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(Original Air Date: 10/23/12) Renae says her 14-year-old daughter, Amanda, was a model child and a parent's dream, but in the last couple of years has become a rebellious and violent teen. Renae says Amanda's anger is oftentimes directed at her. She says the teen has punched her -- as many as 50 times in the last year -- has knocked her teeth out, called her names and has kicked, bitten and spit on her. Amanda admits that she doesn't respect her mother -- or any authority -- and that she has a violent temper, but says, "Fights find me.” Can Dr. Phil help show Amanda more effective ways to channel her aggression -- and her family better ways to cope with her? Then, Courtney, a police officer who works with juveniles, says that despite her training, she can’t control her defiant, eye-rolling 16-year-old daughter, Sabby’s, bad attitude. She says when Sabby doesn't get her way, she works herself up into a rage and has pushed her grandmother, threatened to kill her younger sister, and was sent to and kicked out of boot camp just recently. Then, meet Sabby, who maintains her defiance with Dr. Phil. Can he get through to this tough teen? If you are having a difficult time raising your teen, tune in!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: debbers48 on Nov 21, 2014, 8:17PM
I live in Mexico. So I see most my programs on Youtube. I just watched this episode and felt so compelled to see how these two young ladies progressed. I saw so much hurt in the first young girl. The fact that she admitted to cutting herself is such a red flag. I wonder if there is much more trauma than was ever brought up on this show. The second youngster I fight to think she is not hopeless. Such a wall around her of defiance. I am curious and hopeful to hear if there were any positive outcomes. Please, if possible, give an update. Thank you.
Replied By: jennywrites on Jul 16, 2013, 8:27AM
Can't wait to watch the show today.  I remember Sabby and wanted to drop kick her back then.  Now I want to do the same to her muh-ther.  She thinks she knows better than Dr. Phil but she's back on the show?  I hope Dr. Phil makes her realize that it's this type of misguided parenting that contributed to Sabby's attitude.  No wonder why that girl thinks she rules the roost... she does!
Replied By: elvenfairy on Jun 14, 2013, 1:42PM
Dr Phil, please let us know how these girls are doing.  My heart goes out to them both.
Replied By: missyeire on Mar 10, 2013, 1:50AM - In reply to strine
I don't think I've ever seen a more annoying teenager than Sabby! There's something seriously lacking in her and it's called respect. People bashing her mother are attacking the wrong person because clearly Sabby is out to disrespect her out of her own free will and simply because she can get away with it. Her facial expressions tell it like it is: she thinks herself better than everyone else and she's just not interested in anyone else aside from herself. I hope that she'll get tough love in the ranch where she's going to. Wonder how she'll be after a few weeks/months with them!
Replied By: missyeire on Mar 10, 2013, 1:46AM - In reply to strine
I fail to see what Amanda's red hair at the start has anything to do with having dark, neatly done hair during the show. All guests look better when they get on stage, Amanda too. Surely she received styling tips before going on the show.
Replied By: sharetheboat on Feb 1, 2013, 2:25PM - In reply to mcsteamster
         Thank you for your comment. I appreciate, and hope others do too, you sharing your story as an example of how adolescent negative behaviors have an emotional cause. The fact that so much of society turns a blind eye to this fact is very disturbing. I have recently started a training program to become a counselor. Your nod of approval of my assesment of Sabby's behaviors gives me some much needed encouragement, thank you. Congratulations to you on having such a clear understanding of your past and on  moving beyond it.
Replied By: mcsteamster on Jan 29, 2013, 4:24PM - In reply to sharetheboat
You read into that well I think.  I acted that way after my Dad died when I was 13.  I  had low self esteem from poor grades and being let down by friends as a child.  I also had a negative, nit-picky mom like sabby, who never realized her remarks actually made me have low self esteem, and no drive to do better because I would never be good enough. when my Dad passed away I was frusterated, angry, and Extremely vulnerable.  As a young teenager I knew I was socially awkward and was very insecure.  I remember asking my friends to tell me whenever I annoyed them so I could change the way I acted when I was 14. 

All of those negative emotions and influences on ones life coupled with dissappointement and insecurities creates a monster, who hides their pain from the world and keeps everyone as far away from them as possible so that they can't hurt them any further. 

What I desperately needed, was for someone to tell me that I was good enough, and show me how to study better, and how to present myself so I didn't annoy people.  I wasn't nearly as intense as sabby, and I only acted that way towards other kids, but I  definitely see a little of me in her and these negative comments people are posting really break my heartFor those of you that feel they have to post how annoying and ugly Sabby is, if you one day ask yousrelf how anyone could bully another person, just look in the mirror.

Replied By: sharonv2549 on Jan 26, 2013, 9:03AM
Dear Dr. Phil.   I sure hope that we get to see the "NEW" Sabby, after Turn About Ranch get's through with her.. That chick was so immature.  Rolling those eyes, not paying attention..and the interview prior to the program uttererly made me disguested.  I'm hoping that this Turn About Ranch does positive things with this kid.   I've see nothing short of miraculous things from Turn About Ranch.. God love those folks.
Replied By: strine on Jan 9, 2013, 9:22PM - In reply to tyler1
Seemed her mother was just picking at her constantly, imagine being told you never do anything "right". Your hair is in your face, your clothes don't look neat = "you are a bad reflection of your mother to other people". All her mother cared about was how her daughter made her look as a parent.
Replied By: strine on Jan 9, 2013, 9:18PM
Her mother talks about herself like this, "Momma doesn't know what else to do"... why did that not sound odd to Dr Phil? (and 3rd person- what the?). Also, walking around a teenager and calling her ugly and picking on her because of her hair makes you sound like an abusive control freak (did Dr Phil not think that was odd?). Maybe working around kids who have been off the rails has made her hyper-sensitive with her own daughter and she has been labelling everything her child does or says in regards to her being a criminal of some kind. Sabby is rebelling and she seems like she is a good kid other than trying to rebel against her controlling labelling mother. I hope her mother lets up a bit and she and Sabby can have a mother daughter relationship rather than warden and prisoner. 16yr old's need to find their own style of dressing etc and they don't want to be picked at for having a crinkled shirt (heck I don't want to be picked at for that). She doesn't know what else to do because she hasn't been doing the parenting thing "right" either.
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