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(Original Air Date: 02/07/13) Donna says her daughter-in-law, Jen, is “spoiled, ungrateful and disrespectful” and that she dislikes her so much, she can’t sleep at night because of the stress. She says she’s resentful that Jen didn't include her in the planning of her son, Brad’s, wedding or in the couple’s baby shower -- and Jen won’t trust her to care for her granddaughter. Brad and Jen say Donna is the problem and that she has a temper and lashes out with nasty voicemails and mean Facebook comments that frighten them. They say Donna has been so disruptive to their lives, they cut the cord with her four months ago, changed the locks to their home and now sleep with a gun for protection. Donna has written to Dr. Phil for help five times, but is she ready to get real? If you clash with your in-laws, don’t miss this show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: deballen15 on Apr 21, 2017, 12:48PM
Donna has no class whatsoever.  Reminds me of trailer trash.
Replied By: freelandsm on Oct 15, 2014, 2:44PM

That mother-in-law is just AWFUL!!!!!  She is so selfish and self centered, jealous, immature, hateful, lonely, overweight, miserable, bitter, I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  She needs to seriously self examine herself, her motives, and her self destructiveness.  She turns her hurt into anger which creates more hurt, it will never end until she looks in the mirror, gets honest with herself and starts making some changes.  Or she is going to die all alone!
Replied By: gracielairene on Sep 27, 2014, 7:53PM - In reply to bentleydog
I do not feel symphaty for the mother in law, I do not see it your way, Does anyone forget what it is to be recently married? in a new relationship? did any one remembered they wanting their mother in law or even their own mother butt in and say lovely things like that woman did in that show? not her marriage, she did not chose the wife because is not hers, it is her son's wife. The mother in law gets the help because that is the squeeky wheel, not the son or daughter in law, I would not want my baby with her without supervision either, imagine the things she would say to that kid, if she can't control herself on tv.
Replied By: bentleydog on Aug 6, 2014, 6:27PM - In reply to kaydbug
Saw things completely differently and frankly the son is at fault in this entirely.  And I think the resentment the mother in law feels is distorted but amplified by her hurt.
Replied By: bentleydog on Aug 6, 2014, 6:22PM - In reply to fannneee
What I saw on Dr. Phil's program was a complete focus on the mother in law and not on the ditzy daughter in law and son.  I think there needed to be a balanced approach.  I agree with all of those hurting mother in laws out there who get the shaft from their daughters or sons nowadays and have tried to be decent. It seems to happen more to single mothers versue a mother and father in law pair.   It is a shame what the parents go through.  Fortunately for me I do not have the situation but I felt bad for Donna and was not influenced by the sniffling entitled daughter in law who could not even boil water who was trying to get sympathy for the situation and for herself.  I also blame the son - I think he is the one most to blame for the situation.  Wonder how they are doing now.
Replied By: anyakarenin on Jun 17, 2014, 5:02PM
THIS IS THE TITLE, "Mother" wrote to Dr. Phil, this is why we deal with a show that focuses on HER hatred, not the offspring, not his wife. She brings this out according to HER own RAGE. Come on people! Stop being SO offended with why Dr. Phil didn't focus on the "newlyweds"! Momma has the problem! Good Lord, does she ever. Where's Grandpa in all of this? He doesn't even warrent a mention? No, ya know why? Because even to Dr. Phil she states "I will take you on anytime", she's a bully. Dumptruck, backhoe, skidloader...... like moving crap is her life's biggest accomplishment?! No offense to earth movers (God Bless you all)  but she's using this to deflect, as Phil emphasized, a "Master @ deflection"=HIDING! Dr. Phil NAILS it.

Openly states her DIL is a bitch & reiterates with "A lazy bitch". No shame, no concept of class & "Not that I recall". Blames her own sister of hacking her social media account (oh she'll pay for that one) & closes her eyes, turns head away to answer (lie) to Dr. Phil. Surely the public can see such blatent lying.......right?!?! I mean you can see this interview again, with objectivity & see the woman is a farce. She ABSOLUTELY qualifies as "horrible"!

She's evasive, lies, puts a lien on their property.........SERIOUSLY??????  She wants a relationship with these people? No. Son changes security codes, tells neighbors to call the police if she's seen, buys weapons, he "Is Afraid" of his OWN mother! If ANYONE knows her volatility, it's Him. Momma's got SERIOUS mental health issues. She sets out to sabotage her OWN son's business by writing a bad review. Yeah right, maybe he'll come home crying to momma when it all fails & SHE gets back what SHE wants in her deranged fantasy. He bans her from the business page, wise move!

In reference to the DIL- "What's good about her?" "I don't know much"=TaDah, there it is! Followed by "I don't know, I don't know, I wouldn't know........." "UHHHH". "Sure" not EVEN the admittance to 'yes'. Her ego is SO phenomenally HUGE (Lord knows why) she can't even get one of those chins to come into agreement with the man who is there to help her.

"Aren't you thrilled he found someone in this world that he loves & loves him back......isn't that a victory for him?" NO ANSWER. Concerning the family photo; "You want to be in that kind of picture, right?" EXCUSES & blame, NO ANSWER. Dr. Phil-"That's a yes, RIGHT?!" The prompted "Sure" ekes out. So heartfelt & meaningful, NOT. 

Dr.Phil is right on target, again "You don't miss a chance" (to berate, to expose your own iniquity) & his observation of how entirely "Obnoxious" she really is.

Sell your house if you have to, get as FAR away from her as you can & live a long & prosperous life Jen & Brad <3! 

Replied By: maurboo on Aug 20, 2013, 4:28PM - In reply to mcrn96
Like I said and I hope you heard. I lost my mother years ago. How dare you think I have not had that pain. Thank God my darling mother was nothing like this MIL, my mother was kind , accepting, forgiving and so many other things this mother isn't. Thank God I had her and not this mother. SHE is a nightmare.
Replied By: maurboo on Aug 19, 2013, 8:01PM - In reply to mcrn96

"Losing your mother is the most painful thing anyone can experience. If you haven't felt  the pain of it, you don't understand. I hope you have many great years to enjoy your mother before you must learn this lesson. This man needs to hurry up and make amends to her before it is too late. There are plenty of women he could choose to be with, his mother is irreplaceable, no matter how she chooses to behave."

I lost my mother years ago. I mourn her every day. Thank God she was nothing like this mother. Some mothers are meant to be mourned even before they die. Some are toxic, like this woman.
Replied By: gpippind on Aug 6, 2013, 2:00PM - In reply to colorado80015
I just saw this show today and am in complete agreement with you. Dr. Phil was too easy on her, didn't take any of it seriously, got a kick out of her, and all this when her son was worried enough to buy handguns to protect him and his wife. Dr. Phil wrote "Lifecode" to help readers with dysfunctional people, and didn't take his own advice when dealing with this situation. I hope they don't get rid of their guns-I think she's scary and they should watch their backs!
Replied By: gbsooze on Aug 2, 2013, 2:27PM - In reply to julieah3
Why assume anything negative about this young couple?  Because only 5 minutes was devoted to them in the episode.  I am quite sure that they have contributed to this issue, but this was never talked about.  

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