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It’s a case that has made headlines and rattled the tight-knit city of Steubenville, Ohio: Two high school football players are accused of raping a 16-year-old girl while partying in August 2012, and some community members are accusing authorities of conducting a lax investigation in order to protect the football program. The case recently garnered national media attention after a video, showing a teenage boy joking about the rape, was leaked online by Anonymous, a loosely associated group of Internet hackers. Ma'lik Richmond and Trenton Mays, both 16, have been charged with rape and are awaiting trial as juveniles -- but some critics believe the teens should be tried as adults and that more students should be charged. Dr. Phil talks to community members about the controversial investigation and how social media is playing a part. Tune in and decide for yourself: Are city leaders trying to protect the town’s beloved football program, or is justice being served?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: deblynch2 on Oct 21, 2013, 1:26PM
football players and their over zealous parents in small towns are disgusting. they think they are the only people that  matter in the whole world...
Replied By: sturgeongen on Sep 21, 2013, 2:05AM
There was something that bothered me about the two episodes concerning the stories from the teens involved in this story out of Ohio.  When listening to this story the thing that kept jumping out at me was the discrepancy in the stories concerning the set up of the house.  When Matt was telling his story, they were drinking in the living room and then he was taken downstairs by the girl and then the other boys went down one at a time to have sex with her.  When she was telling her story they were drinking on the main level and then she went upstairs, then came back down and at some point was carried back up then made her way back down and woke up to find them standing around her in their underwear while one boy was getting off of her.  The conflict here is house is this house set up, did this occur upstairs or down.

I don't discount the importance here to all concerned, the tragedy, the effect on all of the kids and their families.  I have been a mother in every capacity, birth mother, step mother, foster mother and I have dealt with just about every situation a mother can confront, so I don't want anyone to believe in pointing this out that I am justifying the behavior of any of the children here.  This just  caught my attention and made me go hum!
Replied By: carmen_rich89 on Sep 18, 2013, 8:36AM
So my take on the story is that she went over there, saw she was the only girl, thought that boy she liked was going to be into her and since he was talking to another girl on the phone she wanted to anger him and had sex with matt, then one led to another. After that she saw that what she did wouldn't get her with Tyler and since he was showing her picture around and other girls were making comments towards her and negative comments were headed her way she pulled the "I was raped card and had no idea what happened".     That was NOT how she thought the night would go, as she went there thinking her and Tyler were going to hook up and be "boyfriend and girlfriend"  but she did make her own choices and she saw they were bad ones and doesn't want the name that goes with it.
Replied By: mamabearliv on Sep 15, 2013, 10:23AM
So underage drinking occurred at the home of a Sheriff.  Which led to a gang rape....allegedly.  And the parents are blaming the victim?!  No wonder this is a tragic case of not teaching or comprehending SELF RESPONSIBILTY!  I am appalled that they didn't even show any sympathy for the victim, in the event that it was possibly true!  Shame on the parents and their sons.  If you want to know how gang rapes can happen and victim blaming secondarily victimizes the alleged victims, look no further than this high ranking figure in his community and his wife.   
Replied By: wvak47 on Mar 28, 2013, 10:38PM
Many  students won't  testify/file charges against criminals,  because  they fear  retaliation from an  out  of  control school. system. It  is  totally  wrong for a kid or  parent  having  to  face an enraged coach, teacher,  principal,  or  Board  of  Education member; after  they testified/pressed charges. This must change. I call for a federal  law  making it a felony offense for  school-related officials to  punish  students whom testify/press charges against crime-related stuff. The  penalty would be  three-fold:

