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(Original Air Date: 01/29/13) Juli, 41, has lost 150 pounds and says she loves the attention she gets from her new “smokin’ hot” body. The mother of two says she enjoys going to clubs and partying, but her husband, David, is less than impressed by her newfound lifestyle. David says he's embarrassed by Juli's carefree behavior and that ever since she’s slimmed down, she’s changed for the worse. He says he thinks Juli drinks too much, flaunts her body -- and confides that six months ago, she kissed another man at a bar. How does Juli explain that night? Can Dr. Phil get this marriage back on track? Then, hear from the couple’s two daughters -- Taylor, 21, and Gabrielle, 17. What do they say they want most from their mom? And, Dawn last appeared on Dr. Phil with her boyfriend, Paul, who said he wasn’t attracted to her “saggy skin.” How are Paul and Dawn now?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: julbug1 on Feb 2, 2013, 5:02AM - In reply to lepew_62
maybe sex on demand was a little dramatic..but my husband wanted dinner on demand. laundry on demand, bills paid on demand (by me) etc etc...you would think sex on demand would be fun and exciting...geez it was the only thing i asked for.  the demands brought upon me were far more substantial than a little bit of loving
Replied By: julbug1 on Feb 2, 2013, 4:57AM
So..when I lost my weight with my own plan and lots of hard work (no surgery) ...I started to take pride in myself..my children were older, my husband didn't seem to care.  When people started paying attention to me it was sort of a high for me.  This was a huge transitional period for me.  All of a sudden I felt like it was ok to be a part of the world.  That I was good enough...this isn't a vanity issue as much as a feeling like i fit in issue.  This has been a long journey..the last year shouldn't be a reflection of my entire life.  I don't want to hold the purses at the theme park,..I want to ride the ride... and I would prefer if my husband did it with me even if he doesn't want too..I want intimacy from my husband..a connection...a dance..holding hands. sex. (maybe not on demand) but I provided dinner on demand, cleaning on demand, laundry on demand, mommy on demand for many years...so if this last year seems crazy..it was a little..but know that is not only who I am.  I have helped my co workers lose more than 500 lbs with my diet and support...i have done really good things related to my weight loss..this is a transitional period for me..i am finding myself..i know will....but please don't judge...i have given a lot. And I truly don't mean any harm....
Replied By: julbug1 on Feb 2, 2013, 4:45AM
Thank everyone for comments good and bad.....I do want people to know more about me than 30 minutes of my life.  I was married at 19 years old..and had my first child at 20.  I went to college for 4 years after that to become a registered nurse because I wanted more financial stability for my family and I wanted my family to be proud of me.  I then had another child and for the next 22 years was a dedicated mother who fed my family on demand...supported my husband through a 2 year lay off...worked hundreds of hours of overtime and was and still am a dedicated wife and mother.  I was always a big girl and I am sure that many of the people who have commented have had a life in which they were pursued and looked at and desired by men,  That was never me.  I didn't know what that felt like.  My husband always said he married me because I was funny....but no real refernce to any sexual feelings. I was just happy that someone wanted to be with me.  I was the girl that held purses at theme parks and watched drinks at clubs while everyone danced.  I put my family first and raised to beatiful children.  My husband loved the fact that I cooked, cleaned, did laundry and paid the bills.  I have worked since I was 14 years old.  I do have high moral expectations for myself and my family.  My family was very happy to have a mother who cooked big dinners.  Our bonding time was over eating out and take out.  I exacerbated mine and my childrens weight problems.  My husband liked me being fat because it allowed him to not have to try and romance me, and he felt when I was obese no ome else would want to.  I felt the same.  I was just happy to have someone to come home to me.
Replied By: danceladyv on Feb 1, 2013, 3:54PM - In reply to julbug1
Thank you sooo much! Will do :)
Replied By: jenni_s on Jan 31, 2013, 1:06PM - In reply to julbug1
Juli, you look fabulous!! And you look like you are a lot of fun! I'm 62 going on 32 and my advice is don't let what anyone says or thinks get you down.
Replied By: txdawners on Jan 31, 2013, 10:54AM - In reply to upsydasy
Thanks Dominique... at least someone gets it! LOL  

