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(Original Air Date: 11/14/12) Brittany says her boyfriend, Tim, is evil, abusive and unfaithful. “I sometimes think that he could kill me,” she says. So, why is she still considering marrying him? Tim admits that he can’t control his rage and to choking Brittany while he was holding their 6-month-old daughter -- and he fears he’ll accidentally hurt the baby next. Tim also confesses to cheating on Brittany with both men and women, and even finding male companions online. Can Dr. Phil help Tim reign in his temper before it's too late? And, Tim promises that the violence and infidelity are a thing of the past, and he’s ready to make a change -- but is he? Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s eye-opening advice for this couple and anyone in an abusive relationship.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: krispy915 on Jul 4, 2013, 9:23AM
I'm very new to this forum, so I hope what I say is ok here and not a problem for anyone.  I have a friend I've known all my life.  She has come out of 2 recent relationships where there have been major issues.  The first, her marriage, he tried to kill her and she had me cover it up.  She is no longer with him, but he's dropped off the face of the earth and she can find him to divorce him.   The second, she was beaten 3 times before the police became involved.  He is facing serious jail time and within the last 3 months she's moved on to someone else.  He seems ok, but I'm nervous.  I don't know if she's moving on to have a man in her life, if she really loves him, if she needs psychological help...I'm feeling like I'm the one who needs the most help now.  Anyone with advice, please don't hesitate.  I promise to listen to it all.  Thanks
Replied By: yungmayor on Jul 3, 2013, 6:33PM
Really...Brittany??? You are a mother with a child and you are on the show laughing about what this monster is doing to you...you should be embarassed and ashamed of yourself for acting so foolish on National TV...Not to take away what Tim did to you...He needs help and if he dont get the help he deserves he gonna be in the jail having inmates beat him up in jail anyway..Tim is a loser anyway. Brittany, you NEED to move on and try to make the best life for you and your daughter. I am just real brother telling it like it is....I KEEP IT #ONEHUNNID
Replied By: carrie2638 on Jul 3, 2013, 12:18PM
I live In Oklahoma and I gues these two are from Oklahoma. I do t know if Tim did what he was suppose to do or not. The show aired on Monday and Tim was arrested yesterday on 7 felony counts of assault,  battery, and strangulation. Now maybe she can get away and save her and her baby!!
Replied By: carrie2638 on Jul 3, 2013, 12:05PM
I live in Oahoma. I don't know if this fella didn't do what Dr. Phil told him to do but, he was arrested in Oklahoma City and charged with 7 felony cou of assault and domestic abuse.
Replied By: greenturtle77 on Jul 3, 2013, 9:07AM
I have been there and I hate to say that he will do it again and again...There brain is on a different level and I dont care what any one says I dont beleave they will ever stop...maybe not do it so often but never stop
Replied By: sharonhead on Jul 2, 2013, 11:53PM
They all say they will never do it again, but trust me, they will do it again before the next day.  I went through it for 3 years and finally walked out and never looked back.  There is still life after that.  You will find someone who will be good to you and treat you nice.  You just have to be patiend.  It took me 10 yrs, but i now have a real keeper.  They don't come any better.
Replied By: mickeyland7 on Jul 2, 2013, 1:31PM
BRITANY,, you are a great person .. you must believe that ..LIFE is to short ..HE is a waste of life and should not  be with a person  like  you ..,HE BELONGS IN JAIL WITH  THE PEOPLE IN THERE. I BEEN DATING  FOR  FEW MTHS  NOW AND I will NEVER treat them  like that ..IF I DO NOT LIKE I LEAVE THEM ..i love to hold hands and snuggle with the one i love,,That how should a couple be..NO hiiting..I would like  to be  your  friend,,   ..You  are  special
Replied By: ssjjni on Jul 2, 2013, 11:24AM - In reply to auntiebeasley
DITTO.  WHERE ARE HER PARENTS and FRIENDS?  run away Brittany. it will never get better.
Replied By: ssjjni on Jul 2, 2013, 11:12AM
i was disgusted and it chilled me to look at him.  Dr Phil showing the interrogation tape was profound.  That IS his future.  All i can hope is that she sees the light and gets as far away from him as possible.  She deserves so much better.  And he is not capable of loving or caring for anyone unfortunately.  He is too sick.
Honestly, i dont think Dr Phil thinks he can be helped.  I think he did what he could to get this man away from her the only way he could.  I do not believe he will change at all.  I believe he should be committed to a psycho ward or prison.  He cant help it but he should not be allowed to be free on the streets. he is too dangerous to the community, women and children.  He does not love her.  Don't fool yourselves people.
Replied By: ssjjni on Jul 2, 2013, 11:09AM - In reply to tito2844
i agree Dr Phil went too easy. but he really had no choice in dealing with someone so sick.  He knows what he is doing.
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