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The shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin left many in the nation outraged and the suspect, George Zimmerman, labeled “The Most Hated Man in America” by some, and a racist by others. Where do you stand? Do you believe Zimmerman shot Trayvon in self-defense? Should he be convicted of second-degree murder? Weigh in with your thoughts!
Replied By: lsawford on May 14, 2016, 8:26AM
You should have checked with police reports and school records before you made it look like poor little black boy shot down in street by cop.  

He had a record of causing problems in school.  And the main thing the day he was shot needs to be examined. The kid with some friends had just robbed a convience store. No he did not have a weapon but his extreme size along with friends intimadeted the guy working at convience  store. Then proceeded to walk down middle of busy road.  The alert had gone out of the robbery, and the cop told him repeatedly to get out of middle of road when trayvon turned and started beating on the cop and tried to take the cop's gun.  The cop was shot besides Trayvalon being shot. If they had not started rioting they could have done their job faster and removed the body. Not a thing was mentioned about trayvon actions against cops. 

Now the cops and his family's lives are ruined by a black giant with no respect for authority 

Replied By: breyedgr1 on Jan 31, 2015, 6:51PM - In reply to adeas1132
Well said. I wish everyone could think about this. Al Sharpton would never stop and wait on facts and when he got them he said "they (police) may have won the battle but we haven't finished the war yet"! Something close. Now, two innocent police are dead over an 18 year old who, and the facts show, reached for an officer's gun! Terrible case to make such a strong point about racism. The disappointment felt among so many in the Dr. Phil show is overwhelming. Thanks for sharing this side of the story in such a wonderful way. Everyone gets to hear, think for days and weeks, and sometimes see partial videos clipped to make cops look bad without seeing what led up to the action, cops have less than a few seconds to decide their course of action. We need someone to back them!
Replied By: adeas1132 on Jan 30, 2015, 10:04PM - In reply to equal4all
What a great message.  I just wish everyone would take it to heart.  I am so very sorry about your brother-in-law. My son-in-law is a police officer. He and my daughter have been married almost 3 years and have an 18 month old son.  With the racial tension going on right now, every time he walks out the door I don't take a deep breath until he walks back in It.  With all of the race baiting going on race relations are the worst I have seen in my life time.  A time when they should be at it's best with the first African American President - elected two times - in the White House.  But it is anything but.  People like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and others stirring the proverbial pot for whatever agenda fits their need at the time. Whether political or just to stay relevant.  I couldn't even watch the entire show about the Trayvon Martin deal because some of the media, including Dr. Phil I feel, have been so one sided about it.  In life and death situations people have nani seconds to make a decision that will be the difference in whether they live or die. Nobody knows, unless they are faced with that horrible choice, what they themselves would do.  I personally would do whatever necessary to protect me and mine.  Plain and simple.  Police officers face these decisions on a daily basis. My son-in-law and multitudes of others like him and your brother-in-law have that nani second to make that split second decision that will make the difference in whether he walks back in the door or he doesn't, making my daughter a widow and not get to see his precious son grow up. He doesn't have time to think about the person's race. The only thing he has time to think about is the situation at hand and how to survive. Period. No nefarious or racist thoughts or agendas.  Survival. Plain and simple.  God speed and protection to all police officers that are faced with those decisions every day.  To those that would be a threat to one of them, if a police officer tells you to stop doing something, just STOP!  That will prevent any further escalation or anyone being injured or worse.
Replied By: notta_brat on Dec 19, 2014, 2:53AM
Dr.Phil i am Angry because you would do a show on the black men who have been shot and killed by the police but you would not dare mention the fact that more white men and women are killed by the police more often and you feed this race war. i am not a raciest but i will be seen as one because i know for a fact that the cops have killed more white boys and men and women and probably girls then the black ones. they never have to suffer for what they did to them either. but rather then say it is a problem for all races you would rather feed into this crap about it being a black thing well it is not. watch 20/20 Friday December 19,2014 and you will see it happens to us and out children also only we do not go out and burn down out local businesses and we do not start race wars over it. so thank you for teaching these people that to get on television all they need to do is act like nuts and get their fifteen minutes of fame!!!
Replied By: jesse93 on Dec 16, 2014, 12:04PM
I remember following the George Zimmerman trail and trying to be as open minded as possible. Not being there, I couldn't very well tell somebody who something horrific might have happened to that they are a lair. When all was said and done, and George Zimmerman was found not quilty, I was disheartened but understanding. I couldn't see the pattern this would bring. I myself live in Missouri and the events in Ferguson have changed me. I saw hate and anger and sadness tear apart the streets of a place I call home. I'm scared that people will ask me where I'm from and what they will think of me when I say Missouri. Take away all of the "reasoning" for Darren Wilson doing what he did and the situation is still appauling. People want to make it so much about that this is about race because Michael was black and Wilson was white but this is all about justice. The color of Michael skin does not excuse Wilson washing the blood off his hands before being examined. It doesn't excuse Wilson taking his gun home with him and not leaving it as evidence to be checked for prints. It doesn't excuse them leaving Michael's body dead in the street for four and a half hours. This is about JUSTICE. Michael deserves JUSTICE. The abomination that was this investigation is what people are disgusted by and to try and say people are only mad because this is about race is childish. Yes, white people have been shot and killed by police but why are we seperating the two? Are we trying to say that both cases shouldn't be treated the same? "Oh you're just upset because the person he shot was black, if the person was white no one would care!" But the thing is we would and just because you see the outrage at the injustice of a white on black crime doesn't mean we aren't hurt by white on white crime.
Replied By: equal4all on Dec 14, 2014, 3:56PM - In reply to doglover50
Excellent comments!!!
Replied By: equal4all on Dec 14, 2014, 3:54PM - In reply to doreen232
Doreen I'm so sorry for your loss.  People of all colors need to understand that following an officers instructions is by far the safest way to survive an incident.  Police have seconds to make decisions of life and death....while ambulance chasers have months and years to pick apart a 1 second decision made by an officer.  God bless your brother in law.

Replied By: equal4all on Dec 14, 2014, 3:51PM
The one thing I see in common with the shootings of young men by the police is that consistently they are not following the instructions of the police.  When will people learn that the easiest way to survive contact with the police is to follow their instructions.  Then you get to go home, not to the morque in a body bag.
Replied By: tracey8 on Dec 13, 2014, 10:52PM
Hi I live in Australia and I have witnessed first hand police violence. My brother was shot dead by police here 4 years ago and the justice system also let us down.

It doesn't matter what cops do they get away with it just because they are cops. 

We had cops on our side during the court case saying what they did that night was wrong and still we didn't get justice.

The way the legal system feel is they can't prosecute police because if they did society will turn on them therefore we will have no trust in them. That in itself will cause an uproar. 

Police should not be investigating police. There needs to be independent people investigating when someone loses there life.

We as family members have every right to be outraged when we have to sit there during a court case and listen to the lies that come out of cops mouths. They are human they do lie!!!! The badge means nothing to them in court it's all about protecting what they did wrong instead of owning it.

It is fact there is so much corruption in the police force so why SHOULD we respect them. Why because they have a badge and a gun!! That badge and gun gives them the power to treat people with disrespect.

When I hear of police shootings or violence around the world it angers me because I feel there pain every day.

Replied By: canwealgetalng on Dec 13, 2014, 11:31AM
Yes I think Zimmerman was guilty and I think he was looking for trouble.
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