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(Original Air Date: 10/30/12) Dr. Phil examines a high school incident that involves lawsuits, death threats and both sides feeling bullied. Sixteen-year-old Katie says her classmate Nick turned against her and started recruiting people to join a "Kill Katie Klub." She says the taunting by her classmates escalated and forced her to quit school. Katie's mom, Giselle, says her daughter -- once, a popular cheerleader with good grades -- is now homeschooled and has lost everything. Giselle says her attempts to remedy the situation with parents and school officials fell on deaf ears, so she was forced to go to the police, resulting in backlash from her community. Giselle says she wants Nick and his parents, Michelle and Daniel, to take responsibility. Michelle and Daniel speak out exclusively to Dr. Phil, insisting that Nick was just making a joke about starting a “Kill Katie Klub,” and that it went no further. They say that they’ve held their son accountable, and they just want the drama to end. Is Giselle perpetuating the situation? Sparks fly when these families face off. Can Dr. Phil help them broker a peace?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: christinatracy on Sep 22, 2015, 11:14PM
Its clear to anyone not from whatever town that happened in that the boy and the kids in the school are out of control. The boys mother is a complete idiot who antagonises the situation. I think she is crazy and probably the reason why the boy is so screwed up. The father wasnt much better and a liar. To the mom and girl who were targetted on the show - stay strong - WE believe you. People posting on this forum that dont are clearly entrenched in their own sick way with this story and from that town. Parents of the Boy - you are not believable and are sick and demented. Everyone else knows what you & your "precious idiot boy" did and are doing. I hope it affects his future - if you dont wise up his future will be in jail with you still wringing your hands saying "not our boy". Get over your stupidilty and wake up!!
Replied By: jayatee on Nov 29, 2014, 5:52PM
The boy made a mistake.  He admitted it, and these two want their 15 minutes of fame.  There is no doubt in my mind that this all arose because she got ditched by people who got tired of her dramatic antics and she wanted to get back at them.  The mom clearly is looking for notariety for herself and needs to go away.
Replied By: cyransaysmewf on Jul 11, 2014, 2:18PM - In reply to tweener
Tweener, I'm sorry to say that despite it being your opinion, there's some heavily flawed things to 'your opinion'.

Gizelle would have faked all those binderfulls of just texts/tweets and facebook messages? She would have faked the phone records from all the people harassing her? No. In fact, the only reason that Nick was the one outed was because he told cops "I want to kill katie" which tied him back into the whole Kill Katie Klub.

Nick's parents are 100% the blame here. Not to mention, look at them. They got their lawyer there which is probably scaring Dr. Phil into saying anything about them, but their behavior is common case of bullies. The mother especially. The 'arrogant' "I'm sorry if something I did to intentionally hurt you hurt you. I'm soowwwy" bullcrap. The "God sent me here to solve your problems" Fake trying to look like you're in the better moral position with such a contrite speech that has no merit. And her constant laughing about the whole thing...? That doesn't scream NICK BECAME A BULLY BECAUSE OF HIS MOM?
Replied By: tweener on Nov 13, 2013, 11:52AM
Honestly I feel sorry for Katie and Nick. Absolutely, no one deserves to be harassed and bullied, and it is the parents job to step in from both sides and deal with it directly. However I am not so sure in the big scheme of things that these kids are victims of each other, but rather their parents, especially Giselle. She and Nick's parents both acted so incredibly immature, but Giselle clearly has an agenda for herself and from what I see online, desperately wants to be a celebrity and seems to be doing it vicariously and narcissistically through her own daughter who is innocent in all of this. Someone forgot to tell Giselle though that she is 20 years late to the prom and needs a job or a purpose in life other than expoliting others for her own personal narcissistic supply. I noticed her husband/Katie's dad didn't sit beside her on stage supporting his wife. To me that says a LOT. And Nick's mothers silly faces? That was just pretty ridiculous. But Giselle- please leave your daughter out of your own ridiculous and selfish pursuits. If she wants to be in pagentry or start an anti-bullying foundation, let her pursue dreams of her own that don't make you the center of them.
Replied By: patrickds on Sep 18, 2013, 2:08PM
Hi there Katie & Jazel (Apologies if I spelt any of your names wrong), don’t know whether you’ll see this or not but I just wanted to say that your story about what has happened has really touched me. I remember being picked on a lot when I was at school, and I know what it is like to feel alone and alienated and so on. I’m not looking to start an argument or anything, but I’m in Katie’s corner for this one. No-one deserves to be bullied today and there isn’t a single reason to do it at all. I would take my hat off to your mother who really is looking to do anything to end everything and see her daughter happy, and in this situation that is one of the best things that a mother could do. I really hope that this all comes to an end and that you can move on, and just get on with your life. I can see you as a really ambitious person and I see you doing amazing things in your future!

