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Ramon was a young father recently divorced from his ex-wife, Chalaine, in February 2012 when he was lured into the garage by his former mother-in-law and shot -- execution-style -- in the back of the head by his former father-in-law. Ramon was able to flee -- taking another bullet in the process -- and survived. Lester Reger was convicted of attempted murder, conspiracy, possession of a firearm and assault and was sentenced to 130 months in prison. Erlene Reger was convicted of 2nd degree assault, conspiracy and attempted murder and sentenced to 90 months in prison. Ramon now finds himself in a battle for custody of his 2-year-old son. Mel Feit, Director of the National Center for Men, joins the show and provides advice for the young dad. Then, Melissa says she’s struggling to move on after police officer Anthony Arevalos sexually assaulted her during a traffic stop. Multiple women claim that they were abused by Arevalos, who was sentenced to eight years and eight months in prison for bribing and sexually assaulting young, female drivers while on duty from 2009 to 2011. And, hear from Marjan, Talia and Lacy, who say they too were victimized by this protector-turned-predator. Plus, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s coping strategies if you were the victim of a crime.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on May 9, 2013, 9:31PM
I'm not much for suing, but I'd recommend Ramon sue those people and take their house. Then he'd be able to support his son and have justice without being violated again by them for not having "a job" and he could go away somewhere where he can breathe and relax without fear.

Those people tried to murder him and after 7.5yrs in jail the mother in law will have access to the little boy again - and people to take out a hit on him. I really hope he sues those losers - including the accomplices- and gets his son and new names. Those people owe him a care free lifestyle for the rest of his life because they did that to him and they have made him worried for his life. And they deserve nothing- take their house and property Ramon and I hope you get YOUR son. I also hope someone makes a movie about this experience and you get a large sum of money to move away.

Please keep talking to the media because I've never heard of you before this, despite the disparaging remarks on here and from "her" lawyer. Those people saying you're an attention seeker (including your attempted killers) are just trying to minimise what they did to you. It's an understatement that Lester should be in jail forever with his criminal history and obvious sociopathy. Look into his eyes and you see nothing there (he must have done a good manipulating job to get out the first time).
Replied By: quiltgoddess on Mar 17, 2013, 6:46PM - In reply to susanb2929
You're absolutely right, he really could use Dr. Phil's help, but instead what he got was "advice", both from Dr. Phil and Mel Feit, the Executive Director of The Center for Men, advice that I strongly disagree with!!

Mel says to Ramon that "Because you have the courage to fight for your child you should enjoy a very strong presumption that you will be a great dad and it should take an awful lot of evidence to overcome that presumption."
He says that he does not understand why this man is not having shared parenting and joint physical custody.

"Ramon, the keys to success
1) Stay focused - When you talk to the judge, everything that you say to the court from now on is that you're a dad fighting for your child and that's all that matters
2) Be persistent - Persistence pays off here. A lot of men go in to family courts and they mistakenly believe that the obstacles cannot be overcome and I am here to tell you that they can be overcome and that the truth will ultimely prevail. So stay focused and be persistent."

Dr. Phil
"Those who hang in and persist are the ones that win out. Don't be the one that goes away. Hang in, show up for the hearings, meet the requirements, just continue to put one foot in front of the other and when they realize you ain't going away then pretty soon you do win out. Correct, Mel?"

"Persistence, persistence, persistence, and focus, focus, focus".

Do Dr. Phil and Mel Feit really believe that this is the way the courts work?? My son has been fighting for more visitation (not full custody) for over 2.5 years. He is a great dad, he has always supported his daughter (now 9) and has spent as much time as possible with her, but his Ex has lied repeatedly on the stand, trying to make my son out to be an angry, abusive man. So who do the courts believe? The EX!! Who has the cards stacked against him because most judges believe that since "most dads are deadbeats", all of them should be treated that way? My  son!! And who has spent over $40K and has the "best" lawyer? The EX!! Persistance, my foot!! The "win" goes to the person who is willing to spend the most amount of money to destroy the reputation of the other party. And my son's story is the rule, not the exception! I know of so many people who have had even worse experiences with the courts. There is NO Justice in the courts in this country; there's only who has the most money, most power, and the most desire for revenge!!
Replied By: momof2nid on Jan 28, 2013, 6:20PM - In reply to idahorealdad
A couple more things, idahorealdad.

Never once has this father been seeking publicity. He was shot 11 months ago and this is the FIRST time he has told his story to any media. Don't you think he would have spoken before now if it was just for publicity? Do you think he wanted his face plastered all over the news for something he DIDN'T ask for?

You also tell him to keep his head down and focus on his son. He was focusing on his son when he was shot! He was returning him from a scheduled visit, visits he never missed. And you know what? He kept going back to get his son for visitation after all of this because he would not walk away. He doesn't need to prove anything to you, or the world, only to his son. Maybe you should concentrate on your 5 kids instead of crticizing someone you don't know.

As far as him not looking at Dr. Phil when he was asked valid questions, maybe you should watch the episode again. He had a card he was reading from, given to him by Dr. Phil, that listed the statement accusations from Chalaine's attorney. And, for that matter, when's the last time you sat in front of a studio audience attempting to tell your story of being shot execution style? How was your concentration?

