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(Original AIr Date: 10/24/12) Erin says that when she was 8 years old, her stepfather, "Mr. Dave," began sexually abusing her, and that she also watched him molest her friends. Erin says that despite telling her mother, Lisa, what was happening -- a claim her mother denies -- the atrocities continued until she confided in a teacher, three years later. Erin’s stepfather was arrested and is currently behind bars, and Lisa was convicted of sexual abuse of a minor for failing to protect her daughter. She served 13 months in jail and is now permanently on the sex offender registry. Erin, now 22, says she's struggling to let go of the anger and resentment she still feels for her mother. Face to face on Dr. Phil's stage, will Lisa take responsibility for not taking action? And, can Dr. Phil help Erin find forgiveness? Then, find out why Lisa's 14-year-old daughter may now be in need of her mom's protection, and if Lisa is up to the task. This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: squeakyclean2 on Sep 4, 2014, 3:37PM
The mother kept saying over and over that she was so tragically afriad of her pedophil husband, so she left her female children and their friends alone at home with him.  Oh yea, that makes a lot of sense. She should be on the Sex Offender Registry.  She knew he was dangerous and someone to be feared, but left her daughters alone with him daily.  And now she fanes remorse and plays the vicitm.  So sad.
Replied By: maurboo on Jun 2, 2013, 12:51AM - In reply to dsorceress
You said;

      The sex offender registry was NOT put in place as a punishment or shaming device. It is *supposed* to be a line of defense between our children and sexual predators. This mother is an idiot, she is a rotten mother, she is selfish and self-absorbed, she does not look particularly remorseful to me, more sorry for herself than her daughter, and that is heinous. She is a horrible person and a waste of air. You can say a lot of things about her that are bad and most of them would be true, BUT: she is NOT a sexual threat to anybody's kids! And trying to pretend that she 'deserves' this completely defies what our justice system is supposed to do. She was tried, found guilty, did time. She will already have trouble getting employment with her arrest record, and no issue with that. She deserves all of that!
But WE, out here in society, need to know when we look at that list, that we are not looking at moms who were in denial or afraid of their abusive partners; or at teens with poor impulse control who mooned somebody, or what have you. As it is, when you look at the sex offender list and see how many 'sex offenders' live close to you, you will be HORRIFIED. But how many of those people represent a genuine, ongoing risk to the public? THAT is what the registry is for. NOT as a punitive device!" 

Well said. That woman is NOT a mother. She is a narcissist. Void of mothery feelings. Shame on her. She makes me ill.   
Replied By: inalienable on Jun 1, 2013, 12:29PM - In reply to celmom
I was trying to be nice, but in this case it just doesn't warrant being nice. Her responses and attitude made me sick!
Replied By: jennef on Jun 1, 2013, 6:11AM
I was very impressed with this young woman's maturity & dignity .

Everyone's attention seems to be on the mother -  not surprising since she was really a sight to behold!

I do not think she has the intelligence to change .The "Baiter" who trapped her must have seen her as the easy prey she was & will always be.

Erin showed remarkable dignity . She's an admirable young person.


Replied By: jennwren on Jun 1, 2013, 4:40AM
Erin.. if you are reading the message boards.. then you have to know that your life isn't over.. happiness is still out there. Yeah he hurt you and I get that.. I was abused by my step dad from age 5 to 16 and just like you I went to my Mother and told her.. she grounded me for a month (to my room) for lying. I wasn't lying, I know you are not lying. I can see it.. feel it and hear it. You seem so much like me at your age. Now i'm 39 and I can honestly say I am not a victim.. .I am a survivor and I'd love to hear you say that one day. Because he is in prison where he belongs.. you get to cheer about that and own it... He deserves to be there and I applaud you.

My step-dad also abused many of my friends but because of the 5 year limit on being able to charge him for those crimes it was only me who could give my statement and do what I could to make sure no one else was harmed by him. Unfortunatly he only got 4-16 years.. He is now out.. and I pray he learned his lesson.

My mom passed away 4 years ago.. still telling people I lied.. My entire family turned their backs on me. But I know that what I did was the right thing. I'm praying for you and your family. Good luck to you and please stand up tall and know you are strong. You beat him in the end.

Replied By: tito2844 on Jun 1, 2013, 3:13AM
Erin ,you not need your mother in your life ,specially this kind of "mother" you are a mother now yourself,just enjoy life raise your children  your children not need a grandma like her she will be a terrible example for them ,she will make your life is hell don't bring this pain and madness into your family they don't deserve ....,love the man that is now in your life  ,your mother is toxic person  she is mad at you ,she blames you ,she is not taking responsibility for her actions she has to blame  someone and the one is you ! how selfish selfcentered  she is ,stay away from her, she is damaged already ,don't hate her ,don't pity her ,be yourself,we need a mother in our lives when they are protecting us and nurturing us  our mother's didn't do it is sad but is true ,,otherwise we can make it I did it , so do you! I wish you the best be happy don't feel any remorse about her ,you didn't do nothing wrong ...she did it! many happiness always my dear !
Replied By: tito2844 on Jun 1, 2013, 2:57AM - In reply to tallgal45
Therapy...who the mother? really? this girl needs therapy yes indeed ,but part of the therapy  should be STAY  AWAY FROM HER MOTHER! I didn't see love and compassion from this woman I saw me me me and myself egotistical selfish animal that shouldn't be called ever 'mother" that title is not fo her because frankly my dear she is not! sometimes is better stay   away alone from a toxic family members .
Replied By: tito2844 on Jun 1, 2013, 2:49AM - In reply to mamabearone
If your mother did that to you, know  stop loving your mother because you  know what ? your mother doesn't love you ...same  happened to me and I get off  of her life se die and I don't feel a iota of remorse she didn't deserve my love ...mother is the one who love you nurture you respect you and protects you,,our mothers didn't do it , we shouldn't call her mothers they don't deserve that name ! you said she wtill have issues...why you accept her in your live she is TOXIC !!!!
Replied By: tito2844 on Jun 1, 2013, 2:41AM - In reply to andilk
Exacly ,everything you said you is  right! that happened to me and my mother was out of my life ..... she didn't protect me form my "father" I found wonderful people in my life who act and love me like a mother ,she was out for good ,when she was almost dying she was looking for me (she need me for legal reasons) I respond to her sign the papers sooon she die ,didn't went to the funeral  I stopped loving her long ago and I not feel not remorse I am okay now.....mothers suppose to love you nurture you love you ,this women  took my mother's role and I am grateful they did they all are gone but my hear and my prayers still for those women who love me unconditionally while my real mother never did! this  girl should be out of her mother's life she doesn't love her she is me ,I ,and myself ,egotistical selfish egomaniac ! Some people should not BREED really!
Replied By: tito2844 on Jun 1, 2013, 2:33AM - In reply to banjobanjo
This woman (not mother) I wouldn't calll her mother ,is in denial she dislike her daughter ,she is mad at her because the sex offender crime on her,she is talking about relationship on her terms ,why is  this girl is  looking for relationship with her in the first place? why invite her to the wedding? she doesn't deserve to be in her daughters happy, special day,she is toxic in her life! I wouldn't don 't even invite her to the show I will be there myself who cares about this monster? she blames her daughter for everything she has to reconize is her fault ,bring a man to her life who really was and still a pedophile ...this woman didn't deserve to be called a mom! and her sobbing and raving was a ct IT WAS NOT TEARS like Dr. Phil said ! what a waiste of time really!
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