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Zombie-like behavior, super-human strength, cannibalism, hallucinations, psychotic episodes -- these are just some of the effects of ingesting the new designer drugs known as bath salts. Some forms of the synthetic powder can be purchased over the counter and are not detectable on drug tests. Watch as our Dr. Phil producer shows how easy it is to buy these potentially-deadly substances. Then, Felicia says her 27-year-old boyfriend, Dennis, has abandoned her and their 6-year-old son and become a slave to his drug use. She says Dennis, who is living on the streets, shoots heroin in his neck, has abused meth and has survived an overdose on bath salts -- and she and his parents, Mark and Barrie, worry time is running out. Dr. Phil has some tough questions for the three -- how may they be enabling Dennis' addiction? Then, Dr. Phil sends mother-son team Brandon and Debbie, to find Dennis and stage an intervention. Is Dennis willing to get help?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: alphak555 on Feb 26, 2013, 6:47PM
This family disgusts me! All of them and I am sure the mother, who I'd a drug addict herself, will continue to help her son be a druggy! 

She hasn't learnt  a thing!

PleSe help families who deserve help like Brandon and his mother, who was not a drug addict and her onlY mistake was being soft!

Omg, the poor boy! The mother of the child makes me sick the most! How does the little boy know the father needs money? Why is the drug addict around the child on his birthday? Why has the child seen anything? 

Stop giving undeserving families assistance and help families who at least are not taking drugs with their children! Please , there are thousands of families who are decent and don't know how to handle the situation unlike this family! 

Stop helping the wrong people! This family really made me sick! Feeling guilty for the intervention? Doing drugs with your kid? Getting a drug addict to score drugs for you? Yeah right,only once! Liar liar liar! 

Help people like Brandon's family who are lost but not scum! 
Replied By: planet1026 on Oct 9, 2012, 7:26PM - In reply to tallbecks
I'm so glad someone else wrote that:   i have been upset ever since watching that show.   Dr. Phil was totally out of line for YELLING at the mother, over circumstances that were not even under her control.   From what i understood, her husband was on life support, and the Dr. approached THE FAMILY about the prognosis and life-death decisions.    OMG, do you think in that moment, that the mother was thinking 'oh gee, i better get my son out of here for this', or shushing the Dr. in that moment?

What a terrible, HORRIBLE thing for Dr. Phil to do, in shaming that mother for not having her wits about her while a Dr. is approaching her about turning off life-support on her HUSBAND.

For the most part, I like Dr. Phil's no-nonsense approach to people and situations.   But after that show I lost some respect for him, and his callous behavior while being so self-righteous and acting all GOD-like.

We have all made mistakes, who is he to be so condescending to someone is there seeking help, or treating someone like crap for something that happened years ago?

Trying to insinuate that SHE is somehow to BLAME for her adult child now being lost in addiction, for not interrupting a Dr. years earlier.   Wow.

I think he owes that mother a sincere apology.    

Replied By: lost2012 on Oct 8, 2012, 5:36PM
The road will be hard but the reward will be great. Just believe in your self. Ask for help and propel will help. Good luck you are in my thoughts . One day at a time.
Replied By: golden1z on Oct 8, 2012, 12:01PM - In reply to aintnofoolnomo
Thank you for your message, I'm so sorry your family is suffering with this too. I got down to 93 pounds (haven't been that thin since 6th grade!). I agree with joining a group for parents. I had kicked him out, thinking he was just partying too much. I didn't approve since he wasn't working or going to college. I wouldn't allow him to visit if he was high, so he stopped coming around. When he finally fessed up and asked for help, I thought I had to fix it, and my son said "I gave you away, that was all me". Yet, I couldn't stop blaming myself. You're so right, families should definately have help too. Bless us all, and bless our kids.
Replied By: mamajen107 on Oct 4, 2012, 2:51PM
I did not get to watch this show b/c it did not record, all my titles with shows are messed up, is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone know where I can get this show to watch it?
Replied By: ltownson on Oct 4, 2012, 8:29AM
My stepson has been an addict for over 20 years. He will do anything available. He won't contact his dad anymore because we don't support him. He has two sons who haven't seen him in months.He was on herion last time he was with them. Since then his wife has left and we won't tell him where she is because she is scared. She has woke up to him standing over her bed at night, after he broke in. We don't know what he's capable of,depends on what he's doing. We don't let him know where his brother lives because of his stealing. We also have trouble with extended family who believe we should support him "no matter what" It has been a long hard struggle and will contiue to be. Rehab has never worked. He has been to college, he was in the army until they threw him out. He was married with two sons. It has never been enough. He always goes back to drugs. Some times you just can't stop people, he does what he wants,  Our nightmare will end when he overdoses or kills himself. We have to accept this, sometimes you can't help people, they have to want help. he wants his drugs.Love is not enough.
Replied By: clayvicki1971 on Oct 4, 2012, 8:01AM

I rushed home yesterday to catch Dr Phil and I missed the beginning of the show. I had seen the previews and knew what the show was about.

I have a brother who is 45 years old and is using bath salts...I know he has used several aother things but this latest one seems to be one that is taking him for a ride. He has two boys, both of whon have used and are using (maybe not bath salts for btoh but are using). My oldest newphew is 24 and has been in and out of rehab and my other nephew is 18, just graduated high school and the only think I know for sure he is using is dope. (that is all I hae been told).

My brother lives in Northern Maine and there is not alot to do much less not alot of work. My brother has always been what I have called a functional addict. I know this term is a horrid way to describe someone but he has always managed to work full time, and maintain his family. Albeit, not perfect in any way. In the past few years my brother has declined. His health, his social demeanor and his family has all gone "down hill".

