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(Original Air Date: 01/09/13) Phyllis and Barry say they're desperate to calm their violent 15-year-old son, Brandon, and turn to Dr. Phil for help. The couple confides that their son's anger began around age 6 and has grown progressively worse -- so much so that their requests for Brandon to perform simple tasks, such as brushing his teeth or bathing, cause him to go into a rage, breaking things and punching holes in walls, and even chasing Phyllis with scissors. Barry says they walk on eggshells, waiting for Brandon’s next violent outburst and that every day he leaves the house worried that his wife may not make it to the end of the day. For protection, the couple says they’ve even installed locks on various doors throughout their home, providing Phyllis a "safe room" in which to hide. What is at the root of Brandon's anger? Dr. Phil spends some one-on-one time with the young man to determine what’s driving his behavior. And, find out what Phyllis recently found in Brandon’s room that shocked her to her core.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: sickof on Jul 2, 2013, 2:38AM
Brandon's mom seemed  to draw many blanks while listening to Dr. Phil's explanations.  Her cognitive reasoning also seemed a little shy of strong..  When Dr. Phil explained that Brandon may be autistic, I can only say Ihope the best for the whole family.  I know the road ahead will be tough, and few ish them the best.
Replied By: kellucky1 on Jun 21, 2013, 3:37PM - In reply to kathymadere
In my comment to you I said " In my opinion tv comes 1st before all else ". I meant to say that is my opinion on how the producers think. Damn! glad I caught that.
Replied By: kellucky1 on Jun 21, 2013, 3:21PM - In reply to kathymadere
First of all I would like to appoligize for the sarcastic remark " you forgot to mention where you got your Phd.". There was no need for it.  There is no question your knowledge on the subject is on a different level than mine.  I just heard it as Dr Phil saying there is some signs of Autism however the 20 different drugs in his system is causing the violence.

I am a little bit confused. I could of swore your comment said " The kids problem is not autism ". It's not a big deal, just for my sanity.lol.

You do have to remember this is tv. In my opinion tv comes first before all else. Anyway.

7 Wow! From what I know having an Autistic child may be a handful for some, for others it is a blessing to the family. Hope all is well and again sorry for the smart-ass remark. ( most of my dealings in comment boards are arguing politics.

