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Less than 48 hours after sitting down for an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, 37-year-old Mark Castellano confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend, 31-year-old Michelle Warner. Warner, the mother of the former couple's 3-year-old son, had reportedly gone missing on September 22 after an argument with Castellano. While authorities searched for Warner, amid speculation of wrongdoing, Castellano agreed to the one-on-one with Dr. Phil. After confessing to police, Castellano contacted a Dr. Phil show producer -- Hear what he says happened that night. Whom does he blame? What did he tell police he did with Warner’s body? And where was their son during the gruesome incident? Then, Dr. Phil speaks with Warner's family. Can Dr. Phil help them make sense of their tragic loss?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Sep 15, 2013, 10:11PM - In reply to hayleymwxo
I really am so sorry you don't have your mother anymore because this angry jealous man took her away from you. When I heard that she went out to dinner with a male friend before she disappeared I knew that Mr Castellano killed her. No doubt he was jealous because she had a life and he couldn't have one due to his mental problems, no doubt he accused her of cheating on him also. I don't for a minute believe that your mother deserved what happened to her- I also don't believe any of the stories he uses to justify killing her because he is a psychopath (they lie). I hope you have a happy life mate because your mother would want that for you. A happy life knowing other people care about you (because I do). Love from Australia x
Replied By: hayleymwxo on Aug 12, 2013, 12:24PM - In reply to john1944
my mom was a great mother and never hurt us.. i cannot even name one time that she spanked me, and trust me there were plenty of times that i deserved it.. now for cayden he did get the occasional spanking but it was never out of line, again he probably deserved more than he got, but it was never out of rage.. if we got spanked it was probably the correct punishment. something else i would like to reply to would be when mark said that my mom had `a bag of phones'... the bag of phones were old phones that she used previously. WAS SHE SUPPOSED TO THROW AWAY A PHONE EVERY TIME SHE GOT A NEW ONE?!
Replied By: hayleymwxo on Aug 12, 2013, 10:45AM
My mom and mark WERE NOT boyfriend and girlfriend, she lived with him simply because she could not get child support out of him
Replied By: hayleymwxo on Aug 12, 2013, 10:41AM
my mother was the one who was killed, i thank all of you for your prayers and sorries... mark had always struck me as " different " but killing my mother is something i never thought he would do. cayden is with my moms side of the family, THANK THE LORD!! i saw one comment wondering where michelles father was, he is not the most friendly person and didnt want to be on the show. i also saw another comment about my familys reaction on the show, WELL, our family has an odd way of dealing with emotions.. we dont loke to cry in front of people( if we can help it) but trust me EVERYBODY that you saw on the show cried their eyes out when they first heard the news.. two of my moms friends were supposed to be on the show, but while awaing their flight, they heard the news. everybody who was going to do the show was only going to do it to help find my mother. the police even knew when they walked into her appartment that there was no way she left the baby.. one of the detectives said, " there was not a place in the appartment that if i put my finger on the wall i would not touch a picture of her kids" i love and miss her so much! PS. the reason there was no there were no pics of me on the show was because my dad didnt want my face on there. mark IS NOT my dad, me and cayden are half siblings.. cayden is being well taken care of!
Replied By: strine on Feb 6, 2013, 8:48PM
That man gave me the creeps from the moment this episode of Dr Phil began. From the start he was making her out to be a bad guy who did drugs etc. I could tell in the picture of her with their child that she wasn't on drugs and she didn't have scars on her skin (we women can see scars regardless of makeup). She was a beautiful lady who probably did fight with him- but fighting with someone is not a crime worthy of the death penalty. Now both of her kids will have holes in their hearts where their mother should be and he chose to do that to them. He doesn't love his son either to do that to him out of anger. Such a shame she ever met him. Please look out for yourselves ladies and don't continue living with someone toxic because it is never for the sake of the kids, it's at their expense.
