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(Original Air Date: 01/30/13) Emerald says her husband of eight years, Shawn, has cheated on her with at least 78 women, and that she recently discovered he fathered a child with another woman. Emerald says Shawn’s infidelity is tearing their family apart, but she always takes him back because she doesn’t want their four children -- plus one on the way -- to grow up without their father. Shawn admits to having at least 20 affairs but says Emerald is to blame for him straying. He says she stresses him out and is boring in bed, so he's compelled to seek satisfaction elsewhere. The couple admits their 10-year-old twin daughters have been deeply affected since learning about their father’s affairs and have since been struggling in school as a result. Is this marriage salvageable? And how can Emerald and Shawn repair the damage they say they've caused their children? Then, Noel has made millions from his dating website for married people seeking affairs. Why does he believe he's providing a much needed service? And, James founded a website to expose cheaters and end infidelity. See what happens when James and Noel face off on Dr. Phil's stage. Plus, Dr. Phil gives his tips for moving forward after infidelity.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: wildsapphire on Jul 12, 2013, 11:37PM
I've not seen the show as yet, being in Australia it can be sometime before we see the current shows, however on reading the blog. I find this woman's actions are beyond belief! She lays out his clothes, puts toothpaste on his brush omg he would not last 1 second in our home!  

Regarding his cheating he would only cheat once on me then his backside would be out the door quicker than he can blink!  What is mentally wrong with this woman to allow him to treat her in such a manner??

Replied By: vfisher78 on Jul 12, 2013, 7:59PM
I think neither of them are being adults, the girl COMES first. Maybe find a go between, but unless they CAN be an adult neither should have the kid not if she is just a weapon to use on each other
Replied By: andiepie15 on Jul 12, 2013, 7:49PM
you have to think of what's best FOR THEM.  They did not cause this situation, nor should they be used as a tug-a-rope between the parents.

:)  Andiepie17
Replied By: amysrivera on Jul 12, 2013, 7:18PM
I support 100% what Dr. Phil is saying when advising the mom to not include her girls in the knowledge of adult issues and the awareness they have of their father's infidelities. BUT! As a mother and as a role model, she has the responsibility to teach her daughters that what their father is doing is NOT OKAY!!! I am watching this recorded so have not seen the rest of the show, but I am currently involved in a situation where my husband is also extremely manipulative and will do whatever selfish thing he cares to, but then blame ME because "mommy won't let daddy come home". But when Daddy IS home? He berates me, he's emotionally abusive. In order to keep things 'under control', my daughter sees me not reacting/responding in front of her. The day she asked "Mommy, is it okay for daddy to be so mean to you? Why don't you tell him to stop?" This was when she was FOUR.  I will NOT drag her into the situation and I will NOT share details, but already at five years old SHE sees what her father does. All I can say is "Sweetie, what daddy is doing is NOT okay. And Mommy is working on fixing this so that you do not need to see what happens when Daddy does come home". But sadly, kids are too often around and see and are aware of too much. It's not about ME... it's about teaching my daughter to learn how to never be in a situation or accept the actions of what her father does to me.
Replied By: ayanasmommy on Jul 12, 2013, 4:58PM
Just wanted to say that today is the second time I watched this show, and it changed my mentality completley. The first time I watched it I was going through a rough situation with my daughter's father, we had a lot of drama and arguments and we both used our baby to hurt each other, she was only 1yo at that time and what I mean by using her I meant to say I wouldn't let him see her whenever I was upset cause he had done something that had upset me and vise versa he would tell me he would watch my daughter so I can go to work (we were separated then) and he wouldn't show up so I would get mad and then I wouldnt let him see her whenever he wanted to take her. Anyways I happened to watch this show one othat's days that we had gotten into it and it changed my whole mind set 100% what I got out of it was that, now that we have a beautiful child that comes before anything and anyone and that is our responsibility to give her the life she deserves without involving her into our adult issues. We cannot use our child to hurt each other cause at the end of the day she's the one that will be paying for it. And I just wanted to share that. It brings an immense feeling of "I'm glad I opened up my eyes and realized I was wrong but now I know better" and I'm still living and learning, my daughter is my #1 priority and being the best mother and role model I can be to her! :)
Replied By: dlangley66 on Jul 12, 2013, 3:58PM
The young woman in this show is very hurt, and probably has a belief system about divorce. For people like that is it very hard to file and go through with a divoce. With that being said, she should divorce this jerk and leave him standing on the curb.

I have a lot of empathy for her and her children, I see her crying out for help and she is completely lost. It is easy to judge this being on the outside, but it is a sad situtation to be in. I pray she leaves this terrible man, and gets her life in a better place.

One thing I know men who cheat, choose to cheat, and the choose to cheat because they don't care about anyone or anything else other than themselves. It is evil... plain and simple.... 
Replied By: echellon80 on Jul 12, 2013, 3:53PM
Every time I hear their slogan that says "Life is short, have an affair"  I think to myself that life is short but hell is long, eternity long, and I'm not in a position to judge someone's fate but I can say I would be very nervous on judgement day if I were this website's creator!!
Replied By: fwrinkledsoles on Jul 12, 2013, 3:53PM
Noel Biderman (born 1971)[1] is the CEO of Avid Life Media, who owns a dating web site named "Ashley Madison" that is geared toward married individuals looking for an additional relationship. The Ashley Madison site was founded in 2001.[     The people like Noel are the only group of people who apply for sex licensing.  You people of America (white Christian) just look and think why . . . .why are these people like Noel and this other person on the show today all have black hair and others too.  This is a form of White Christian Women slavery.  Wake up Christian White America. . . . Oh can you see who has brought down America Morals.
Replied By: jrnrma4 on Jul 12, 2013, 2:29PM
Emerald, you are a truly beautiful person. I can see you love your children very much, that is something I do not doubt. However, your self worth - well you seem to have none. That has in turn affected your children. Perhaps you love Shawn, perhaps you feel he is the only one who would ever want you,perhaps you feel worthless, perhaps you feel alone. Perhaps you feel there is no way out of this marriage. Perhaps you feel like a failure. If (and I know there has to be at least half of those that are so), you feel any of this, please imagine for a moment how the cheating and lying has affected your children. Please imagine your feelings multiplied by 100- that is how the children are feeling.  Please leave this man. You are worth a hell of a lot more and so are the children. By staying in this marriage, I, along with some others would dare say it is neglectful when it comes to the children. Their mental health is dependent on the actions you take as their mother. Leave this marriage- get out and don't look back. Tho it may not seem like it, you and those children will be MUCH better off without Shawn!
Replied By: sallyjo1959 on Jul 12, 2013, 1:50PM - In reply to frenchtoast61
true...what a joke.  she has no idea what honesty ie.  she is promoting dishonesty and i dont believe she is being honest with herself saying she is happy.
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