Replied By: garyla on Jun 18, 2013, 5:00PM
I sure hope Brandon and his parents receive vital-crucial help-guidance toward achieving really healthy happy peaceful lives together and individually but just cannot understand why it required over "800 letters" attempts by the mother Phyllis in contacting the drphil show in their dire situation to be offered compassionate care and help for them as shown on 6-14-13?? I don't know how the poor mother and father and son survived in their situation that long seeking-hoping for professional help and care but very glad they did!!! Very best wishes to them!!!
Replied By: snackattack on Jun 17, 2013, 9:11AM
Do they give, or show any update about the boy on the show? Or have they? Did the treatment work? Or is it working?
Replied By: lady2amaze on Jun 16, 2013, 10:03AM
I hope Dr. Phil reads these things because we are all human and make mistakes. He made a big one here. First off, Autism has nothing to do with sex. Nothing to do with rage and nothing to do with murder. Whoever twisted these facts has done so to fit their diagnostic reasoning, therefore to inflate their own ego as not to be found out a sham!!!!!!!!!! It is clearly signs of being molested or raped at the age of 6 or 7 , as noted by the timeline when Mom and Dad said things went wrong regarding their sons behavior.. You don't just get Autism at 6 or 7. He was in cub scouts at that time. I would do some checking on who was in charge there or overnight trips he may have went on. It may have gone on for years without the parents knowledge. I don't think it was a onetime thing because he would have maybe tucked it away in his mind by now and forgot. The thing about being molested and I will assume a violent molesting and rape for this 15 year old  has pent up anger over it. His fantasies of being a girl (wearing womens panties and bra's prove this to me) are strange but pretty much correct if he is viewing himself as gay. A lot of child molesters tell their male victims they are gay after the molesting/rape is over, as to keep them silent and ashamed. If we as a society went out to assess this kind of damage to our children, you would not only be surprised how often it happens, but how close to the family it is. But the vanity of society refuses to believe that monsters like this could be lurking in their midst so they ignore signs regarding the molester not to mention the signs the small victims are sending out. Open your eyes people and talk to your children everyday about being safe and trusting no one...even if they are family. If it feels wrong...IT IS. By the looks of it, you won't get a straight answer from Dr. Phil..... It would be too devastating to hear the news. Again, I am not saying every out of control child or teenager has been molested. I am saying with these new child rearing techniques of  time out and "now that's not nice" or simply ignoring rage or severe disobedience for lack of how to handle it, we now have a mind blowing amount of children with new disorders and hi-tech words to take the responsibility off the parent and put a clinical name to someone who is clearly in trouble or just needs a good old fashioned spanking.
Replied By: dazroot on Jun 15, 2013, 7:58PM
Dr Phil  I like to leave a comment on your show about the child Brandon you had on your show One I agree with your assessment that Brandon is autistic and the treatment is targeting section of the brain with radiation to energize these areas that is dormant in his brain. But you need to know is there is a psychic element to the story as well. I have scanned the father and he has mildly active 3rd eye. The mother has a darkness to her. She is angry to the core but controls it. Brandon has inherit his father psychic 3rd eye and his mom anger. I would say Brandon has demonstrated neurological problems in life. I would not be surprised if he had seizures in past. What is essentially going on is he is having thoughts are coming through the 3rd eye and confusing his reality. Thus delaying his development. I know where of I speak. Targeting the brain with selective energy delivered by the MRI is a valid brain programming sequences . It is all neurological rescquencing .  I to am Autistic but there lot more to me than meet the eye. Mom say she will tell u about me, I just want to help the boy. David Z
Replied By: matothree on Jun 15, 2013, 3:25PM
If this boy is autistic, let me just say that not all autistic children are the same first off.  Just as not all regular non-autistic children are the same.  How many people or children have rage issues that have no autism?Really.  Everyone has different issues & circumstances.  Autism is a wide spectrum.  If this child's Autism was properly diagnosed at a young age, applied behavioral analysis(ABA therapy) would have helped him greatly.  However, if this is Autism, I can see why he is collecting and hoarding things (albeit collecting underwear etc). That is what some autistic children do.  That is what he is attracted to. They call it stimming with my daughter.    My daughter is attracted to toy figurines and will focus on them for hours.  She used to constantly line them up and bring them all in her bed.  And I mean alot of them.  

 Not treating this child for years to help him with neurological issues through various therapies for Autism must have lead to it cascading into what it is.  Especially putting him on all these medications. Especially when they had no idea what was really wrong with him.  How can you medicate a child so much?  You just keep band-aiding him because no one knew how to diagnose Autism?  Sometimes medications have ramifications on behaviors and side effects.  My daughter is non-verbal autistic and very loving.  Through ABA therapy and early diagnosis, she has progressed to be such a beautiful little girl.  Early diagnosis is key, otherwise some of these children cant handle what is going on inside amd whay they are socially different from everyone else.  To get a better understanding, go to Autismspeaks.org.  Also, checking for food allergies and changing diet affect neurological behaviors too.
Replied By: bwell53 on Jun 15, 2013, 6:37AM
I have a similar situation as shown on this show. I'm lucky because my child isn't violent. However, he has taken underwear and hidden it in his room. (He's no longer doing that; I'm pretty diligent about checking his room). He has been diagnosed as ADHD but not autism. He does lie about things that are obvious. My concern is that he is fixated on women's breasts. He takes pictures from magazines and draws bigger breasts, or draws around them, or highlights them. Then instead of putting the pictures in the trash, he will fold them up and hide them in his room. He's 13 years old, taking medication, and I need to know if any one has any ideas on how to correct this situation before it escalates.
Replied By: msjones0226 on Jun 15, 2013, 6:09AM
I watched this show yesterday and it is sad. This child will either become a serial killer or a rapist. He stated that he did not put under garments there, well is he stealing them from somewhere. He has his parents scared to death. I am sorry to say but he will have to be placed somewhere. The agencies are no help to these desperate parents unless he kills them, then there will be a place for him. The father I am sorry needs to take control, there is no way this kid would be doing this to my wife, or anyone else. I noticed the childs fingernails which were eaten away. He needs to be in a secure setting, where they will do real testing and get this child the proper medicaltion. I always notice how Dr. Phill has his staff always available, well I beg to differ with his staff. The child needs to see a younger physician who may have a better insight on the newest medical treatments for this disorder. I am no doctor he may have Aspers Syndrome. Whatever he has I believe he needs helps last week. I wish his parents the best with him and hopes one day he can become a person of society.
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