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(Original Air Date: 09/13/12) At 22, Jael was an aspiring star and finalist on the hit show America’s Next Top Model. A statuesque beauty, her future seemed prime with possibility -- until the darkness of substance abuse and addiction stole her from the spotlight. Now 28, the former model's family says her drug habit has taken a toll both mentally and physically, including rotting her teeth and leaving her body covered in sores, and they fear for her life. With Jael living on the streets, Dr. Phil sends mother-son intervention team Brandon and Debbie to Jael’s hometown to find her and stage an intervention -- but their trip does not go as planned. Find out what they discover. Desperate to get Jael the help she needs, Brandon finally locates her, and what follows is the most out-of-control drug rage in Dr. Phil history. Reluctantly, Jael agrees to travel to Los Angeles to see Dr. Phil, but just seconds before appearing onstage, she takes off running. Don’t miss the unlikely place Dr. Phil goes to help her. Can he convince her to stop running and commit to getting well? Plus, Dr. Phil has some tough truths for Jael’s parents. Could they be enabling their daughter’s behavior?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: jeto1234 on Jun 11, 2013, 1:55AM
Hey I`m new in here and just wondered if anyone knows what happened to Jael after the show ?
Replied By: holingsworth on May 29, 2013, 6:23AM
Raised as a country girl with little access to cable TV, I never became much of a TV watcher.  After a recent personal tragedy with no where to turn  and I tried everywhere, a friend suggested I contact Dr. Phil.  I had no idea who or what Dr. Phil did so I was determined to find out.  One of the first stories I watched was Jael and Dr. Phil "behind the dumpster."  I cried as I watched his compassion saying, "lets go get you better."  After watching this show for about 6 months now, my hat goes off to Dr. Phil.  Thank you for your strong committment to making others lives better.  You are truly a blessing to many.
Replied By: lechaim on Apr 8, 2013, 9:19AM
In holland we watch your shows later. This show was on television just yesterday. I'd like to know if this girl has finished the detox-program or will finish it.
Replied By: palmkvist on Feb 5, 2013, 5:15AM
How is she today??!  HOPE from Denmark.  You are a beautiful girl :)
Replied By: troopfan on Feb 4, 2013, 7:59PM
Jael has continued to be in my thoughts and prayers since this show aired. I'm hoping for a favorable outcome and update soon.
Replied By: mediumamanda on Jan 22, 2013, 11:43AM
This show inspired to go bck to school and train as a counseller,hopefully specializing in addiction.I still work full time and study part time,but look forward to the day when i can help people like jael and hopefully many others who have lost there way in life.
Replied By: desperatedad on Dec 21, 2012, 6:18PM
Wow just watching that was like watching my 20 year old daughter. We have sent her to recovery once before but she stayed one month and came home only to get back with the same crowd and back on Meth after a month at home. She was worse this time and angry out of control. Physically beat the hell out of me and finally ended up in jail on possession charges. She requested recovery help and went to Courage to Change in Colorado Springs. We sent her through that one last year to the tune of 20,000.00. Now we do not have the money to pay more so they won't keep her long enough and I don't think she has strength to stay away from the drug. What do we do now? How can we get financial help for her when none of us are employed and I am 64 years old and forced into retirement on limited income.
Replied By: dgorke on Dec 21, 2012, 4:37PM
When you do reruns I'd like to see what happened to the different people.  Most of the time all you see is the rerun!!!!!
Replied By: mithoonam312 on Dec 21, 2012, 4:16PM
That was the toughest and the most touching intervention ever. I cried hard. Hats off to Dr. Phil who I'm convinced is a a messiah in disguise. The more like 'you' the better the world.
Replied By: lonette59 on Dec 21, 2012, 1:00PM
Dr. Phil, I must have missed this show the first time it was on. I am so glad that you took the time for that young woman. I hope that you do an update show on her. For you to go after her outside of your studio was great. I hope that she has recovered. It was such a heartwarming story. Thank you for all that you do.
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