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Most people have told a little white lie or two, but Dr. Phil’s guest made national headlines when he was accused of duping the entire country. Tim Poe recently showcased his singing on the reality TV show America's Got Talent, and claimed that he was wounded by a grenade while on active military duty in Afghanistan and suffered a traumatic brain injury, resulting in a stutter. Shortly after the show taping, reports surfaced that he might be a phony. Tim says any lies were unintentional, and that he often gets confused because of his brain injury, and he wants to clear his name. How will Tim respond when he is confronted by people who say they are certain he isn’t being honest? His ex-girlfriend, Alteen, says she saw Tim pretend to stutter at a karaoke bar years before he went to the Middle East, and a member of Tim’s National Guard Unit, Specialist Justin Doerfler, says there was no grenade explosion. When Dr. Phil drills down, will the truth finally come out? Tune in and decide for yourself: Is Tim the victim of lost memory, or is he victimizing others with lies?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: tj_pawz on Jul 17, 2013, 8:52PM
This man is a human being, he needs support not hundreds of people abusing him and bringing him down. He needs to know that people care about him and that people ARE proud of him. I dont believe hes a liar at all. I think there are many things that can happen to the human brain that we cant always explain with science and therapy. We know that lying means to say something that is false full well knowing that it is. We dont have proof of thats whats happening with Tim. I honestly believe that he has some things going on in his brain that distort his way of thinking and remembering things. I know that there are many things not explained with human science because i myself have many issues in regards to remembering things. I remember bits and pieces, i remember things that arnt true and i also have a hard to getting words out when under pressure. Now im only 20, Ive been through some serious things in my life that have impacted me greatly and still continue to this day. But i have never had the privliage to serve and never will. But if someone like me can have the same kind of problems i dont doubt for one second that a soldier could suffer the same things. 

Try to be a decent human being, and before judging him or other people, Before abusing him and putting your two cents in, How bout have a think about wether its any of your god damn buisness! 
Society jumps at the chance to gang up on someone and bring them down.
What kind of human being gets satisfaction out of that?
Ever think maybe its you that has the problems? Not other people.
Replied By: somatef on Jun 7, 2013, 9:57AM
dr Phil,
I like to put a comment on this show, becuase I don't believe his problem has been fully recognised
to me this is the case : 
(and I say this because I recognised the symptoms because my son also has them),
what I saw was a chizofrenic affected disorder, more like a psychosis
it has to do with the working of the so called "neuro-transmitters" in the brain
normally the brain translates signals coming from the outside so that we can comprehend the experience
in this case the brain produces signals by itself and gives us the impression that it really happened.

the history of mr Poe, which implies impersonating stuttering or mental ill persons is in this case completely irrelevant. His so called experiences (created by the brain itsself) are to him , very realistic.

He should be treated with Resperdal , or some other medicine related to this family
believe me, he really doesn't know what is happening to him !      
I hope i contributed to his recovery, I believe him !

greats <Fred>    
Replied By: beans80 on Mar 4, 2013, 8:04AM
I have had a severe speech impediment / stutter since I started to talk as a toddler.  I also have the added complication of a rare genetical condition called Myoclonic Dystonia, which not only gives me jerks in my arms and hands and face and neck, but also affects the muscles around my throat.  Unlike many who have "typical" stutter problems (these people generally have no problem singing in that they don't stutter when they sing), I have trouble singing because of the problems with the muscles around my throat, in that it's like these muscles themselves have their own type of jerk.

Seeing this Tim Poe, who is obviously faking his stutter, makes me so mad! Also, he's probably aware of the public sympathy generated whenever the american people hear of a war veteran injured in service, making a come-back from his injuries.  It is a low act when somebody plays on that, concocts a BS story to gain sympathy, to hopefully make it through a talent show! This is the lowest possible act a person could do.

As a person with a genuine speech impediment / stutter, I'm angry by this! And any person of any nationality who's served their country in Military service, and genuinely been injured in that line of work,  will probably be angry by this too!

Tim Poe needs to own up to his lies, make a public apology in the media and ask God to forgive him.  Only then will he be able to get the help he needs and find some peace in his life.  It's got to be exhausting playing this charade all the time!
Replied By: strine on Mar 3, 2013, 8:26PM
He's a good singer, he could have made it through without a lie. He must think it's better to take the easy way every time. Such a shame he ruined it for himself and has no one else to blame.
Replied By: dovebird1 on Nov 19, 2012, 8:14PM
Sadly, there are more Tim Poe's out there running their con and their scam.

I know of one individual who just received a Purple Heart on February 4, 2012.  He claims that in May of 2008, he was in a mortar attack in Iraq which resulted in a TBI.

He's a complete con-artist.  He was 20 years ago and he's still running his cons today. It's now to the point where celebrities and national leaders have fallen prey to his scam.

Unfortunately, these con-artist keep running their cons until people wise up and stop the absurdity.  The guy who was given the Purple Heart....check this guys military history, his law enforcement history.  Why was he discharged originally from the miltary in his 20's?  Why did he hop from one law enforcement agency to another?  Why did his first wife divorce him before their child was born and was afraid of him showing up at the birth of their daughter?  These con artists can be dangerous.

If Tim Poe isn't stopped now....he'll just continue and take more victims under his wings. 
Replied By: inalienable on Nov 19, 2012, 6:08AM
I don't know that Tim is a pathological liar that would be for Dr Phil to determine and it would take some time to make the diagnosis. But indeed he is a habitual liar. It seems he is using the stuttering for a sympathetic response from his audience. It also appears he has a attention deficit wrong term actually but he seeks attention and tells tall tales to draw in unknowing victims of his lies. He is getting some attention :) but unfortunately not the kind he was looking for. For some I believe they think any attention is better than no attnention. It's sad that someone would sensationalize their honorable contribution with grandiose lies. I wish him the best in his treatment. Is it really true that denial is the first step to recovery? If thats the case he is well on his way. Good luck Tim I hope that it goes well and you realize the disgrace you have made of yourself.
Replied By: debrogpar on Nov 18, 2012, 7:33PM - In reply to senior56
OMG....you hit it dead on the nail.......Everyone should watch that movie....you will see where he got that character.
Replied By: chauntel on Nov 18, 2012, 3:51PM
I've never seen someone "stutter" the way he does. I have seen programs on adults and kids with mild to severe stuttering and they don't sound anything like Tim. I personally feel Tim is a pathological liar. He lies so much that he's starting to believe his lies. Lol even Nick Cannon said when he met him he didn't stutter. Not to mention his ex, former friends, the navy, the alleged college he went to etc etc. This guy is a joke! He says he has his degree from that college he went to well then why didn't he bring it on the show with him??? Or he could even get on here and upload a picture of the alleged degree. I don't understand why won't he just give up the act. He's been exposed by NUMEROUS people yet he still wants to go on with these rediculous claims.
Replied By: lateharvest on Nov 18, 2012, 11:30AM
Whether you're Dr. Phil, a CEO of a company, flipping hamburgers at McDOnalds, or a liar...be good at what you do.   Perfect your strategy...
This character sucks at lying, so imagine what he would do with a REAL position in life.  Wow...some people will go to extreme measures to try to gain fame without having a job
Yes, Tim...that dreaded three-letter word...J-O-B !!! If you had one of those...(J-O-B), you may not have time to fabricate fairy tales.
Replied By: senior56 on Nov 17, 2012, 1:46AM
Did you see the movie Primal Fear?  He got the character down perfectly.  I was waiting for him to give Dr. Phil that "smile" at the end of the show.
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