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Gabriel says his mom, Linda, is crazy, intrusive, “religious to the extreme” and causes so much drama that he and his wife, Suzanne, avoid her at all costs in fear of what she’ll do next. They say Linda constantly accuses Gabriel of stealing and using drugs and not only meddles in their relationship, but she also shows up at their home uninvited -- sometimes in the middle of the night -- just to check up on them. Linda calls herself the “Queen Bee” and says she’s not prying, she’s just trying to create a happy family -- but is she pushing her loved ones away? Can Linda learn to respect boundaries? And, will this family find the peace they’re hoping for? Plus, Dr. Phil explains the “Why Lie” that he says Linda is hiding behind and helps her face reality. And, tune in to learn how to tear down the barriers and begin to live with no fear in the New Year!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: booo7099 on Nov 9, 2013, 9:11PM
As screwed up as that first mom and son may be I couldnt help but love em...A few times I heard her boy say thats why I love you mama...I love you friggin cute...he sounded like my boy...Im sorry his wife wont deal with the mama...I hope they all stay close and the mama and daughter in law can patch things up...Compared to some other traumatic stories on Dr. Phill their story makes me smile and warms my heart even if it isnt ideal...I love that boy saying I love you cute...She isnt going to be around forever...I think he realizes that...he loves his mama...
Replied By: trickey8 on Feb 17, 2013, 5:34PM - In reply to ssoganty
Thanks I think I will get that book!
Replied By: trickey8 on Feb 17, 2013, 5:24PM
I always thought I was the only 'bad daughter' in this way in the world.  I just thought I was the black sheep of the family who got blamed for everything.  After many Dr Phil episodes I have come to understand my now late mother, yet still thought I was somehow to blame for the bad relationship we had.  Now my family and I are living with my father and he is the one just like this mother! I see why my mother was like she was. I am finally able to realise that nothing I do or say will ever be enough. And yes krypto33 I too am sad that he will never change. Yet I am sooo happy to know that I can now START at 47 living MY life without the guilt that pervades every moment of my relationship with him.  Maybe when I am not feeling guiltyabout everything I say or do and second guess myself constantly against his 'perfect' barometer, things might be better between us.  There is always hope.
Replied By: strine on Feb 12, 2013, 9:17PM
The way he spoke about finding her religious counselling and a "gift of love" was such a great way to approach someone so set in their ways. I would have laughed if I was in your situation and been unable to think of a way to say she needs psychological help. I hope she is willing and able to change and allow her  family some peace in their lives. I remember when my mother would call me and talk non stop for 3hrs at a time (I would go give my daughter a bath and come back and she never realised). Most times tact is what's needed so you and your family can have a life that isn't centred around one person. Clap clap clap Dr Phil for your patience, tact and diplomacy.
Replied By: strine on Feb 12, 2013, 9:05PM
The mother reminded me of Vicky Pollard from the TV series "Little Britain", every time she was confronted with her own behaviour she started fast talking and blaming other people (so fast she even forgot what she was about to say several times and went off on a tangent). Example: "I think, she's a good mother BUT she and Gabriel need counselling....etc etc tangent, however (take a breath)..etc etc but I would like to see my grandchildren grow up in a home that's solid...3 minutes of speech later...". Just listening to her talking was exhausting without having her in my life. I'd hang up on her too since she only likes the sound of her OWN voice. Look after your kids and if she wants to see them, stick around so they don't turn out with ADHD like her.
Replied By: furstdol on Jan 4, 2013, 10:49AM - In reply to paynge1225
Well, I totally agree that I did not feel Dr. Phil dealt with that situation.  The woman obviously has mental problems - and I think he needed to focus more on the son dealing with or just cutting the ties with her.  They feel they cannot trust her with the grandchildren which after hearing her rambles - I understand why.  She definitely needs some mental health help.  And I don't feel that you did any one a favor by not sharing some of that on the show.  It just looked like you passed over her.  The son and his wife were distraught over her actions and personality.  It wasn't all fear of feeling abandoned or alone.  She definitely has mental problems.  So  Dr. Phil where were you on this?  That is the part I wanted to hear.
Replied By: d_julia on Jan 4, 2013, 9:12AM
I doubt it will happen, but his "mother" needs some very serious psychiaatric help. She can't follow a single thought, conversation, topic. She blames everybody else for her problems. She either denies or downplays her erratic, instrusive, sometimes criminal behavior. She is hyper religious and seemingly has no boundaries with her religiosity. I doubt that she will accept psychiatric help because she wants to blame others for her behavior. Obviously, her son and his wife? have their own problems. I hope that that will also seek some marriage//relationship counseling for themselves.
Replied By: sasunshine on Jan 3, 2013, 5:07PM - In reply to forensic_girl
You, my friend, are RIGHT ON !!  Thanks for saying it better than I did !!
Replied By: krypto33 on Jan 3, 2013, 11:02AM
This is my first post on the Dr. Phil community board. This whole story reminds me so much of my own mother's behavior. Sometimes I feel like I can't take anymore! Where it is very comforting to know I am not alone with an "overly religious mom," I feel such sadness that my mom will never change. It has done some damage on me- this I know. I feel resentful when she tells me I am going to hell or my siblings and I will be "left behind" when Jesus comes to take his people home. I don't understand why any mother would tell her child that. I lived with this 43 yrs and it continues to be my biggest fear in life. On the other hand, my mother can be a wonderful person with the best of intentions. She gave me everything I ever wanted or needed. She did the same for my brother and sister. I am now her care taker and wish to give back all that she has done for me, but it's getting to be stressful. I don't understand religion. I don't understand why it grabs hold of some folks and turns them into a close minded, judgemental, raving lunatic???
Replied By: forensic_girl on Jan 2, 2013, 11:01PM
This woman is a reminder that I need to thank God again today and every day that my mother in law is the wonderful woman that she is. I wish that all daughters in law have the blessings that I do with my husband's mother. This woman seems to be narcissistic, terrified of abandonment and loss of control, and dealing with impulse control problems. I admire the son and his wife for attempting to work on a relationship with her; they both have the patience of Job. A person's relationship with their God can be a beautiful thing- a guide and inspiration- but it should never be a weapon against family. A person cannot be forced into spirituality, a person can only come to it at his or her own time. I do hope that this couple and their children find peace, with or without her.
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