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On the morning of December 14, 2012, authorities say 20-year-old Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and opened fire, killing at least 20 children and six adults before taking his own life. Investigators believe Lanza shot and killed his mother at a nearby home before the massacre. Who was Adam Lanza, and why would he carry out such a senseless act? Dr. Phil goes behind the headlines in this tragedy in search of answers. Plus, would you know if you were raising a killer? In a very rare and emotional interview, hear from Jeff, whose son, Andy, became a school shooter. He says in 2001, his then 15-year-old son went to school with a .22 caliber revolver and 40 bullets in his backpack and opened fire on his classmates. Jeff recounts the tragic day and shares the signs he says he may have missed in his son. Plus, hear Jeff’s tearful warning for all parents.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: bernard2012 on Dec 22, 2012, 12:08AM

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I made a song for Sandy Hook and I hope you enjoy it and spread it all around the world

from Bernard Rodriguez in Watertown, NY
Replied By: pwphyl on Dec 21, 2012, 8:25PM
The poem you and Robin closed your show with written by Cameo Smith was very moving.  I saw it on facebook and copied it.  Then I cut it out in a decorative way and put it in a wooden frame with a red background of felt with some nativity and holiday stickers around it.  I am going to keep it with my Christmas decorations so that every year me and my family can say a prayer for those families who lost their little ones and pray for them and be thankful that my family is together for another year.  I watch your show every day that I can and many issues you have on "hit home" .   I want to e-mail you about a lot of things as they come up, but don't want to "gobble up" all your time, as I know you are a very busy man and have many people to talk to and help.
Replied By: judithann14011 on Dec 20, 2012, 3:31PM
Dear Dr. Phil,

Please use your show and your other media outlets to assist in our country in changing in regard to guns and gun violence. The tragedy in CT was horrific but unfortunately not surprising in our gun crazy culture. We clearly put availability of firearms over the priority of protecting our children. The photos of the murdered children will and should haunt us forever. I am hoping that this terrible incident will be a catalyst for change. I am sincerely hoping that you will be vocal in this much needed change. You are respected in our country, and your words have great impact on many people. Please, please speak out for gun regulation and for the safety of our most vulnerable citizens, our children.
Replied By: jungelmom on Dec 20, 2012, 2:13AM
Dear Dr. Phil.

As you know I'm from portugal, i watch all your shows when i can. And if i can't i tape them because we see them on cabel.

As for this massacre, i was not surprised at all, because before we had cabel we had our own chanels, and when i was in cooking or doing anything, i had my tv on and i woul hear the news. The reporter would allways start with "in a school a young man..." and i would say it´s in america...

My daughter would say: Mom how do you know? Why do you hate the americans so much? she was about 8 years old. and i thought to myself how am i going to explain to her how do i know, and that i don't hate them.

I tried my best to explain to her why in her small languge, and asked her do you understand now? she said yes turned her back and went of. Dr. Phil i thought that she realy understood, until 2 years later, we got cabel in our area, and she stared to see "Gossip Girl" "Pritty little liers" and all those series for teenagers, it was then she understood what i esplaind.

And now i ask myself, how is it possibel for a young boy to purches any fire arm that easy without a licence, and a psiquitrest avaluation? Even if every thing is alwrigt with this youn boy, why is it possibel to let him purches fire arms?

Because one day they are ok, the next day they are completly nuts...

Honestly, i see things that happen there in america that i stay in a tate of shoke, the is a show called "divas from texas" Dr. Phil belive me, it's not the daugters that made, that are competative, it's the mothers!!!! I have a friend that is psicoligist anf he always says children show out doors what they see at home, and i think it's true.

You don´t need to spoil your child and make them brats, but you also don't need to spank them to be good kids.

I'm very proud of my two children, they are not racial, they do not make difrence between poor or rich. And the most important lesson i gave them when they went to primary school was, family you don't choose, but friends you have the givte to choose, so choose well, because if you choose a good friend you may be like him or better, if you choose a bad friend, you'll be worse than him. And thank God Dr, Phil they have always been in the wright path.

Watching your show also helps me to walk besides them all the time. So thank you very much from a person that sees you from the other side of the ocean.

Sorry, for getting out of the path of the matter in question, but my heart is in sorrow for those who stayed here to sufer the death of the beloved ones, and truely that idiot killing himself it was no suferring for him, he should be here paying each day of his life, remebering every day the damich he had done.

I'm sorry for saying thiese words, but he shoud be alive, put in a cell every day and watch over and over what he had done... 365 days that was my punishmant.

I know i should'nt say it but my anger is such, that words get out of my mouth without my notice...

All the best for your show i hope it wont end because it helps alot of people near or far...

