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(Original Air Date: 09/25/12) Michael and Susan say when their daughter, Jani, was born, they immediately noticed that she wasn’t like other children. They say as a newborn, Jani would sleep only three hours a day, and as she grew older, she would see, hear and feel things that were not there. At 6 years old, Jani was diagnosed with early-onset schizophrenia. Now 10, Jani, who has tested with a genius IQ, spends up to 95 percent of her days in an imaginary world she calls Calalini, where more than 100 people and animals reside. Michael and Susan say Jani’s imaginary friends bring her comfort but also encourage her to act out, often in violent and destructive ways. While medication regulates her explosive tendencies, Michael and Susan say they fear for her future. They share a candid look inside their life, including the toll schizophrenia has taken on their marriage. Plus, find out why they fear their second child, Bodhi, whom they say they had as a companion for Jani, may be showing signs of the illness. And, Dr. Phil spends the day with Jani. Learn what he uncovers about her secret world. Then, Ashley, 25, was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child and says she’s now replaced her medication with dangerous street drugs. Can Dr. Phil get her on the road to recovery?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: prettymama2006 on Jun 24, 2015, 8:40PM
Watching Born Schizophrenic on TLC right now. Fascinating. There are home movies from the time Jani was born showing her behaviors. At 5 mths old, when Jani was asked to point to an animal, say a dog, she could. The first 20 minutes of the documentary is eye opening. She was having hallucinations long before she took medicine. Google it I'm sure you can find the episode online.
Replied By: twenty4hours on Oct 6, 2013, 9:44PM
I have read soooo many articles saying about child abuse and munchausen by proxy disorder in the parents but I'm still not convinced, why can't a child have a mental illness, why does there have to be other allegations made towards the parents?
Replied By: truthseeker4u on Jul 11, 2013, 8:31AM
From the Los Angeles Times, Ophra, 20/20, PBS, and all the way to Dr. Phil; not one of these mainstream media outlets have addressed the following disturbing pertinent facts concerning the "Jani" story...

child schizophrenic, or a smart child reacting to abuse?


I would really like to hear what Dr. Phil has to say about this part of the story that has been left out of all of these news reports and broadcast....
Replied By: kalyana on Jun 27, 2013, 8:11AM
I wonder If Clozaril, lithium and Thorazine taken by young children can produce such side-effects as hallucinations?

I became curious about this girl called Jani and her parents, after watching a Dr Phil episode. I read some articles written about them as well as some written by them. Also, I watched a a few videos made by the Schofields.

In one of the articles, Susan Schofield says that she herself has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and that she hosts a weekly Internet radio program entitled, "Bipolar Nation". In addition, I read about some of the alleged child abuse that both Susan and Michael Schofield took part in while Jani was younger. These abuse events were originally written about by Michael Schofield himself. 

If there is any truths to these accounts, I wonder why they still have custody of their children? I also wonder if they have been assessed by professionals as to their mental states and if they are capable of being adequate parents to their two children? By just listening to their reasoning around their daughter's early childhood behaviour, I became worried that they themselves might be in need of guidance and possibly therapy. 

Another question that arose was how do you diagnose a child who has been and is on heavy medication? It is my understanding that such a heavy mixture of anti-psychotic drugs can actually cause hallucinations in a "normal" child or adult. Although, it is easy to feel that the Schofields are victims of horrible circumstances, my fear is that it is the children who are the victims in this family. 

 I would feel a lot better if I knew that the parents were evaluated as soon as possible, now that I have heard their stories on Dr. Phil. I do worry that their kids might be damaged and in need of protection from them. 

My motto: Kids safety first!

Replied By: chillimom on Jun 15, 2013, 10:50PM - In reply to labrat70
Credentials and degrees are worthless.  Living with a mentally ill family member is the only way to truly understand mental illness.   Doesn't matter how much research you do or hear it from someone, you'll never "get it" unless you live it.  And I live it.
Replied By: chillimom on Jun 15, 2013, 10:35PM
there's no way you can truly understand it and you have absolutely no right to judge.  I live with a mentally ill child.  Her chromosomal blood work has revealed a deletion on one of her chromosomes associated with behavioral issues.  She has been diagnosed with early onset bipolar and pervasive developmental disorder (on the austism spectrum) by a leading hospital in the US specializing in this.   

I have been following Jani and her family since first seeing her on TV a few years ago.  I can so relate to her parents.  They are making the ultimate sacrifice in keeping their children at home.  It's a 24 hour committment and their whole life.   People outside of this area have absolutely no clue of the sacrifice and devotion it takes to raise a mentally ill child.  Just because Jani's mom and dad seemed happy on the show doesn't mean they are bad parents.  If you've ever seen the other shows with Jani and her family you'd see there is a lot of anguish, frustration, and sorrow.  When they talk about just keeping their kids safe and alive, I know exactly where they're coming from.   It's called basic survival and it's what most families with mentally ill children do.  If you aren't responsible for a mentally ill child, these are just empty words to you because you have no way of understanding it.  I applaud Jani's parents for doing all they've done for their family.  

