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(Original Air Date: 01/08/13) Siblings Mike and Shelley haven’t spoken in six years. Mike claims his sister conned their elderly parents out of more than $100,000 and then took off, leaving them with nothing and forcing them to sell their home. With their father now in a long-term care facility, Mike says he cares for their ailing mother in her small apartment, where she “worries constantly about money and cries all the time.” He says Shelley betrayed the family, and he wants his sister to be held accountable for what she’s done. Shelley completely denies Mike’s accusations and says the money was a gift. She claims that she was abused by her family her entire life, and that they’re now trying to make her life “hell” all over again. As accusations are slung back and forth, can Dr. Phil get these siblings to call a truce? And, it’s an unthinkable act: Every five seconds, an elderly person is abused in America. Mattie says her 86-year-old mother was abused and neglected at her nursing home for two years -- and she has the video to prove it. Why does she say she felt helpless to stop it? Tune in to learn how to keep your elderly loved ones safe!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: kmg119 on Jan 14, 2015, 2:17PM - In reply to marni9
I have to weight in on this topic. (I am a LPN that worked in LTC for abot 25 years)
believe it or not, I have seen much worse skin tears, bruises and so forth than on the film.
We mostly got the horribly scars and bedsores from a patient sent to us fron a hospital!!! We always took pictures and documented everything.
Yes those bruises break my heart, but, they cannot be helped!
Most NH patients are on prescribed blood thinners to prevent blot clots and heart condictions i.e. strokes.

(I NOW am on blood thinners and get terrible bruises quite often and I don't know how I get them? Yes they look awful on me and I have seen them so much worse on patients. I hated to see them, must say they happen so easy! Elderly skin tears happen so easy on their fragile paper thin skin. (luckily these can be healed quickly with proper care)

I realize there are horrible NH,s but also these problems can happen in an instance and ia not the vault of the staff.
Replied By: strine on Nov 14, 2013, 10:19PM
The whole conversation on air was controlled by Mike. He talked over his sister, he talked over DR Phil (without being stopped) and when he was sitting with his mother asking her questions in the video it looked like he was controlling her.

He admitted he did drugs, he admitted he was unemployed, he took money from his parents, but didn't want his sister doing the same. Where did he get his drug money???

Seems Dr Phil was taking his side because he was the one who approached the show (I've seen that before with questionable guests also). Dr Phil is the one in the past who said that drug addicts will lie and steal from everyone around, yet he believed an admitted drug user when he said he wasn't stealing from his sister for drugs.

He got one over on you Dr Phil. I hope someone is looking out for the elderly mother because he comes across as the controlling type who will coach his mother to say and do what he wants.
Replied By: mattie0508 on Jul 12, 2013, 7:21PM - In reply to netzienumber1
You can forward information to mattie0508@yahoo.com
Replied By: mattie0508 on Jul 12, 2013, 7:20PM - In reply to netzienumber1
Perhaps you can give me some information on what I can do. I've called the police, dept of aging, ombudsman and all returned reports that information was unsufficient to verify anything. I've spoken to a lawyer who asked me to get her medical records but, I don't have power or guardian so they will not give it to me. If you can tell me where to go from here a would appreciate it.
Replied By: mattie0508 on Jul 12, 2013, 7:10PM - In reply to netzienumber1
I had home care for her but, she needs 24 hour care and Medicare will not pay for that. All we got was 2.5 hours a day.
Replied By: chinahat on Jul 6, 2013, 12:06PM
Should have let my sister know this was going to air, oh that's right..i know longer speak to her! I thought at the time there might be something going on(she still lived in the family home). Called my Mother's Dr. to see if he could find any thing out. I don't think he followed through, and sadly neither did i. After the passing of my Mother, i asked her point blank if she had verbaly and phycially abused her......sadly the answer was YES. Needless to say much sadness and regret....
Replied By: greentreefrogs on Jul 6, 2013, 6:45AM - In reply to jeannene
It truly sounds as if you did everything humanly possible. I would have added one more thing; contacting my Senator and Congressmen.  I would have hounded them until the cows come home. I give you a lot of credit for your effort. 

Replied By: greentreefrogs on Jul 6, 2013, 6:32AM - In reply to shanooks
You are a good lady.  You get a gold star from me.  Our health care system, elder care and late life care stinks and financially out of the reach for most people.  We do need to think about training for families so more people can stay home and be cared for by families. The system that is currently in place just doesn't work. But.....my hat is off to you.
Replied By: greentreefrogs on Jul 6, 2013, 6:20AM - In reply to analisa2
Marni   this was a great entry. My brother just spent 10 days in a nursing home but died after liver and kidney failure.  The nursing home was acceptable but I wonder how much more could be done. I keep thing about the role of an ombudsman; someone the patients might have access to. My biggest concern was the quality of food, limited staffing and lack of a stimulating environment.  Boredom seemed to be an ever-present problem. But, thank you for your care.
Replied By: jeannene on Jul 5, 2013, 10:52PM - In reply to holingsworth
I hear you.  The same thing happened in Oregon and I heard the same in California.  Those agencies told me to get a lawyer the first time I reported abuse.  They did nothing. They would not even take the complaint until I insisted and called 15 more times and 10 more agencies. I did not have the retainer fees that lawyers required.   I was reporting a crime.  Since when is theft a "civil" matter?

I really appreciated this show as it gave elder abuse needed visibility.  The information was good and I was under the impression that Adult Protective Services, Ombudsmen office and the police were the correct avenues to take when I suspected my sister's, ironically her name is Shelly too,  financial abuse of my parents.  Wrong!

My other sister had reported it to APS and the police in 2003 when my father died and my mother was in advanced stage of Alzheimers.    That was ignored.  Shelly got Power of Attorney and left my mother alone in her house on the Oregon coast.  She could not eat, cook or do any of the activities of daily living.  I was living in California and made arrangements with my other sister to get her house sold and put her in a nursing home.  It was not enough for Shelly to take all of her money from her bank accounts.  She proceeded to take all of the social security and Veteran's income that my mother recieved and put it in her bank account every month for the next nine years.  She put my mother on Medicaid in 2008.

 I spent from 2010-2012 trying to initiate an investigation with APS, Ombudsmen, police and the Oregon district attorney's office.  I couldn't believe the final report.  There were 28 errors in it including a cover up of the initial 2003 report of abuse.  When I expressed my frustration over the whole mismanagement of the case the district attorney closed the case.  It was a fiasco.  That woman who didn't know what to do tried to make some phone calls.  They did not do anything to help.  I know.  I went to every agency they recommended to no avail.  

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