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(Original Air Date: 12/03/12) Psychic medium John Edward is back by popular demand and ready to take on his skeptics, including Dr. Phil. First, John changes things up by turning his back to the audience, removing any potential visual cues -- can he still connect audience members to the other side? And, Dr. Phil shares a moment with John that he says challenged his skepticism. Next, John and intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid team up to help grieving mother Therese find answers into her daughter, Venus’, disappearance more than two years ago. Can she find comfort after such a devastating loss? Then, celebrity numerologist Glynis McCants breaks down the numbers behind some of Dr. Phil’s most talked-about guests this season: Robert Blake, Nadya Suleman and Dina Lohan. Can she help explain their controversial behavior? Plus, Glynis details how the numbers could help you find Mr. or Ms. Right. Then, self-admitted skeptic Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gets a reading from the group. Will she become a believer?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: snairbs on Apr 26, 2015, 2:45PM - In reply to rjtalbot138
Thanks for the brilliant analysis. I, too, am a fan of Dr. Phil who doesn't want him to be taken in by these hucksters. You articulated my sentiments much better than I could have.
Replied By: anniepg on Aug 12, 2013, 10:00PM - In reply to bryson37
What does your priest, minister, nun, counselor charge for their services?  They all make a living, don't they?
Replied By: anniepg on Aug 12, 2013, 9:52PM - In reply to georgia2020
Maybe Jesus didn't charge for his help but I don't know of a priest, minister, or nun who doesn't make a living for their work.
Replied By: rjtalbot138 on Aug 9, 2013, 6:37AM
Dr. Phil, let me first say that I’m an avid viewer of your show. I just finished LIFE CODE and it blew my hair back! I recommend it to all of my friends and coworkers and I plan to implement your strategies for my new career as a Dialysis Nurse. I plan to take advantage of opportunities offered by my company to further my education and pursue a career path to the top! I have heaps of respect for you and your work. Having said all of that, I was dumbfounded to see John Edward on your show! You have a right to be skeptical about psychics, Dr. Phil. Harry Houdini was! When his mother died in 1913, Houdini tried to communicate with his deceased mother using spiritualist mediums. As we all know, Houdini was a master magician and he quickly saw through all of the tricks and deception. What the mediums didn’t know was that Houdini’s mother didn’t speak English and called him by his birth name “Ehrich”.  Oops! Outraged, Houdini went on to debunk and expose numerous spiritual mediums under the alias “F. Rod” or “Fraud”.

I believe using the guidelines you presented in LIFE CODE that I can prove to you, Dr. Phil, and others, that John Edward and other so called psychic intuitives are BAITERs. They have traded in their crystal balls and are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, but the tricks are still the same. They lie to, manipulate, and take advantage of the grief and suffering of those that have lost loved ones for financial gain, notoriety (Edwards is a bestselling author), and power (Tendency to cheat and steal is #8 of the Nefarious 15). Houdini debunked mediums a century ago and I think we could all benefit from a share of his skepticism. You say that you want to keep an open mind, but you’ve also said to never give someone the benefit of the doubt.

Cold and hot readings are old and understood methods for psychics to supposedly predict the future or communicate with the deceased. They are skills that anyone can learn and refine without supernatural powers. They are crafty methods of sifting for information while giving credit to a paranormal source. Cold reading means that the psychic isn’t familiar with the mark or, as Wikipedia puts it, the intended victim of a confidence trick. Hot reading means that the psychic already knows something about the mark prior to the reading. Celebrities are prime hot reading targets. Real Housewives star Lisa Vanderpump was told by one of your guests that “Family is a huge priority”. Well, that’s a pretty generic statement and also very obvious if you’ve ever seen the Real Housewives show. Social media websites like Facebook are goldmines of information. More surreptitious mediums have been caught planting microphones in the waiting rooms and audiences of their shows to gather information about their marks. Psychic medium Rosemary Altea has her own publicists to seek out and research potential marks for public appearances. These BAITERs do their homework and gather data to build a file on you (#4 of the Nefarious 15). 