All the best for you and you Family Dr. Phil because you are an example

And a Merry Xmas Happy New year

Best Regards

Replied By: nyknicks on Dec 19, 2012, 6:29PM
I am 52 and live in Maryland but I was born and raised in Newtown and am still blown away, I wrote this poem a few years ago and I want to share


The sun will rise
The sun will set
The moon will glow
The wolf will howl
The river will flow
The water will fall
The birds will sing
The flowers will bloom
The wind will blow
The world will keep turning
What will be will be
These things will be certain
I will never forget you
Our souls will be together
For all eternity
Replied By: annako on Dec 19, 2012, 3:52PM - In reply to acriticalmind
No one could have said it better than you. People here in Europe are astonished that the US society cant seem to coonect the dots. This is one of the main reasons we left USA 10 years ago and didn't want to raise our chidren there. Freedom is menace in hands of people that misuse it.
Replied By: mominconn on Dec 18, 2012, 12:20PM
I live a town over from Sandy Hook, a haven for those who crave solace for quiet writing, walks along tree-lined New England streets, or a bite at a local cafe.  You always believe "it can't/won't happen here" but we sadly learned on 12/14 that it does.  As a local, you feel helpless.  Sick to your stomach.  Paralyzed.  We all knew someone or someone who had a connection to at least one (if not more) of the deceased. 

My husband is a detective with an area police department and was ordered to the initial site Friday evening to assist the Newtown PD in keeping order among throngs of parents searching for their children and the media who quickly took residence up on our idyllic back roads.  It is now Tuesday afternoon and he will be spending dinner with us for the first time since he was called to duty; he is exhausted both physically and mentally but I worry for his, as well as the other support personnels, mental state.  He was posted in front of the school as the removal of bodies began.  As a police officer, you are trained to stay cool and composed.  While this is something people feel secure with in times of need, it is not healthy for anyway - trained or not.  I worry for his emotional state.  Many of our police friends have said the same about their own husbands as well.  One police officer who was one of the first on-site said he "went home, threw his uniform in the garbage and took a scalding hot shower."  You can't soap off a feeling like that, no matter how hot the water. 

While we pray for the families of those affected by this tragedy and the victims themselves (who are in a better place), we need to be mindful of the living and how this and other tragedies affect them.  People are people and all the training in the world doesn't protect you from being a human being.  Let's not forget to reach out to those who saw the initial carnage and pray that they will heal and continue to stay strong for their own families and themselves so they may better servce us all.
Replied By: acriticalmind on Dec 18, 2012, 10:28AM
I have been grieving with pure empathy for ALL the people of Newtown and area since Friday because what happened there was so horribly heart wrenching  and should NEVER have happened to anyone there or anywhere.

As the weekend progressed, I have further mourned, and with all America (my neighbour to the south) for their collective state of disbelief, sorrow and outrage at once again having to deal with such pain and anguish amongst themselves.

I thought for sure however that THIS time, with such mass killing of young and innocent babies, it would finally galvanize your nation into seeing what everyone else OUTSIDE your borders has been able to see for years now.  That is, that you have a ridiculously and deeply entrenched "GUN CULTURE".  Not one decent God fearing patriotic NRA member or otherwise should EVER even WANT or have need for an automatic weapon or assault rifle.  These my friends are weapons of war and as such should not be in the hands of individual citizens ever PERIOD!

If you really must....have your ordinary non automatic pistols for self protection...and have your long guns for sport shooting and hunting, but to have automatic guns and assault weapons for non police or military engagement is just plain ludicrous.  Hey America, wake up, smell the gunpowder, and look no further...These are your "weapons of mass destruction".

But you'll never get it!! .. and you know why?   Because now you'd have to go way far beyond just a ban on any such weapons.  The existing guns out there would never ever get turned in, even by ordinary so called good people, unless of course you also enacted new legislation that made the punishment for mere possession severe, like say, an automatic and manditory 15 years in prison.

I can NOW see by all the various news coverage, interviews, blogs and forums (such as this) that you'll get all bogged down in arguing about mental health issues, budget issues, bullying, and violence on TV and video games, all of which legitimately "also" played a part in this shooting (and it's predecessors), but until you take SIGNIFICANT and meaningful action on the kinds of weapons you are allowing ordinary citizens to "legally" possess... these kinds of MASS KILLIINGS will continue.

And so I mourn further, for I don't think you have it in you America to collectively shout "enough is enough",  and to make the changes it will require to stop the madness.

Poor Sad America!               
Replied By: macmac3 on Dec 18, 2012, 10:12AM
I have read a few comments that the males are shooters.  Women have a different outlet.  In the case of mental illness, they harm thier own children.  Andrea Yates came to mind.  I do believe she had/has mental illness.  Im not a professional, by all means, but this came to mind.
Replied By: macmac3 on Dec 18, 2012, 10:09AM - In reply to mmomphx
I wondered also how the mom could introduce him to weapons if she knew how troubled he was, if this is the case.
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