"We feel sorry for your son & DIL! If this is a comment from that MIL.... seek help for your attitude"

Really?  My attitude? Did you even read my post.  Or did you just want to be mad because I am a MIL and can sympathize with other MILs that have been treated unfairly.  I wrote a long insightful post and that is all you've got?  Which part of my attitude needs help?  The part where I set healthy boundaries.  The part where I keep busy with a satisfying life instead of wasting my time being involved in the manipulative machinations of my Son and DIL?  Or was it the part where I was explaining that I felt bad for a woman that was hurting and I offer strategies to make her life better?  You are bolstering my feeling that MILs are damned if they do and damned if they don't which is why it is better to walk away then get your heart ripped out.  If you read anything I have written I have said that I don't defend Donna's acting out but that I understand the profound hurt that motivated her to act out in anger.  If you watch Dr. Phil very much at all you will notice that when a child in a family acts out Dr. Phil blames the parents too and sends them all to counseling to figure out the family dynamic that is causing the hurt and anger of the child that is acting out.  It is a new day.  There is no respect for the wisdom of your elders anymore. Donna grew up in a different world.  She did for them and expected a relationship in return.  There is no quid pro quo.  There should be a class for future Grandparents of sons.  #1 N.E.V.E.R say word one about anyone your son dates even if he asks.  STFU!!!!!   Anything you say can and will be used against you and it will be stored up to facilitate your future banishment.  #2 N.E.V.E.R say anything once they are engaged.  Nil, Nothing, Nada.  See #1  Smile and STFU!!  Do not expect any role what-so-ever in their wedding.  Just feel lucky if you even get to go.  No expectations no hurt.  Save yourself.  #3 Give nothing more than a standard wedding gift.  You know maybe $100.  Do not give a honeymoon or a rehearsal dinner.  Times have changed.  There will be no gratefulness for those things 10 minutes after they are given.  A sense of entitlement leaves no room for gratefulness.  It is natural to think "Wow, but we did .yada yada yada....... for them and now they can't even ....( visit, help, include us).........but they ..yada yada yada......... with her parents all the time etc etc"  No, there is no sense of familial fairness for both sides anymore.  Give that idea up right now.  see about expectaions above.  #4  Daughters mostly get closer to thier own moms when they have children.  If a daughter has that, then along with the new chores of caring for her baby, her mom is all she needs.  She feels more comfortable with her own mom. No she doesn't even want your help.   Any Grandparent expectations you have just put pressure on her that makes her feel guilty and she won't like that and she will shun you more because you make her feel bad.  Get busy in your own life with satisfying things.   When things are chased they run.  Don't chase.  Retreat and they may seek you out, they may not.  No expectations no hurt.
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