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(Original Air Date: 12/04/12) More than 10 years ago, Leah’s 15-year-old daughter, Jessica, was killed in a horrible car crash that also left Leah’s oldest son, Michael, now 22, paralyzed from the waist down. Since the tragedy, Leah has kept Jessica’s bedroom exactly the way the teen left it, and despite encouragement from her family, she says she can’t bring herself to pack up her daughter’s belongings. Leah’s husband, Curtis, says his wife is stuck in the past and that their marriage is suffering -- so much so that they haven’t slept in the same bed for more than three years. Can Leah finally let go of her pain and anger? And, can her marriage be saved? Then, hear from Michael and from his brother, Brent, who walked away from the crash unhurt -- but not unaffected. If you or someone you know is struggling to move past an unbearable loss, don’t miss this emotional Dr. Phil.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Oct 20, 2013, 11:35PM - In reply to denise04
While she allowed herself to be fully immersed in the death of Jessica for 10yrs, her other children have grown up without their mother. My pity ends with them since they all didn't choose to be born and they can't go back where they cam from just so she can wallow in self pity. Their lives will be negatively affected forever because of the lack of attention she has shown them. People who enable parents like these to wallow really have no empathy for anyone else in the "big picture". Hopefully she gets in the game before her little girls grow into women needing to find attention on social networking sites (or worse).
Replied By: margiem on Jun 18, 2013, 7:16PM
I am so sorry for your horrific loss. Leah you have let the legacy of your daughter become ugly, gut wrenching pain, her loss has poisoned your family. I hope you can heal, I can't imagine the pain and I understand why you are feeling that way. I hope you can do what you can to turn your grief into something positive in her memory instead of just a legacy of pain and torment. My friend lost her toddler to cancer, as heartbreaking as it was she now works to help families going through the same thing, has a foundation for kids. It has been helfpul to her, I hope  you can find something that is helpful for you so your family can enjoy the lives they still have.
Replied By: geezemarie926 on Jun 18, 2013, 6:51PM - In reply to panther770
What irritates me the most about people like panther770  is how they accuse people of judging and they are doing the very thing that she is damning us for. Then she has the audacity of hiding behind the bible to justify her hypocracy.

panther770, If anyone needs prayer, is YOU. They always say the worse people are found in the church house in effort to convince people that they are living righteous....  Just saying.
Replied By: isaac18 on Jun 18, 2013, 1:19PM - In reply to delanye
Losing a child is not the same as a parent. Please dont compare the two and downplay what she is going through. Your post just came across tuncompassionate.
Replied By: toandlilr on Jun 18, 2013, 1:04PM
18 years ago my 13 year old son passed away tragically.  Prior to this I was widowed by my children's father.  (at that time my son, Matthew was 4 months old, my daughter was 1 and a half)  I remarried six years later to a wonderful man.  A year to the day I lost my son, my mother and step-father were killed in a head on crash.  I know too much tragedy all to well.  My sister, brother-law and husband helped me go thru his room.  We gave some things away that would be meaningful to some family members and best friends. Then donated what we did not hang on to.  I remember thinking, my son's life fit in a box.  I know the physical pain in losing a child and also know that the missing and thinking how old your child would be now, and all that should have been.  But we all Have to make choices on how we choose to deal with these horrible losses.  Shock up to 6 months  with my son's death, lot's of taking walks, and talking with God daily.  Being fed through my Pastor, and thankfully lots of community support.  After Mom's tragedy, I just couldn't go back to church for two years.  This woman is really needing to move forward and live in the present, I know where my son and other's are, and it has taken years to feel @ peace, and make a conscious decision to remember all the memories that can still make me laugh and smile.  It's a process for each person, but I will pray for this family that the mom does not make her other children
Replied By: janey1234 on Jun 18, 2013, 8:21AM
first i would like to say how sorry i am for this family and the tragedy they expeienced in the loss of their child.
i would like to make an observation regarding the woman and her husband.  Dr Phil acknowledged that the man was controlling, passive aggressive, militaristic man and does not know how to allow a person to be who they are.  it seemed the man wanted to change that.  this woman is not going to let this go until there is an acknowledgment from this man that indirectly his behavior contributed to the death of her daughter.  because of this man's controlling behavior and lack of respect towards his wife on that day and many other days, this woman is having difficulty trusting this man.  i do not believe that, nor am i accusing this man that this accident was his fault.  as dr phil pointed out, he did not act in gross negligence with his family.  my point, which is hard to describe is that because this man had these controlling behaviors and complete disregard to his wife before the accident, and also on the day of the accident, this woman is now really stuck in this scenario.  if she is not validated by her husband that he actually did behave wrong that day also, she is not going to be able to move forward and establish trust with him again.  again i am not saying this accident was his fault.  i dont' believe that.   but he also did not act right that day and it so happened that a terribly tragedy also occurred.  this woman needs to be validated and heard on this particular point from a counselor and from her husband.  and then positive actions from her husband over time i believe can reestablish the relationship.  i am also not saying that this woman has not done anything wrong.  i am bringing up a point that i dr phil did not address, which i think can help this family.  they seem like lovely people and i do pray for change for them.  again i am not blaming this poor man and i am so sorry for their loss.  take care.  i think dr phil missed this.
Replied By: panther770 on Jun 17, 2013, 9:00PM
I am amazed at all the hurtful, judgmental comments that people posted on here!!!!  Regardless of whether or not this woman was right or wrong in her marriage, etc., she HAS SUFFERED A HORRIFIC LOSS and does NOT need the NEGATIVE COMMENTS, BUT THE THOUGHTS, PRAYERS AND ENCOURAGEMENT FROM PEOPLE!!!!  