It's not a lack of discipline!  You can't raise a mentally ill child like a "normal" child.  Their brains are wired differently and conventional approaches simply don't work.   I get so tired of people with no experience in mental health giving their opinions and advice on something which they have no experience or understanding.  You can do all the research in the world, have all the credentials in the world, and even be a "mental health professional", but if you haven't lived it day in and day out with a family member YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR'E TALKING ABOUT.   It's one thing to read about it, and another thing to live it with your own flesh and blood.   The bottome line is a diagnosis of "this or that" doesn't matter when treating, you treat and try to control the symptoms the best way possible.   The meds are a balancing act, a cocktail of meds, which are ever changing.   Ones with awful side effects, but are needed to stay alive and safe. 

As a society we desperately need more and better mental health facilities and professionals.   
Replied By: mhsupport on Jun 13, 2013, 6:54PM - In reply to onedrwoman
u have no clue. My suggestion is for you to do  research and learn then you might understand
Replied By: onedrwoman on Jun 12, 2013, 9:02PM
First I have always lived by "No one is perfect and I am the perfect example"! I have no experience with or have I ever dealt with someone who was schizophrenic. What I do believe is that a child comes into this world innocent and pure (in my opinion that closes we are to God as human beings). They just don't come up with things or ideas out of the blue sky!!  They will always tell the truth and say what the see (unless they are taught to lie and make things up). They are taught/molded by the people who are raising them. The should be taught right and wrong, manners, morals, good hygiene, encouragement, trust, belief and this leads to respecting themselves and others. Since they are babies to start before the can be children interaction is a major key. Like reading bedtime stories (Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, etc..) and playing with dolls if they are girls. They are children and should be able to be a child. Telling them about Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy (true the are make believe but there are morals to them). Santa Clause goes like this "better watch out , better not cry because I'm telling you why Santa Clause is coming to town". Basically the children are rewarded for being good and then they do good so they get rewarded/what they want. Once a child begins to do bad things or basically the wrong things. IT is TOTALLY up to the parent to correct it ASAP!! Children are very smart and if they see that if that act wrong/bad and get what they want they will continue it and have it develop into (lets say schizophrenic) something that will hurt/harm them in the long run. I've heard that a child is basically molded into their personality/character in their first 6 years. You let the child see or hear you say that they can not brush their teeth, guess what they can't. You show and tell them (believe in them) that they can, guess what they can!!  It just disappoints me when I here these things happen to innocent children. There is only 1 or 2 people to blame for this and it's MOM and DAD (or who raised them). They taught them or approved everything that they are doing. I know it's spilt milk but let's tell the parents the hard truth (we all know that the truth hurts something) you let this happen and gave it your approval. What the heck did they think the consequences were going to be!!!  This is only my opinion and as I stated earlier I have never dealt with a schizophrenic, but I do believe that a innocent child will become what they are raised and taught to believe and do with reinforcement from the people who are raising them (they know no better). I guess if the parents have no clue then this is what will happen. If they had TRUE love for their children it would never happen because the child would have learned LOVE!!!  So, please next time get to the heart of the real problem (parents) and let them hear the truth, then get help for them all but mainly the innocent child that was taught/raised wrong!!  SO SAD!! They all will be in my prayers!  I could go on but I think I made my point even though I didn't mention what I think about the drugs the children have to take because everyone says there is something wrong with them. There is and it's there PARENTS!!! 

PS: You're awesome Dr. Phil but PLEASE stop sugar coating the parents mistakes. The audience and parents need to hear the truth because the children wouldn't be like that if it wasn't for the parents approval from the beginning (Trust me they were taught it from their parents in my opinion). Please remember this is only my opinion through my life experiences!!

Thank you and always wishing you the best!!


Replied By: mhsupport on Jun 9, 2013, 12:30AM - In reply to kaela777
Yes I agree
Replied By: mhsupport on Jun 9, 2013, 12:19AM
Mental Disorders are usually a mixture or cluster of several disoders, I worked with autistic children in schools and adults in residential homes

Is it possible she is more a high functioning autistic who is able to talk? She rubs her hands a lot and that is a feature of it. Some autistics hit, bit and have outburts.

Is it possible the eyes rollong up are epilepic seisures? Note, no other body parts movewhen her eyes go up for several minutes and she is still during the episode. A MRI brain scan would show her brain activity. What ever is happening Mental illness show specific lit up areas in the brain.

Is it possible she also has severe ADD inherited from parents and OCD, many autistic children have OCD that would expalin the fixation on nunbers

True she could also have a mental illness with voices like schizo-affective but I see more autism,  ADD and OCD then again this will evolve when she hits puberty and by earky adulthood her nervous system will have matured and then it will be more evident what is the true condition

Im sorry but I missed any part that talked about the family history of mental illnes.I admire the husband for sticking with his family most dont. I also did not hear what types of supportive services they had, was the ld chiany programs or if they had a trained nurse to help in the home. I hope so. Yes I was surprised DR Phil did not share that.
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