“Barbra Streisand” was the start of a hot reading John Edward did on you, Dr. Phil. We all know something about you. You are an easy mark for a hot read and you took it hook, line, and sinker. Is it a secret that you’re friends with Mrs. Streisand? How would you have responded if he said “Maggie” instead? Did he name drop anyone else that you have forgotten about? You and Edward didn’t even agree on what was said. You report that Edward said “What’s going on with you and Barbra Streisand?” while Edward reports he only blurted out “Barbra Streisand”. You filled in the blanks, dude! You gave it your own meaning. Does Edward seem like an imposter yet?

 You asked Edward to turn his back to the audience to avoid picking up on any minimal encouragers like nods and smiles, but you, Dr. Phil, picked up on the minimal encouragers and let Edward know that he was getting an affirmative response from audience members. Also, Edward was able to fully view the audience well before you asked him to turn his back to them. Is it possible that Edward knew the folks from your audience beforehand? Edward could have done readings on these folks previously and been familiar with their tragic stories. Maybe they are his followers on Facebook. Those are more reasonable assumptions than loquacious ghosts haunting your set. Edward didn’t even make it as far as the first commercial break before he asked to turn back around to the see his marks. The remainder of your show was flooded with minimal encouragers from almost all of the marks including nodding of the head, saying “yes”, smiling, and even crying. Having said that, did you notice how tepid some of the responses were to Edward’s readings? These poor people seemed dejected, but not shocked at the accuracy of his readings. Edward has narcissistically manipulated these people and sullied the memories of their loved ones with his shameless scam (a lack of empathy is #2 of the Evil 8).

One method used in hot and cold reading is the “shot gun approach”. This is when a psychic throws out a single letter, word, or name with the hope that you’ll make the connection (psychic Tourette’s as John Edward calls it). The topics are always very broad and nonspecific and work well with a large audience. Once a volunteer has been found, the psychic will profile the mark’s age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, and other outward indicators to guide the cold reading. John Edward better facilitates his cold readings by suggesting audience members bring a copy of their family tree to his performances (I’m not saying that happened on your show, Dr. Phil).

Unfortunately, in cold readings many of these attempts go astray and the intended target doesn’t connect. That means the psychic has to do a lot of fast talking and guessing to find a shred of connection with the mark. Many folks have posted on your message board that Edward spoke too fast and talked a lot. With more guessing, there is a better chance of getting a seemingly “accurate” message. Fortunately for the medium, the audience tends to forget the misses and respond to the hits. Colette Baron-Reid, the psychic life coach, really struggled on your show. She said to the poor woman that had lost her daughter “I’m seeing three or four different things that are debilitating you, if you will at this moment, but one of them is you have a history of addiction. Is that in your family? Around you?” That poor woman shook her head and said “no”. Again Baron-Reid: “You don’t have that at all?” This sad, grieving woman again shook her head and said “no”. You, Dr. Phil, did most of the work and made the emotional connection for her. Baron-Reid seemed aggravated by that since you were stealing her thunder. Edward, a slicker and more seasoned cold reader, overshadowed Baron-Reid for the remainder of your show.

Glynis McCants, the numbers lady, is just as transparent a huckster as the other two. Dina Lohan’s numbers are 666 which make her a devil or an angle. Do they also make her tall or short? Thin or skinny? I don’t need numbers from a fortune cookie to tell that you were aggravated by Lohan’s repugnant attitude during that interview. McCants in no way explains how number can influence a person’s personality or relationships (misdirect and maintain a mystery about who they are is #5 of the Nefarious 15). We as the viewing audience are expected to accept this as a given. Then, McCants has the audacity to tell the grieving mother of the son whom killed himself “Your son was way too sensitive” and that her mission had been “I’m going to be the best parent possible.” McCants’ false intimacy and condensation is galling (incapable of feeling remorse or guilt is #3 of the Evil 8). Also, it is worth pointing out that one woman said about McCants: “I thought it was really nice how emotionally attached she was to me without even knowing me”. A focus on getting approval is #3 of the Nefarious 15 and the infiltration of one’s life with promises and flattery is #1. The promises are of hope, forgiveness, and closure.

James Van Praagh, another psychic performance artist, requires his audience to sign a release form with a nondisclosure clause prohibiting them from talking to the media about the taping of his show (Paranoid is #14 of the Nefarious 15). Edward is also renowned for being cagey with the audience before and after his performances.

