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On the night of February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman, 28, shot and killed unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The incident quickly captured media attention and polarized the nation. Recently, Dr. Phil spoke to Zimmerman’s best friends, who shocked the public when they defended their friend, whom some are calling “The Most Hated Man in America.” Today, Trayvon’s parents, Tracy and Sybrina, who say they have been living a nightmare for the past six months, respond to the interview and share their story. As their emotions pour out, they ask Dr. Phil for answers to some tough questions. Find out the one thing they want the public to know about their son. Zimmerman, who is currently free on bail, offered an apology to Tracy and Sybrina. Are the grief-stricken parents able to forgive him? If given the chance, what would they say to Zimmerman? Then, hear from Tracy and Sybrina’s 21-year-old son, Jahvaris, and how he’s coping with the loss of his little brother.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: chicago1922 on Jul 22, 2013, 2:39PM - In reply to dee0123
Trayvon was a child .  I am sure it's hard for you to see that.  That little kid couldn't beat a bully with a bullet in the chamber, waiting for him or anyone that Z thought he could beat. Z knew the law and knew he could get away with it.  He's a bully...we will see what God has in store for him.
Replied By: chicago1922 on Jul 22, 2013, 2:29PM - In reply to eenon4
They had all the character witnesses for GZ, why didn't they have Trayvon's teachers, ministers and others that could discuss his character.  My heart breaks and I feel like my ESE students could have done a better job prosecuting this case.
  It all began with a very bias jury.  Six women who are so far removed from understanding or relating to the black community.  These women was selected because they are the women that would clutch their purses because they were approaching a young Black teen.  How could the prosecution allow that jury to be selected.  As far as I am concerned the prosecution "threw" the case.
Replied By: jjd1965 on May 29, 2013, 7:32AM
I watch Dr. Phil very regularly and find him to be usually very objective.  In this case, sadly, Dr. Phil obviously had his mind made up that GZ was quilty and Trayvon was an innocent child who went out to the store "and came back dead".  I am extremelely disappointed that Dr. Phil was so lacking in fairness and objectivity that he would presume GZ to be guilty and mistreat his defenders.  Likewise he assumes that Trayvon was an innocent child rather than the pot-smoking, rebellious and foul-mouthed large thug that the facts reveal.  Guilty or not, Dr. Phil did NOT handle the case fairly.

How this man can get a fair trial when everyone from Dr. Phil to members of Congress make completely unfounded statements like "Trayvon was hunted down like a dog because he was a black youth in a hoodie", is a mystery to me.  Dr. Phil shockingly jumped on the bandwagon to convict an arguably innocent man for defending himself from an ongoing attack.

GZ is innocent until PROVEN guilty.  PERIOD.  For people, especially Dr. Phil, to convict him in the Press by assuming every negative against him and ignoring the facts that  tend to support his claim of self-defense is un-American. Let the trial proceed and allow GZ to be judged by a jury of his peers.

Dr. Phil owes GZ and his audience an apology for his sham judgments.
Replied By: millertas on Apr 15, 2013, 8:03PM
Finding this episode very interesting on two points:

First, we (my wife & I) lost our son due to illness in 2008 when he was 18. Other parents can try to understand but (and I think Dr. Phil knows this) you can't until you have experienced losing a child, especially when they are on the verge of adulthood. There is not much more a worse case senario a parent can imagine.

Second, If Martin was unarmed what would have been the worse case senario. Martin could have been injured but it is highly unlikely even without the benefit of hindsight ANYONE would have been killed. Hurt yes, killed NO. Surely after all the shootings (Colorado, Sandy Hook and now this) something serious needs to be done about guns in the USA. I have been saying this on both Youtube and Facebook and many an American has challenged my views.

How many more parents have to attend their child's funeral until America wake's up to the reality that guns are NOT a right but a privilege? How many times do Americans have to bite their tongue when some bully from the NRA carries on about their so called "2nd Ammendment" rights (that they believe overrides the right for the young to live)? When will American parents stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

In 1996 Walter Mikac lost not only his wife but also his two young daughters to the Port Arthur Mass Shootings. He was instrumental in changing Australia's Laws on guns. The USA needs to do the same. Toughen your laws, more police action, start to get guns out of circulation. GUN CONTROL SAVES LIVES,
Replied By: dee0123 on Dec 18, 2012, 4:12PM
There has been a lot of breakins in Zimmerman's community.  He saw Trayvon & felt he looked suspicious.  He mentioned Trayvon looked 'high' & I believe he was.  After viewing the 7-11 videos & the 3 stooges.  I believe Zimmerman called 9-11 to inform them of that.  It doesn't matter how many times in the past he has called 9-11.  It was a non-emergency call.  The dispatcher told him he didn't have to continue following him.  It wasn't an order.  But, Zimmerman said 'okay'.  I believe Trayvon was standing there staring, came towards him then ran because he was afraid.  He knew he was smoking a joint & sold it to the 3 stooges.  So, he realized Zimmerman may be calling the police, that's why he ran.  IF he was caught, he would probably of been suspended from school.  Even arrested for the selling of pot.  

Trayvon had plenty of time to get back to where he was staying.  Why wasn't he already inside his place???  I believe he came back to confront Zimmerman, because he was angry that Z called the police on him.  Also, that Zimmerman was following so he could let the police know where about was Trayvon.  Zimmerman wasn't intending on confronting Trayvon.  He wanted to see where Trayvon was staying or to get his address.  To give to the cops when they arrived.  Trayvon, I believe, was enraged.  That's why he beat the crap out of Zimmerman.  Who knows if Trayvon could of seriously injured Z or even kill him.  NO one knows for sure. 

