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The guests on the show, "Shocking Mom Revelations," came clean with their own private battles behind closed doors. Is there something that you're struggling with as a mother? You're not alone. Share your story and find support here.
Replied By: blessed1989 on Feb 19, 2015, 12:21PM
Sometimes watching the show it leaves me bewildered.  I am an at home mom that had to give up a career to stay home and take care of our 21 year old son who has some form of lukadystophy that has never been diagnose, he is failing.  We lost a baby to SIDS in 1991, my husband works 40 hours a week and does side jobs to just keep our heads above water.  When we got married we already had 2 children so we never had a honeymoon, we have went thru a child that was out of control, almost divorced and went thru marriage counseling.  We have been married for 25 years.  Today we are so thankful and feel completely blessed.  

Watching the show I shake my head wondering why people can't pull themselves up by their bootstraps put on you big girl/boy pants and figure out their lives.  Dr Phil puts all this money into sending people to the best places to get better, man take advantag, I would give anything to have my son diagnosed!!!  
Replied By: lleroux2 on May 17, 2014, 1:57PM
I do suffer from mom struggles everyday since i am at home with my children 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  I do not have a nanny or babysitter because we cannot affordI do not get a date night at all.  By the time bed time comes I am crashing becuase I am so busy all day long.  I am a full time psychology student working on my Bachelor degree and I also home school my children full time then I have cleaning and cooking also to do.  I have no time for myself.
Replied By: shallannarenee on Dec 16, 2013, 10:12AM
She has been sheltered- that is my fault...but she's tough. The problem is she is about to marry and I have seen her rage her whole life...children will come soon after. What if she hurts them- she is capable. She has, in the past tried to hurt her siblings in major ways- she has had to be evaluted, put on probation, watched constantly--now she's a legal adult. Is the world safe from her? What if now that I cannot control or keep children safe in her presence that she could hurt my grandchildren...I cannot believe I am saying this feels so odd. What do I do now that I she is free to do as she pleases...with anyone...
Replied By: leannfayesmith on Oct 16, 2013, 7:43AM

This is my most recent attempt at finding help. The following is a complaint to the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Educational Section, in which I included 125 pages of my original notes over a five years period I secretly took. My contact information is listed at the end of the letter.

The United States

Department of Justice

Civil Rights Division

 Complaint Regarding: Manson Elementary School

I have a formal complaint regarding the violation of my son’s civil and constitutional rights while he was attending Manson Elementary School in Washington State.  I will outline my complaint in this statement and I have copied all of my notes reflective of a five year time period in which this took place, onto a computer disk which is enclosed.

I volunteered at Manson Elementary school from 2001 until 2006 as a parent, teacher’s aid, and ultimately an advocate for the children there.   A new English-Spanish ‘Dual Language Program’ was implemented in 2001. The program was created by Dr. Gomez, Superintendent of Public Instruction and Director of Bilingual Education for the State of Washington.  The program required the teacher’s not to speak one word of English during the Spanish class times and or days.  During these times, if my son needed to speak English to the teacher, he was removed from the classroom and into the hallway to speak English to the teacher.  I was present in class and witnessed and documented it. I have detailed documentation of segregation of white and Hispanic children.  I have detailed documentation of classroom lessons when teachers refused to speak one word of English. I documented the next five years including meetings with administration, staff and the superintendent. I have enclosed a list of local, state and federal agencies I have talked with to try and get help in this matter.   I have contacted The White House, the Governor for Washington State, The Capitol Building in Olympia, Washington, U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, Washington State Board of Education, Seattle Human Rights Commission for help. I have researched  segregation, Manson elementary school’s refusal to give instruction in the English language, Dual-Language Education Act, Washington State’s Legislature-Revised Code of Washington,  Washington State School Directors’ Association,  The Bilingual Education Act, Brown vs.The Board of Education, Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, No Child Shall Be Left Behind Act of 2001, Washington Basic Education Act,  EPAA Spanish Language Editorial Board, Migrant & Bilingual Education,  Academic Achievement and Accountability Commission, Basic Education Act,  Constitutional Rights, Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1974,Plessy vs. Ferguson, Office of the Education Ombudsman, Civil Rights, The Fourteenth Amendment and now The United States Department of Justice-Civil Rights Division and they all state the following:





