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When Sheena Morris was found hanged in a Florida hotel room on New Year's Day 2009, her death was ruled a suicide. But the 22-year-old's parents, Kelly and David, say they believe their daughter was murdered, and have since been working relentlessly to reopen the investigation into her death, which is now under review. On Dr. Phil's stage, they come face to face with the man they believe killed Sheena -- her 48-year-old fiancé, Joe. Were there clues missed in the original investigation? Then, Joe says he believed Sheena was suicidal in the days leading up to her death -- so why did he leave her alone in the hotel room after a heated argument? Does his story add up? Joe takes a polygraph to prove his innocence. Don't miss the results!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: paulab12 on Apr 14, 2014, 5:04AM - In reply to blueyedangel80
Joe Genoese gave dna to the police he had an alibi that put him miles away from the scene.  An alibi that was confirmed the police saw him leave the hotel when they went to the disturbance he is not guilty and the parents not wanting to believe that their daughter chose to die doesn't make it so.
Replied By: blueyedangel80 on Oct 10, 2013, 11:24AM
It's surprising how many people can watch 1 show and come to so many different conclusions... To me personally, I believe he's beyond guilty! I have actually taken time to research, read court documents, visit different pages regarding Sheena including her mothers' page... There's no doubt the police in that small area did a half-butt job (read up on the area, the size, the police, the patterns etc) and it's hard to ignore more than 2 experts who have looked over everything who also believe she was murdered.... These are my thoughts. I'm not surprised one bit that he failed the polograph test. Yes, they are accepted in regular court, but they are at the federal level. And my position on that is, if they are sooooo horribly wrong, then why does the FBI and other agencies resort to using that method. I wouldn't think the FBI would want to wait valuable time on polygraphs just because... AND if the courts deemed it completely worthless material, they wouldn't allow them at any level...  
Replied By: sidglimmer on Nov 14, 2012, 7:21PM - In reply to gr8karina
Yes, I did say I thought I knew my ex-wife like the back of my hand and came to learn that she didn't care about the wellfare of my children by trying to turn my two boys against me.  I didn't say I thought I knew her like the back of my hand only to find out she is a murderest.  There is a HUGE difference my good man between those two very different cenarious as well as the point I was trying to make in the first place which I believe you might have missed.  You chose to select a section of my message to twist into using it against Joe.  My statement was made to show how women can become in a normal relationship where there is jeolousy issues involved with the children.  Even though they are not the same jealousy isue it is nin the same vein as Sheena's jealousy of Joe's children.  As I said, I was with my ex-wife for over 21 years and never thought she'd act that way at age 39 when we seperated.  This case involves a very young 22 year old woman involved with a much older 48 year old man.  it's very easy in my eyes to see that she wasn't mature enough to deal with both a much older man and a much older man with children that caused her to want more attention than Joe was giving her.  But again, it's rediculous for a woman to expect all of the man's attention when he has kids that he loves and just wanted to wish them a happy holiday without her losing her cool.  I read where she had episodes of bi-polar syndrom which would explain how she could be so enraged over something a normal person would not only understand but respect in a man who loves his children.  He obviously decided to spend the holiday with her and it was too much for her to have to wait a few minutes for his attention while he spoke to his children?
Replied By: gr8karina on Nov 13, 2012, 7:38AM - In reply to sidglimmer
You defend this 'Little Joe" guy although you haven't been in touch with him in years. You also stated that you thought you knew your ex-wife "like the back of your hand". Obviously you were incorrect about her as well.

You never know when someone might do something completely out of character.
He is guilty. There is NO question about it. His inability to directly answer a question proves it. An innocent person accused of such a horrific crime would be adamant and specific about their answers. His inability to  recall details and attempt to redirect questions is proof that he is guilty.
Replied By: ccrsone on Nov 7, 2012, 9:46AM - In reply to cocorowe
But I am not sure if these things were done or not.......I would be interested in knowing.....but as I understand it......the agency that did the investigation.....is not talking .......so we don't know......Should have done the investigation correctly.....it takes little effort to do it correctly.......
Replied By: ccrsone on Nov 7, 2012, 9:34AM - In reply to inalienable
no motive to kill her in a public place like it is alleged.  He left....police came.....and there is NO EVIDENCE he returned to the room after the police and if you can't prove he returned to the room....there is NO CASE.  .....

and no evidence on the body showing she had been kncocked out or drugged and then hung as she was found, no brusing to support that theory............NONE,.......I don't see it.....Put a helmet on a 150 lb friend....and have them lay down and be completely limp......try moving that body around......GOOD LUCK....and you will get an idea of the brusing that Sheena would have had on her body.....even post mortem.....had that happened.....it isn't there......She killed herself.....

