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(Original Air Date: 01/15/13) Twenty-eight-year-old Lynn says her mother, Anne, has turned her entire family against her, and now she feels like the "black sheep." She says her mom calls her names, has hit her and favors her younger brothers so much that it’s caused them to turn against her. Anne says her daughter’s narcissism and lies have made her an outcast. She claims Lynn will stop at nothing to get attention -- even lie about a pregnancy and miscarriage. Can Dr. Phil stop the mudslinging long enough to get to the root of their disagreements? And, was Lynn really pregnant? See how mother and daughter react to what medical records reveal. Then, hear from Lynn's brother Tom. Why does he say he sides with their mom? Can Dr. Phil mend these family ties?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: chudich on Nov 21, 2013, 11:09PM - In reply to alext444
Wow sadly I have only just seen this episode because we get a major delay here in Australia.

You are so right, I am so very disappointed in Dr Phil today, I have always held him in high esteem for his ability to see the truth in things. Today he let this daughter down very very badly by giving the mother and son air time (which they did not deserve). I only had to see the pain in this girls face to recognise the truth, it is the exact pain that was felt by me and inflicted by my Narcissistic father.

The ONLY answer is for this young woman to cut the cord between herself and her family. With distance she may then be able to build a strong sense of self. Once she is removed, the mother will then turn on one of the sons and then everyone will know the truth. Dr Phil needs to educate himself on Narcissism because in this case he did more harm than good.
Replied By: strine on Nov 21, 2013, 10:54PM - In reply to emmyjohn
Thankyou for your honesty. That would be the place to start with your daughter because that's what we all need to hear before we can forgive.  x
Replied By: strine on Nov 21, 2013, 10:42PM
Lynn had a college fund set up and her mother stole from it? Why was that bit skirted around?

I lived with a wack job who put our younger brother before her three other children- he still borrows money off her, does drugs, cheats on his girlfriends and she lies for him and she called me for a loan to fix her car. Plus she keeps changing stories in regards to what he's up to and acting like she didn't tell me certain things which she did - so by unspoken virtue I must have a memory problem (which I don't). 

Ego-centric "mothers" like that one are the reason we have so many men who hate women. So many serial killers, and so many people who think the World owes them because "I'm special".

Get over yourself lady and see what you've done- own it love, because it's all yours to own.  BTW if my daughter ever has a miscarriage I won't be making myself look like a martyr to everyone around, because she knows I'm there for her and she hasn't NEEDED TO LIE about her life to other people because I love her how she is and my son too (they're both mine and I love them both regardless). If a child is lying they are doing so for a reason love and I can clearly see the reason here- she never felt good enough for you and you did that Anne. You.


You can bet Anne will be one of "those" mother in laws when her sons get married i.e. the nosy ones who annoy their daughter in laws (DILs)  in snide ways, spoil the children for their own benefit while making themselves "better than Mummy" , and, talk about the DILs  to her sons behind their backs to get her sons' allegiances back to her. Anne is one of those things that rhymes with "witch" and begins with a B.


