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(Original Air Date: 10/30/12) Dr. Phil examines a high school incident that involves lawsuits, death threats and both sides feeling bullied. Sixteen-year-old Katie says her classmate Nick turned against her and started recruiting people to join a "Kill Katie Klub." She says the taunting by her classmates escalated and forced her to quit school. Katie's mom, Giselle, says her daughter -- once, a popular cheerleader with good grades -- is now homeschooled and has lost everything. Giselle says her attempts to remedy the situation with parents and school officials fell on deaf ears, so she was forced to go to the police, resulting in backlash from her community. Giselle says she wants Nick and his parents, Michelle and Daniel, to take responsibility. Michelle and Daniel speak out exclusively to Dr. Phil, insisting that Nick was just making a joke about starting a “Kill Katie Klub,” and that it went no further. They say that they’ve held their son accountable, and they just want the drama to end. Is Giselle perpetuating the situation? Sparks fly when these families face off. Can Dr. Phil help them broker a peace?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: cwalk87 on Jun 26, 2017, 1:25PM
I am so sad to see Dr. Phil's reaction to tje mom and daughter( the victims of the bullying).Dr Phil acted as if he was condoning the behavior.He acted as if they were equally affected, and that is not true.At one point it seemed like he mocked them.The mother and father of Nick were smiling throughout the show, and were clearly making fun of the fact that Dr.Phil was on their side.I dont ever make comments under episodes in fact I registered just to make this comment.He should apoligize to the mother and daughter publicly.He was wrong and I understand why he no longer has a license to practice.This show is clearly just for entertainment purposes, but he should not do it at the expense of children ."The kill Katie Club" ... Yea no big deal...no big deal that kids are commiting suicide over internet bullying.If this girl went home and killed herself what would he have to say then? Im so disappointed in him, and I thought he was much better than this.I hope Katie and her mother seek prifessional help from a licensed therapist and do not take his words to heart.He is human ,and on this topic he couldnt have been more wrong.
Replied By: deakisha1 on Apr 7, 2017, 3:23PM
I'm so disappointed in Nick's mom's behavior:

1. Her smug smile when addressing important topics and her childish behavior.

2. As a Christian, I found her comment to Gisela, "I pray for you" very condecending and phony in that context!

3. She said several times, "I'm sorry if you feel like..." or "I'm sorry you feel that way". There was no acknowledgement of her actions. I expected Dr. Phil to say, "Now, THAT'S not an apology!"
Replied By: kaycra on Apr 7, 2017, 12:56PM
I could see both sides of this until the minute the young man's mother thought the cameras were off and she showed her true colors with her smug little gesture. Being a bully is never right. Now we know where this young man learned to be a bully. Her passionate pleas for her son and the rest of the family were negated at that point. To the father of the young man....when someone is allegedly "staring you down" just don't stare back. Problem solved. Sheesh!!
Replied By: videlbriefs on Dec 23, 2016, 11:15PM - In reply to jayatee
So it's okay for that boy to "make a mistake" and it's okay for all those consequences to happen? Are you the sort to sit on the sideline while someone you care about is getting bullied? Or perhaps you're more like Nick's ignorant smug parents who raised a bully and will enjoy the benefits when he will treat them poorly in their old age and bully them himself because it's all about him? But maybe you're the sort who only cares about themsleves and are a bully as well so of course you'd sympathize with a bully and their family instead of a mother trying to protect her daughter. In her case, going to the media was the better choice since nothing else was helping and his parents lack in the parenting or even what it is to be a mature adult area. It's people such as you and Nick's parents that are helping festering the growing troubles with bullies, the bullied, and how everyone reacts including tragic actions because "oh poor bully's feelings".
Replied By: dickensdonna on Dec 20, 2016, 6:53AM
Nick learned to be a bully at home from a woman (his mother) who is obvisously jealous of the other woman's beauty and is angry about the ugliness in her own soul.  This is reflected in her child Nick and her daughter is part of the ugly club as well. You can call it a documentary but it was just another way to bully Katie.  Action speak louder than words and Nick's mother showed who and what she is with her smirks and childish taunt she is a bully.
Replied By: gabe1972 on Dec 19, 2016, 3:56PM
Denial, denial, denial.  That's the name of the game with them.  I'm not saying that everything Giselle did was right, nor do I agree with everything Dr. Phil said.  One thing was plainly evident, though, and that was that Nick's parents were holier than thou slugs.  Especially his mother.  How many times did she give a smug face any time they showed her, as if she is saying, "My son did nothing wrong"  or "Your daughter deserved it, so THERE!"  Then, of course, we have the visual taunts.  It would not at all surprise me to discover that she was a bullier when she went to school.  It also would not surprise me that Nick learned this behavior right at home.  That's so often what happens.  Kids emulate their parents. 