I am scared. My brother is a wonderful human being and I dont want the next call I get to say he is dead or has killed someone. My parents are horriby worried but they live in Florida, my sister and I live in Vermont and relly if we go to Maine to try to help...what can we do? He wont listen to us, he will go days on end without answering his calls and never will respond to any messages I may leave him.
Replied By: psmith0601 on Oct 4, 2012, 5:30AM
We have a daughter (along with her partner) that were heavily into these bath salts that have now graduated into Heroin and who knows what else. Their paranoia and hallucinations were so extreme on the bath salts that they were constantly calling the police about things they thought were happening. After repeated calls to police, DSS was called and their daughter was taken away from them for neglect. We now have temporary custody of our 2 year old granddaughter and these parents continue to do as they please. The Dad checked himself into 2 different treatment facilities, stayed for a few hours and checked himself out. Our daughter was court ordered into treatment and did a 28 day program and was to continue on in a halfway house. There was no bed available, so she manipulated her counselor into believing that she would stay with HER grandparents until a bed became available (which could take any where from 2 days to 2 weeks). Well, that didn't happen. Through the course of her rehab and her attending meetings, she met a guy who has been 2 years clean and does a lot of speaking at the meetings as well as lives in a supportive living house with others like him. Although we were not at all happy about her getting involved in a new relationship, we felt relieved that she was not hanging out with the person who got her involved with the bath salts to begin with or so we thought. She was meeting up with the person that got her into the salts. While she was doing her 28 days, he started using heroin and who knows what else. Our daughter always knew what he was doing, who he was hanging out with and thought it was horrible that he wasn't doing anything to get their daughter back. All of us, including the Family Court Judge, tried to persuade her into getting a retraining order against this guy but she wouldn't hear of it. Her excuse was "he already has so many charges against him, I don't want to be responsible for him getting even more placed against him". She always tries to protect him and continues to do so to this day. As a result of her hanging out with him again, a few days out of rehab, she started using heroin. When the bed finally became available at the halfway house she spent the whole night before detoxing herself with the help of the new guy from the supportive living house. She passed the drug test and was admitted into the halfway house. She went in on a Monday morning and on Wednesday morning was kicked out as a result of a positive drug test for heroin. While she spent her 2 days at the halfway house, our granddaughters daddy sat in the parking lot of a plaza a few doors down and was selling his goods to others that were also staying at the halfway house. Every chance she got, she ran over to take a smoke break and to visit with him. We were so confused at this point because we were told that once she got admitted into the halfway house, she would be under a 2 week blackout period where she couldn't leave the house or the premises without someone who was almost done with their stay at the halfway house signing her out. So, what was going on? No one knew!!! Which seemed to be the story of OUR lives. No one could explain anything of the hows and whys of all this happening. So, she got kicked out, picked up by him and started staying with him AGAIN!

The party life begins AGAIN. As stated before, she is now into heroin and has tried COKE but said she didn't like it and would never do it again. It made her sick!!! Pics of them on facebook looking high as ever, laughing and having a good time are numerous. In the meantime, our 2 year old granddaughter is with us and wonders what her mommy and daddy are doing. When she first came to live with us she would ask about them and where they were and what they were doing. We tell her that both of them are working very hard and she will see them soon. They do get supervised visits once a week. They have to pass a drug test which HE has never passed. In that case, he doesn't get the full visit but just gets to see her for about 15 or 20 minutes. We were told by DSS that it is so they (mother, father, child) can maintain some type of contact. My question is "Why do they get so many rights"? They test positive and they get to see their daughter. They get to hang out with each other even after documentation from authorities say that it is not a good situation for them to be together. The rehab facility had to get a court order to get our daughter in there. Why can't there be a court order for him? Each and every time we have been to Family Court, his lawyer always states that his client "has a bed waiting for him" on such and such a date. That date comes and goes and he is still on the street. We have been to Family Court 3 times and every time that has been the excuse of why he isn't in rehab yet. We are just so confused by how the system works. With DSS, CPS and FAMILY COURT involved, why isn't there more being done?  Our granddaughter is happy, healthy and safe. She doesn't ask as much anymore where her mommy and daddy are. She plays with cousins, gets to see her Aunts and Uncles often and has developed quite the personality since we got custody on June 18th. She is truly a joy to have with us and we are loving it. Our concern is with our daughter. Is there a disconnect between mother and child? Is it just the addiction that keeps her from getting the help she so desperately needs? We have tried talking to her ourselves and have told her that we will be there every step of the way, but it goes in one ear and out the other. She seems like she is "getting it" when we talk to her but then she leaves us and we don't know where the information has gone. Please, we don't want her to end up dead!!! Can someone help us to understand what else has to happen before THEY realize THEY need HELP!!!!
Replied By: aintnofoolnomo on Oct 3, 2012, 10:43PM - In reply to wolverine48
I know that Dr. Phil believes it's the best thing to do and for some it might be, but I've known many addicts who found recovery in their own communities.  I do think it would be more difficult to avoid so many people, places and things, but people grow strong in their recovery progams and can be successful.

Then again, "to each his own."
Replied By: aintnofoolnomo on Oct 3, 2012, 10:33PM - In reply to golden1z
When I found out my beautiful child was an addict, I spent every waking moment trying to fix him.  When I finally hit my "bottom" and became exhausted, I listened to his addiction counselor who suggested I get myself to Nar-Anon Family Groups: www.nar-anon.org
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