A. Lose their job.
B. Lose  all benefits.
C. The  same  are  banned  from  working in  a  school-related trade  for  life.
Replied By: strine on Feb 7, 2013, 10:26PM
The reason she was defending her son's friends is because if they are rapists, her son hangs out with rapists. I.e. other people will know her son hangs out with rapists and associates him and her with rapists. Seems a slightly more narcissistic than she should be at her age.
Replied By: strine on Feb 7, 2013, 9:18PM
I am in Perth Australia, and the large boy laughing and carrying on reminds me of a young man at my daughter's school. Last year my daughter was sexually harassed by a 15yr old boy in line at the school canteen- he rubbed himself on her and made explicit sexual comments (they sounded like words from a pornographic film). Other students (older and younger) stood around and laughed or did nothing to help her while he did this. After she made an incident report, he was suspended for a week (which he bragged about on facebook), following his return to school he flashed his genitals at my daughter and her friends and was suspended again. He talks about girls on facebook in derogatory ways i.e. calling them the p word for vagina. When he posts pictures of girls on his fb page, his older adult relatives make comments about how he must have masturbated after being near them (and even adult females in his family "like" his comments and pictures). What hope is there when even adults treat this anti-social deviant behaviour like a joke? If a male staff member sexually harassed a female staff member, he would not be suspended for a week and then allowed to return without police being informed.
Replied By: alphak555 on Feb 7, 2013, 7:30PM
This type of behavour doesnt surprise me, it does disgust me but doesnt surprise me! I believe that our society is fragile and is only getting worse! I do believe America is a huge influence on the rest of the world which I worry about  a great deal!

The thing that worries me is the lack of forethought and morals! I do believe that the media has a huge part to play in how the young generation think and behave! How can young people develop a sense of morality when explicit sex tapes legitimise celebrities and are often make for publicity! I do believe that social media and media, television and film have a huge influence on people and how they behave! It is no surprise when young people behave badly when shows like jersey shore, jerseylisious portrait over drinking and extremely bad behavour as normal and acceptable and a way to become rich and famous! What message are we sending our young generation when sex tapes make you popular, getting drunk and behaving badly is acceptable and beneficial at times.

I am not blaming one particular show on what happened as this is not likely but the advent of so called reality shows are a real worry! Even shows like the Kardashians influence young people to be fake and behave in a way only for publicity no matter what the consequenses! If the media doesnt change the overall message presently being pushed and revert to responsible messages then things are going to get a lot worse!

Some young people today are so influenced by the media that the concept of empathy and morality are non existent! I can understand why when the message out there is it doesnt matter what you do and how you behave things will be great! I will even say that if you behave badly enough you may become famous if enough people see it!

I am definatley worried that young people dont see any consequenses for horrific behavour and the producer of these shows and the media have a lot to answer to! It amazed me that when Paris Hilton's sex tape went public several talk shows invited her to appear legitimizing her! Appearing on shows only made her popular and sent a message that its beneficial to be graphic!

I am mentioning the media as it has become a pivitol aspect of the young generation and if we dont do something about the content and the lack of morality and any consequences displayed and realize these shows have a part to play in what is normal and what is acceptable.
Replied By: mickbale on Feb 7, 2013, 6:31PM
I live in Sydney Australia, and just watched the show on Steubenville. I think it's time that fathers became much more invovled with our sons when displaying and maintaining the attitudes, behaviour, moral standards and perception of being a man. It's very easy as a young bloke to just go along with the crowd, especially after a few drinks. But fathers need to discuss the thoughts, behaviours and consequences of these thoughts and behaviors, and how to take a stand against unacceptable behaviour as it is occurring. Easier said than done, but I think a true sign of having Courage.
Replied By: dchristian5 on Jan 25, 2013, 11:26PM
I just need to say, and quite frankly I've never posted on one of these before, that this case is sad all the way around! That poor little girl! She is somebody's sweet daughter! That being said I was so very troubled by your leagal expert Robin Sax I believe was her name.  I felt she was way too aggressive with the mom and her son on your show, who as far as I could tell were no more involved with the "rape" than you and I. These people came on your show to support the community in hopes that the nation would see that the entire community was not to blame. I watched the entire show and did not miss a beat..... Tonight I am watching Fox 11 news at 10 and she is on there talking about being on your show and says I hear her I can not believe my ears!!! She misrepresented this mother and her son ENTIRELY!!! I would even day she LIED about what happened on your show. I really hope someone from the Dr Phil staff reads this and at the very least looks into this and never has her back on your show..... I for one will turn the channel.
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