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Amanda says her husband of two years, Jeffrey, was recently caught in an online child sex sting and sentenced to five years in prison, yet she’s not sure if she should leave him. Why does she say she blames herself for what happened? And, hear from Amanda’s parents, Juliet and Timothy, who say they just want their daughter to move on. When Dr. Phil gives Amanda a harsh dose of reality, will she see the situation for what it is? Then, 18-year-old Seri says that two years ago, she fell in love with 26-year-old Hector, who convinced her to quit school and become a prostitute -- and give him all the profits. Hector was convicted of sexual assault of a child and is now serving up to 30 years in prison. Seri is raising their daughter and has a new boyfriend, Will, but she admits that she would consider taking Hector back, if given the opportunity. How does Will feel about her admission? And, why does Seri say she still has feelings for her abuser? Plus, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s warning signs that you may be involved with a predator.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: maxie32 on Apr 30, 2013, 5:44PM
the Dr. Phil show has addressed the shame and embarrassment that surrounds being married to a sex offender. It is a silent heartache that is suffered alone because it is too risky to share with friends or family.   I never told anyone about my ex because I was afraid someone at my workplace would find out and it would affect my job (I work with children) or I would be looked down on.  Even though my ex committed the crime when we were separated and in the middle of divorce proceedings, people still talk and it could get around.  It also was hard to decide when to tell our child about his father - I wanted to wait until he was old enough to not internalize it so it wouldn't affect how he felt about himself as a man (I hope there will be another show on how to tell the children and at what age).  For my situation, I waited too long because my son's first girlfriend found out about his dad on the internet and told him about it.  He was angry at me about not telling him (he knew he was in jail but not about the crime).

It was interesting hearing about the sentencing on the show that the two guys were given.  My ex got seven years in jail (that was when the victim turned eighteen) and three years probation.  He has gotten out of jail three times since the original crime and all three times he has refused  to register as a sex offender and is put back in prison for another three years.  He refuses to admit that he is a sex offender because he didn't force himself on the victim, and he has refused any sex offender rehabilitation given while in prison.
Replied By: britmed on Mar 14, 2013, 8:49AM - In reply to lawless42
I agree! I noticed that as well- this "child" the detectives led him to be,live he was going to sleep with was 13, and dr Phil then says "a pedophile is someone with interest in children 13 or younger"! Um, yeah, exactly! How does that not fit the definition? He has no clue if this sicko has slept with even younger children before.
Replied By: britmed on Mar 14, 2013, 8:46AM - In reply to shhelp
You were protecting HIM!? You mean the adult who holds all the responsibility in this? I'm sorry, but the factthat's you're protecting a sex offender and blaming your own sister who is a CHILD is truly sIck. The vast majority of men would never "give in" and have sex with a little girl. Your husband is a pervert and a jerk. No man who is happy and devoted to his wife could be forced to cheat, and most men would rather never have sex again than sleep with a child! Leave him!! And you think he's being up front because he said she came on to him?? Yeah right! Even if that were true, the fact that hetakes no responsibility means he doesn't even feel remorseful. Yet I dobut he's told you the truth.
Replied By: alphak555 on Jan 29, 2013, 1:52AM
If I was in the same position I would be grateful that I didn't have any children with this man and I could take action and divorce him!mi would also feel sorry for any child that this monster has had contact with! She is so lucky to find out now because this could have gone on for years without her knowing! I would be upset for being betrayed by a weirdo but I would try to find the positive side and learn from it! 

She needs to be strong and look at the big picture! Maybe she can help others deal with partners that are creeps when she stops feeling sorry for herself!
Replied By: strine on Jan 28, 2013, 8:57PM - In reply to sharonproducer
She needs to be told to get a divorce because he will never change and he will continue to use her to put on a show for him. I hope he never kills a young girl like other pedophiles have so they don't go back to jail. She needs to be told to get a divorce because she is blindly following a religious belief he clearly does not share. He broke their vows, he broke the law also and he is making her a laughing stock when she sits there and cries because she wants to be married to the first person she had sex with- that's some religions for you (you can't have sex with someone you aren't married to)... the man is a loser who deserves to go away forever. He will never share the religious beliefs with her so she needs to move on rather than wasting her life standing beside a crook just because "he was my first".
Replied By: strine on Jan 28, 2013, 8:52PM
My Aunties are both with sleazebags who sleep around behind their backs and try it on with teenaged girls (I was one that they both tried it with). My Grandfather gave one of my Aunties a 6,000 acre farm before she got together with her sleazebag- I remember once when I was 15 her sleazebag told me that if my Aunty didn't have the farm he wouldn't be with her (that he would "be" with me instead- not that I was even interested in him). My other Aunty is married to a man who sleeps around with every woman in their small town and she calls them sluts and whores (it's their fault apparently). Amanda and the other young lady need to stop  thinking those guys care about them- those guys were both using you and you are young so learn from this and keep your eyes open for users. Look after your daughter Seri and teach her what a strong independent woman looks like and teach her what lowlife users look like too. Most of all teach her to love herself because lowlife users live to use women who "need" someone else to love them.
Replied By: socalbritters on Jan 16, 2013, 11:19AM
I can relate with Amanda in so many ways. June of 2011 my husband was arrested in a sex sting operation too. He was an 11 year Marine Corps veteran, father of 3 and my beloved husband. I have spent the last year a half struggling to come to terms with the way my life has changed and how things are playing out. Never in a million years did I ever see anything like this coming. 

I completely understand all of the emotions Amanda is dealing with. I wake up every day and wonder how my actions led something like this to happen and how I wasn't good enough. It took me over a year to decide if I was going to divorce my husband or not. I'm proud of my decision, and in 16 days I will officially be divorced.

My advice to Amanda is to do what is in HER best interest. She is the only person that can truly look out for her well being.
Replied By: honesty987 on Jan 10, 2013, 10:11AM
Replied By: honesty987 on Jan 10, 2013, 10:08AM - In reply to shhelp
Something similar like that happened to me, I was attacked by my sister's husband while i was staying with them. I was 18 though and at first my sister said she believed me but later on she told everyone it was my fault, that my skirts were always too short, that i was showing cleavage and that i deserved what I got. I was so hurt, never been that hurt before in my life. I was violated and disrespected by her husband yet my own flesh and blood believed her husband. That was more than 7 years ago but I still cry everytime I think about it. My sister doesnt talk to me anymore. She still can't get over it and still blames me.

Your husband is wrong for taking advantage of your minor sister. In no way is your sister wrong. You are wrong to even think about taking back your husband. My sister is still with her husband and he treats her like she is a piece of dirt. He still cheats on her. They will not change. When they are behind bars, they will say whatever you want to hear to keep you from moving on to somebody else or moving on with your life but blood is not worth that. Your kids deserve better than that and your sister desevers an apology. 
Replied By: tbrown1973 on Jan 9, 2013, 10:25AM - In reply to shhelp
I don't think you should stay with him - he didn't 'have sex with your 15 year old sister', he took advantage of a CHILD - if you have custody of your own sister obviously she is lacking parental interest so can't you see how she DOESN'T KNOW, none of us do until we look to our parents! You really should have protected HER better than you did; you say you 'tried to keep him away from her', you sound like you need a little help on how you feel about women in general. I hope this helps you because I am REALLY troubled by how you sound like you have this man's best interest rather then your own sister's, that's crazy girl!!!
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