Suspicious......possibly.....but not really to me.....The key thing is hilarious.....She had both keys....pure and simple....her family had both....not really a mystery....
Replied By: ccrsone on Nov 7, 2012, 9:27AM - In reply to tbonet
Just didn't want to be married so he kills her....?.....IDK.....a little to public to do that.....had that been the motive....no one with the IQ above a bag of hammers......would do it at a hotel....

I don't think there is a clear motive....and as 925 (suspicious) as he is and the events that night.......don't think he did it.....and had or anyone else on this dicussion board ever picked up a complete limp body and moved a body around.....then you would know what I know.....that it is so difficult to do....THAT IT WOULD LEAVE LOTS OF BRUSING.   There would be evidence of this happening, clear evidence.....

BTW....as much as I love the show Dexter.....  NO WAY a man moves all the bodies around like he does in the show.....have a loved one that weighs about 150 lbs lay down on the floor and put a helmet on their head to protect their head......then move that body around and simulate holding the body up to hang them from a 5 foot tall object.......and you will get an idea of what kind of brusing there would be....moving her around after she was knocked out or drugged.....almost IMPOSSIBLE.....and had Sheena had that much brusing.....JOE WOULD BE AWAITING TRIAL FOR MURDER RIGHT NOW!

Guess we will see.....and yes....the ring is funny....GAVE HER GLASS.....and to have the Mother appraise it was even more ghetto.......that was funny stuff right there.....
Replied By: inalienable on Nov 2, 2012, 6:16AM
1. Motive There is volumes of motive,  Jealously, Anger, Humility, Ego, Avoiding arrest for starters.

2. Inability to recall toll pass details.

3. Two hotel keys and difficulty in recollection.

4. Inability to recall what they were arguing about "Oh it was money".

5. Trying to dismiss the interogation with " I've given the police everything" "I'm not even a suspect" "They interviewed me 3-4 days after when actually it was 22 days after.

6. Trying to dismiss blame with "She was suicidal"

7. Not having a solid answer "Why he didn't stay with her if he knew she was potentially suicidal"

8. Threateniing an old boyfriend by threatening with a weapon and inability to recall the incident accurately.

9. Dismissive of any wrong doing because he never had any problems in his past marriage of 19? years

10. His lack of remorse knowing Sheena is no longer alive, more focused on convincing of his innocence.

11. The fake diamond engagement ring tells a substantial amount about the relationship being unhealthy, uncertain and uncommited.

12. Joe Stating the excuse for suicide if she couldn't have him then she doesn't want to live anymore.

13. Sheena calling 911 with Injustices done to her, is out of character of someone that is going to end their life and doesn't care anymore.

14. Sheena calling 911 and being concerned about her material property in her apartment is not inidicative of someone thats about to end their own life.

15. Sheena calling Joe and telling him that she intends to call the police and submit injury photos for evidence of assaulting her is damn straight motive for retaliation.

16. With a woman 20? some years, younger that is remarkedly beautiful, smart and successful. It is unlikely that "Joe" would be leaving her. On the contrary, which is another very valid reason for motive.

17. The alleged "aliby" of being with friends and stating that they assuredly saw him go up and go to sleep, seemed weak and expectedly being conclusive to his being innocent.

18.  Not being forthwright about prior Domestic violence when being questioned by Dr. Phil. Only Once  Dr. Phil revealed that he already knew did "Joe" admit to having any knowledge of it, and then it was guarded, dismisive and still evasive.

I feel terribly sad for Sheena and Joe for their unfortunate  involvment in this relationship gone horribly bad. And I especially cannot express enough gratitude for Sheena's parents that have lost their only daughter in which they both loved immensly.

I would most assuredly not want to be Joe right now in his most unfortunate position. 

My limited knowledge of investigations and the limited information provided tells me that there are some serious things that have not yet been revealed.  I suspect these idiosyncrasies will be revealed in the near future with the reopening of this case and a competent investigation being launched. I hope for Joes sake he did not do this horrible injustice to another person.  The truth inevitibly will surface as to what actually happened here.

I express my most gracious regards to Dr. Phil and his team for their devotion to helping those in need.
Replied By: grievingmomtoo on Nov 1, 2012, 11:19AM
We all watch Law & Order and shows that show good police work fast. That isn't the real world I found out almost 2 years ago when my 23 year old was found dead. It took 9 months for tox results and 11 months for autopsy result of undetermined cause of death. What can you investigate a year later. That's why you have parents asking Dr Phil for help because they have already learned the police are worthless unless you have clout. People can be asked to come to the station but it's up to them, leaving us parents with no answers. As gut wrentching as losing your child is - you feel as if you owe it to them to find out if they were murdered. You can not move on or get over it as has been suggested!!! That being said I would need to be positive someone was responsible before I would want them punished. I would not wish this on anyone.

