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Ladies, if you’re ready to lead a vibrant and authentic life, this show is for you! Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin, author of the new book What’s Age Got to Do with It? says it’s never too late –- or too early --- to take care of yourself. Robin says she’s proud to be 55, and along with her panel of health and beauty experts, she shares secrets for looking and feeling your best. Shelly, 42, and Sheri, 47, wrote to Robin because they say they desperately need skin care and nutrition advice, and they want to transform their wardrobes. Fashion guru Steven “Cojo” Cojocaru shows the women that they don’t have to spend a fortune to look glamorous. Don’t miss Shelly and Sheri’s stunning makeovers! Then, you don’t have to visit a high-priced salon for radiant skin. Robin and renowned esthetician Janet Harris show a mother and daughter how to create a spa facial using inexpensive ingredients from their own kitchen. And, don't miss Robin's appearance as a guest star on a long-running soap opera, and the surprise visit she gets from one of her co-stars. Plus, log onto Dr Phil.com for your chance to win some of the products featured on the show!

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Replied By: conradius on Jul 2, 2009, 5:43AM
Pardon my ignorance, which tests are required to determine the correct hormone levels? Is it just testing just for testosterone, estrogen and progesterone levels?
Replied By: hormonehell on May 9, 2009, 5:57PM
I visited my doctor for advise on bioidentical hormones after watching the show. My doctor asked me when that show aired because he received numerous calls about this and did not realize that it was a Dr. Phil show.  He said it all made sense now...ha ha..  Anyway, he recommended a female doctor in town who I promptly attempted to make an appointment with, only to discover that she was SO busy (due to the Dr. Phil show), that I had to drop by, fill out the forms, and THEN make an appointment.  That was a couple weeks ago and I was lucky to get a May 22 date, just to get the testing done.  I am looking forward to it, but I am uncertain how my insurance will handle it, or whether I will be killed off with the final billing for this procedure...After watching the show, however, I was stunned to see the overhead list that they posted with symptoms...I was saying in my head.."check..check..check..check..etc.)  It was me...totally.  I am 59 years young, married, and love my husband very much, but have been blaming myself for the lack of marital relations because I do not enjoy it anymore because it hurts too much.  It has been about 6 months, but could very well last a year or so at this point.  Also, I have felt tired and lazy anymore and that is not me.  My memory has been lacking to say the least. My skin and hair have felt the effects of the perimenopause.  I have 95% of the symtoms that were listed on the Dr. Phil website.  I am praying that bioidentical hormones are my answer and my cure.  Wish me luck!!
Replied By: wherenext on Jan 24, 2009, 4:18PM - In reply to gkight
Here I thought I found the answer until I checked into it further and who has that type of money other than the rich.  The first appointment here in Utah is $395 for the first visit and $275 for the followup appointments which you need to have every 3 to 6 months.  Then there is the cost of the test which are running $450 - $595 with followup visits about $250.  Then there is the cost of the BHRT running about $100 per month.  I guess I have lived with this situation for over 20 years, when I had a hysterectomy before the age of 30.  I will continue to go with 4-5 hours of sleep, fight with my weight, feel like I am walking around in a fog, wishing that I had a sex drive and try to keep explaining it to my husband of over 30 years I'm sorry but this is just how it is.  Wish I had the money tree in my back yard. 
Replied By: gkight on Jan 14, 2009, 5:40PM - In reply to bayler
iIWOULD START WITH YOUR LOCAL PHARMACY.  Not Walgreens or CVS, the do not do compounding.
I would call you small local pharmacies and ask them if they do BHRT compounding.  If they do they can refer a physician or several physicians to choose from. 

If you have problems with this, please let me know what city and state you are in and I will contact PCCA Professional Compounding Center of America and I can get a pharmacy name that is close to you.
Replied By: katkat2008 on Jan 14, 2009, 9:38AM - In reply to cherry0000
I thought there was supposed to be a link showing how to exercise from home instead of going to a gym. I can't find the link,,,,,,,,,anyone know where it is?

Replied By: lindalee1962 on Jan 9, 2009, 8:02AM
Can someone please tell me what the products were that Robin uses?  I couldn't write them down. She said she receives no compensation for stating what the products were, but I'd really love to know which ones they were.  Thanks!!!
Replied By: bayler on Jan 8, 2009, 5:26PM
How do I find a Dr. in my area that specializes in testing and treating hormone levels?  My Dr. (an Internest) said that she couldn't do that accurately, but the Dr.'s on the show did.  I would love to have help with this, but don't know where to turn.

Replied By: troutl08 on Jan 8, 2009, 1:36PM
it was fun to learn new ways to take care of myself.  I have used several of Robin's ideas from past shows including getting specialized facials.  This has encouraged me to take better care of my skin. Watch for sun exposure and keep looking sensational.  I also show my daughter how to have fun and we do a spa night together.  We do nails or toes and even facials.  When you use the homemade products it is fun and there is no risk of using the products
As for aging I hope my inner beauty show through my outer beauty.. that to me is what the show was all about.. Can't wait to read the book!  Thanks for the show!
Replied By: dollym on Jan 8, 2009, 1:12PM - In reply to cherry0000
I agree with some of these issues that Robin has in her book!!! No Dr. around here want to give syn, hormones cream or even take blood work for this ... they say take a anti-depressant pill.. I do but I know that there is other ways!!!!
Replied By: lbhudson on Jan 7, 2009, 6:49PM - In reply to restraint
I had taped yesterdays show regarding "what's age go to do with it". I watched it last night and again tonight. There were some points I wanted to refresh in my mind. I read your message and was disappointed you did not identify the focus, which was to allow yourself to put yourself first. The discussion was on allowing yourself to take care of you from the inside out. Robin was on target that most woman do not take good care of them selves, the inside and outside health. The hair, facials and fashion was to allow you to take care of the outside to. And I found that great information and fun. It is important to feel good about yourself on the outside to. As a woman of 52, the exterior changes right along with the inside. The discussion from the Hall Institute Dr's was eye opening for me. Using items in your own home is away to get past the excuse of I don't have time to exercise, which you must agree is essential for your health. I personally feel more confident in public, meetings and social events when I feel and look good. If the shows topic did not appeal to you, why did you not change the channel?
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