During my five years of volunteer work, the children’s civil rights and constitutional rights were violated.  No agency or one human being has ever helped me. There has been admissions of guilt to me throughout my five years at Manson Elementary school, but not one human being who had the knowledge, authority and power to stop the abuse did so. They all were corrupt, manipulative and made any false promise to get rid of me. Nobody has ever been accountable for illegal and unconstitutional acts committed on my son and myself.  It destroyed my son and myself ultimately.  It taught my son and prejudice, humiliation, descrimination and shame.  My son blames the Hispanic race for destroying his education, but in reality it was his white teachers, staff, superintendent.  My son was prevented from learning while he was in classes taught only in Spanish. He could not learn without hearing English spoken in the class. When my son was nine years old I volunteered at his school one day,  I walked in to find my son and all of the white children at a round table segregated in the back corner.  I walked over to the table and saw that the children were using crayons to color pictures.  I looked at my son, trying to pretend it was normal as to get his initial reaction.  I asked my son what he was doing and my son replied ‘coloring’.   I remember trying to close my mouth which was open due to shock from the situation I had walked in on.   My son responded and reacted as if this were normalcy to him.  I then looked at all the white children at the table and observed them.  It was all too normal for them too.  I then looked back and all the Hispanic children were facing the chalk boards while the teacher was giving them instruction in Spanish for their class. I knew then that this had been going on for quite some time.  My son then told me about ‘the buddy system’ and how it hurt him.  He told me that he had to go to his Spanish speaking buddy for instructions on what to do for the class assignment.  He told me that the Spanish buddy would not give him instructions and that the buddy would taunt and tease him.  My son told me how this hurt him.  This caused humiliation, embarrassment and shame to my son and he ultimately could not learn.  I came to my son’s classroom and watched and listened when his Spanish buddy had to give him instruction in Spanish on what the assignment was for class.  I saw my son becoming more broken and frustrated trying desperately to learn what to do for the assignment while his Spanish buddy refused to tell him.  During a game called around the world, my son would put his head on his desk out of grave frustration because he never knew the answer to the Spanish questions therefore never winning the game.  As I took notes in his class the teacher’s aid would have a unpleasant grimace on her face as she would stand over me and try to read my notes.  I would then cover my notes up as she stood over me, waiting for her to pass by.  A child that I give extra help to that had behavior problems improved. The principal told me that she quit wetting the bed after I had spent extra time with her.  This child’s mother then obtained a restraining  order.  I was accused of trying to abduct her from school and I could not return to Manson elementary school.  The principal did call me and tell me that they checked the school’s security cameras that day and it showed me putting the child on her school bus to go home from school.  The order was lifted and I returned to school.  This was one of many retaliatory incidents I encountered while volunteering at Manson elementary school.   

Racial segregation in class created lifelong prejudice, emotional problems, and learning barriers in all facets of my son’s life.  After five years, he could not say anything in Spanish.  His educational damage is progressing with him through high school now, as he had to take beginning Spanish again.  Manson elementary school’s internet article states they will be fluent in speaking, reading and writing Spanish. My son could not speak, read nor write after five years in this program.  The internet article states that this is an alternative class and parents have a choice whether or not they attend the dual language program.  I have enclosed notes from the Superintendent stating this is a mandatory class with no alternative class offered.  It states that the children will become bilingual in art, reading and math.  My son could never learn nor speak Spanish. He did achieve excellent or above average in every subject but Spanish classes.  It states a teacher’s frustrations were lack of training in how to run a dual language program.  It has a quote from the superintendent, Steve McKenna, stating that the kids are proud of the fact that they’re learning something their parents don’t know. In the five years I volunteered in the classroom, I never once saw Steve McKenna.  It states that the U.S Department of Education gave Manson Elementary school a grant for the dual language program.  This information is attached as ‘exhibit 1’.

