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Julie and Noel say their son, Devon’s, obsession with sex is out of control and tearing their family apart. Devon says he became sexually active at age 15, and now 18, has slept with as many as 67 girls, has fathered two children and is facing jail time for having sex with a 13-year-old. Noel says he raised Devon to be respectful to women and of the intimacy between two people. But he also admits that he’s barely spoken to his son since kicking him out nearly a year ago. Can Dr. Phil get Noel to plug back in and help teach Devon what it means to be both a man and a father? Devon admits that he acts obsessively when it comes to sex, and says he thinks he may be an addict. But is this an irresistible impulse -- or an impulse not resisted? Psychotherapist Dr. Gary Stollman and clinical psychologist Dr. David Ley, who have opposing viewpoints on sex addiction, weigh in. Plus, Dr. Phil gives you tips for how to talk to your kids about sex. Watch this show with your teen, then go to DrPhil.com for more!

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Replied By: nuclearwaste on Sep 5, 2012, 3:24PM - In reply to snapplex
Everyone has the desire to have sex, and their brain works the same way as anyone elses when it comes to sex. And no, you can't cure a desire to have sex. Certainly some people have the desire to have sex more so than others. That's not an addiction, every human being shares the same feelings. Some of us simply don't act on it as much. Or we just act on it in different ways (porn, erotica, masterbation,ect.). Unlike drugs, once you start having sex you can stop anytime and you will be fine (or just find a new way to pleasure yourself). And also unlike drugs, we all share the desire to have sex. If you have never drank alcohol before, there is no way you can be addicted to it or even desire it. But everyone at some age desires sex, even if they never had it. It just comes down to impulse control,resposibility, and self dicipline. That being said there is such a thing as an impulse disorder, but that is different than sexual addiction. In that it is impules you can't control, and not the choice to go through with them. And that is the biggest difference in the whole sex and drug addiction debate. In drugs there is no choice factor at all once you are addicted. In sex, there is always a choice. Same way with pedophinalia, they can't help but be attracted to underdeveloped girls. It is a disorder. BUT they can choose not to rape that two year old little girl.
Replied By: datite1 on Sep 5, 2012, 3:08PM
Typical. This kid doesnt need help, he needs jailtime. How about you offer counselling to the 67 young girls he took advantage of. Where's their help? They don't get any do they. This kid needs jailtime not a slap on the wrist and blaming his family. The kid is sick and disgusting. In particular young girls are taken advantage of because they are naive and innocent. I'm so sick and tired of people treating perverts like this male that its not his fault, that he's just not been raised properly. Clearly his parents are disgusted by his actions and clearly didnt raise him that way. Just because you have a bad childhood or bad relationship with your parents doesnt give you the right to go mess up 67 other peoples lives. What this kid needs to hear is how disgusting he is, and to sit and rot in a prison cell and then maybe he will actually think twice before he trys it again. In this day and age of no spanking, no punishment its no wonder why these kids do what they do...there is no consequence. Time to stop and go back to the olden days where people grew up to RESPECT other people - not use them like objects. Go help the 67 girls he raped. Cause in my opinion that is the true number of girls he raped. not just 1.
Replied By: journeyroad on Sep 5, 2012, 3:07PM
These laws that persecute teens for consensual teen sex are ruining lives at a sickening rate. It not only hits the teens but children....kids as young as five are called molesters. I know have dealt with the people who are fighting for a change in these laws and just how destructive they are for children and teens....and people in general being accused of things that are not happening. A teenager is considered a child and can't make such desicions....but if a ten year old kills they are charged  as an adult. I'm informed not just throwing things out there. I also am a parent who's son's have endured years of hell because of these laws. Consensual teen sex!!! And girl's making false accusations because they know they are under these laws.....we went through HELL...BUT THE VICTORY WAS OURS!!
Replied By: snapplex on Sep 5, 2012, 3:03PM
I disagree with the Author of The Myth Of Sex Addiction ...  I am a recovering drug addict and have been clean for 29 months now...  I have developed an addiction to Sex that I have not been able to curb.   SAA (Sex Addict Anonymous) has over a million members and a very comprehensive 12-step program to help them recover from this behavior!  Sex is a fleshly desire, it is pleasurable and triggers neurons in your pleasure reward pathway similar to drugs.  As far as I understand, there is no cure to this.  Sexual behavior IS a decision but also a natural desire ..  Like Doctor Phil pointe  d out it is a Normal temptation, especially in teenagers who have elevated increase of hormones..  

