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(Original Air Date: 10/22/12) When 22-year-old Amanda last appeared on Dr. Phil, she was living in a motel room, prostituting herself for drugs and on the brink of death. After an intense intervention, Amanda agreed to go to rehab. But while en route to the treatment facility, she changed her mind, and walked away from the airport. Refusing to give up on her, Dr. Phil producers tracked Amanda down and encouraged her to go to rehab -- and in the process, rescued her 27-year-old drug-addicted friend, also named Amanda. Now several months into treatment, hear from both women about their journeys to sobriety. Where are they now? And, what message do they have for young girls headed down a similar path? Then, Kathy says when she discovered her 17-year-old daughter, Molly, was working as a prostitute, she had the teen’s alleged pimp arrested. Find out why Molly says her mother only made matters worse. Plus, hear from Molly’s father, Mark. How does he feel about his daughter's life choices? And, how can he help influence her to change? If you know a self-destructive teen in need of help, don't miss this show! This show contains strong language and strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: mithoonam312 on Mar 24, 2013, 2:19PM
Replied By: mithoonam312 on Mar 24, 2013, 2:11PM
It was touching to see these girls being saved from their terrifying situations. It's disheartening to see how parents don't know how to mother or father their children. Consistent concern and care would not drive these otherwise brilliant teens to become the victims of drug abuse. Kids need a type of positive henpecking intervally with a sense of their own personal feedom to become successful. Of course, this comes with a constant sacrifice from the parents who not only need to put the food on the table but also take care of their children's mental, physical, and emotional states. The parenting umbrella should always be there for their kids (even when they become adults) to deal with their every phase rightly. This firmness and understanding at the same time could continue until the parents themselves are convinced and satisfied about the making of that adult, who would in turn start the same cycle for the new generation to come. It's not only the home that a parent needs to look into but also into that community of which the child is being part of. Thus, every community in the western countries is required to be made more aware of  a right parenting-role so that fewer children suffer. Both Amandas are great daughters, but it's actually the parents who have to learn to love and giuve up their own selfish comforts first. Thank you Dr. Phil. You are indeed that Messiah-in-disguise sent to save such victims. Your sense of dealings and judgements is a gift of God.
Replied By: jennef on Mar 19, 2013, 12:11PM
............after watching the segment on Molly.  Uneasy about her, uneasy about her parents.

The wig disguise was very,very strange. The girl seemed remote & unaware .

I cannot believe that any man wouldn't run a mile after just one look at Molly - as Dr. Phil said, she looks 12 years old.

She never did say anything about the "difficult situation" for which she needed money nor why she had to leave her parents' house.

Very strange.....
Replied By: buenaventura on Mar 18, 2013, 4:31PM
It has been a month since the motel rooms, sex with stranger after stranger, lies, money, problems and threats. 
I am 24 and I never thought I would end up as an "escort". This "man" I met is a COMPLETE con artist. They are out there, HE is STILL out there.
I met him, believed he loved me. He had 8 girls working for him at the time. He would send them out of town, and post for them. He said he was done with that and just wanted to build with me. Let me tell you, these men have this down to a science. They will make you not only believe everything they say, but feel BAD when you are not doing "enough". It was the hardest time of my life. After a couple of months of making $700 dollars a day on average on and off, and being BROKE... I realized I was WRONG. If he trully cared he would find another way to make things work insted of sending out to danger.

He took me to every cell phone company to obtain new phones, and would then sell them all keeping all the money and ruining my credit making me believe that we would pay the cancellation feel later. He convinced to to buy a car of which he removed the lowjack and KEPT after I left. I didnt want to fight for it and I believed "LOVED", him!!

He moved in with me into an apartment I obtained. I trusted him with every cent. After all the money and living in an empty apartment I realized what was happening. He had several other girls. he had been lying to me. One in particular even contacted me and told me I was being played. The sad part is that this girl was only about 18. She said its too late for her to leave, her life, credit, and family was ruined by him and it had been too many years for her to leave at this point. She told me I better be careful if she sees me with him. This, mind you, is another girl WORKING for him. I later found out that everytime I was working in a motel room, thinking it was just him and I... He had another girl, doing the same thing in another room.

This man never cared for me or my well being. They never do. Its a business and they watch the bottom line. There are some women out there that do this for a living making a choice, but then there are others, MANY others that are being taken avantage of by LIARS, CON-ARTISTS and CRIMINALS. 

I have cried at night, every night since getting back home. At first because I was heart broken, I missed him. I believed him. I trusted him. Now I cry because I was so stupid and blind. This is happening. Its upsetting... its real... Its in our back yard.

Dr. Phil, I want to help women, young girls... My story is much longer than this, but given my limited time and concern to stay private I will only share so much here. If there somewhere you can refer me to, I will dedicate myself to helping others. Councelors can do so much, but someone that has been involved in this... I know the tricks they play how they get around law enforcement, how they convince you and make you feel SO invested that you just feel like you cant leave. There is hope.

Some of the things that happened to me are unfortunately IRREVERSABLE. But I have to live with that now, I just hope to stop at least one other young girl from being taked advantage of like that. It hurts alot. I am so very hurt. Its alot to deal with, but there is hope.   

I am proof, I want to help.

