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(Original Air Date: 10/09/12) Have you ever made a horrible mistake and wondered if the feelings of pain and guilt would ever go away? In 1999, Tiffany was 16 years old when she was driving home on a country road and accidentally struck and killed a 7-year-old boy. For the past 13 years, she says she’s struggled to move past the tremendous guilt that she feels. Now a mom to a 1-year-old boy, Tiffany fears something awful will happen to him as payback. Can she learn to stop blaming herself and let go of her fear? For the first time since the funeral, Tiffany faces the victim’s parents, Doris and Dan. Don't miss the emotional meeting and the powerful message they have for Tiffany. And, Dr. Phil tells Tiffany why it’s so important for her to move past the accident. Then, Cassie says she's been struggling with enormous grief ever since her fiancé had a seizure and died right in front of her. She says her mom is not supportive, telling her get over it and move on with her life. Tune in to learn how you can help a grieving loved one.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: trinketstarz on Nov 23, 2012, 12:24PM - In reply to tootienlv
August 19, 1990. My friend Darrell was murdered along with co workers, at the store he managed. I know what it is over night to have the you knew STOP being what it was and become something else. There is a great site for bereavement called GROWW.org.  It's 24/7 live chat. So when the people around you expect you to be " over it", or even tell you to stop talking, or start to give you signals it makes them uncomfortable. Like ti's some kind of disease thats catching- You can log into Groww.org and talk to people who have been there.

Darrell and I were very good friends for 5 years. We went 4x4ing together, we went to the snow, the mountains, and I miss him still. I wonder what life would be like if he was still around. Would we know eacothers kids ? whould we still go do the things we used to ?  Would we live in different states.. and so on.
I can only tell you from experience that the loss is not so keen over time, and that it never goes away. You will find yourself thinking about them at odd times. People will ask you why your smiling and you learn not to tell them.  I tell them something else.. a small joke or something.  It never goes away, it does get easier.
I don't know how old your friend was when they passed.  Darrell was just 22.  He was his parents only child and most of his friend s do not see or speak to them. It takes it's toll on many levels.

Replied By: garyla on Nov 23, 2012, 6:35AM
These 2 extremely wonderful considerate conscientious girls-women-human-beings I feel are EXTREMELY DEVASTATED as many REASONABLE human beings often are, by a common-but-horrible real-life shock of how HORRIBLY shocking real life can unfortunately be and their internal spiritual re-examination-reconciliation-reflection-questions about "God" and God's ways-means in our world of horrible situations, the realities of which are often stranger more shocking-unbearable than any fictional events - where life is sometimes stranger-harsher-crueler than fiction causing us to re-question re-examine our beliefs in and about "God" and life. I feel this was the real underlying UNSPOKEN PAIN of BOTH these very unfortunate very nice ladies in their horrible situations being so shocking-devastating that it always leaves you with a variable-indefinite possibly lasting lifelong painful spiritual-emotional-mental wound-battle-struggle over the real truths about "God" and life on earth and in the entire universe. It's really too shocking for many of us myself included. I too can sadly feel Tiffany's and Cassey's possibly lifelong pain of remembrance-anguish-questioning-soul-searching that is EXTREMELY PAINFUL!!!! I feel this is utterly raw ULTIMATE RAW CORE ORGANIC LIFE PAIN that cannot be clinically psychologically analytically dealt with without DRAGGING GOD into the horrible complex MIX of everything which unfortunately for me ever since 9-11-2001, ABSOLUTELY alienated me forever-after in being no longer able to believe or accept "God" any longer whatsoever for anything, or that "God is too wise to ever make a mistake and too kind to ever do anything cruel." Frankly nowadays I SADLY but adamantly dislike-disapprove of "God" for ALL ETERNITY especially because of and due to all of these kinds of especially painful devastating life experiences people and creatures repeatedly suffer all through the millennia!!!! What is the holy eternal supreme lesson from-by God in all of these tragedies which confound many people!?!?  Nevertheless Stuart's parents are such incredibly-amazingly kind-compassionate-loving-caring-gentle-healing souls all through such a sad life experience which hopefully will help Tiffany heal from here on forward.  And Cassey's sometimes-callous-spoken mom shows great promise and hope in providing her support for her very unfortunate daughter which is very needed!!!
Replied By: mabcanada on Nov 22, 2012, 3:38PM
Tiffany please let Jesus help you forgive your self.  You probably  have been told this but  this was not intentional. Ask yourself  did you do it on purpose ?  Of course not!  Neither were you speeding.  Unfortunately, the percentage of children being hit by cars is very high-- and there are those that die. Years ago my own brother hit a nine year old (I was in passenger seat), who ran out beparked two parked cars--it was like from nowhere.  This was a residential neighbourhood and the boy was bruised and in shocwoulda

Please Leeds Dr. Phil's counsel and talk with God.

Takcarte of yourself and family and please be kind to yourself
Replied By: ellenebrock on Nov 22, 2012, 3:12PM
Twisted Grief Show: Tiffany, Savior of So Many!

Dearest Tiffany, my heart goes out to you!

Your premonition, the accident, the Dr. Phil Show, were all part of your life destiny and purpose. A hard pill to swallow. You are a most gifted woman, and the death of the little boy will not be in vain, for it was, unfortunately, his gift to this world, and life purpose as well. 

