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It’s a case that has captured the nation’s attention: Four-month-old Baby Kate vanished in June 2011 and has yet to be found. At the time of her disappearance, her mother, Ariel, accused her boyfriend, the baby’s father, Sean, of kidnapping the infant. Sean was tried and convicted of unlawful imprisonment and is currently serving a 10-year sentence, but he has not been charged with Kate’s kidnapping or death. Could she still be alive? And, does Ariel know more about Kate’s disappearance than she’s revealing? Ariel sits down with Dr. Phil to “set the record straight” and attempt to clear any lingering clouds of suspicion that she says surrounds her. What does she believe happened to her baby? Does her recollection of Kate’s disappearance add up? And, how does she explain reports that she plans to marry Sean? Dr. Phil reads excerpts from Sean’s purported confession letter explaining — in detail — what happened to Kate. Did Sean really write the letter? Ariel’s father, Tim, believes his daughter may be withholding information. Is she protecting Sean? And, Sean’s mother, Kim, accompanied by her son’s defense attorney, Annette, speaks out for the first time. What does she think happened to her granddaughter?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: glazprincess24 on Oct 5, 2013, 7:44PM
As of October 4, 2013 the attorney general of Michigan has officially charged Sean Philips father of baby Kate with open murder. It is sad and unforntunate.
Replied By: krystlelynn86 on Aug 29, 2013, 11:55PM
has baby Kate been found ?  I just now watched this episode and its been a while and it was a very sad story
Replied By: cassiejade25 on Apr 28, 2013, 10:11PM
So, its 2013. Dr Phil have you got more information??? Very concerned for baby Kate xx
Replied By: shellfry323 on Mar 6, 2013, 5:34AM
Being from Michigan and just now hearing of this case..... I'm wondering if there is an update?

In the show you ( Dr. Phil) had made the comment that you have no problem checking into the possibility of the baby being in Germany.  just curious as if that theory has been checked into?  This case is so confusing to say the least.  In what I have seen so far everyone has failed finding justice and closure for this child.

no physical evidence that the child has been murdered, a letter that has not been "authenticated". A bunch of he said she said from what I am seeing. 

If infact no body has yet to be found, as a mother to this child, wouldn't one want to do anything possible to try and find this child ( alive or otherwise) so they can have closure?   Why haven't any age progression photos been released incase the child is overseas? Is there a way around this in the court system if the parents are not giving permission for this to be done?

curious to see what efforts kate's grandparents are taking for this child.... there has to be something someone can do to bring closure for "Baby Kate". As a mother ( which I am now) and even if I were a grandparent ( which in the future I hope to have that honor) I would be beating down every door, researching every law to see what could be done, searching for even the smallest loop whole to get this investigation going again.  I would not just "accept" the fact that a child in my family was gone without physical evidence.

Truly heartbreaking that there seems to be no new updates on this with as much technology we have today.  
Replied By: strine on Dec 24, 2012, 8:55PM
While watching, I saw Ariel cry only when anyone implied she was involved or knew what happened. She did not cry or even look upset at the start of the show when talking about Kate's "disappearance". If that young man did not kill the baby and she did it, he should tell someone now because she will leave him to rot because she is an immature liar. Also, why would he sit in jail for 10yrs if his daughter is overseas? I doubt the 'German couple' would pay enough for him to sit in jail for 10yrs.
Replied By: babykatehelp on Oct 30, 2012, 10:30PM
This little girl needs help! After over a year missing, and nobody still can find her! She needs some investigating. I will help myself if I have to. I have a son, and I know for a fact I would be reacting a lot more than Ariel is and has been! I would be more worried about my child than anything else! Dr.Phil, please help this baby! Investigate the German couple further! Do what it takes to find that baby!
Replied By: missingkate on Oct 16, 2012, 1:35PM
Please Dr. Phil, we need answers and closuer for Kate. She did not ask to be brought into this world and she needs Voices to speak for her. I have been advocating for you and have a page for her on FB, it was started by my stepdaughter and Ariel. Ariel is no longer apart of this page, my stepdaughter loves kate with all her heart and needs answers, We all that love Kate beg you for help.
Replied By: here4kate on Oct 16, 2012, 11:06AM - In reply to chrisfl
The only reason she didnt marry him is because the world caught unto it before she did, if she could have done it quietly it would have happened.
Replied By: here4kate on Oct 16, 2012, 10:55AM - In reply to court01
Is has never been confirmed by LPD that Ariel took a polygraph.
Replied By: here4kate on Oct 16, 2012, 10:53AM
Dr Phil, please persue and do a follow up on Kate. There are so many things you do not know about her case, such as the many many lies her mom has told since June 29th 2011. I ask that you bring some of her family members on that have been and will continue to speak the truth for Kate. she deserves the truth to be told and to be found.
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