The basis of the Author of Myth of sex addiction, stating that sex is not addictive because you cannot DIE from lack of sex is ridiculous.  You cannot die from quitting smoking cigarettes, but they are DEFINATLY addictive.  Tobacco is recognized by both NIDA(National Institute of Drug Abuse) and several other government and science organizations as an addictive substance.

I agree that this young man acted in a very immature manor, but Sex addiction is NOT a myth, possibly impatient treatment is a solution to the problem? 

-- SnappleX
Replied By: imago1 on Sep 5, 2012, 2:49PM
I believe there is a far stronger influence outside the family of origin in today's world.I don't agree with Dr. Phil that the parents are TOTALLY to blame for today's age of entitlement kids.We live in a different world with the internet,texting,reality show and so on strongly influencing children.The challenge of parenting is far greater and kids are more confident with a negitive support system out side the home. 
Replied By: mocutie on Sep 5, 2012, 2:47PM
THIS IS SOOOOO 'BASIC' !!  The Dad is totally removed in his emotions and involvement with his SON.  If you want to influence the son or inquire about him or have ANY input into his life, you MUST be involved!  You cannot sit on your hands, only do what YOUR day allows and what YOU want, and EXPECT the children you have to just magically 'turn out all right'.  He can make a difference with his son WHEN and only WHEN he decides to spend some quality, male- bonding time with him!!!!!!!  I have no clue what activities they may have in common. But the Dad needs to 'find' those' and be deliberate about scheduling those activites TOGETHER into their week... This will (so sad to say) allow the Dad to get to know his Son.  I would ask the Dad, 'Where and How do you think you learned any skills in order to be a Dad yourself?'  If the answer is an unfortunate situation and didn't have a role model, then at least RESEARCH IT and figure out what your son needs and has been doing without, up to this point!!  Dads are SO IMPORTANT, not only for daughters, but definitely for sons.  **Note: Also, giving your son an example of how to treat a woman, his wife eventually, is extremely critical.  Bless you!
Replied By: nuclearwaste on Sep 5, 2012, 2:32PM - In reply to shortnphy
All Dr Phil meant was that they can't make legal consent. Legally they can't consent to sex with an adult until they are 18. Its purely legal at this point. Obviously most 13-17 year olds can physically and mentally consent to sex when they are ready. They do with each other all the time. It's just that when you start throwing 30 year old men into the mix...well you can see the issue with claiming a 13 year old can have sex with a 30 year old man, probably married. So we have to make a cut off point somewhere, and we do at 18. It's just a reference point for making law. Not every 18 year old is mature and can consent to sex either, like the guy in this show.
Replied By: nuclearwaste on Sep 5, 2012, 2:21PM - In reply to jolynn3
There is no such thing as sexual addiction. Its a conveniant excuse that people use when they cheat on their spouses so they don't have to get in trouble. "it wasn't my fault, the disease made me do it". Its the old "devil made me do it" excuse. Its just a way to get out of personal responsibility. The 18 year old man (sorry, didn't mean to make that bold-different debate) is not a victim here. If anything its the girls he had sex with are the real victims! You don't stat~ rape somebody because you couldn't help it. Its not like drugs and alcohol. Choice is involved in having sex, even if you are seduced.
Replied By: mdizzlex3 on Sep 5, 2012, 2:20PM
Im very curious as to the consequences this young man has faced, or will be facing. My son, now 21, is serving a prison sentence for "sexual play" stuff. He was 16 and the girl 14. Because the girl was at least 24 months younger, it is "Criminal Sexual Conduct". My son was called a child rapist by the judge who sentenced him. When in reality, it was 2 teens "messing around".  I totally feel for Devons parents. But.... I think that young man should be in prison. And of course, on that note... Id love to have a conversation with Dr Phil about my sons situation. And I wish the absolute best for Devon and his family.
Replied By: shortnphy on Sep 5, 2012, 2:18PM - In reply to mosmith80
the 13 year old knows better the parents of the girl should get her help she the one opening the door to guys getting naked and letting them touch her she the one with the sex prob
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