Replied By: sidglimmer on Oct 31, 2012, 12:39AM
Hi, my name is Dave and I am 52 years old.  Joe, "Little Joe" as we nicknamed him lived next to my parent's house in Holmes, Ridley Township Pennsylvania for over 20 years.  Little Joe was best friends with my youngest brother Michael who is 48 years old like Joe.  I knew Joe very well as my brothers and I played with him when we were little and hung out with him when we grew older.  Joe and I even played in a band back in the early 80's.  Joe was always a really nice kid and grew up to become a nice adult.  I haven't seen him in many years but was shocked out of my mind as were all of my Facebook friends when we learned of this horrible tragedy.  Unless Little Joe somehow changed 180 degrees there is NO WAY he committed a murder and he is merely the subject of a witch hunt by the Sheena's parents who are sadly dealing with her death.  I was married to my ex-wife for over 21 years and I thought I knew her like the back of my hand.  She fell out of love with me and then tried to take my kids away from me.  They are 19 and 24 and live with me full time to this day.  Just because she fell out of love with me didn't mean that I didn't love my kids.  Women can become very nasty when kids are involved especially the jealous type.  My ex-wife was jealous of the great relationship I had with my two boys and tried to turn them against me to make me miserable.  In this case it appears that Sheena was jealous of Joe's kids and tried to put a wedge between them which is both immature and ridiculous if you are in love with a man who has children. 

I truly believe Joe realized things were never going to work out between them with the comment she made about "ruining New Years Eve" because Joe had a phone conversation with his kids.  I believe her rage could have turned quickly to depression when Joe walked out on her because of how she was acting.  Someone mentioned on this message board that she had mental issues and if she was manic depressive it would explain a lot of the issues pertaining to the circumstance surrounding this case.  I totally agree with everything the law enforcement officer posted on this message board about how easy this case would be to solve.  My take on Joe's appearance on Dr. Phil's show: Joe and his family came from Italy, right off the boat as they say in the early 70's.  Joe and his sister Joanne were the only people that spoke English in their family.  I'm sure it wasn't easy for Joe in school coming from Italy and as far as I know he struggled through high school and wasn't able to college academically or financially.  He was a hard working kid though which I think shows a lot about a person's personality and character.  He worked with his sister right out of high school at a sandwich shop she opened in a bad part of Philadelphia.  There were some really difficult moments he and his sister faced opening up an Italian sandwich shop in an all Irish hard core white neighborhood.  Joe and his sister were subjected to abuse, scare tactics, extortion, vandalism and finally death threats which forced them to abandon their shop for fear of their lives.  Joe didn't give up his desire to work and immediately went to work for Coca Cola with his older brother who had been a long time employee. 

I lost touch with Joe after that and found out that he went into construction work.  As much as Joe was a hard worker he wasn't as educated as he would have liked to have been because he had to work to help support his family's income rather than go to college.  What I saw as far as his body language and speech was nervousness and lack of education.  His body language was that of nervous reaction to the questions because of the manner in which Dr. Phil posed them and his responses were both nervousness and lack of education in that he couldn't articulate his real feelings as well as others and repeated things which made him look bad.  I'm sure Dr. Phil knew the results of the polygraph before he opened the envelope on the show.  He is in show business and he has to know these things in order to put on a show for his audience.  It's obvious from Dr. Phil's reaction and the comments made by the guy who administered the polygraph that they spoke before the envelope was opened.  In my heart I know Joe did not commit murder and did everything he could to prove his innocence even though he didn't have to do so and probably shouldn't have.  I've made bad decisions and going on the Dr. Phil show to clear your name was obviously a bad decision on Joe's part.  Polygraph's are not admissible as evidence for a reason and after working as a defense contractor for 30 years I've heard many horror stories of people not getting their security clearance or losing the same after taking a polygraph. 

Again, I turn to education, Joe is an immigrant who struggled through school but did the best he could and eventually made something of himself by becoming the owner his own construction business.  He apparently struggled through marriage too but he didn't kill his wife.  No divorce is ever fun, fair or without anger.  If Joe was a killer, don't you think his ex-wife would be dead too?  Joe had a tough life growing up but I think he did the best he could.  He apparently made a huge mistake by getting involved with a woman so young but realized it was time to end the relationship when she showed repeatedly that Joe's children were a problem for her.  As a parent I feel very, very bad for Sheena's parents and hope they find peace through God and not through trying to crucify Joe for inadvertently trying to clear his name by choosing the Dr. Phil show as the means to an end.
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