You sure seem judgemental, idahorealdad. Ramon opened his eyes a long time ago, more so right after someone tried to murder him to keep him from his son. You step into his shoes and do your best. Good luck.
Replied By: momof2nid on Jan 28, 2013, 5:17PM - In reply to idahorealdad
Have you seen the documentation of the alleged abuse? Did you find a guilty conviction anywhere? I can tell you that ALL of it was unfounded and dismissed. That's why Lester decided to kill Ramon. There was absolutely nothing they could prove and they wanted him out of his son's life. Don't you think Dr. Phil and his staff checked into Ramon's story? Don't you think that if the accusations were founded it would have been covered on the show? I'm pretty sure that would have been the majority of the focus if it were true. Also, where did you get your information from? The Regers by chance? NOTHING has ever come out publicly about any abuse because there was none!
Replied By: oliviadaley on Jan 28, 2013, 4:04PM - In reply to i4wolves
The word is groping by the way. What I am saying is that the line of questioning that the officer started off with was inappropriate right out of the gate! He did not  start groping them as soon as he pulled them over. Right? I watched the show. The point is all they had to do is ask to speak to his supervisor get his badge number and drive to the police station. He cannot arrest them for NO REASON. That is my point. I didn't say they were not victims, what I am saying is there was something they could have done. It is completely asinine to allow someone, a cop at that to put his hands up your shirt etc.
Replied By: idahorealdad on Jan 28, 2013, 3:00PM
I wanna start by saying that in no way do i condole what lester did. however there has been documentation that the son in said custody case was abused multiple times by the father. it is trajic that this has become the outcome thus far but rather then trying to get pity from the world by going public why not rather keep your head down and focus on what matters most YOUR SON!!!! If you really want to change and be a better man for your son then stand up and prove it. I also am a divorced parent. I have five children that I would gladly give my life for and do everything in my power to make sure that they are provided for. Times have not always been easy as in most custody battles even to the point were we had to meet at a public place for the exchange of the children most of the time by the grandparents and myself. that didnt matter though because we put the children first. things have such been amended and we all have grown through this cituation. I think one of the things that bugs me the most about todays show is the fact that Ramone couldnt even look Dr. Phil in the eye while talking to him when asked very valled questions. I've been raised and found that throughout my life when a "man" is telling the truth he can look you in the eye and throughout the show his eyes continually darted away and very seldomly did he keep eye contact with Dr. Phil. I understand that there are two sides to every story and in this case only one has been told. I pray that both sides will be able to come to an agreament because a child really needs both parents in his life. hopefully this will open your eyes Ramone and you will be even more determined to be a better man for your son... lord knows he deserves the best
Replied By: isaac18 on Jan 28, 2013, 11:37AM - In reply to kittty56
In response to "why didn't she just get a ride to the police station, and get her ticket there" sounds like a great idea get in the car alone with the perverted cop. That's intelligent!
Replied By: garfieldw on Jan 28, 2013, 8:58AM
I'd like to think 99% of officers are upstanding.  It's more like 80%.  It's obvious that this guy was stalking woman coming from bars or clubs to target them for DUI.  While as dispicable as this is, its more common than we realize.  Ive been around enough "hot" girls in my day to have heard the bragging about flirting and getting out of tickets. Especially, if the officer is good looking.  These same woman would be glad to flash there breasts to get out of a DUI (were talkin bout a 10k + plus flash).  This guy is not a looker and probably thought he could get away with the storys he's heard from the guys boasting about what they've seen (they were the better looking cops and smooth in how they convey their message of favors for no arrest). I believe it's a small percentage of times that a woman will be faced with that on a DUI traffic stop.  But when it does, a woman has to choose whether to enterain an officers inuendos or accept the consequences of a DUI.  As for the woman who are assualted while being handcuffed and arrested,  so very sad that people would abuse such a position of authority in our society.
Replied By: sandy413 on Jan 28, 2013, 7:04AM
I would like to see you revisit this story, but this time focus on methods to protect yourself when this happens.  You missed an opportunity to help future victims. 

I would suggest:  calling 911 and asking for help; or calling 911 and leaving the phone line open while the cop is talking; asap report the incident to the police; if you are afraid to do that, send an anonymous complaint to the police station (if they get enough compliants they might start to pay attention - if everyone keeps quiet then the cop will keep molesting); immediately go home and write down everything about the experience - dates, times, location, conversation, physical description of cop, his badge number and patrol car number if you were able to notice them - this is powerful evidence if you go to court; tell several friends about what happened - again powerful evidence if you go to court.  The last thing you should do is keep quiet and just try to forget it happened!  The present victim has a responsibility to try to stop the cop from molesting future victims.

Also, would like to hear what actions other policemen would recommend if a man or woman is caught in this situation.
Replied By: sicencegeek on Jan 27, 2013, 10:36PM
this young man was so brave. i was on one of the trials and he was such a strong man. i hope he gets custody of that baby. he deserves it.
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