I have attached numerous newspaper articles promoting Manson Elementary Schools dual language program.  Bragging on their program, the substantial lifelong benefits, the benefits it will have in high school and throughout my son’s life.  The newspaper articles I’ve attached contradict the claims they make from one newspaper to the next.  They change the name of the program along with the ethnicity of the children from newspaper to newspaper.  I believe to qualify themselves to receive grant monies.

During 2004 I received a call from the Civil Rights Commission in Seattle.  The attorney for them asked me if I wanted to sue on behalf of my son and myself.  He told me that every time my son was removed from class to speak English to the teacher, it violated his civil rights.  I’ve attached my documentation of this. I received phone calls at night at home from the superintendent and the teacher.  They promised to make all of the changes I demanded, I believe in lieu of me not filing a complaint and lawsuit. The promises were never kept.  I have attached my demands for change at that time.

The dual language had no class criteria, it was not a graded subject on the report cards, the homework was not in English, the parents were not aware that all of this was going on due to this and the prior corruption mentioned.     My son along with all but two of the white children in the school district were removed by their parents and put in another school district.  My son has used public transportation to go to Chelan school district. He’s traveled many miles to and from school for years now. 

I have enclosed my original notes for every year with a cover sheet explaining them. Also a timeline for the abuse, violations and ultimately prejudice and racism Manson Elementary school taught and instilled in my son.  All but two white children were removed by their parents and placed in another school district.  They have had to use public transportation to go to school in Chelan School District. 

My son is still suffering grave damaged that was caused by Manson Elementary School and so am I. After five years of Spanish-English Dual Language, he told me recently he could speak 3-4 words at 17 years old.  He told me his school in another school district ‘is better because there are more white kids there’.  My son stated ‘ the dual language program didn’t work  due to many more mexicans’.  I knew then that he believes Hispanics are the reason all of the problems he had at Manson elementary school.


Replied By: serbov on May 31, 2013, 5:16AM
My mother, my mother ... Poor as he could endure. I live in Romania during the communist period ,my mother graduated in agricultural engineer, is moved 800 miles from their hometown company to increase production in a factory, over there fell in love with a Lipoven (a minority Russia) against familier  . made three beautiful, healthy children, but the problems just begun, relatives of the husband began to beat her, to rape her, so threatened by death etc ... After 4 years  started to drink, then came the depression, and we were sent to the orphanage since then I have never seen my mother as two times, becoming worse show. I love her no matter what decision he took in life, if you hate me and I abandoned her desire, I abort and not let me enjoy the beauty world. Love your family as "blood than water!"
Replied By: dynisecoogler1 on May 30, 2013, 7:39AM
I was living in Pittsburgh, Pa when I took a known drug dealer to justice. She got a few years in jail but vowed to get revenge on me when she got out. She did just that! She kidnapped my oldest son  and had him doing burglaries. I found out later that she told him that she would kill me if he didn't do as she said. To make matters worse I found out from community neighbors that people had seen her henchman shooting him up with drugs andforcing him to take pills. I went to the police. They told me he had to come to the statlion to press charges agailnst her himself. I told them the stsory again and asked how to get him away from her clutches. The police were no help. Especially because one main police station in Pittsburgh was full of her people that worked with her sellling the drugs. I was at my wits end until a man named Bruce Foster came to my rescue.He made several attempts to get my son away from the drugdealer and was in a number of fights. That has been several years ago. My life is chanaging for the better. I live in Washington, DC and I write( having been published three times) sing as The AmazingGrace :giving concerts of Negro Spirituals to people everywhere. Life now is good and I learned to heal from Dr. Phil.
Replied By: mel1990 on May 6, 2013, 3:54PM
when I got preganet I wasn't sure how I was going to be as a mother I knew I wouldn't hurt my child or neglect her but I wasn't sure if I would catch on to what it means to be a good mother.  I realized as soon as I looked at her for the first time I would do any thing to be a good mother band every thing just came to me. Every day I suprize my self on how easy it was to catch on even my partner tells me I am doing makes me feel good to know I created her and I'm giving her the love she deserves. 

