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Three celebrities who have zero experience with children babysit five loud, opinionated and out-of-control kids, ages 6 to 12, in a quest to be named the “Best Celebrity Babysitter.” First, Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker takes the children to a bakery and quickly realizes that young kids and sugar don’t mix. Don’t miss the moment that drives Patti over the edge! Then, Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out brings the children to a 150,000 square-foot furniture store -- and loses one of them! And, Kalon McMahon made single moms across the world mad when he referred to Emily Maynard’s daughter as “baggage” on The Bachelorette. Attempting to redeem himself, Kalon takes the kids to an indoor trampoline park. After spending the day with children, will it change his mind about them? Tune in to find out who wins the competition!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: cfitt_0125 on Nov 30, 2012, 8:20PM
I pray these children were told to act this way for the show.  I am a director of a daycare center with 96 kids and if any of them behaved this way in public they would be never going on a field trip again.  These children are so rude and disrespectful.  Children are generally better behaved for others then their own parents so would hate to see how these 5 acted with there parents.

I am worried that these children may one day be taking care of us when we are seniors.  

No manners, disrespecftul, rude, and embarassing.  Pretty much sums it up. 
Replied By: dcwisgirl on Nov 30, 2012, 4:28PM - In reply to kiddinla
I didn't have my commement show up but I agree "This is bad TV". Dr. Phil usually represents learning and self improvement. . Don't make another show like this again PLEASE. Dr. Phil you are much better than this!
Replied By: stargazer225 on Nov 30, 2012, 3:15PM - In reply to janeybgo
This show was hysterical. Loved Jeff and Zoila.
Replied By: chwarren on Nov 30, 2012, 8:28AM
It's been 2 days since I watched this show and and I am so disturbed about how those children behaved and interacted with the adults.    I can only hope that they were instructed to behave like brats but  three of the children were just out of control naturally!!   Dr. Phil you didn't even address this disturbing behavior - I kept waiting for the part of the show that sent these kids to counseling or at the very least let the parents remark on their own childrens behavior.   Children don't have a chance with that kind of parenting!!!!
Replied By: dearone on Nov 30, 2012, 12:00AM
I'd never heard of the Bachelor who called a child baggage. I was appalled when he said, he'd been, "Kissing hands & shaking babies" There's no excuse good enough to "joke" about a grown man shaking a helpless baby. When this violent attack happens, the little babies head & brain are shaken hitting different parts of their skulls, among other injuries. For those who survive, they fight the rest of their lives! I helped some of these precious survivors years after, & have seen some of the lasting effects, to wonderful, lovable children.
So what's so funny about "joking" about perpetrating a violent crime towards a child?
Replied By: keeleyv on Nov 29, 2012, 11:01PM
The only take away I got from this episode is that there's a double standard between the Mcgraw  household and the show. That gigantic dessert display that Robin was feeding her grandchild from was shocking for me to see considering just recently two super obese people have been profiled on the show with their terrible eating habits exposed. What kind of message is that sending?
Replied By: starbuxsandi on Nov 29, 2012, 11:38AM
The men were hilarious and did fairly well with the most obnoxious, ill-behaved kids on the planet.  I'm pretty sure these kids act this rude on a regular basis.  There parents have done a poor job.  I think these kids run the show at home - how sad!!
Replied By: kae1691 on Nov 29, 2012, 10:32AM
The way these chidren talkedago the adults was absolutely unacceptable.  You could tell that these children are the real deal and behave this way at hme all of the time.  They were rude, disrespectful and obnoxius and many children in today's society behave just like these children.  The parents of these children shoud be embarassed concerning their children's behavior.
Replied By: safepethaven on Nov 29, 2012, 5:39AM - In reply to gholsonp

learly then you must not have left your home or watched local newscasts since the 1950's.  I have lived in Texas the first five years of my life, and then unfortunately was forced to return here 42 years later, after growing up in the midwest.  There is no immunity to poorly behaved/reared children due to geography, although general cultural patterns do reveal themselves.  Tried shopping in any grocery store or major chain store lately?  Oh the horror!  And the parents themselves are no prizes either.  I have housepets that are better behaved, and more respectful of all other species, than most children these days; and I blame the parents for most of it.  Excellent parenting is hard work and must be done consistently, and that takes maturity and consistency along with regular sacrifices; laziness and self centeredness does not cut it.  I agree with Dr. Phil that it is too bad that people don't have to be licensed first before becoming parents; most fail at that strictly on-the-job training for that prime assignment of parenting.  Please Dr. Phil, no more programs like this just for "ratings" if that was the intent.
Replied By: kellie_forbes on Nov 28, 2012, 8:28PM
I get that these kids were probably told to misbehave.  However, if I was a parent of even one of them I would be ashamed.  This was not a real feel at all for what it would be like to be a parent.  First of all, kids come as babies and you grow with them.  Furthermore, kids are taught from birth how they are expected to behave.  My mother gave me the best advise I ever got when I was pregnant with my first child.  She said, remember, it is your responsibility to teach your children acceptable social behavior. The saddest thing with children that behave badly is that you hate the kids, but it's the parents fault.
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