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(Original Air Date: 09/21/12) Two mysterious deaths within days of each other, and questions loom about both, pitting two families against each other. First, 6-year-old Max Schacknai fell over a second-story banister, leaving him on life support, and tragically, he died three days later. Two days after his fall, his father's girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau -- who was caring for the boy at the time of the accident -- was found hanging, naked and bound. Authorities ruled Max's death an accident and Rebecca's a suicide, but both families aren’t convinced of the determinations and want the investigations reopened. Max's mother, Dina, says she has evidence that proves her son was the victim of a homicide. Forensic pathologists Judy Melinek and Cyril Wecht weigh in. Hear why Dr. Melinek believes Max may have been pushed over the railing, and whether Dr. Wecht agrees. Could Rebecca have contributed to Max's death? Rebecca's sister, Mary, and brother-in-law, Doug, say there's no way Rebecca would ever hurt Max or take her own life. Hear why they believe the two deaths are related.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: sandiegosleuth on Jul 10, 2013, 10:47PM
I have come to the conclusion  that RZ’s 13 yr old “sister” was/is actually her daughter (RZ told the attendant at the dog kennel that her DAUGHTER was injured, cleaning up the glass from the broken chandelier and other people believe it, also). I personally believe that this 13 yr old was very jealous and resentful of JS’s children. The two older siblings left town to go back home, in the early morning of MS’s “accident”. The ONLY two people home at the time were RZ and her daughter, as JS was at the gym. I think that RZ’s daughter purposely assaulted MS in order to get rid of him and his mother DS (who RZ hated). Hence, the lies that RZ told about how the “accident” happened (blaming Ocean the dog, telling his aunt he “fell from the bedroom”), her refusal to speak to the detective that tried to contact her twice and the fact that the two cavalierly went shopping (prior to the 13yr old leaving to go home) while MS lay comatose in the hospital. I think that JS realized this and angrily broke off the relationship when he discovered that MS would not survive his injuries. Despondent, RZ then decided to commit suicide and stage it to look like a murder, in order to get revenge, humiliate JS personally and professionally, and to cover up what her own daughter did. Possibly something that SHE might have been charged with, herself, for negligence. JS may have even threatened some type of legal action against her, as I have read that at least one of the doctors at Rady’s suspected abuse and no doubt, those doctors are highly trained. In any event, she would NOT be living in the style in which she had become accustomed to.  In any event, she was not SORRY she hurt Max...Her's was a VERY angry and spiteful suicide, meant to bring shock and trauma to those left behind...like Jonah Shacknai and Dina Shacknai.
Replied By: Daisy141 on Jul 1, 2013, 6:14PM - In reply to madshey
That was my question. 
Replied By: Daisy141 on Jul 1, 2013, 6:09PM - In reply to madshey
That was my question.  he would seem a logical suspect or at least should have been on the show to state his support of either side.
Replied By: vortex150 on Jul 1, 2013, 9:19AM - In reply to yarshirley
I just can't imagine Max riding the railing in the house at that age, knowing he could damage the railing and get disciplined. I still think the dog got in the way and Max tried to avoid him.
Replied By: sassyjune on Jul 1, 2013, 7:38AM
Having raised 3 boys, I am invisioning a 6 yr old boy attempting to put his razor up on the bannister, starting to climb up, losing his balance and falling. The razor hooked the chandelier and was pulled down by the weight of the little boy and the razor. The bruises on his back look like the handlebars of the razor. Likely from landing on it from the fall. It would explain the paint transfer on the razor, no marks on his hand from the chandelier and the T shaped bruising on his back. I truly feel this was just a horrible accident.

The death of Becky is clearly suspicious. I can't imagine that this woman would take such a dramatic way out. I feel it was a murder, done in a way to humiliate her and her family. It's just such a tragic case, all around.
Replied By: isaac18 on Jun 30, 2013, 12:53PM - In reply to carphil
You referred to the mother of the child as scorned, yeah she left a perfectly healthy child with her husband and in return for a dead child, scorned, ah yeah. Lets have a little compassion people!!
Replied By: taminator48 on Jun 30, 2013, 9:36AM - In reply to lafayettefan
It was Jonah's (Max's father) brother Adam Shacknai who was staying in the guesthouse on the property the night/early morning that Rebecca was killed. I read a true crime story about this case several months ago and provided some information in another post here titled "Max's Accident and Rebecca's Murder".
Replied By: mommybird01 on Jun 30, 2013, 9:04AM
why  didn't  anyone  ask  what  in  the  world  he  was  doing  with a  razor  in  the  house  much  less  on  the second  floor ???!!!!
Replied By: MRS_HAPPY on Jun 29, 2013, 7:04PM
I raised 4 boys and (THANK GOD) that in spite of all the stupid and dangerous things that they did growing up, they are alive and well, today.and all over 50.  At 22 mos i heard my son crying in the kitchen,  When I went into the kitchen he was on top of the refrigerator and couldn't get down, and that's why he was crying.  If a 22 month old can climb to the top of a refrigerator do you really belive that a six year old  can't find a way to get over a railing?  the Dr. that said she could only think of ONLY one way the accident could have happened has not spent much time with young boy's or girls.  I could think of a half of a dozen ways, it could have happened.  Where the lafdy taking care of him would have not even known about.                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Replied By: yarshirley on Jun 29, 2013, 10:34AM
Please get an accident reconstruction specialist to to prove/disprove this possibility. Max tried to ride his scooter down the railing. Note that millions of kids (especially boys) ride their skateboards down railings daily. Everyone involved would benefit from knowing max's death was accidental.

I have read many of the comments and agree with the intuitively obvious. The girlfriend was murdered, likely for her inability to keep max safe. Depressed women who commit suicide do so by taking pills or use other less violent methods. She was naked because she was sleeping. I sleep in the nude too (hope that's not too much info). Her death reeks of anger.

Insofar as the police investigation, I doubt if we are much smarter than they are. I suspect they know better, but decided it would be too diifcult (and futile) to prove.

Thank you.
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