And it's also like his mother thought that pulling God out of her back pocket made her think she above what was going on.  God this and God that.  Sorry lady, you're still held accountable.      Bullying is an AWFUL thing, and now, with social media, it's worse than ever before.  Anyone who bullies should be called to task.  They definitely need to be held accountable. 

I hope that once Katie went back to school her life got better, but somehow I don't know that going back to the same school was the answer.  Kids can be VERY cruel, and I doubt it stopped. 
Replied By: elizabeth63 on Jun 17, 2016, 12:53AM
I am also a little bit confused by what seems a surprising reaction to Giselle from Dr. Phil.  However, people suggesting he doesn't take bullying seriously couldn't be more wrong.  Do you really think he wouldn't have taken her apart if he had seen how insincere and smug Nick's mother was before the show aired?  This woman played the sincere mom worried for her child pretty well.  In fact, had we not all seen the snotty crocodile grin and finger waggling caught when she thought the cameras weren't rolling, we probably would have bought into her victim hood, too.  

I'm not willing to take Dr. Phil to task for this, because I know how very seriously he takes the issue of cyber-bullying.  In 2010, he started his own anti-bullying crusade and spoke very eloquently about the subject before Congress.  As a mother of a daughter who barely survived bullies when she was in school, I was grateful he was there to speak out for us and make it clear this is so much more than 'kids will be kids'. To people who absolutely do not understand the impact of bullying, he spoke for all of us who are never heard and I thank him for using his name and platform to try to make changes when he could instead have been sitting in a hammock (laurels neatly tucked beneath him) in Hawaii.

For more information about anti-bullying campaign and resources for help, go here:

Anti-Bully Movement Resources | Dr. Phil

Replied By: elizabeth63 on Jun 16, 2016, 11:40PM
This is years after the fact, I know. I saw this story on a rerun today and I was curious about any follow up, if things had come to some kind of conclusion. Giselle has gotten a lot of flak for taking this to the media. People say she should have gone first to the parents and the school. But she did go to the parents. She did go to the school. Not only did nothing change, not only did things not get better, they got worse. It started with Nick, who sent the original 'kkk' comment and quickly became sport for a group of kids (which included Nick) and no one was stopping it.

To suggest that Nick's comments about killing Katie was just kids being kids seems to me, in a world where teens shooting up their schools has become part of our regular news cycle, irresponsible and dangerous. Do I believe Nick ever intended to kill Katie? No, I think he thought he would get points with that group of kids by badmouthing her and it bit him in the rear. But to say it was wrong to take the remarks seriously, especially when the nastiness directed at Katie by that group of kids and their parents (in some cases) escalated and had extended on to her sister as well, that makes no sense.

If Giselle had gotten any sense that Nick's parents took this seriously and would reprimand the boy, it would have ended there. But we all saw how seriously his mother took it when she appeared on Dr. Phil, minimizing the impact on Katie's family and taunting her with weird hand wiggles when she thought the camera wasn't watching her. When you have a set of parents essentially saying, well yeah, it wasn't nice of our son to say that mean thing to her daughter, but look how negatively our poor boy has been impacted this, when three parents go on national TV to say how wrong it was of Giselle to go on national TV, when the school has been unable to stop the bullying, what was she supposed to do? 

To Nick's parents, who complain that the boy has been negatively impacted by all of this, I say good. Should he have gotten flowers? He wasn't an innocent flower unfairly singled out for persecution. He was a teenager who knew full well the impact of his words (designed to hurt and humiliate someone else - he was NOT trying to being kind to her) and was forced by Giselle to accept the consequences anyone should for what he was doing. If his parents had spent more time conveying to their son that it is never okay to go out of your way to hurt someone else, he wouldn't have thought it was okay. But it became very clear when we watched his mother on Dr. Phil, acting like a twelve year old herself, that being taught empathy is something this kid was desperately in need of. 

I dont believe this this should follow this kid for the rest of his life, either. Everyone has said stupid things we sometimes deeply regret later. It happens. I don't blame Nick. I blame his parents, and specifically the mother, for not conveying how wrong this was and teaching their child appropriate values. Not every teenager bullies. Not every kid in school is mean. Only the ones who are taught at home that it's funny and ok. Maybe it should follow his mother - she was the one who dropped the ball when it came to raising her child appropriately. I consider both Katie and Nick victims of the Nick's parent's failure to raise their child with appropriate values. My hope for both Nick and Katie is that they have moved on and are successful and happy in everything they do.

