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Twenty-four-year-old Marianne says her mom, Tami, ruined her life when, as a teen, she sent her to a therapeutic boarding school for 19 months -- and her “nightmare” began. Marianne says life at the facility was horrible and claims she was abused by the staff -- and that her mom did nothing to stop it. Despite her daughter’s experience, Tami stands by her decision and insists that the program saved Marianne’s life. After five years of not speaking, Marianne and Tami come face to face on Dr. Phil’s stage. Can they call a truce and work on rebuilding their relationship? Then, siblings Nick and Theresa say as teens they were abused at a residential treatment facility, where they felt trapped and tortured. Their mom, Leslie, says she was brainwashed into thinking her kids would die if she took them out of the program. How did they finally get out? Looking back, what would Leslie have done differently? And, can Nick and Theresa forgive their mother? Plus, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s tips on what to look for when considering residential treatment centers or therapeutic schools.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: alphak555 on May 7, 2013, 10:52PM
Marianne's mother appeared to be so detached from her daughter and I think it is because she went through hell with her as a teenager! It really looked like she enjoyed hearing about how strict it was in the detention place because of what marinane had put them through! 

The second mother was a sweetheart and I  feel really sorry for her! Not only were her kids out of control and behaving like idiots, when she was at her wits end and probably having a break down with worry, the place she paid for to help her kids treated them shockingly! 

Now this poor mother has had years of her kids out of control which is such a huge worry, and the guilt of placing them in a horrible place! She didn't know what to do and now she has the guilt of the experience! 

I hope the kids apologies to her for being arseholes and creating the problem through their bad choices!  The poor mothnot would not be able to forgive herself, well I couldn't forgive myself if I did the same thing but in reality the kids are to blame and have put their mother in a terrible position of living with the guilt!

Again, the kids from the second story, especially the boy, should be very sorry for what they have put their mother through because sometimes its harder to live with the guilt than actually go through the ordeal!