Replied By: wellness23 on Mar 18, 2013, 2:43PM
Dear Dr Phil,

I have been enjoying the difference you make in all of our lives for Many years now! I truely wanted to thank you for sharing your strength along with your big old heart to the world!  We have two awesome daughters who are now 21 and 24! When God gave those Baby girls I knew  we had just encounter the most important job of  our lives,and we took it very seriously! I am very happy that we stayed strong as they were getting threw their teenage years! Now we have 2 very independent young women on the right path!

I see these young girls struggling and it breaks my heart. I know you are always sending the right information to the world along with the courage of your guests! I am so excited for the future of your beautiful young women on the show today and just want thank you for all you do!

They are in my prayers!

Replied By: meeshell1980 on Mar 18, 2013, 1:07PM
I watch Dr.Phil everyday all day now with the help of the OWN network and even though I constantly quote and see myself and my life in many of his guest it was todays show that made me get on and sign up for this community.  I am a 31 year old disabled mother of two.  Was up till November 2012 engaged to the father of my children would have celebrated our 12 yrs on St. Patty's day.  I have always had issues and he was very verbally and mentally abusive, however since he left i just really don't care about anythign anymore.  The things I have done in the past few months I never ever imanigned doing.  And watching todays show about the two amandas while holding my purse that contains a needle andf something to go in it something ive never even tried till the past few weeks and ive only done it once.  No one in my life right now has an idea of what I am doing.  I am still a very stable mother however my ex was never around and a recovering alcololic/addict.  I hated him for it and how much time it took from me and our boys, made him get clean and sober or i'd go with the boys and he did been now for over three years and now look at me.
  But he just up and left us began treating me like a dirtbag loser piece of garbage. Blaming my epilepsy  and very frequent un controlled seizures.  All my friends have abandoned me he got to them all telling them nasty dirty lies.  When he takes the boys on the weekends I am so lonely looking for something anything to help me feel somethign again. Anything.  I was always told that "You need to look before you leap, causes still waters run deep.  And there won't always be someone there to pull you out."  Im standing on the edge of that
Replied By: msnyc73 on Mar 18, 2013, 12:55PM
As a newly recovering addict I was brought to tears by the beautiful gift of those two young ladies getting the help they need. I know it can sometimes feel as if life will never get better and that is so not true. I think it is so amazing that your show took both girls, had you left one behind she may not have survived. I wish that help was easier I feel there are many more young and older girls calling for help. I have had a long time battle with drugs and alchohol and now I am getting the help that I need. I am also now addressing the fact that I have mental health issues which needed to be addressed bipolar. 

I have finally in my life admitted honestly my struggle with drugs and alchohol and know that I can't think oh its ok if just for the weekend. When I saw the young girl Molly I felt and saw her pain, she wanted to be strong and not admit that she truly wasn't happy being a prostitute. When I was young girl I remember my later on fiance was just my boyfriend and I thought he cared and wanted to protect me however he would send me out with clients. I remember one time I never showed back home and when I did he beat me, later I did clean and got my life on track and then fell back into drug addiction when he died suddenly. I know now its cause I never believed it was me who had the strength to get the help needed, instead I listened to people when they said he was the one who helped me get clean. I know now thats not true, so I really praise both Amanda's for doing it they are an inspiration to us all who struggle. To Molly you are such a beautiful girl who has so much life a head of you please stop now maybe you haven't done drugs yet however soon you will start to use drugs to do something which you don't like. Molly you deserve so much and you really are such a beautiful kind girl and you can make through this I wish you all the best! 

To all those ladies my God bless you all each day and let me say please hold your heads high cause you have already helped others with your story. Thank you Dr. Phil for helping so many God bless you and your family always! You have helped me so much from just watching your show!
Replied By: fenwaypark9 on Mar 18, 2013, 12:26PM
This show today is a perfect example of just one reason I have a serious problem with the legal and illegal sex industry. Many here before and elsewhere, people think the sex industry is a good thing and a victimless crime. I am of the opinion the vast majority of men/women in the sex industry are in it because of some type of substance abuse. Good kids who grow up being taught morals and acceptable behavior often turn to stripping which leads to prostitution and even porn films. They choose this because of the easy and fast money the sex industry offers in order to support their drug habits. Especially for young women. So for those who think the sex industry saves marriages or is a victimless crime. Today is an example of what happens to some of the people involved with the sex industry. God Bless these girls.
Replied By: dimitri on Mar 18, 2013, 12:13PM
20% of the children will die before they reach 5 and 95% of the heroin will be produced, both  according to the UN, in a country where the production of heroin was stopped, until we imposed and maintain a new government , for 12 years now. Solid proof that our intelligence has its limits.

Replied By: bherman on Mar 18, 2013, 8:12AM
Dr. Phil, I just watched episode 631 and it truely brought back a lot of memories. My daughter was an alcoholic and a drug addict. She was the mother of 3 children which I raised due to her addiction. On Sept 6, 2010 she was found dead in her apartment from an "accidental" overdose. Today her daughter Maygun is following in her mothers footsteps. Its heartbreaking. My daughter Hope was only 34 when she died. A beautiful girl with a wonderful outgoing personality, a smile that brightened any room, she threw away her life for drugs and alcohol. I sure hope that "Lisa" on your show was able to overcome her addiction. It's so hard to talk about my daughter. I feel that I should have been able to help her. I tried so many times until I gave up.
 Thanks for listening.
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