Replied By: txdawners on Jan 31, 2013, 10:50AM - In reply to luckygirlny
uh.. not a single ounce of desperation here!  It's nothing but 100% gratitude and feeling truly blessed to have solved an issue that was haunting ME... that's what you people aren't getting.. it was ME! Paul just happened to be THE man in my life that was having an issue with it and willing to admit it.  Another thing... we weren't intimate on the first show.. we are now.. because we are NOW attracted to each other and love each other... you say your HUSBAND of however long wouldn't leave you now and vice versa... but what if you were started dating, weren't quite in love yet and had a horrible disfigurement that you hid... and then one day he discovered it or vice versa... if you were NOT in love yet, then you may think otherwise about commiting to such a person..... once you ARE in love, it's another story.  I know that in our relationship NOW.. Paul is committed to me and our soon to be family.  He has learned a lot and so have I and either way... I am happy with ME now which allows me to feel sexy and truly romantic towards the man I love and vice versa.... SO... no, I am NOT desperate... just trying to make people realize that Paul is NOT a bad guy and I am NOT an insecure woman..... how many of you out there woulda got on NATIONAL TV in a bikini, imperfections and all??  not many, I would presume.....
Replied By: luckygirlny on Jan 31, 2013, 9:13AM - In reply to julbug1
That's very kind of you, Julie.  I love when people who've lost weight "pay it forward."  

Your daugthers will come around on their own - give love unconditionally and bite your tongue.  It's hard.  Do it anyway.

I am also 41.  I know how you're feeling about wanting to be "out" but there must be something out there a little more sophisticated than clubbing.  How about salsa lessons with your husband?  Or hiking/sailing/other hobby?


Replied By: luckygirlny on Jan 31, 2013, 9:10AM - In reply to drroberts
I agree 100%.
Replied By: luckygirlny on Jan 31, 2013, 9:09AM - In reply to txdawners
My dear, I'm sure you think your post sounds positive, happy and confident.  You're more or less crowing, in fact.   But I don't know when I've read anything more desperate and sad.  Who are you trying to convince here?

I think it's wonderful that you had the surgery. Rock on!  I've lost weight, and I am fortunate that I can choose to have whatever surgery I like. But what's even more wonderful is that my husband loved and supported me at any size.  We have two small children, and I cringe to think of the example their father would have given had he been critical of my appearance and refused to be intimate because of my "floppy bits."

You ask in your post - isn't it normal to want to by physcally attracted to your partner?  Well, of course it is!  But for anyone with, well, a soul, physical attraction requires, above all, a gorgeous *interior*.  I thought my husband was handsome when I met him - but what was he other than another cute guy?  It was his *whole* self that attracted me.  

Deep, abiding love goes far beneath the surface.  What if, god forbid, your  partner were to by physcally maimed in some way?  Would you then discard him as your partner did with you?  Do you think this man would stay with you if you had cancer?  If you were in a wheelchair? What happens when you age and your looks fade?

I can say with 100% certainty that even if my husban were unrecognizable, I would still love and desire him because of who is is as a man.  And he has already proven that he feels the same.  We're far from a perfect couple, but our affection is not conditional.  

You're not there with this man, nor is he with you.  Getting there doesn't require an "adjustment" of your "faith" or your "attitude."   Those may have brought you a surgeon (I certainly didn't have to make those adjustments myself to be similarly fortunate), but they didn't bring you any closer to understanding the underlying, critical message.  You've missed the point entirely.  Perhaps there should be less focus on your exterior makeover and more focus on an interior makeover.  

I don't know what's caused you to be so confused about what love is, but I hope you seek help and live a life filled with self-respect and deeper understanding.  

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