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Dr. Phil’s guests say they are overworked and overwhelmed moms who are at their breaking points. First, Miranda, 21, is a mother of two and says that she’s responsible for all of the household chores, while her husband, Dakota, 23, plays golf, gambles and hangs out with his friends. Miranda says she cries almost every day and feels resentful toward her husband. Dakota admits he likes to have a good time but says that he works hard to support his family and feels that Miranda should be responsible for all of the housework. He says that his young wife gets easily overstressed and that she is the problem. Can Dr. Phil help these two negotiate a plan that works for both of them? Then, Jessa has 10 kids, including 1-year-old triplets, and admits she’s overwhelmed but says her controlling nature makes it hard to delegate household tasks. Her husband, Jeremy, says Jessa takes care of everyone -- except herself. Professional organizer, Julie Morgenstern, takes a trip to Jessa’s home. Can she help Jessa streamline her daily tasks and put herself first? Then, to pamper these moms under pressure, Robin McGraw showers Miranda and Jessa with specially-selected gifts made available by OpenSky.com. Tune in to learn how you can buy some of Robin’s favorite products -- and more!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Sep 25, 2013, 10:38PM - In reply to doomsdaydiva
The flip side is that men who stay home with the kids are judged poorly by other men - usually women think it's great because kids need their Dads too. We should all stop judging each other and poking our noses over fences as long as the kids are not neglected or abused. I'm a mother and I like to do things for my family not because a commercial tells me I should and my husband helps around the house and is great with the kids and their homework time (I'm good at the maths bit). I agree that the media perpetuates certain things, but nowadays in our country (Australia) women are judged for staying home with their kids by women who go to work and visa versa. I've been on both sides i.e. listening to co-workers complain about mothers who get to do things at school and listening to "stay at home mums" complaining about working mothers who "don't help with fundraising at school". I felt uncomfortable on both sides and added a little perspective in each case.
Replied By: strine on Sep 25, 2013, 10:31PM - In reply to meandmy11bugs
Good on you for posting here in spite of the nasty comments aimed at you and your lovely husband. Your kids are all so cute and I don't feel any animosity towards  parents who take care of their kids. I agree with Dr Phil's suggestions about teaching your kids to put away their own clothes etc- I have two kids, our daughter started ironing her own clothes when she started high school and our son is due to start ironing his in January :) they both vacuum their own rooms and wash and dry up. I figure my kids will be able to look after themselves and room mates would rather live with people who clean up aftre themselves (when they go to uni in the future) Congratulations on the birth of you newest family member and I was so happy to see you on TV with your kids and your husband who are obviously very loved by you. x
Replied By: meandmy11bugs on Sep 17, 2013, 9:40AM
I am the mom with 10 kids! I have kept myself from reading the comments after my husband asked me not to. I felt that time had went by with us being in a better place it would be ok now There is a lot more to our story that was not shared with the public. Most of my stress does not come from raising 10 kids but from people on the outside. I was hoping to get advice on how to deal with that part. A month after the show we found out that in fact the reason I was feeling that way was because I was in fact 3 months pregnant. Do we know what birth control is??? YES matter of fact this time I not only had an IUD in place but had been told by my doctor that I wasn't able to have anymore children not even needing it. This goes to say that no matter what we have planned in our lives God has a greater plan. We did not try for triplets nor did we go through IVF. Raising 7 kids came very easy to us. At the time when we decided to have another child family members said they would be there for us so I could finish school. When we found out that it was triplets everyone backed away for the most part. My issues do not come just from control. I watch my husband everyday stress through his work day then come home to spend time with the kids. I do not want to take that away from him by having him work when he walks through the door from work. What the show did not explain was that after the kids go to bed we sit together in the living room folding clothes talking about our day as a couple. What the show did not show was I take the triplets now even our 3 month old to all the school events by myself during the day and as a family if in the evening. We take family trips often to get away from the house so I don't spend all my time cleaning but enjoying them. We do take time out to do trips with one kids at a time. The reason I looked so stressed on the video was because they took what I do in one day with my hands full asking me to do it over and over again. I had to load the triplets in the car 4 times before I left to go to my doctor appoinment so they could get the shot they wanted. Nothing I normally did was done that day after we were told to keep our day the same they would just follow us with cameras. Since the show I did struggle with my health not being the best throughout the pregnancy and dealing with the house plus the triplets on my own during the day. We have had some family step up to help a little but they just don't have time to spare. Most of the help the show offered never came through. As of today I am back on my feet when I want to be. My house is not as clean as I would like it to be. Since Dr. Phil did not tell my husband less trips I did. We now spend more time at home that helps give me time to just chill. I do have the new baby plus the almost 2 year old triplets during the day that I continue to do the shopping and appointments with on my own. With that said I do have a chore chart up that the kids take care of without me checking behind them. They handle their rooms even though I want to I do actually go a day or two without going downstairs at all. Julie is great but I did not feel as though her ideas helped me at all. The only one I took was letting the kids make their own plates but I decided as a chef I could get measuring cups to serve with. This allows the kids to see the proper amount of each food they should be eating giving me hope that they will be able to keep that in mind when eating else where. Her breaks in the day for me they did not mention to all of you that I have the triplets during that time so they are not really breaks. My husband is the greatest father I could have ever asked for! He not only raises the 4 I came into the relationship with as his own he still does a great just with all of the others and myself. If I need him to was dishes or clean a floor because I did not get to it he will. I no longer micro manage him. If something is done the way it is I leave it. I figure if I had time to do it I would have. Now on the other hand when I get time I do fix it but I no longer stress myself out about it. I realize that I have 18 more years to enjoy the mess before my kids leave my house. I am going to do just that and enjoy the fact that they are here so I can enjoy them where as one day they will not be. The show also did not explain that the custody of 3 of the children. We get them 2 days a week then every other weekend. This causes issues within the house. We have moved forward to change that so that it will be every other week. This will allow stability for all the children. We also hope to move into a bigger house within the next couple of years giving our family more room to enjoy each other. I know raising 11 kids will not be easy but I also know that what some of you have said basically saying I am harming my kids by having so many do not realize I am not. Just like you are able to experience things with your children because you have so few mine will just have different experiences just as positive because their are so many. To the lady that mentioned my mother being left out. She does have her own issues. I did not have a very positive childhood. That is why I sometimes over do it for my children I know. This is something we are working through right now. I am thankful for being able to be on the show. Dr. Phil might not have helped in the ways I had hoped but God opened a few eyes after the fact. I have realized that if the balls start falling to look to God for the right people to toss them to then I won't have to worry about checking up on them!
