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When Monster In-Law Khalood last met with Dr. Phil, she said that her daughter, Fallon, had become just as lazy and disrespectful as her son-in-law, Steve -- and she wanted them to move out of her house. Khalood invited Dr. Phil to her home to prove that she’s not the crazy person she says everyone makes her out to be, and he quipped, “If they gave me a choice and said, ‘You can go spend 24 hours in that home, or you can get in a phone booth with an alligator and sandpaper its ass,’ I’d be in the phone booth.” Now, in a surprise twist, Dr. Phil takes Khalood up on her offer and travels to her home to get a firsthand look at what’s going on behind closed doors. What made him change his mind? And, is their living situation really as bad as Khalood says? When push comes to shove, will Fallon and Steve finally get their own place? Plus, tune in to find out why Khalood says Dr. Phil -- and his viewers -- owe her an apology!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: grani4xs on Jan 22, 2015, 12:12AM - In reply to zookeeper93
I agree with this person - Khalood & her family are "Reality show addicts".  Just seen them on ANOTHER one tonight !!!!  It's called "The worst thing I ever did".  She was a gambling addict.  What next Khalood ?  Drugs, incest, surely YOU can think of something.  How pathetic you all are.
Replied By: zara_k on Jul 12, 2014, 11:29PM
Khallod has been called many things, but the word that really describes her is Bully. A bully doesn't always come in the appearance of a little fat boy, this time it is as a grown and faily pretty woman.
Replied By: rosspenni on Apr 9, 2014, 10:38PM
I saw the latest Khalood 'Monster-in'Law' episode on your show today and think it would be interesting to find out what sort of relationship Khalood had with her own mother. I sense that, for all of her unceasing chatter, there might be a very insecure, unhappy child inside .. I have concerns that she may end up a lonely old woman with major regrets.
Replied By: calvarykid23 on Apr 9, 2014, 10:11PM
I usually enjoy watching Dr.Phil. Today Khalood appeared on Australian TV and it was all I could do to stop myself from pressing the mute button. I'd just like to extend the offer of accommodation should Fallon decide that distance might be a good idea to get away from her Mum for a while! Can't get much farther away from the U.S. than Tasmania, Australia, and I can even arrange a trip to somewhere with no phone reception! Seriously though, I wish you all the best, and am sure you will make an awesome girlfriend/wife and Mum. The very kindest regards from Down Under. 
Replied By: margiem72 on Apr 9, 2014, 3:12AM - In reply to zookeeper93
No doubt about it, she's looking for that!
Replied By: marysirish on Apr 9, 2014, 3:11AM
I do understaand where Khalood is coming from, you always want to protect your kids no matter what age they are, but she needs to let her daughter make her own mistakes because if she don't she is going to lose her for good.
Replied By: margiem72 on Apr 9, 2014, 3:09AM
The show with monster in law Khalood only just aired here today. OMG, does she EVER let anyone finish a sentence? She claims to be right all the time.... If I was her daughter, I'd move to another state! Khalood  needs to let her daughter lead her own life and stop checking up on her all the time.  Khalood makes me feel like punching her.
Replied By: zookeeper93 on Nov 13, 2013, 9:50AM
Kalood and her brew are just looking for some reality show to pick them up. Good grief, how many times has she been on Dr. Phil, she was on a reality show called Monster In-laws, as well as a reality show called Mama's Boys, and she is also an extreme bigot. She's not even an American. She will not allow her son to date black, asian, or her biggest hatred, Jewish girls. I would love to see Kalood and Jewish Russian Princess Josie go head to head. Dysfunction spectical at its best.
Replied By: emmaleesmommy on Nov 2, 2013, 9:42PM
Oh, and just to throw it out there - I think she's a great mother who loves her daughter so much that it just overflows sometimes in a way that most people don't understand. There are people out there who would give anything to have a mother who 'genuinely gives a ****' about them. I don't believe Khalood is the way she is for no reason at all. What mother wouldn't want to sit outside her daughters house to make sure she's ok, after not hearing back from her? I mean, most mothers WOULDN'T ACTUALLY DO IT .... But there's the difference. She's not just sitting at home worrying - she's putting her thoughts into action. Now I'm not saying it's ok, and I'm not saying she SHOULD - but I'm saying there's the difference. She loves her daughter (HER ONLY CHILD) SO much, she's not taking any risks. She's making SURE her baby is ok. And I get that. I'm (mostly) on your side Khalood. Your heart is definitely in the right place xo
Replied By: emmaleesmommy on Nov 2, 2013, 9:26PM
She may have (more than) a few quirks that most people can't stand - but I completely understand where she's coming from, and why she can get so wound up. Yes, she may overstep some boundaries - but I think that's her way of expressing her love. All she wants is to love her family the only way she knows how, have her family accept her for who she is and return their own love to her. She seems to get frustrated and, yes, she can be very stubborn and close minded (we all are at some point or another) - but maybe she wouldn't be so much, if her daughter showed a little more respect (just a smidgen) after all, her and her (Dumass) husband were living rent free, having meals cooked for them - and yet they couldn't clean up after themselves?? I'm sorry, but their mess was unacceptable. Just completely rude and unappreciative of her hospitality (even if it was for the wrong reasons) - a little respect can go along way. Maybe, just maybe - if the daughter could show a tiny bit of respect, a little more love, a smidgen of gratitude and even the slightest attempt to understand and accept where her mother is coming from - khalood may find it easier to compromise and understand that her daughter needs more space and independence. But that is not going to happen while she's being labelled 'the crazy monster-in-law'. Could someone please just give her a hug and TRY to understand her? I'm not saying she's the saint here, but the road goes both ways.
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