Lord, forgive them, for they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING!!!!!
Replied By: panther770 on Jun 17, 2013, 8:57PM - In reply to inwardupward
It's soooooo easy to JUDGE others, when we've never walked in threir shoes, huh??
Replied By: panther770 on Jun 17, 2013, 8:54PM
I only watched a portion of this show, but this HAD to be the BEST show I've seen yet!!!!  I am soooo sorry for what this family has had to go through!  I've been through a LOT of tragedy in my life, as well and the last one was, after being single for 25 yrs., due to my ex being physically and verbally abusive to me AND my three sons, I FINALLY met a wonderful, Godly man!  After dating for approx. 2 to 3 yrs., we took the plunge and were married!  He treated me like a Queen and I'd NEVER been happier in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!  Then we were involved in a pretty bad vehicle accident and 5 weeks after that, my husband passed away unexpectedly!  Going thru all the stuff thar I've been thru in my life, I felt that my life was over!  My children had grown up and had lives of their own, I had quit my job 3 1/2 mths before my husband passed away and the ONLY feeling of worthiness I had left was my husband and now he was gone!!!  A few more bad things happened with his passing, but needless to say, I've been veryyyyyy depressed over his death, felt like I had no purpose in life anymore and have just been existing since his death in April 2006. 

After seeing this show, it was like the blinds were taken off my eyes and I realized that I needed to get on with life too!!!!  I'm not sure exactly what made me feel this way after watching this show, other than the feeling that I thought I had it rough, but after seeing this family and the horrific things they've been thru and are still going thru, I FINALLY realized that my situation was NOT as bad as I'd first thought, and that there ARE people out there who have it much worse than me!!!

I just want to thank Dr. Phil and ESPECIALLY this family, for sharing their horrific story and for them to know that if they achieved nothing else from doing this, they HAVE helped to save my life and get me back on track to living and being happy and I can NEVER thank them enough!!!!

They WILL remain in my prayers!!!!
Replied By: robinwings on Jun 17, 2013, 5:44PM - In reply to laurasky
it was refreshing to see a message that wasn't full of judging and missing the point and non-productive. Bless you Laura, you restored my hope and faith in people, after reading many of these reactions i was feeling shameful of my fellow humans. You bring up a good point about the  Remapping. I wish Dr Phil could Judy on board in this situation. The thing i wanted to say to some of the people who wrote unkind messages. I wonder if there may be a lot of people who have not experienced the therapeutic process? In other words gone through therapy?  For those who have not, you may not be aware of how scary and how enormous the work in it is, and the tremendous courage it takes to step into. Just the fact that this woman took the step to reach out to Dr. Phil and was painfully truthful about how she has become. She never once tried to say that how she is, is justified in any way. She is obviously a very good Mother, Just listen to her children, and that is obvious. Yes, those kids only have half a mom right now, but she has done a very good job while only being half available. Imagine what a terrific women, Mother, and wife she will be when she healed. She showed a lot of courage to go on National TV and put her struggle out there like she did. She doesn't want to stay like she is. This women has more hope and more potential of healing from this than most, because she has the courage to heal. People who want to be victims and wallow in their crap, don't have the courage and desire to do anything different. This women is not only willing to do what it takes to heal herself and family; she asked for help. She doesn't want to remain the way she has been for ten years. How many of you out there have a clue of how painful and how hard the work is when you go into Therapy? Trust me it is huge, but what those of us who have gone through it  know;  is  It is incredibly worth it. In my past when i was much younger I realized that when I was negative and unkind in my opinions about others; it was almost always when something was going on that I did not understand. I am a very compassionate person. but when I learned this flaw in my self . I then stopped voicing my opinions if they were negative. And I became a more compassionate person. Remember how we often hear people say, "hey don't  let what they think get you down, it  is them who have a problem, yeah they are one with a problem." How true. It is so true. So when you find your thoughts, words and opinions, being all unkind judgmental and negative you might not not want to be so quick to voice it, because probably there is something going on in it that you do not understand. Besides you are embarrassing yourself and don't even realize it. Be kind in these types of situation. or offer a book that you read on the subject,  like laura did or some kind of ideas that might help, but please don't be unkind, they already have enough pain going on. God Bless that family and Bless the work ahead of   them  God Bless Dr. Phil and his family and all the people here God Bless all of you and Laura

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