Replied By: oliviadaley on Jan 29, 2013, 6:14PM
I dont think that anyone should get married until they are 30. These are 2 young kids barely wet behind the ears. Women fall prey to men's fallacies about I want you to have my kids..... We will be a family...... it will be great ...... well true to an extent. What they dont tell you is that you are going to do most of the work that is 24-7 and he is gonna sit around with his hand down his pants, drinking a beer and watching the game. I am not an idiot and didnt fall prey to that. I have 1 child she is 6 , I would NEVER  have more under any circumstance. People stop trying to put on a front of this great family when we know what it is - a joke. Having kids is a ton of work, responsibility, money etc. I am somewhat lazy , I am not dealing with a man and multiple kids all day. No way ! I cannot stand to deal with a bunch of kids. I like mine and thats about it. These women who have kids at 19, 20 , and so on are the same women who in their 30's feel like they missed out and start running the streets trying to recapture their youth. Have a realistic plan for your life. Stop living in la - la land. Whats new gets old.
Replied By: kaybay on Nov 29, 2012, 2:02AM
The first mom hasn't been working that long to even know what work and raising kids is. Ya I'm sure it's not fun when your husband doesn't come home through the week/weekend until late. But more then likely you knew that when you had your first kid. Same with the 2nd mom ... Why were you on the show if your "not complaining?" you didn't want a career path you wanted to "raise kids". There's plenty of time through the day that wasn't accounted for through the show for "you time". I feel as though you wanted some TV time for people to feel sorry for you? Give your husband some control or do you have to control him as well? .. I can tell th
Replied By: triomomplus2 on Nov 27, 2012, 8:48PM - In reply to lieven
I may not have 10 kids but I do have 5- 4 of which are under 5 and you learn to multitask! I can cook, sweep the floor , care for my kids and keep my eye on the tv all at the same time......or how about dvr~ yup I record stuff and watch it while i fold the mountains of laundry. What complete bs that you think if we have time to watch a lil tv we arent overworked !!!!!
Replied By: talltexmex on Nov 27, 2012, 6:49PM
Maybe the Dr. Phil show should start advocating birth control? Vasectomy? Hysterectomy? You play,you pay. Funny how people can still find time to keep their pants down. Irresponsible people shouldn't be pro-creating.
Replied By: doomsdaydiva on Nov 27, 2012, 4:24PM
Look at the commercials you see daily on TV. They're still sexist and the roles are nearly always gender biased. The father is clueless about doing anything remotely domestic and the mother is always the one who cooks, cleans, and gets the kids ready for school, and acts like she LOVES it.  I've even seen a commercial where a mother is busy slathering bread with cocoa-hazelnut-spread in the morning because apparently her TEENAGE son and daughter have no idea how to do it themselves! When my brother and I were still in elementary school we would get up and pour ourselves some cereal and maybe a glass of milk or juice while our parents were still asleep!  And my father always did his share of the chores and responsibilities and still does. If my mom is working late, he cooks supper. They've been married for a very long time now.  But it appears that very few other families are aware of this type of living. It was only a few decades ago that ads in magazines and on TV were a lot more blatantly sexist, even calling women "dumb" or encouraging domestic violence. But nothing has really changed at all. My parents fortunately still seem immune to it. And since my dad normally does household chores he can do the traditionally romantic things like give my mother sweet cards that he actually picked out himself!
Replied By: mcgchris on Nov 27, 2012, 1:42PM
My all-time biggest pet peeve is when husbands call doing housework “helping out”.  “Helping out” makes it sound like everything dealing with housework and child rearing is automatically entirely the wife’s responsibility.  What century are they living in?  And Dr. Phil, you did nothing to enlighten the husbands to the fact that because the marriage is a partnership, and since they both live in the house and have children together, all work at home is shared responsibility whether the wife works outside the home or not.  Husbands and wives may choose to divide the work however they want, but for a husband to say he is “helping out” his wife by taking out the garbage or giving his child a bath is patronizing and WRONG!  The husband doing work in the house or taking care of the kids is simply taking on his responsibility, not “helping out”. 

And BTW, my second biggest pet peeve is when husbands call staying with the kids while the wife is out “babysitting”.  It’s not babysitting; it’s called taking care of the kids.  Babysitting is what people other than the parents do while the parents are out.
Replied By: stargazer225 on Nov 27, 2012, 10:49AM
He is just an entitled jerk. He works so he doesn't have to do anything.  The problem with that thinking is if Mom is doing everything AND working, she's figuring out slowly that there is no need for a husband.  It's sad for the kids, but when you make yourself irrelevent, you have no one else to blame.
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