We can debate all day what should happen if we have a kid who is being victimized. Until schools truly take a zero tolerance stance - not just lip service it for the media - this will continue. As long as you have schools who allow bullying to go on, it will go on and in a situation where Giselle was damned if she did, damned if she didn't, I think she did the right thing in saying no more and refusing to allow this to go on while everyone was swearing it had stopped. It would have been ridiculous to say to her yeah, I know kids get killed at school all the time now, but it could never possibly happen to your kid so you are blowing this out of proportion. Kids do get killed these days. No one was helping her. She had to make sure her kids were safe.

This stuff is going to continue to happen as long as we have parents raising their children to think its funny to laugh at other people's pain. Maybe - maybe the next time some kid goes to school and makes vaguely threatening remarks about killing a classmate, maybe instead of taking the kid out in handcuffs we should parade the PARENTS through the town common in handcuffs. Make them take full responsibility for the person they nurtured. Nick's parents weren't unfairly portrayed in the media. They were very appropriately forced to take responsibility for what they allowed to come out of their home. His mother made it very clear how seriously she took her child's behavior when she was taunting Giselle on TV (not knowing the cameras were still rolling). Maybe it's time to force parents to take responsibility for the people they raise instead of letting them throw their kids under the bus to take the fall for their terrible parenting choices. Kids make mistakes. Kids often do stupid things. It happens and I don't think it's fair that something a child does at 15 follow him for the rest of his life. I do think it should follow his parents. When more parents have to take responsibility for what they produce, when the PARENTS are humiliated and lose jobs, things will change. As long as they can separate themselves from their child's behavior, it will continue.
Replied By: abbylane1111 on Jun 16, 2016, 8:15AM
This is a rerun that I caught earlier today.  

After this show, I was left anxiety ridden, sad and feeling terribly disturbed about how this mother and daugher were treated by Dr. Phil. My mouth left hanging open literally. The last thing I wanted to do today was write on the computer, but I was compelled to do so because that's how badly I felt about Katie and her mother. Simply, they were re-victimized on your show, not only by Nick and his parents, but by you as well. Stunned. Dr. Phil, they had all the proof in the world that you needed to show clear and abusive behavior towards Katie by Nick and right before the first commercial, you flipped the script on Katie and her mother by saying she made a huge mistake going to he media with this.  Wait...what?  No, Dr. Phil, you're wrong. Her "mistake" was not a "mistake". It's called a reaction. A reaction to the constant bullying and harrassment for a pro-longed period of time to her daughter Katie by Nick. The bullying and harrassment by Nick (and others) was the catalyst in this situaion.  Cause and effect.  You were just way off base with your comments on reaction to this. They didn't even make sense and to say to the mother "well, just like you made a mistake, Nick may have made an innocent mistake like that too" or something along those lines. Stunned again. 

Next the father said "IF he did  it, I would have went to the cops"  Next breath "Yes, he wrote the Kill Katie Klub".  So dad, HE did do it, so why didn't you drag him into jail? Then, THEN, he uses and blasts the mothers own painful past as if that is a bad thing. Like, that's suppose to make her the villian in this case. What in the blank does that have to do with what YOUR son did?  "Kill Katie Klub".  That's what YOUR son wrote amoung other things and other bullying behavior towards Katie. What kind of a person even writes that? If someone wrote that about my daughter, I would be scared to death and beyond devestated for my daughter. I can't believe that Dr. Phil even attempted to down play that.  Oprah, I know you are watching his shows and you're just letting Dr. Phil get away with this type of behavior? Shame on you too.

I just want to say how terribly sorry I am to Katie and her mother. Watching this was extremely painful and I could only imagine how they felt.
Replied By: christianstmom on Jun 15, 2016, 12:24PM - In reply to jayatee
First of all I assure you neither want 15 minutes of fame from being bullied,the boys mother is a bully herself,smiling and laughing about the bullying her son was doing ,Bullying is a mental torture of their self esteem and can have results that are life changing descision for them, their family and friends and believe me Bullying can rock the one being bullied right down to their core and My husband whom was deployed over seas and myself and our children have been trying to come to terms with the loss of our son and their brother because of bullying, 6 years ago on 31May2010 while my husband was deployed on another 2 year unacompanied tour to Korea (the 3rd one in his career and second one since we got married) just 5 months into his tour my 16 year old son Christian hung himself on Memorial day ,he had been bullied for 5 months by Ross Tombs and 3 other boys,The school had multiple chances to stop it and did not and when Christian saw that admin wouldnt he chose to end his life. just 6 years later we are still trying to cope with the loss of their gorgeous and loving second eldest brother who loved his siblings and myself and my husband....shame on you for saying that.....

I assure you there is no fame wanting cycle here...
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