Now my goal is to look at wht my mother did wrong with me as a child and do it different. I know all mothers say that but it's true. I have hurt in my heart every day for what mistakes my mother has made. When I was in school and I started acting out and loosing my grades at a young age. My mother didn't take any action to help me and direct my in the rite direction. Something so simple like telling your child school is important can help. When I had home work my mom never asked if it was finished or if I needed help. She was always drinking with her friend across the street instead of welcoming me home from school and helping me succeed. It he less she helped the more I acted out and the worst I got. She also got worst. In high school most parents would ground you for drinking my mom would drink with me. Most parents wouldn't allow you to smoke cigarettes. She smoked with me when I was twelve and hid her smoking from my step dad. She would tell him I smoked in his car and house when really it was her. There re many simple mistakes my mom shouldn't have named that would have changed my life for the better and I am committed channeling those changes in my mound for the rest of life daughters life. I knew from the minute I looked at my daughter I knew I would protect her and help her succeed in the way my mother didn't. There is no reason for me to make the same mistakes as she did and I know I won't repeat her life. My daughters life is too important to me especially with how fast the world is moving today you have to teach your kids and keep them on there toes and keep them learning from mistakes
Replied By: chefnettie on Apr 8, 2013, 9:21AM
why Dr. Phil and Robin never adopted a child to share their lives with.  They are such good parents and obviously financially secure. I think it would be wonderful to have them adopt a child with a dying flame and
help them turn their lives around. Not one old enough to take advantage or turn their lives upside down...unless thats what they chose.....but one young enough to completely change their life chances.
Replied By: nanscreations on Apr 1, 2013, 11:18PM
I had my second child when I was 24 about 1 1/2 yrs later I found myself crying often but I couldn't understand why.  I talked to allot offriends trying to figure out what in the heck was wrong with me I was noticing I would get so frustrated with my youngest child for not doing what I told her to do.  One afternoon I picked her up and threw her from the doorway onto her bed and told her Yelling "I told you to go to your room, now you stay until I say you can come out".

  That night I couldn't sleep because of what I had done to a young child.  I was so upset, I went in her room and picked up my precious sleeping child  and held her so tender and telling her how sorry I was for taking my frustrations out on her  i told her it was not her fault and promised I would never do that again.  

  A few weeks later it was mothers day and we traveled to see my mother. As soon as I walked in the house my mother took one look at me and pulled me into another room and asked me what is wrong. I started crying and told her I had no idea.  She said I know  -- you need time to yourself to care of you. 

She gave me some money to take my kids to a day care in the afternoon for a couple hours 3 days a week. After that I took them to the library for story hour. 

I slowly started to feel better and those "blues" finally went away.  I think it took about 4 months before I was ready to continue to be the mother I should be.  I remember feeling so guilty taking  that time away from the children but my mother raised 10 children and I believed she knew what was going on especially because knowing somthing was wrong as soon as she looked at me.

  When my daughter went through the post pardium blues 4 months  after her baby I talked with her often and sent her money to do the same thing.  Because we lived in the west and she in the midwest I was not around her but she did sound better and she told me her husband was being more supportive.  3 months later she said she was feeling so much better she said. 

A month later I am getting a phone call from her husband who is crying profusley telling me she wants a divorce and not to come. Little did we know she had found a "friend" who was telling her she needed to divorce and take the kids and get on welfare  then she could do what she wanted.  That was what was wrong.