When you feel strong enough, it is your purpose to do what you did on the Dr. Phil Show, to go public and save others from being tragically killed. Eventually, you, and the young boys parents, may speak about your story in high schools, around North America, and beyond.

Even more than that, it is your purpose (and mine, and Oprah's) to teach others to listen to their intuition (gut instinct). Premonitions are beautiful reminders that we are spiritual beings first, and humans second. 

You are being guided to heal through the publicity you are bringing to the world, through speaking publicly to others. You will heal by turning your grief into public action.

I am crushed that you experienced this disaster!!!

My guess is that you will want to begin publicly speaking in high schools once your children are in high school and of a driving age. No rush. Now is the time for healing your heart privately. 

You are a living angel on earth, and are here to save others.

Be at peace, for your mission is important and massive! 

Teach others to listen to their intuition…as I am (I'm writing a book).

With love and respect,

Ellen E. Brock

Vancouver, Canada

Feel free to contact me. You are an angel. 
Replied By: tori92 on Nov 22, 2012, 2:44PM
Dear Dr.Phil,

I watch your show all of the time, I am a big fan of yours and I just want to say that I look up to you. I think the way you handle situations is amazing. I also find it very good that you cover shows of a contraversal nature or of a taboo nature because I think it is vital that the world sees these things so that hopefully these subject will not be labeled.

I am currently studying psychology and sociology and my dream is to achieve a PHD in psychology, and I really do learn alot from your shows. Triva to what some people say on youtube ect I think you are brilliant and bid you to keep doing what your doing.

If I didnt live on the other side of the world I would come on your show just to shake your hand lol

Kind regards,

Your fan,

Replied By: fotoman1133406 on Nov 22, 2012, 2:39PM
As I'm watching and listening; I have tears running down my cheeks and sobbing. I understand VERY well the HELL Tiffany is going through.

    EVERYTHING that she talks about, of sorts; I feel. 7 yrs ago, this  coming Apr; I lost my 2nd wife of 13 yrs marriage, to illness. AND, 3 yrs ago, this coming Feb, I lost my 3rd wife; to illness. Yes, I too feel guilt. IF, I had loved them both more; they would'nt have passed away...........
Replied By: cdnmom47 on Nov 22, 2012, 1:01PM - In reply to grammashellie
My heart breaks for you.  I, too, am a mom but I've not experienced the loss of a child....I just felt compelled to write to you....I hope that's okay.

Your grief came through the page at me and I could feel it.  I wish I could say something to help ease your pain but  I know you've heard all of the words before.  It saddens me that you feel the need to be forgiven.  Shellie, you did nothing wrong....you raised a beautiful son and through no fault of your own, an accident took his life.  He is gone but you did not fail him.  God called him home for reasons we don't understand, and won't understand until our time comes.

I wish you could give fully of yourself to your other family members...you sound like a lovely, caring woman and I'm sure your famly needs you...all of you.  I'm sure Charles' twin needs all of his mother.

I'm sending you a big hug, Shellie.  I wish you all the best and I hope that you are able to understand that Charles is with you always...his spirit is around you always and I'm sure that he wouldn't want you to be so sad.

with warmest regards

Val (in Canada)

Replied By: patbourbeau on Nov 22, 2012, 11:25AM
I'm new at this so I may take a while to get to my point.  I have 6 girls & 2 boys (boys are teasiest east to raise) so I have some knowledge on family.  My mother was an orphan and in stilled the love of family and I feel I have given the same to my children, and they to their children grand their grandchildren. We have a large family 27 in all.  

Now that I have given most of the family background, out of my children 1 son is an alcoholic and 1 daughter who has been into drugs since she was 15 and is now in her 40's.  Mydaughter is the one giving our family pain.

Sorry must stop to make Thanksgiving dinner will be back later
Replied By: leogorky on Nov 22, 2012, 5:38AM
I had to turn this show off about 2/3 through it. I could no longer take the blatant racism of this nasty family. Christian, my foot. The father-in-law seems to have anger management problems and seems so full of hatred, it's no wonder the rest of the family behaves in the deplorable way that they do. The reason I turned it off is that, for some reason, Dr Phil didn't take things in his hands and let this hateful man talk over everybody. Dr Phil, you do this often. Why? It does nobody anygood when you allow one person to just interrupt and talk over everybody. I was sick of him spewing his vile racist hatred of this woman. I felt so badly for her. I'm sure these people are appalled to be the victims of racism, but they obviously revel in being perpetrators...disgusting.
Replied By: tootienlv on Oct 12, 2012, 4:43PM
On Sunday, July 22, 2012 I was with my best friend but I did not know it was for the last time.  He asked me to come by after our pool league to hang out, but he changed his mind at the last minute.  The morning of Tuesday, July 24 at 8:05am I got a call that my best friend was gone.  I called in to work, went to his home to be with his family, left a message on Facebook for all of our friends because I could not call them all.  I had to see our friends that night for another league game because I already had to be there but I didnt want to be alone.  I had to step inside the place I was last with him and cried uncontrollable but our friends were there.  Every day, I still have to walk forward with my life.  Some days are really good with great stories and some are really bad.  It doesn't mean that I have to stop living but I look at it as I have to live for him.
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