Replied By: alphak555 on Feb 6, 2013, 7:52PM
I am glad that this crime has been resolved! I was surprised with the families reaction to being told! Dr Phil gave the explanation that the family must have already gone through the grieving process to some extent. I would understand this but all 3 family members reacting exactly the same! You would imagine being told whaah happened and actually listening to the murderer describe it would be devastating and very emotional! The families reaction was a little odd especially how close they said they were! Very sad case!
Replied By: garyla on Nov 21, 2012, 12:07AM - In reply to mrcureall
Yes Thankyou very much!!!  as I realized and caught my error only too late after I already submitted it and then did not know how to return and correct it unfortunately!!!!  Thanks anyway!!!! 
Replied By: mrcureall on Oct 8, 2012, 9:41PM - In reply to garyla
You have the right to be an Atheist.  But you might want to go back and read the title.  It was her ex boyfriend NOT her ex husband.
Replied By: garyla on Oct 7, 2012, 6:37PM
Just like so many other millions of senseless pointless tragedies befalling upon human life in this world since the beginning of life and time including the most horrific recent devastating 9-11-01 World Trade Center tragedy, this heartbreaking tragedy murder of Michele Warner by her husband Mark Castellanos just sickens angers and devastates me as likely to millions of others about the pointlessness and senselessness of such a SAD LIFE-ENDING TRAGEDY-MOMENT-EVENT which just painfully repeatedly reconfirms time and time again my becoming a hopeless "born-again atheist" simply due to the mass overwhelming pointlessness and senselessness of such painful devastating earthly life tragedies where no real decent-just ever-present "God" would ever allow SUCH PERPETUAL INSANE RIDICULOUSNESS NEVER-ENDING TIME AND TIME AGAIN!!!! What holy heavenly eternal "life-lessons" could EVER be learned-taught from such horrific horrible never-ending devastating life tragedies I just don't and can't comprehend WHATSOEVER --- EXCEPT THAT HUMAN LIFE IS ALL TOO OFTEN IMMORAL SICK EVIL HORRIBLE VICIOUS CRUEL and DEVASTATING!!!! This is so painful upsetting HEARTBREAKING and ANGERING ALL THE MORE SO in a real life world without ANY EVIDENCES of ANY "God(s)" ANYWHERE that it also causes-forces me to suffer PAINFUL ENDLESS GRIEF to ALSO feel QUITE SORRY for the MURDERER HIMSELF, Mark Castellanos the husband himself, who probably NEVER KNEW-DREAMED-IMAGINED or FORESAW that he would ever someday grow up to human biological adulthood and then SUDDENLY OUT OF THE BLUE in a fit of mental derangement mentally violently snap and come to murder his very own wife perhaps even without much of ANY inkling, premeditation or anticipation of such a horrible devastating life tragedy-event-moment ever occurring!!!! Why would "GOD" EVER CREATE-MAKE or ALLOW Mark Castellanos - or any OTHER MILLIONS OF MURDERERS - to ever be THAT WAY - to what JUSTIFIABLE decent just moral end and purpose !?!?

And ofcourse my heart-love-sympathy-prayers go UTMOST fully to Michele's devastated LOVING mother and family!!!!
Replied By: starfrk on Oct 6, 2012, 3:25PM
I use to work for a local cell phone store in Stafford Texas.  This is where I knew Mark from.  He was hired by the cell phone store as the IT person. 
I always thought Mark was a nice person.  He seemed so lonely.  He would tell me stories about Michelle and Caden.  I don't know if he really loved her as a person or if he loved the fact that she was so beautiful.  He was not the best looking person.  He use to tell me about Michelle and their issues.  I use to wonder why he was telling me his business because we weren't that close. 
He use to say how he wanted to get custody of Caden and take him away from Michelle.  I just feel so confused because I sat and had conversations with a murder. 
I just wish things could have been different for Michelle and Caden. 
I also send my condolences to the family of Michelle.
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