Really hope that this ends and your life changes for the better

Kind Regards from me in London
Replied By: loyalalways on Aug 12, 2013, 2:28AM - In reply to eqnurse
I believe that by doing the things she did she was teaching Katie to know how to stand up for herself and not be afraid to report crimes.

The bull**** that Michelle prays for Giselle and Katie is a way for her to manipulate Dr. Phil and everyone else.  She really thinks she fooled everyone. Stupid witch. Michelle is EVIL!

I've watched this show twice now. Dr. Phil was wrong throughout the show. However, I hope he realized what was going on when Michelle showed her TRUE colors with her little 'wave' at the end of the show. Talk about childish behaviour. Then they BOTH lied about it. The father should also have taken the lie detector test. And her apology to Giselle after she got CAUGHT was another attempt at manipulation. It was nowhere near sincere. She didn't mean a word of it, obviously. It was a mockery!! Now I see where Nick gets his behaviour. I believe that he must be is hurting inside and that is what makes him bully. I believe that of all bullies. I feel sorry for him, too because his mother has done this to him.

Dr. Phil looked pissed when he walked off the show. I believe he was really annoyed with Michelle and her daughter for making light of bullying. I feel that he should  have said more to them than he did. Gisele is right. It is NOT funny AT ALL! Children have committed suicide because of bullying.
Replied By: loyalalways on Aug 12, 2013, 12:53AM - In reply to jmorris46
Thank you! They act so damn innocent. The part where Michelle waved at Giselle with that stupid smirk on her face at the end of the show it made me despise her. SHE is the biggest bully of the whole lot. Her husband is a wimp who just does what his wife wants him to do. The daughter is a mouthpiece just like her  mother. 

Gisele is just trying to put a stop to bullying because people DO try to shove it under the rug. Michelle is just trying to justify her son. Why wasn't the boy there to stand up for himself if he's so innocent.

THESE KIDS WERE BULLYING. Blaiming the victim and shoving it under the rug is disgusting. It's like blaming a rape victim for being raped. I can't stand the sight of Michelle because of her ridiculous smirks. "She's trying to put EVERYTHING on Giselle and Katie so that her precious son doesn't have to accept and apologize for what  he did.

The fact that Michelle and her husband out and out lied about Michelle's childish behavior at the end of the show proves to me that they can't tell the truth about anything.

I was shocked at how Dr. Phil treated this whole situation. It really disappointed me I think he may have realized his mistake at the end of the show, but, unfortunately, it was too late by then.
Replied By: alphak555 on Aug 1, 2013, 8:49PM
I know this won't be submitted because most of my comments are not accepted probably because I dont agree with dr Phil on occasion! 

Giselle is the problem! Yes, the boy wrote a really stupid thing and I would have acted on it! But, when I found out the parents were responsible and acting on it and the boy was sorry I would drop it! 

Giselle carrying on like an idiot makes Katie a target and someone to be careful of!  I wouldn't want my child anywhere near Katie just in case something was said and my child was under scrutiny and made to look like a monster in the media and anywhere else Giselle could publisize and dramatize the issue!

Katie is no angel and admitted being a bully herself and saying stupid things to other kids so this issue has been handled and should have been put to rest but Giselle has kept it going!

The lie detector results were a joke! Big deal , the questions were fabricated by Giselle so the results were manipulated to suit her!  If the questions were created by dr Phil I would put more value on the results but Giselle worded the questions and the entire process to suit her! 

Giselle should be ashamed of herself for her childish and manipulative reactions to everything! Yes, she should have investigated the bullying but when she discovered the parents were dealing with it and nick is not from a family where the parents couldnt care less she should have stopped the harassment of the boy! 
Replied By: alphak555 on Aug 1, 2013, 8:33PM
Giselle is the problem! If someone bullied my kids and said something stupid like that I would find out if the parents were dealing with it and if the kid apologized then I would drop it!

Giselle is a drama queen and Katie is no angel! They are causing the problem NOW! The nasty horrible people, Giselle etc. are after a compensation claim! It's so obvious the way Katie worded her statements like she is being told what to say! 

Any child would be disliked if the problem was addressed and the kids involved punished and someone like Giselle kept the issue alive ! I have NO sympathy for her and I really hope she shuts up and teaches her child to forgive and move on! 

Giselle is a nasty woman! The boys mother was stupid taunting Giselle but Giselle is a trouble maker and should shut up!
Replied By: misskatet on Aug 1, 2013, 8:31PM
I just watched the show in Australia. I'm not sure Katie is such an innocent victim here. My take is she was a mean little so and so who has given as good as she got. It seems that her peers grew tired of her behavior and didn't want to include her in their group - you reap what you sew. There is nothing worse than being rejected - something Katie or her mother is not used to - but as Dr Phil said, you can't make people like you. I'm not saying for a moment that the bullying she has endured is justified, I'm just saying it takes two to tango. I can also see how Nick's parents are frustrated with Giselle. If her history of suing all and sundry is true (not denied by Giselle), you can understand why Nick's parents seem to find her bemusing. I did.
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