Needless to say, I told her husband to go home -- do not leave that house or you will not get back in -- both of you get to counseling and figure things out.   They did

The girl friend left as soon as there wasn't going to be any $ coming her way, my daughter left 300 miles away leaving the children.  I know she was still in this post-pardium depression and was just affraid to tell me she did not spend the money on the day care and to take time for herself.  I think she was too overwhelmed and needed someone to come and lead her through the steps to get better.  I am glad she didn't do anything horiffic and decided to leave before something bad happened.

So take my advice and do not take those "blue" feelings lightly.  You have to do something as soon as you or someone else sees the change in you.  It takes time for your body and harmones to get back to where they need to be.  Some times just a simople saliva test is all you need to see where your harmones are and if needed suppliments or harmone cream for a short while can do wonders for you and your family.  TRUST  ME!  Be KIND and take care!
Replied By: designercjc on Nov 16, 2012, 4:21PM
Hi in desperation I have resorted to seeking help. I am more or less a single Mum, my partner works away and I am divorced (father in Germany but have regular contact- so all good there) but I have a 16 yr old son who is an elite golfer hoping to become the next World Nr 1. I think ambition is good so we are working hard at it. Anyhow, I will try to be concise, family is happy, healthy, providing and no drinking or drugs, Our problem is the internet and the friends. He has got in with the wrong crowd or gets in with is ongoing. We have lived in Australia, Sunshine Coast for the past three years and I am appalled at the number of tattooed pierced scruffy looking youths walking around. Girls get pregnant at 17. Boys leave school to become?? our son has huge potential, I quote his Coach and followers in the Golf World, to become a World Class Golfer. If only...yes the fight with the social scene. Years ago the mobile he had saved hard for was removed handed back. Removed , handed back....and so forth...why? Because of the sex messages, the Pron movies and the rest. I tried to talk to him about the addiction of such and I thought he had got the message. Teens know how to talk the talk though. Mobile removed permanently now. Next, Facebook. Damaging to a lifelong Profile you create yourself so no one else is responsible. Removed due to foul language, sexting and half naked photos. He is clever though as well as defiant and re entered under a differnt identity. Suspicions confirmed and we questioned this, he did not deny it. We agreed half an hour each day for decent contacts, and usage but not in the bedroom. Boundary overstepped and is now during homework time sneak looks and chats so homework takes 4 hrs and not 2! There I was being sympathetic at him working so hard. Screen minimised whenever I walked in the kitchen so was unaware. He said he was chatting re his homework when questioned. The langauge is foul , the suggestions and comments are indicating a lot more goes on than I am aware of. When I ask why he came home late it was due to extra work, or he walked a girl home, of course I was angry as I had waited to take him to training. His golf is therefore now lacking and he devotes less time to it. Might I add, he was given the choice and we said we would support him but it would be a team effort and with no arguing. We moved here from Dubai where he was spotted and in the short space of time we have been here he has been spotted again. He is on various squads and teams in the hope he will be a Golf Professional one day. Our (my) part in all of this is to drive him to training, tournaments sometimes 4 hrs away, and pay for all his expenses until he is able to pay for himself. It was an absolute pleasure watching him succeed, but it is heartbreaking to see him being lured into the depths of despair. So I talk and he sees reason, if only for a day. We hope that he will listen to Dr Phil and have cried for help. We are desperate...I am at the end of my tether. HIs last attempt at going to a party where he swore no alcohol and I picked up all of his friends and drove them there,resulted in me finding out at a later date that the party had been raided. Police sent them home. The girls' parents hosted teh party and allowed the alcohol! I recognised he was drunk and drove all over looking for a Police breatheliser as he claimed he had not been drinking, he lies incessantly, and finding no Police drove home to cry, my trust was broken once again. He now claims I do not allow anythiing. I alllow so much already and am told I am a good mother, but my self questioning and doubts has led me to believe this is not the case and I have given up. Therefore ask for help as I have tried but failed
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