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(Original Air Date: 01/21/13) Nikol says her husband of eight years, Mark, is arrogant, narcissistic, racist and homophobic and that he belittles and humiliates her. Nikol says some of Mark's outrageous behavior includes urinating on a woman, exposing himself to other men and driving drunk. She also believes that he's cheated on her and fathered children with other women -- but despite all of this, Nikol says she wants to stay with him! Mark claims he's only had emotional affairs but admits to being a lousy partner and acting outrageously when he's drunk. He says even he wouldn’t want himself as a husband. Can Dr. Phil help break through Mark's tough exterior? When he digs into this couple’s past, he uncovers two troubled childhoods fraught with hardships and abuse. Can their marriage be saved, or are they better off apart? This program contains strong language. Viewer discretion advised.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: winokur on Oct 11, 2013, 4:55AM
This is one of my favorite Dr. Phil episodes of all time because the ending is so moving. Those of you who couldn't get to the end of the show shouldn't post! You have to watch this one all the way through to see what happens. Kudos to Dr. Phil for reaching out to this man and believing in him even though so many others had only been able to see him in a limited way. There was a part of this man still able to receive what Dr. Phil was offering - even after everything. This shows me how resilient human beings can be when someone really believes in them and lends them a hand. Beautiful episode. I truly hope that this was the beginning of a positive new life for him and for his wife. I would love to see an update sometime.
Replied By: instmaxwellmom on Apr 14, 2013, 6:53PM - In reply to cinderella777
I dont think he is blaming anyone. he came to get help because he wanted to stop hurting his wife. he didnt come on pointing fingers, but if you dont know why you do the things you do you cant start to change. when he broke down and cried at the end you could see that he was truely willing to change.
Replied By: strine on Mar 27, 2013, 9:36PM
I'd love to know the result of the paternity tests and if he went through with them at all. I didn't listen long enough to hear if those two have kids together- I HOPE NOT!
Replied By: strine on Mar 27, 2013, 9:34PM
I highly doubt a gay person has ever hit on Mark. No doubt he saw one in a movie and generalised that they all stand there with their hand on their hip and say, "You look like a good time". In the future she will find out he is bisexual himself since he said that every man she hangs out with is gay. Nikol must get off on his drama or be getting a pay off from him earning the wage for their household- i.e. she deserves to be where she is since she is continuing to choose it. Neither of them are worth an episode of this show...
Replied By: cinderella777 on Mar 15, 2013, 8:41AM
Sorry Dr. Phil - I had to turn this one off.  I know this man has issues, but at some point you have to take responsiblity for your actions - you can't blame everybody else in your past.  You know right from wrong and the common decency of treating other human beings with respect.
Replied By: richcookin on Mar 13, 2013, 3:22PM
defintly a good show and you handled the situation so wonderfully with compassion and empathy;

really good work!!!!! and my best to your guests;

i look forward to a followup show;

i'm just shaking my head everytime i think of that show-to think-you were able to get the gentleman, who had so much armor on,  to cry as he did with your help, and  was able to see himself as he is for the very first time;  geez-that was like watching a blind person open his eyes and see for the very first time;

Replied By: steamj on Mar 10, 2013, 11:07PM
Wow, thank you both for having the courage  to be on the show and accepting Dr. Phil's help.  I have never posted anything on a message board before, but  was so moved by Marc and Nickol.  God bless you both on your journeys.  I pray that you can learn to accept love and give love.  Do not listen to the negative people!  Each day will have its own challenges, but know there are people out there who will never forget your stories and are sending you love.  All my best to you both!
Replied By: dianepue on Mar 10, 2013, 9:38AM
This show is a perfect example of when parents fail their children....and the results.   The poor wife was so abused and traumatized and neglected that she is now in love with a man who cant help but abuse her because HE was so traumatized and neglected and abused himself.  Their parents set them up to feel like crap and worthless and failures and to be so horrifically abused.....so these two  have lived that out to a "T".   It was a very sad show ....to watch the way these two cannot connect and to hear how they both contribute to each other's misery.   Marriage is tough enough when two people have relatively healthy boundaries and healthy love between them, but these two have such a rough road ahead in healing and being able to trust.  I thought they both seemed like really sweet ppl behind all of the defenses and self-protection and I think that they might be able to make it together even if it is hard.  Dr. Phil is right...they need individual help first to discover who they REALLY are....not what the legacy that their crappy parents left to them.  My heart went out to both of them and I wish them true happiness and healing and real love.....they both deserve a second chance in this world....a good and happy chance!  Thank you Dr. Phil!!!
Replied By: billiegray on Mar 10, 2013, 9:11AM
This was true transformation - the beginning of transformation - for both husband and wife. It was one of the most masterful coaching/mediation (I do both) that I have ever witnessed. Wow. Thank you, Dr. Phil.
Replied By: lynncifka on Mar 10, 2013, 8:24AM
dear dr phil this is in regards to yesterday's show Good luck fixing me dr phil.
this woman reminded of me, i was with someone very much like that for 33 years, and know the heartaches this woman is living with.
i always heard how can you love a guy like this? well he wasn't always a bad person, and it is a known fact that not all abusers are monsters, they can be quite cunning, which is how they trap their victims.
during my marriage we had two children, who are grown now but really suffered for it.
during your conversation not once did i hear any concern for the children or the harm that is being done, even though he isn't striking with his hand, the damage feels the same. or worse. not once did i hear you tell the woman why are you allowing this to happen. doesn't she realize the message she is sending to her kids? both could become abusers, the girls will marry into them because this is all they know. and this is part of why i am in the situation i am today. i am now trying to dig myself out of homelessness. this is where these peoples children are.
thanks for listening.  letting me get this off my chest. ps this gal needs to get out of there, while they are undergoing treatment, she needs to understand why she keeps choosing the same kind of  man, or it will continue.  anyways thank you for listening.
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