But, one thing Trayvon wasn't going to give up beating him up.  Zimmerman yelled for help over a dozen times.  2 EYE witnesses SAW Trayvon on top of Zimmerman.  Trayvon never saw a 'gun' on Zimmerman, UNTIL Zimmerman was trying to get back on the grass & his coat went up exposing his gun.  Zimmerman was never pointing it at Trayvon or plan on even taking his gun out.  Trayvon saw it, tried to grab it, that's when Zimmerman had to shoot him.  This is just MY opinion, after throughly reading EVERYTHING on this case.  There's NO evidence to Trayvon's defense & that Zimmerman did anything wrong. 

It is, to me, a clear case o self-defense.  UNTIL or UNLESS I hear anything different during the trial & that the State is holding back something we don't know.  Zimmerman should be found not-guilty.  I also, feel Zimmerman should be suing a lot of people afterwards.  If anyone likes to dispute any of what I said, I welcome it.  So, I can hear their side of this.         
Replied By: dee0123 on Dec 18, 2012, 3:57PM
What I'm really trying to understand here is why are some people defending the actions of Trayvon?  Why are some 'assuming' that Zimmerman confronted Trayvon, which led to Trayvon's death?  I really want to know.  I understand there's 2 sides to this story.  But, when you listen to the call between Zimmerman & the dispatcher, the last words were "Okay".  When the dispatcher said he didn't need to continue following Trayvon.  (it wasn't an order by a police).  But, Zimmerman said "okay".  Also, during the conversation Zimmerman saw Trayvon standing there watching him.  Why?  Then Trayvon started towards Zimmerman.  Why?  Then Trayvon ran.  Why?  Zimmerman at that point lost Trayvon, & went back to his car. 

So, WHY is it ok for Trayvon to come back & confront him?  How about the fact that Trayvon took the first punch to the ground, breaking his nose.  Zimmerman never exposed his gun, he never even hit Trayvon.  What about that?  Then what makes it's ok to continue hitting Zimmerman while he was on the cement?  Zimmerman called out over a dozen times for help.  He didn't want to shoot Trayvon.  If some of you were in Zimmerman's place, AFTER he was first punched in the nose, what would YOU have done differently???  Can anyone here be honest with that question? 
Replied By: just_imo on Dec 7, 2012, 12:10AM - In reply to alphak555
Ditto on your post.

Just turned 17 is still a kid, regardless of height or weight.  A person with a gun and a hero complex is still a murderer.

I hope the family can let go of the event, and celebrate his life. He deserves it.
Replied By: mlitch02 on Dec 6, 2012, 9:10PM
To the martin family.I am an australian mother of two and my heart goes out to you all and that justice is done for your boy.Stay strong.
Replied By: alphak555 on Dec 6, 2012, 8:35PM
I totally agree with the other messages outraged with this murder!! If George doesn't get put away for life then there is something very wrong with the justice system in America!!

My heart goes out to this family for this preventable murder! I really think that there is something wrong with George because he murdered a boy for acting suspicious,(in his opinion) not for doing anything, not for being threatening but as far as I am concerned absolutely nothing!! I am glad that I didnt live near this man because I act suspicious all of the time, but i am white so I probably would be ok!!

George chased an innocent boy down and shot him! I couldnt care less if he was looking at houses or acting suss, he did nothing wrong and if you can be murdered by someone who is obviously deranged and thinks that he is a lone vigilante with a loaded gun, and this guy isnt put away for life, then society better be worried, very worried!

There are no words really that can describe my anger for this sensless murder! The friends of the murderer did not make much sense and if they dont realize that they are defending an action that was totally preventable and directly caused by their friend resulting in a death then they are either racist themselves or are really naive or plain stupid!

This is so sad and my thoughts are with Trayvon's parents! Again, If JUSTICE is not done with this case then shame on the American justice system!!

By the way, the people who are justifying this murder should think again! If you can defend this incident which was totally preventable and to me cold blooded murder, then you can make any excuse to kill someone if they dont behave the way that you seem appropriate! This man chased a boy down and killed him! If George was actually hit by Trayvon this would be totally approptiate considering a grown man stalking a young boy and chasing him down like a predator!! The poor boy didnt know what was going on!! George could have been a sex offender, a psycho, a thief and he was following this poor boy and more than likely scaring the cr..p out of him! No excuse for anything that George did!

George should not have followed the boy, he should not have acted suspicious and scared the poor boy he should have minded his own business and if he felt that there was a need to call the police then he should have done it and gone home! NOT FOLLOWED AN INNOCENT CHILD!!!

I am furious with this case, the more i imagine what this boy went through the more I get angry! If this was my son I dont know what I would do!

All the best to Trayvon's family!

Replied By: quartznight on Dec 3, 2012, 9:35PM
I'm disgusted that Mark & Sondra can sit there in defense of George Zimmerman, the rational of a 28yr old armed man & a 17yr old kid, I've looked at the photos of this kid he wasn't a musclebound tattoed thug he didn't even look 17 he looked younger, as for Mark he put that gun in George's hand. Here in Australia we have laws to help prevent this, yes we have crime but not the gun-ho mentally that allows everyone to own a gun & just owning one doesn't give him the right to ignore orders & take this kid to the slaughter. Mark sat there without feeling infront of this kid's step-mother & apologised without empathy as if he was reading out a shopping list. I wouldn't be able to sit there & make excuses for the taking of this child's life without tears in my eyes. And to say his injuries were life threatening he barely had a scratch, this kid tried to fight for his life & you can clearly here that its a child's voice  crying out. Dr Phil I hope that this family is offered grief counselloring & I know its out of your hands but I hope Mr Zimmerman is locked up for life. This is a cat & mouse game & unfortunately the mouse has no voice.
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