People who have experienced the loss of a loved one, are the most likely to seek out psychic mediums. These poor folks WANT to believe that they can communicate with their loved one. Lisa Vanderpump claims to be a healthy skeptic, but quickly admits that she has previously tried to communicate with her deceased grandmother. She wants the medium to succeed! She wants answers! Who wouldn’t? Our raw emotions can make us vulnerable and the psychic feeds on the drama and crises created by grief (#5 of the Evil 8). Mediums also use hot button issues like children, forgiveness, money (papers or a will), and love to gain leverage over us (#11 of the Nefarious 15).  

John Edward isn’t just a fraud and a swindler. He’s much worse than that. He preys on the vulnerability of grieving families and exploits their feelings of loss and despair. At best, he believes his own lies (having delusions is #8 of the Evil 8). At worst, he takes advantage of them for his own benefit (seeing the world through a lens of entitlement is #1 of the Evil 8). Some folks might believe that Edward altruistically helps these people by giving them closure, but that’s condescending and very disrespectful. He lies to and manipulates these people for profit (tendency to cheat and steal is #8 of the Nefarious 15). He is a charlatan, a taker, and an imposter.

Dr. Phil, please don’t feature John Edward or any other psychics on your show. They insult the intelligence and critical thinking skills of your loyal viewing and reading audience. Leave John Edward and his ilk to the carnivals and flea markets where they belong.

I hope I’ve instilled a good helping of doubt into you, sir. I have in no way meant to imply that you are complicit in their plots, but have only had the wool pulled over your eyes like so many others before you. I have incredible respect for you and I hope that I haven’t put you off by my strong rhetoric. I am a skeptic myself and agree with the late Christopher Hitchens when he wrote that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. I know you want to keep an open mind, sir, but as you’ve said yourself, giving someone the benefit of the doubt is never a good idea. 
Replied By: treasures4u1 on Aug 3, 2013, 6:46AM
The show was good but between the MANY commercials and the fast pace, I feel Dr. Phil was interrupting all the people on the show and giving his own opinion.  EX:  The intuitive lady was giving her feelings of what was happening and Dr. Phil started giving HIS opinion.  He is NOT a physcic.  But he is always acting like he knows everything about everything.  He forever tells on the show how he has 30+ years experience in this and that and how he is going to put verbs in his sentence LOL!  I like Dr. Phil very much but I just feel he interrupts the professionals and experienced people WAYYY to much.  He is a little on the arrogant side but extremely kind and caring person.
Replied By: mazophile on Aug 3, 2013, 2:47AM - In reply to georgia2020
Pure fiction. All species of animals on one ark? A burning bush? 

I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, too.
Replied By: mazophile on Aug 3, 2013, 2:43AM - In reply to jnokleby
No awareness is large enough for anyone to believe in these so-called psychics. They are talented magicians who can figure out most anything by cold readings. The Amazing Randi has offered 1 million dollars to any psychic who can prove him/herself. The offer is still standing, after many years. 

The gullible will always be gullible.
Replied By: jackiesil on Aug 2, 2013, 4:50PM - In reply to rescand2
Fast talker...I even posted how ridiculously fast paced the show was, but that wasn't the fault of the guests, but how many ridiculous segments the show felt necessary to air.  That ruined it for me.  Even Dr. Phil was talking extremely fast...between the million commercials.
Replied By: jackiesil on Aug 2, 2013, 4:47PM - In reply to melodylbeattie
I would agree that telling her to get over it would be unforgivable, if that's what they'd said; however, it wasn't. Dr. Phil simply told her that she had to be strong for her grandchildren and not make the topic of thier mother a negative one. He gave her the best advice he could have. If those kids are in her care, she simply must be strong. Of course she can and should grieve, but she must also help her grandchildren remember their mother in a positive, even happy way.
Replied By: jackiesil on Aug 2, 2013, 4:41PM - In reply to sandymorris
Hi Sandy,

I watched the show today and first, I'm terribly sorry for your loss. You know what is real and I hope you absolutely ignore any comments that negate what you know to be true. I wonder why so many need to feel that they know all and understand all. It's a weakness or insecurity, I guess. I've always been a skeptc; however, I had my own experience with a psychic who told me something before it happened. I didn't pay much attention and lived to regret it. It wasn't anything subjective either, but something extremely specific. It still shakes me when I remember the words she spoke to me (and wrote down). I'm very happy that you received the message that you did. I hope it helped you feel some peace.

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