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(Original Air Date: 01/11/13) Dr. Phil goes behind the stigma of mental illness to show how it’s affecting two families. Amanda, 24, is a mother of two who says she’s bipolar, and that during manic episodes, she becomes violent and screams, yells and shakes. Find out what Dr. Phil cameras capture at her home. Amanda says that despite her illness, her sister, Rianne, and mom, Lori, are insensitive and mean to her -- but they say they believe Amanda may be taking advantage of her diagnosis. Rianne says Amanda acts out and uses her illness as an excuse -- including an incident in which Rianne claims Amanda punched her in the face and lied to police about it. What does Dr. Phil think is behind Amanda’s behavior? And, does he believe she is bipolar? Then, Jenny is a 53-year-old mother of three who says she suffers from dissociative identity disorder, formally known as multiple personality disorder. She says she has 22 “alters,” who she calls “parts of me.” Jenny reveals the traumatic childhood experiences that she believes caused her to take on multiple personalities. And, Jenny’s son, Robert, 30, shares what life was like growing up with Jenny. Then, Jenny's biographer, Judy, a retired therapist who wrote 22 Faces, based on Jenny’s journals and their sessions together, joins the show to defend herself against accusations that she may be exploiting Jenny. Go inside the world of real-life families rocked by mental illness in this compelling Dr. Phil!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: beekacie on Dec 3, 2015, 4:49PM
I have a sister who will curl up, scream, blame others for her episodes and lie. I have considered bipolar for her but the symptoms just don't add up. After more than 20 years of dealing with her, seeing Amanda was like looking at my sister—even the dramatic facial expressions matched up. Yes, it is mental illness but I believe it is not bipolar but a case of narcissistic personality disorder combined with depression. NPD explains the lying, the exaggerated need to be a victim in order to negate fault for bad personal choices. The depression is what triggers the episodes—tantrums when things don't go their way.
Replied By: traceycb76 on Jan 7, 2015, 9:47AM - In reply to loriroberts
I support you 100% Lori and I'm sorry if others don't. I'm sure it's incredibly difficult for you to hear and see all the negative comments about your child as well.

I just watched this episode and was pretty shocked by Amanda's behavior. Clearly she has a mental illness, but just as clearly, she uses mental illness as an excuse to behave outrageously.

I do hope that she was able to get help and that her children were protected from that behavior. I believe that everyone deserve's another chance and as infuriated as I was by Amanda's shocking immaturity, I believe that she deserves one too.

As for Rianne - I think that she could also use some professional help. I completely understand her anger, but her behavior was also immature and disturbing.

I'm praying for all of you - especially the innocent children.
Replied By: phoenixetal on Nov 29, 2013, 9:03PM
We hope and pray that Dr,  Phil and staff did everything they could to help that woman who had signed her life rights away to her therapist get out from under control of that so called therapist.  It seemed overly apparent to me that either the therapist confabulated a lot of this womans story.  Or this woman was so desparate for the approval of this woman or seeking an answer to her pain was lead down a path.  PLEASE HELP HER.  The "therapist"  gives those who work with people who have legitimate cases of DID a black eye.  It also makes people who legitimitaely have DID (which we view as the extreme of PTSD)  look like freaks. 

Replied By: bronwen773 on Nov 19, 2013, 11:59PM
I can not belive that this so called threpist can get away with taking this womans consent and then turn around and say she was concerned that her son was taking adavange of her.  If I was her son I would be the one to be looking for a laywer and as much as I hate to say this dr Phil why where you plugging this book ?
Replied By: saskyy on Aug 18, 2013, 4:57PM - In reply to svanwaveren
I agree completely, but i want to go even further by saying i was actually shocked that dr. Phill was promoting the book on the screen behind him and by repeating the title multiple times while there is clear doubts about the intentions and integrety of the therapist.... J

ust the fact that the patients son has real issues with the content of the book should be enough to not actively promote the book in my opinion.

I hope they get this woman a more trustworthy therapist because she deserves one! Someone who gains financialy of this woman in my opinion is more likely to go for the money then provide honest and proper help....
Replied By: phairlady on Jul 23, 2013, 8:03AM
I was curious what the final diagnoses from the cente was?
Replied By: leeniesma on Jul 11, 2013, 10:11AM - In reply to cache48550
I believe my mother has this histrionic personality.  Dealing with someone with HPD is the most exhausting thing I can imagine. I used to think she was a narcissist, before learning about HPD. Do you have anyone in your life with this diagnosis? And if so, how do you cope with them?
Replied By: momwithmodem on Jul 10, 2013, 8:16AM
where did they get this example of a "bipolar" person? She did not help in any way dispell the social stigma of this disorder. I absolutely I agree that she uses the diagnosis as an excuse. Her display of selfish, immature, spoiled behavior, I feel, was a direct result of not being held accountable for her actions. Being bipolar does not make you "evil" or violent. I was diagnosed as bipolar I after a full blown manic episode at 19. We are not all like this. This is truly a debilitating disease but this is manageable solong as the person chooses to heal... But I'm sorry it is Amanda's "fault" if she doesn't address and stay on her meds we definitely don't choose this disorder and there are definitely times when things are out of our control but she really just seems like an annoying victim and so unbelievably fake... I really love this show but with people like this on, definitely didnt help the stigma... Only makes it worse.
Replied By: manyofus on Jul 9, 2013, 9:31PM - In reply to felicity4us2
I agree with everything she said, except...I absolutely do NOT recommend the link she gave. She is the owner and she and her "staff" are their own little Nazi freak show.  Very controlling, treats members like children.  Bad children.  Not a great place for people who are trying to heal.
Replied By: manyofus on Jul 9, 2013, 9:17PM - In reply to lateharvest
Attention?  Are you kidding me? I'd love for you to step into my shoes for a single *day* and see how much fun it is to receive all the "attention" for this disorder I have.  DID is an incredibly painful, confusing, frightening thing to have to deal with.  Even the folks whose systems are, in part, fabricated, are likely dealing with some emotionally painful issues.  People don't normally get any sort of positive attention from divulging that they are multiple.  This forum, this show...case in point.
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