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(Original AIr Date: 11/16/12) Eighteen-year-old Leanna and her 17-year-old sister, Erica, made headlines when, after dancing at a strip club, they were arrested for theft, falsification of ID and child endangerment stemming from Erica’s underage topless dancing -- and they say the media reports about that night are false and ruining their lives. The teens sit down with Dr. Phil to set the record straight. Their father, Don, says his daughters have a history of lying, and he doesn’t fully believe their accounts of what occurred on the night of their arrest. What does he think really happened? And, did he know his daughters were working at a strip club? Leanna and Erica's older sister, Shannon, and grandmother, Doris, weigh in on the girls' choices. Can they help Leanna and Erica realize the consequences of their actions? Then, Jennifer and Robert say their 18-year-old daughter’s false allegations of abuse caused their community to turn against them. They say Tiffany told police, family and friends that they’ve hit her and left bruises, kicked her in public and even locked her in a dog kennel. Tiffany admits to the lies and secretly audiotaping her mother-- but why did she do this? With Dr. Phil’s help, can this family rebuild their trust? Plus, how well do you know your teen? Take a quiz!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: donmfreedom01 on Jun 24, 2013, 9:28PM - In reply to seeluv
I like how the subject was "Your Anger." Nowhere in my comment was there any 'anger.' But commenting before you even watch the show is like wiping before you S. It's pointless. I'm not angry, I recognize the abuse because I've lived it. I have lived the closeted, secret life of having a Narcissistic mother. She's beautiful, kind and caring on the outside. I feel strongly about this. What harm would it do for this girl to at least read about it? I can't imagine why one would discourage that.
Replied By: donmfreedom01 on Jun 24, 2013, 9:21PM - In reply to seeluv
No, its not. Abuse recognizes abuse. Especially when its so closeted and secret like Narcissistic Abuse. NPD and its affects, especially on children are pretty unknown. Unless you have been through it and know exactly what it is, its unrecognizable.
Replied By: cinndot on Jun 22, 2013, 12:47AM
Parents, watch your backs!!  Kick this girl out for your safety. Pray she gets some help mentally. Her actions reminds me of Jodie Arias!
Replied By: bettyjay on Jun 21, 2013, 10:47PM - In reply to kayejamison
I r eally think that Tiffany's problems lie with her mother's obesity.  I can't rightly see how Tiffany could have been a cheerleader--she looks too fat and too out of shape.  I am sure she resents her mother for being fat, because she can see herself looking like her mother in the future, and is afraid she carries those genes.
Replied By: loyalalways on Jun 21, 2013, 8:15PM - In reply to havetocomment
That's what happens when you work in television. You get  2 or 3 months holiday for the summer, starting some time in May. I think they start working again in August taping for the fall season.
Replied By: loyalalways on Jun 21, 2013, 6:43PM - In reply to deebybe
I am so sorry for what happened to you. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment. As for the people who stood and watched, they're as bad as the rapist. They should be charged for not reporting a crime. I don't know how someone can stand and watch a crime in progress and do nothing about it. They were obviously inside, so they could have called the police without the rapist even knowing. i hope they have trouble sleeping at night. Sooner or later what they saw is going to eat them up. It serves them right.

Did you report it to the police? I'm not judging you. I understand if you didn't because of the way rape victims are treated. I'm wondering if you reported the people who watched, too. However, I hope that you at least tried to lay charges against this person. He won't stop at just you. He's going to do it again. Maybe it will be the daughter of a law enforcement officer. Then they''ll take these charges more seriously. But, regardless, the people who watched will have to live with it when more than you gets attacked.

Good  luck in your future.
Replied By: skeeter10 on Jun 21, 2013, 5:45PM - In reply to transcriber45
I totally agree with you about this show.  I really wondered if this was real, or made up.  I was really dissapointed in this show.

I thought the girl in the second half needed some serious tough love from her parents.  She has shown them no respect, no gratitude, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

I think they should have never taken her back in.  She had no legitimate answers to any of the questions that Dr. Phil asked her.  No reason for why she did this to her parents.  They could have spent time in jail for what she did to them.  They were not only humiliated by what she did, but there were no consequences for what she did.  They just let her back in without any kind of punishment.  I would like to think that she just needs therapy, but I am not sure that would fix her.

She just set there, and smiled the whole time, and talked like she was a mouse.  I would really like to know if this segment was for real too, or was it fake.  If it was real, these parents should have run for the hills, and never let her back in.  As a parent you want to do anything you can for your children, but there comes a time, and place you just have to put your put down.  Because that is what is best for them.  They are only hurting her even more by letting her get away with what she did without showing her there are consequence to actions.  Dad is walking around on egg shells in his own house.  This should not be happening.  What will she do next??
Replied By: deebybe on Jun 21, 2013, 4:52PM
I would like to say I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want my life back, maybe not as it was before he tried to kill me, but close. How does a person learn to live with the Justice system, that really does not seek to put rapist, and murder's in jail. How many women has this happened to ?? Some one tries to rape you kill you, tells you he will bury you in the woods where no one will ever find you....a crime yes, the bigger crime is that as this man was beating me bloody, there were 2 more people standing in the window watching what was happening outside. I lived a nightmare, now have PTSD, and still Live a nightmare, knowing he is not in jail, knowing he has done this before, and knowing he will do it again, it sickens me to think other women are in danger, and no one will listen. Thanks for letting me get this out there,I have not lost hope.
Replied By: havetocomment on Jun 21, 2013, 4:18PM
Why so many repeats lately?  How long of a vacation does the show need to take anyway?  Now, yesterday's show was worthwhile.  This one is just a couple of airhead girls who do not get it at all, how idiotic they're acting.  Anyway, I wish Dr. Phil would come out with something new and worthwhile.
Replied By: commentsonshow on Jun 21, 2013, 3:11PM
Where do you find these young people?  They are symptoms of a culture that no longer values VALUES...ugh, I get so frustrated.  Every time I watch shows like this with out-of-contril young people who are disrespectful and don't have a clue, I thank my two teenagers for being upstanding kids...they are hardworking, respectful, fun, and I dread the day they leave!  They are amazing, and I am one blessed mom!
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