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John and Jenn say that when they moved in together a year and a half ago, they were faced with the challenge of blending their families -- including eight children under the age of 12 -- and it’s taken a toll on everyone. Outnumbered, Jenn admits that the household is out of control, and she’s checked out. John says that on a typical day, Jenn will sleep until noon and spend the rest of her day on the couch, usually playing on her phone and talking to a male friend, whom he’s never met. Dr. Phil sends psychiatrist and Medical Director of Los Angeles’ Department of Children and Family Services, Dr. Charles Sophy, to observe John and Jenn’s home and provide his insight. When Dr. Sophy stages a family meeting, find out what the children say they want from Jenn. Can he help get this family back on track? And, can Dr. Phil help Jenn check back into her family and her relationship? Then, Debbie is a mother of four who says she hates her own children and refuses to let them touch or hug her. Debbie admits that she often yells at the children and once spanked one of her kids so hard that she bruised her hand and broke a blood vessel. Debbie’s husband, Chuck, says that Debbie told him that she could, “walk away from this and never look back.” So, why doesn’t she? Dr. Phil delves deep into Debbie’s past to uncover the source of her pain and anger. Can he help her get to the root of her problem in time to turn this family around? Plus, if you're an overwhelmed mom, log on to DrPhil.com to find support and resources.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: wallflower13 on Dec 14, 2012, 2:35PM - In reply to julest1115
Wow i guess we weren't watching the same show!
Replied By: smartdog on Dec 12, 2012, 3:33PM
I understand how she feel, becaus I feel lkie my Mom doesn't love me the way that she should, I am so scared to touch my Mom in hugging or being sympathetic  towards her.  I also feel like she should and that hurts me!  Because I NEED Love and attention and I feel like I amnot getting it, not like I should!!  So I understand, life is hard, families are hard!!  I just with someone could talk to my Mom and help her too, because we really trully NEED help too!!!
Replied By: kae1691 on Dec 11, 2012, 7:05AM - In reply to doomsdaydiva
Of course it matters how many chldren yuu have if after you have them you decide you don't like your life. The question of the day is why on earth would you have a 4th child after having a 3rd you wanted to give up for adoption ?  That is why I don't buy her story.  You have to be joking........have 2 children who you don't like, get pregnant with the 3rd you really don't want and want to give up for adoption, and then do it a 4th time.  It just does not make sense...... How about out this scenario.......have 2 out of control chidren and the house is chaotic, then have another and another......and then cry the blues that you are depressed and need help.  I would be depressed if I made bad decisions, too !  People need to think before they have children and take the subject of having children more seriously !  If you have 2 children and it is not working out, you do NOT go out and have 2 more !  She needs to grow up and stop making excuses as to why her chidren and her life are a mess. 
Replied By: tammies on Dec 9, 2012, 11:17PM
Flower essence is a natural way to help when motherhood gets overwhelming.  There is one flower essence for "bonding with kids".  I had a bit of post partum with my last birth and I used herbs and natural remedies to help me with the feelings.  I am so grateful to those people that are in, or have been, in my life to help me learn so many wonderful new ways to treat emotional issues that come up in life.  I work as a massage therapist for 15 years and am able to help so many others through my own lessons.  I am so glad to see these women reaching for help.  It is very humbling to feel so unattatched to your own children.
Replied By: drakcots on Dec 9, 2012, 7:19PM
That husband was such an idiot I wanted to slap him.  I have never seen anyone so totally uninvolved.  To make it worse, I had a hard time just watching and kept hoping Dr. Phil would say something.  The poor woman stated that she did not like to be touched yet the entire time that nimrod was groping and patting and kneading her.  I was suprised she didn't throw her elbow into his nose.  I hope she gets help.  She obviously gets it that there is something wrong.  Him, I doubt that he will ever get it as long as he can go on with his head up his butt.