You're better off away from her Lynn, she's out for herself and has found the person she wants to blame her failures on (because she is a failure). Best stay away from her pointing finger and don't mind her petty gossip- those who believe it don't really know you and are imbeciles to believe something just because she says it and she is just blaming you for her sense of failure in life- she hasn't done anything of note. Anyone who believes anything she says after saying you lied about having a miscarriage is also gullible or desperate for a friend or money from her (like your brother would be).
Replied By: lilmacy on Jun 18, 2013, 5:14PM
I watched this show today, had it recorded.  It was very upsetting to me to see a family so disconnected and a daughter/sister who was alienated from her family.  So troubled by it that I felt compelled to talk about it and then I began reading the comments and was taken aback by the publics input.  This family needs some boundaries and above all else to love each other "unconditionally!"  As family no one should ever bash another family member to anyone else.  You may not like choices your children/siblings make but the rule should always be if you don't have something nice to say then don't say it.  Kids make mistakes.  I have 3 grown kids and the middle one made so many mistakes that he spent time in jail as a teenager.  I was very strict with him and sought help for him but I was very honest with him and told him I would not tolerate the things he was doing but I would always love him.  He is an adult now and is a good young man.  My love never changed for him and I absolutely would have never bad mouthed him to other family or his siblings.  Our discussions were always what can we do to help him without enabling him and that you love no matter what.  This mom and daughter went through a tragedy together and instead of healing together the mom found out she was pregnant with a boy and I think her mom dealing with the pain of losing her husband put everything into that baby and looked at him as the last gift her husband left her.  I don't think the mom realized the pain the daughter was going through at the same time.  Not that the mom knew any better but you're talking about a 4 year old girl who just lost her daddy and had to see the horrific accident scene and then mom is focused on a new life and new baby.  She got lost in everything that was going on around her.  Children's brains work differently than adults because they aren't mature and it changed who her daughter is.  Did she make mistakes? Probably but to me that is expected considering what she went through.  I believe the last thing Lynn and Tom's dad would have wanted is the dysfunction and pain going on.  If they want to honor his memory then they need to come together as a family.  Don't bring up the past because you can't change it just respect that each person went through pain and no one handled it the correct way.  Start fresh and trust each other and love each other.  As a mom, daughter, brother and sister have each other's backs and look out for each other and be there for each other in good times and bad.  God bless you all and I truly hope you are on the road of healing.
Replied By: ahhhhh7 on Jun 15, 2013, 6:36AM - In reply to elizchris
Dr. Phil usually throwes the mother under the bus.  I thought he was somewhat fair to this one comared to some progrms I've watched.
Replied By: ahhhhh7 on Jun 15, 2013, 6:32AM
I just thought the look on the daughter's face at the end said it all.  She was furious Dr. Phil hadn't attacked her mother more than he did.  She did not look happy at the result of the show and I really doubt she could have a pleasant superfical conversation with her mother at lunch.  Issues issues issues - this type of person wants to stay the victim for the attention.
Replied By: yankeedrifter on Jun 14, 2013, 11:50AM
My mother always made a point of reminding me all the things she and dad gave up for me. I was born with birth defects and required immediate surgery.  The prognosis was not good and I was expected to live. I am now 53 yrs old. I've always felt it was my fault my parents had to make sacrifices. I lost my dad 29 yrs after he fought with cancer for 9 yrs. I have always been the black sheep. Nothing I've ever done is right. I've been on depression medication for about 30 years now. I occasionally spend time inpatient and have tried to commit suicide. I often wish I had never been born. I worry about my health and my liver after all these years on all these medications. My mother finally gave up on me completely in 2006 and will no longer answer my phone calls. She has 6 children, she speaks to 3, refuses to talk to the other 3. Part of her refusal to talk to me is based on (I think) my reconnection with my uncle - my dad's brother, shortly before my uncle passed away. I learned through the reunions that some of my faulty memories may actually be real. So the woman on the show must have had some hope of a relationship with her daughter or she wouldn't have been there.
Replied By: gngrchrlee on Jun 14, 2013, 8:56AM
I am the youngest of four children; two girls and two boys. I was the family scapegoat since I was very young. I existed only when they wanted something or wanted me to do something, or needed someone to dump their own weakness and sickness on so they could feel powerful. My mother was insane. She started confiding in me about what an sob my father was, what he did and said to her, how cruel and mean he was when I was only three years old. I was overwhelmed with the belief that I was responsible for protecting and caring for her. This happened as she was driving around with me in her car. I would think "Don't talk to him - I'll take care of you!"  When we got back home she was greatly relieved after her cerebral enema on me, so she talked to him as if everything was great; I on the other hand was so filled with excruciating pain and confusion but had NO ONE to go to. This happened consistently throughout the years until I became an adult. She beat me regularly for no reason, she took everything I loved from me, my older brother and sister would set up traps for me so they could totally humiliate me, my other brother molested me, I was always blamed for things I had never done, and I was told every day how worthless I was. And always I was expected to do their dirty work, give them money, etc. I was the only one who ever helped my mother, so was made fun of as "brown nose."  I was my mother's parent, helper psychotherapist, substitute husband, punching bag and toilet. I was the youngest and weakest so they all followed my mother's sick lead and joined in the fun. I have totally empathy and sympathy for the supposed "black sheep." She is and never was a black sheep; she is the scapegoat for a very sick and cruel mother and brother. Cruelty makes them feel important and powerful. They are sick. She is the only healthy one in the bunch. And she will NEVER get them to love and respect her. She should distance herself from them as much as she can and make a great life for herself with her husband.

Replied By: alext444 on Jun 14, 2013, 8:37AM - In reply to dawner
Coviences projection to the max woman...You see in your daughter what you refuse to see in yourself.  The issues you have our on your relationing.  Its not your daughter its you.. Look up projection meaning.  No your no innocent here as you would like to be.  I would highly suggest you work on your own childhood issues.. Your seeing your daughter's weakness because you are unwilling to see them in yourself.  /so you believe that there are comming from someone esle that is classic "projection"  The first sign to spot a narississtic is NO EMPATHY-
Replied By: alext444 on Jun 14, 2013, 8:29AM
It was hard for me to watch this show.  The mother is a classic narississtic and for Dr. Phil to not have caught that?  There is no changing a NP  they do no feel empathy.  The lie-judge-devalue-belittle-faultfaulting and another classic one is the gaslighting.  You are   the scapegoat in the family.  What the mother has done with her son is made him the golden child (they can do no wrong)  the mother has pulled in traingulation where she plots people against people. Lies and gossips and then the son has obligation to her loyality and even with his best interest he will do her bullying for her.. They enlist allieds sometimes when they need there dirty work done.  Plus she cannot love anyone she unable too -every one  is there for her needs-wants-demands.  NP are extremley destructive.  they do not change ever.. It very cruel and emotional abusive.  The best advice i can get the daughter is go No Contact and work on your own emotional healing what ever that looks like to you..  There is a book that literally saved my life by Dr. Karly McBride call "When will be good enough"  she also has a website and does workshops.. I highly recommenend this for your hurting soul..www.whenwillIbegoodenough.com

The pain your in seems like a lifetime of bullying ITS BECAUSE IT IS..  She is not well for your wellbeing and she will NOT be well enough to be around your children either...Thank God you have a husband and someone who cares and loves you I didnt have that when I was at my lowest.. There are plenty of websites out there that will support you help you.  Hope for Elaine.  Just put narississtic mother on google and you can go from there/  I pray you your soul to heal.  You are courageous and you are ok just the way you are.

God bless  
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