Maybe  parents can threaten their kids with these horrible places!! Only kidding! 
Replied By: godsawesome on Mar 4, 2013, 11:39AM
Thank you Dr. Phil!! It's sad that there are people on here who says things like "She deserved to get sent there., ect. ect.". News flash, NOT TO THESE TYPES OF HORRIFIC PLACES THAT ABUSE CHILDREN. Like, Dr. Phil said, there are places that actually help and are Nothing like these places. Everything that girl was saying about the place in Mexico is true!! I KNOW BECAUSE I WAS SENT THERE FOR 9 MONTHS WHEN I WAS 13. I wasn't even that bad at that age. I got 100x worse when I got out though! I went to a Christian program for 2 years after that. It was lockdown too, tough rules, BUT still Not nearly as bad as Casa By the Sea in Mexico and all their other locations...which are all under an umbrella organization called World Wide Association Specialty Programs. GOOGLE IT. If you were in our shoes you wouldn't be siding with the Mom so much. It's not even about choosing sides. BOTH sides did wrong. The daughter at least acknowledges that she did wrong, but the mother couldn't acknowledge that where she sent her child was a horrible place. That's not fair. MY Mother recognizes that where she sent me was Not the right place. I GIVE GOD, AND ONLY GOD, ALL THE CREDIT FOR HELPING ME MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES IN MY LIFE. Without Him I wouldn't be were I'm at today. I have a phenomenal relationship with my family. Life is good and God is good!!! God help those that disagree with Dr. Phil. This episode was a true blessing.
Replied By: katc85 on Feb 20, 2013, 9:33PM - In reply to blondtishn
Parents were gullible, you don't check credentials, pay less, don't physically see kids at all. YOU ARE PARTLY TO BLAME ! Kids, true they were being bad, doing drugs, drinking etc. It doesn't give anyone a right to let them be abused. Schools (caught doing these things) pretty much to blame, hid the abuse well, giving bad drugs, staff not qualified (lied about it). If you don't see the kids for months, and have PLANNED visits of course you will see them clean and the place clean, and saying everything is good (told what to say) for one day lol duh.
Replied By: nickatnoon on Feb 11, 2013, 10:35PM - In reply to guwing
@guwing, the daughter just oozed bitch, and how she got that way who knows. My daughter was stolen from me at 4 yrs. so I missed out on raising her. If she turned out like this one, I would have sent her packing post haste. The state has no business interfering with family matters unless there is abuse. The state is a much worse option. I know b/c I went through it at age 16.
Replied By: nickatnoon on Feb 11, 2013, 10:14PM - In reply to sporter7
@SPORTER7, I agree. I do not envy any parent trying to raise a child properly today. The whole sick society is against success in rearing kids now. Drugs, debauchery is the norm. Ethics, and morals are rare. Military school is the best bet for these out of control brats. Of course any type of discipline is "abuse" to them. They are getting what they NEED, not what they WANT, and that is good.
Replied By: larsonbv on Feb 10, 2013, 2:13PM
I watched this show about "children sent away".  Too many days I wish I would have sent both of my children away to therapeutic schools but now they are 20 and 21 and I cannot.  Our lives were turned upside down and still are.  Both of my children barely graduated from high school; got into drugs; were disrespectful; not motivated.  Everything my husband and I tried to do to help them achieve independence was fought.
So I totally understand where this mother was coming from.  I startedl to cry during the show when you were targeting the mother.  I was glad you finally told the daughter she was a twit.  I believe the daughter turned the mother's life up side down and she wasn't able to cope.  That is how I feel.  Wish you would have been harder on the daughter and the choices she made when she was under the age of 18.
Replied By: swinicki on Feb 5, 2013, 10:12AM - In reply to joeymado
Unfortunately I think you missed the explaination of why.  It was either into a program or into jail.  What would you have picked for your daughter?
Replied By: swinicki on Feb 5, 2013, 10:05AM
The first mother on this show seems to be a very loving mother who had to make hard decision for the future of her child.  I did not find her cold or uncaring at all.  "Winner deal with facts."  The daughter could very easily have turned into one of Dr. Phils death watch cases as so many of our youth do. Once left to her own devices, she lapse to a herion addict.   This daughter was living a destructive lifestyle and still on the show used destructive words.  I pray Dr. Phil watch this show back from his own advise and hear his "I am sorry, but..."  I seem to be hearing this more and more from him.  Mark 12:29  Jesus replied, "the most important commandment is this: 'Listen, O Isreal! The Lord our God is the one and only Lord."  Pray you head this as you yourself seem to be climbing higher and higher as your accused "High Horse".  I am very thankful my children where not in the room, because the only lesson I picked up from the part 1 of this show, reason and justify your behavior and I will berate your mother.  Very dissapointed in Dr. Phil and I pray God open his mind, heart and understanding to the very power his platform allows and the good that can be accomplished and He hide Phil's sense of self far from him.  Through the blood of CHRIST, Amen.
Replied By: looloo13 on Jan 31, 2013, 11:52PM
I 100% agree w/ Dr.Phil blasting this woman. She is a sorry ass excuse for a mother.  You could tell by her demeanor she wasn't a loving parent. There isn't a warm , fuzzy, loving bone in this womans body. She just wanted someone else to fix her mess and was happy to ship her daughter off so her daughter wouldn't have to be a constant reminder of how embaressed she was of her.  Teens are hard to raise but at the first sign of trouble we don't call the police. How about communicate and find out what the real problem is. Be a loving parent through thick and thin. Tami couldn't nor didn't want to be there for her daughter. Obviously still doesn't. She is a right fighter. I think it's crazy Marianne wants to invite this crazy woman back in her life. The second her grandson misbehaves be careful b/c she'll call social services. I think she's a cold cold woman! Thank God Dr.Phil has offered help for Marianne. I think it will be so helpful. She's always going to have troubles in her life if she keeps hoping her mother will say sorry and be a loving mother. You can tell that will NEVER happen. Accept Tami where she's at.......on the corner of cold and self righteous street. 
Replied By: honeywest on Jan 28, 2013, 2:07PM - In reply to sporter7
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