Replied By: doomsdaydiva on Dec 9, 2012, 8:22AM
I don't get why people still have so many kids in this day and age (besides the more obvious reasons). It's not the AMOUNT of kids you have that makes you a true parent, it's how you treat your kids! My parents only had my older brother and me and they would never have dreamed of saying or doing cruel things like the parents on this show!
Replied By: kae1691 on Dec 9, 2012, 5:53AM
ItI amazes me that show after show, Dr Phil continues to have people on who made poor decisions throughout their lives.  This  stigma to get married and have children  just because society thinks their supposed to is absolutely absurd.  I have made it very clear to my daughter that if she wants to get married and have children that is totally up to her, not me as the grandparent.  I also I will not be the "granny nanny" for my grandchildren.  I have one daughter and people crucified me for having only one child.  First of all it was none of anybody's business how many children I have.  I think that people do not think for themselves and do what is best for them.  Having children should be the biggest decision two people make in their lives and instead there are so many unwanted children who have irrespnsible and immature people who are horrible parents.  We get tons of single moms because people do not think and make good decisions.  I loved having one child and it was the best decision for me.......and everyone who thought I was making a big mistake for having an " only child".......shame on all of you !   And I don't buy Debbie's story at all.  She said she hates being touched and gets married and then goes out and has 4 unwanted children and does not want to parent.  Nice try, lousy excuse.  
Replied By: upsydasy on Dec 8, 2012, 11:16AM - In reply to leeisa
I only watched part of the sow this time.  I could feel the woman’s pain, but couldn’t understand how she could have had 4 kids and not realize it before now that she wasn’t cut out to be a mom.  Some people just aren’t made to be parents.  My parents were extremely selfish.  They beat and berated me until I got the hell out of that house at 19.  I knew at a very early age that I never wanted to raise children the way I was, so I never did.  I was never hugged or told I love you once by my parents.  Psychology and psychotherapy took a long time to catch up and raise awareness about the damage that this sort of upbringing can cause.  I knew that something was wrong with my family who appeared so upstanding in public, but were absolutely miserable when nobody was watching.

It took me a long time to understand that it wasn’t my fault that my parents couldn’t show affection, because that’s the way they were raised and by then it was too late for me to have kids.  Yet because of my decision to stop the cycle of hypocrisy, people have always looked at me strangely.  It’s as though I’m not worthy of respect for having the integrity to admit that I wouldn’t have been a good mom.  Not because I didn’t like children, but rather because I liked them too much and realized that they deserved a better life than I had.  Perhaps if society would just back off and stop telling women that it’s their duty to get married and bear children no matter what, there would be a lot less child abuse and domestic violence in the world.  (And don't even let me get started on the celebrity baby bump craze.)
Replied By: tbonet on Dec 8, 2012, 8:54AM
I am glad Dr. Phil preface the beginning of the show by stating that it takes courage to be so brutally honest about your truth and ask for help.   For this reason, Debbie I do applaud you and pray that you come out of your pain and struggle.   With Jenn it must be difficult not to lose who you are in the mist of so many children.   Childhood is only a short time in our life.  Time passes so quickly, in almost a blink, those children will be adults with lives of their own. They will hold you in the upmost regard for your sacrifices.   You will have your life back. Take a look at on line schooling.     I would defriend your facebook pal.  He is only a distraction and an obstacle to the healing of your family.   It is the ultimate when our  mate is our  best friend but it does not always happen this way.  Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find out that they were your best friend all along.    Try to find the good in your husband and focus on this why you are sorting out your life. He seemed like a nice guy on TV.    It is always a good time to teach and prepare children domestically for the future,  The chore list sounds like an awesome idea for you.    Lastly, take care of the Cat Debbie.  This is cruelty to a helpless creature and I am so happy Dr. Phil made mention of this.   Love ya, Dr. Phil for this.   

Replied By: abolim on Dec 8, 2012, 8:45AM - In reply to dianepue
I appreciate your response!
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